This tribute was added by Paul Sama on June 27, 2020
Rest in peace Papi. You will greatly be missed. Great mind. As Christians who are we to question God. Please give us the strength to deal with such a sudden, tragic loss.
This tribute was added by Bernadette-Frunjang Nchin... on June 27, 2020
Papi, your sudden exit unto eternal glory has left us severely devastated. When I heard of the news, I was and still crushed to the core .In situations like these one may be tempted to question God but as Christians we know we are all visitors on earth and when our missions are accomplished we shall join our heavenly father unto eternity.
You have left an indelible mark in our society. I vividly remember seeing you in Bamenda at your family residence. Your warmth, beautiful smile, humility were all causes of recognition and will all be missed. You were an absolute asset to the world but your mission in heaven is even bigger. You fought a good fight little bro. You are gone but your memories will last forever. Your soul lives on doc. Farewell farewell farewell ....Adieu papi until we meet again
This tribute was added by Ayesha Siddiqua on June 25, 2020
Dr. Frederick Morfaw was an incredible researcher at the Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence, and Impact at McMaster University. While I never had the opportunity to work with him closely, every time I met him on campus, he always greeted me with the biggest smile. He was quick to make friends and brought lots of positivity wherever he went. His presence and warm ambiance will be sorely missed. He gave everyone a lot to look up to - we are forever inspired by his efforts to champion maternal and child health in the most vulnerable communities in the world.
This tribute was added by Christella Mbeboh on June 25, 2020
Dear Papson,
What can we say, big brother? I am still in shock following your departure. You were the big brother we had in FMBS Yaounde. The smiles you and your lovely bride sister Laura always had, lit our lives. I remember the funny names you gave us including Christopher, Chung Chung. The void you have left will always be here. We pray we meet again one day to part no more, in the land of the Living. We can only trust God to for the grace to bear the loss. I know God will look after the kids and the entire family...His eye is on the sparrow. Go well big bro. Who could love you more than the good Lord?
Christella Ajong Mbeboh
This tribute was added by Funlayo Buraimoh on June 25, 2020
Frederick, I spent about 2hours with you and you were soo encouraging and promising to me encouraging my about the pursuit of my Ph.D. You committed to mentoring me. Thank you for so much for the strength, the motivation, the passion you graced this world with. May God comfort your dearest wife and children, your mum and siblings and we the community you left behind
This tribute was added by Joan Beri on June 25, 2020
RIP Frederick. We shall miss your works and most of all the smile.
This tribute was added by Val Jideofor on June 25, 2020
Dr. Papson,

You were brilliant and very caring. Meeting you in high school at Sacred Heart College was a blessing. You inspired me a lot with your knowledge and unique way of doing things.

You played soccer ⚽️ and scored the only goal to win the “quartier” competition for “Marseille” at SAHECO, I was on the loosing side with “Bordeaux” on that day, but I was impressed with your victory celebrations.

Rest In Peace Bro with the Lord Almighty.

My sincerely and heartfelt sympathy and condolences to the family.

Vally Awa
This tribute was added by Robert Peghebe on June 24, 2020
It bothered me when I heard the news and along with the ret of the fellows we pondered what could have gone wrong. What was missed? In the end I have resigned myself to the idea that while we loved you, God needs you at his side and thus called his son back to him. Your absence lingers while we still await for that roaring laugh that was unique to you yet uplifting to all in your presence. My dear friend, he who nicknamed me pegos. I shall miss you. I looked forward to meeting the man you became but alas we missed each other on a few occasions. Fare ther well brother and until we meet again.
This tribute was added by Ida Tchuisseu on June 24, 2020
You are one of a kind!
Your smile and your laughter are so unique.
I know that you are laughing with the angels while keeping an eye on Laura and the children.

Thank you for the gift of kindness, genuinesess, friendship, and togetherness. I am so sorry for not staying in touch these last years.....Regrets!
You will forever live in my heart.
Love, Ida
This tribute was added by Samuel Tassi Yunga on June 24, 2020
Dr. Frederick Morfaw and his dear wife Laura were a great big brother and big sister duo not just to Fany (his kid sister) but also to all of Fany's close friends in med. school, including me. Thank you for the joy you brought and the support you gave. Through this difficult season, I pray for God's grace and strength to Laura, the kids (Vanessa, Prince, Ricka), and the rest of the family. May Dr. Morfaw's soul rest in peace.
-Samuel Tassi Yunga (Portland, Oregon)
This tribute was added by Buh Joseph on June 24, 2020
Is life such a dramatic illusion?

“We are such stuff
As dreams are made on; and our little life
Is rounded with a sleep. “(Shakespeare).

Papson…. an illustrious classmate, a worthy son, a loving husband,
an exemplary father, an affectionate brother ….
you did make all who crossed your path so proud of you
leaving an indelible imprint in their lives.

You worked so hard, were so determined to attain the peak of your profession, achieved so much and brilliantly too,
were an inspiration to many yet so humble and so ‘real’ with your brethren, illuminating every gathering with your vitality……and with all these….
exiting the stage at your prime….really gone too soon!
Is this life really a dramatic illusion?

We only remain reassured that you’ve gone to meet our Maker face to face
For our hearts are restless until they in the Lord.
Adieu Papson!!!
This tribute was added by Henry Fossung on June 24, 2020

We were boys of similar frames when we met and you grew into the embodiment of boldness as everything you did was capped with an exclamation! From academic excellence to your expression of appreciation for humor - affectionately dubbed, the cackle - you left an indelible mark on everyone you shared the stage with. If one ever witnessed the thunderous laughter burst forth from those mighty lungs that inflated your chest and kept your posture erect, one never forgot the soul that encompassed such reckless and infectious joie de vivre. Who dared not laugh when you did?

As I read through recollections of selflessness, kindness, generosity, dedication, loyalty, commitment, and love that the grateful but heart-broken share in your memory, I am reminded of a record you set for me that remains unbroken till this day: The most hilarious piece of art I have ever seen! It was 1995 at Top Field in Sacred Heart and we'd gone out for a "League" match when Larry B. implored you to recreate a doodle you'd done earlier that afternoon during "prep." You found a twig and impressed upon the red earth, a grotesque imagery of a dismembered body part, running with tiny legs and hilarity ensued!

You lived with such emphasis that left a bold space on your departure. Journey well, Papi, for though our meeting was brief, your impact underscored its importance and leaves me forever blessed and thankful!
This tribute was added by Allen Kangha on June 23, 2020
Papson as you were fondly called. You were a very jovial friend always smiling and cheerful. Memories of you from our sacred heart college days are still alive. When we met in December 2019 in London Ontario little did I know it was our last but as usual you lit up that day with laughter and jokes. Rest well my friend and may God protect the family you left behind. It hurts. Adieu Papson. Gone too soon.
This tribute was added by Divine Afuba on June 24, 2020

I have known you since we were in primary school in Foncha's
Street Bamenda, then for 7 years in Sacred Heart College, Mankon.

Thanks for all those years.

Thanks for the memories.

Thanks be to the Father, you made you like himself.

Thanks be to the Son, who saved you by his death.

Thanks be to the Spirit, who creates the wold anew.

I will always love you
This tribute was added by Bame Lawrence on June 24, 2020
Papi! I could write a whole book on the experiences you and I had from when our life paths intersected ... I learnt vital life lessons from you which kept me going in tough times - humility, simplicity, generosity and an incredible sense of humour ..... You were so devoted to your work when you worked in Bamenda where you delivered my sister-in-law of her son Bame Nethan and you refused payment because of our brotherhood.... I'm still in pain and tears asking why? why? why? ..... only God knows why .... Farewell brother, I will miss you ....
This tribute was added by Afeseh Hilary on June 24, 2020

You touched us through and through, many times in ways we didn't fully appreciate when you were here with us. You touched us in ways now painfully evident in hindsight as the verity of your passing sinks in slowly still. You touched us with your humor and warmth and laughter and focus and vision and understanding and brilliance and kindness and authenticity and sheer humanity. You touch us now with the confusing pain of your sudden absence from this delicately fragile life. A life brief yet so fully lived. Thank you for all you were, all you gave and all we shared. We cherish the lessons learned and the fire you lit in our hearts. You are gone but forever here.

I am still in denial!

Fare thee well brother... Rest well!
This tribute was added by Blaise Tohmo on June 23, 2020
Papson, still struggling to come to terms with the thought that you have left us physically. However I'm comforted knowing that for the person you were, your spirit will remain with us forever especially through your wife and kids. You cared so much about women fatality during childbirth and did your very best to change this narrative. I will always respect and admire you for this. Hopefully we will be able to continue your legacy in our own little way....Rest in the Lord my dear bro. Your family is in our prayers. Till we meet again...
This tribute was added by Clement Tala on June 23, 2020
Dear Papson,
you never needed words to leave a lasting impact on people's lives. you were unique in every way . Your kindness, generosity and selflessness will live on forever. There is definitely a lot less laughter in the world today. Adieu mon frere, till we meet again.
This tribute was added by Kilian Asangana on June 23, 2020
Where am I going to start?

I remember how disappointed you were when I told you I could not make it home to be your best man.

When I visited you in Scotland in 2008 you told me you knew when I heard you were in Scotland I would catch the next flight to Scotland to visit you and though due to work constraints I could not catch the next flight, I did manage to catch the flight after next.

I remember you telling me you knew I was never going to forget your 40th birthday.

There are so many things I could say but that cannot and will never take away the pain of losing my dear friend Ikomi.

I hope you knew how much you meant to me, how much I cherished your friendship. Journey well bro. Much love always.

This tribute was added by Balky Buba on June 23, 2020
My dear brother Fred Morfaw, words cannot Express the sadness of your passing on to eternal glory. Your death is the worst thing that happened to me in 2020. Big Fredo with the beautiful smile, always smiling and above all the best clown I have known all my life. Thank you for all the days of laughter and jokes. You made me laugh out my lungs each time I met u. Your determination inspired me a lot. Fred I have been asking God why? But God knows best. If tears could bring you back, I would cry an ocean. You made our Mandela Washington fellowship journey amazing with all your fun. Our hearts are broken. May the Lord be the strength of my Sister Laura and the kids. Fred we will forever miss you. Go well and prepare a place for us. May ur gentle soul rest in peace.
This tribute was added by Christian Tangang on June 23, 2020
Your life on earth was brief but meaningful and significant. You knew what you wanted from the genesis and stuck to it with resilience. Your character and determination was legendary. You will be dearly missed. Your legacy lives on.
RIP Bro.
This tribute was added by Latrae Mewanu on June 23, 2020
Papson as you were fondly called by many, your sudden departure has greatly saddened the entire family and your loved ones. I have wondered and asked so many unanswered questions, why u? why now? how could life be so cruel? just when life was about to blossom promising a blissful future, full of your desired dreams and ambitions., at a time when you had just reached the pinnacle in your prestigious career and it was time for you to greatly impact the world with your unfettered knowledge, the cold hand of death exits you from the stage. Ikome, Your death has really created an everlasting vacuum.
A loving and caring brother you were and a shining star of the family as everyone looked up to you, indeed you were our star brother and husband and you proved it beyond measure. Each time I talked with your mum it did not end up without her mentioning your name, you were a true son of your parents in whom they were well pleased.
The moments I spent w you guys were priceless and you gave your all, your sweet entertaining sense of humour, your hospitality, your laughter, the joy and happiness that reigned in your home was such a blessing. Weyyyyy papi your death is so devastating, you have left us lifeless, your wife Laura is weak and weary, her heart bleeds, your siblings are heartbroken, we are all wondering where you have disappeared to, certainly to a better place as the Bible preaches, were there is no struggle and pain, no tears, where the pastures are green.May the heavens receive you as you wait for us within the gates of heaven where the children of God will all gather. fare thee well beloved friend and brother.Forever in our hearts
Latrae Edjua
This tribute was added by Zainab JuhehBah Tarawalla... on June 23, 2020
Fred you are more than a big brother to me, will always miss you. You usually call me and check upon me especially for my marriage life and education though we were faraway. You have live a vacuum in my heart which I will always miss you my Fred. May Allah continue bless your family and RIP Fred.
This tribute was added by Mawaguia Joelle on June 23, 2020

A toi les fleurs, à nous les pleurs...
A nous les pleurs, à nous le rire...

Ce rire, ton rire résonnera à jamais dans nos cœurs.

Nous étions de la 30e promotion de la FMSB. Nous avions ton rire en cadeau.
Qui ne se souvient pas de ce fou rire, parfois innatendu, qui émanait de ton cœur et telle une belle onde embrassait la classe, ou du moins tes compagnons ?

Je dirais volontiers que ton rire était aussi éloquent que tes prises de parole passionnées dans un bilinguisme recherché !
Il n'enlevait rien au sérieux, au courage, à l'abnégation dont tu as fait preuve tout au long de ton parcours professionnel plein de challenges.

Ton rire était pourtant long, il n'en a pas été de même pour ton souffle de vie, raccourci à notre goût.
Une vie qui est pleine d'amour et d'humour est une belle vie.
Tu nous précède Papson, For Ever in our Heart!
This tribute was added by Elvis Ndoko on June 23, 2020
Like a Candle in the Wind you brought forth light into our lives & children but then gone too soon...
Many words left unsaid & moments not shared ...
May God’s Will be Done & May You Find Eternal Rest in His Bossom; May God protect, Guide & Comfort your Family as only He can. RIH Doc
This tribute was added by Conrad Chia on June 22, 2020
Big Fredo,

It is extremely sad that I have to be writing a tribute for you, it is so tragic that the world has to lose a person with nothing but such a beautiful soul. You were nothing but the light wherever you went, you always sparked up the room with your contagious humor. I can go on and on but it would just hurt me more that we are all deprived of your graceful presence. Rest in Peace bro.
This tribute was added by Eric Besong on June 22, 2020
Big bro Fred,
News of your passing is still like a dream to me. Memories of our meeting last year in Bamenda keeps hitting me.
You were unique in many ways, your presence always ignited a sweet special kind of feeling.
As you go, continue to watch over Laura and the kids.

Go well brother!
This tribute was added by Ibeh Alvan on June 22, 2020
Times like this comes when we ask God "Why?. But if we listen carefully we will hear him say, " there is always a reason for everything ". That reason is always know to him alone. Be consoled dear friends on the death of our beloved brother. I pray that God will welcome him to his kingdom and that He will console you all. May he rest in perfect Peace. You are in my prayers. Fr Alvan Ibeh (England)

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