This tribute was added by Amie Feijoo on February 15, 2019
Beloved Bijou, today is your day. Love iis your escena. God's love shined through you. I will always love you 4 and ever amado esposo mío. Your "cookie", and you'r wife that that would have never know the meaning of unconditional love without you. Our love is everlasting and evergreen. Tu esposa Ámster Perez
This tribute was added by Alice Rowe on September 22, 2018
We miss you and think of you often
This tribute was added by Diane Arca on April 7, 2018
Dear Boob, Two years have past; I don’t know how time just went by; you were always my go to as our days blended, we laughed, you made believe, but, we understood there would always be tomorrow. Hope was always with us, for better or worse, hope Is what I still wish for you and me. Hoping your peace is forever, and I hope I can be strong or stronger as time passes without you. I Love You Boob, and Miss you, no word can describe, you’ll always be my Boob, my baby brother, I wish you were here.
This tribute was added by Diane Arca on September 22, 2017
My Boob, time keeps passing by without you, but, my life still calls out for you. This is very hard, I miss you. Happy Birthday Bro. I wrote to you previously sharing how I would celebrate you by taking off from work on your birthday and not mine. Well, it turned out that way, you see with Hurricane Irma, my work place is still closed, so, I'm at home thinking of just you. I hope to be together with my Family tonight sharing your favorite pumpkin pie. I Love You forever and ever and ever and ever. Di
This tribute was added by Diane Arca on May 1, 2017
Boob, a year has gone by without you. All I can say over and over is that I really miss you Bro. My life hasn't been the same. I long to speak to you, just hear about your shit and my shit on and on, as we did almost daily. I wish you were here with all of us. It is what it is, and what it shall be, I Love You Boob from the bottom of my heart. I hope and pray peace is with you forever and ever.
This tribute was added by Carla Zapata on September 22, 2016
Happy birthday Freddie!
Today I remember the bday parties we have thrown for you in the last. one of those special occasions I got you a Superman shirt bc I always admired how much you always went above and beyond for everyone. I miss you!
This tribute was added by Ed Planas on September 22, 2016
Happy Birthday Freddie! Thinking of you today on your Birthday. As Arleen and I approach our 35th anniversary, I can’t help but remember how much you were part of our own journey. All those years of so many fun memories at family parties, holidays , birthday celebrations, and just family visits will be embedded in all our memories. You were always generous with your time and loving to all especially your family. You were given allot to handle but you managed to always bring joy to those you loved. You are loved and missed by all who knew you. Love, your brother in law, Eddy.
This tribute was added by Jackie Perez on September 22, 2016
Dear Sweet Cousin Freddie,
Maybe no one new this but all my life I have remembered you on this day. :) my brother Randys is Sept 20 and you the 22nd.
Happy Birthday Cuz
This tribute was added by Arleen Planas on September 22, 2016
Dear Freddie my beloved brother - oh how I miss you !!! I sit here with with my eyes full of tears and an ache in my heart that will forever be surrounded by the love and the loss I feel for you. I hope by going to church tomorrow I will feel your presence because I miss you so terribly! I try to continue to be a good sister and a good auntie by calling every month on the sixth, the day of the month you left me forever and simply say " I love you " to Diane, Nicole and Daniel. we are all trying to talk more and cherish our love for each other - life is precious and it will actually never be the same without you. I wanted to thank you for sending me that beautiful silver angel wing. I still can't believe it that I found it in the middle of the desert but I know you sent it to me to remind me that you were going to be OK. It's out of my jewelry box and on my counter I can't wait to wear it tomorrow close to my heart. I pray you have no more pain no more sadness just peace! I hope there is pumpkin pie and a lot of dirt bikes in heaven. I want to believe that heaven is a beautiful place that keeps our love ones happy until we can meet them again. I bet mom and dad are really happy to have you by their side but I am still so sad that you left me so soon. I hope you have a big birthday cake tomorrow with lots of candles and your day is filled with wonderful memories just like the ones we had, do you remember Bam Bam! It still makes me laugh to this day. You're an amazing big brother and I miss you so much! I love you my dear brother today and forever !
This tribute was added by Diane Arca on September 21, 2016
Boob, Happy Birthday. I miss you so much. Wish I can call you and wish you Happy Birthday, as I always did. Months have past, and my life has never been the same without you. I dislike more now than then that our finances kept us from seeing each other, but now Heaven is between us which is a brighter light, since I know that we will meet again some day in Heaven. I hope and pray daily for your peace Boob. I've promised myself that starting next year, I will always take your Birthday day off, not my own Birthday, to celebrate your life! I'll go check out cars, eat pumpkin pie, may even take a bike ride (maybe not, you know, I'm such a chicken shit) :). Anyway, just by taking your day off, I can be more like you for one day, by thinking of your Birthday, and not my own, as you always thought of others, and never yourself! I've called my car a name in memory of you, I drive daily with your Prayer Card sitting on my dashboard along side of my Rosary, my fireplace at home, I've converted to your memorial, where I speak to you, and light candles for you. I also have a locket that I will begin to wear on your Birthday tomorrow, that has some of your ashes that I scraped desperately from your urn, knowing I needed to wear you. I will begin to feel more sound and at peace, knowing I am carrying a part of you on me. No matter where I am, I need you Boob. Your last words to me, we're just that, you needed me. Boob, I hope I can be more like you everyday, your heart of gold, the way you could forgive, even Sin, just for your children. I will continue to celebrate your birthday for as long as I live. I Love You like no Sister or Brother could ever imagine. We were a special pair, and we knew we were. May God Bless You, and may your Spirit be in Peace with Mommy and Daddy. You were Mommy's King, El Rey. Forever, and ever, Your baby Sister, Di
This tribute was added by Alice Rowe on August 30, 2016

I was just thinking of you and how much you are missed. I loved seeing you even though we didn't live close. But every time I saw you, you were even warmer than before.

God Bless You!    Cousin, Alice
This tribute was added by Diane Arca on August 12, 2016
Dear Boob, I Miss You so much.  I miss speaking to you, hearing your voice, worrying about you, caring for you, feeling your emotions for the day. I pray that peace has found you and will never let go of you. You always deserved the best, your heart was made of gold. I miss you Boob, I'll Love You eternally.
This tribute was added by Carla Zapata on April 20, 2016
Freddie... I have never met a man such as you... to always be so self-less and caring toward others that you would climb mountains for the people you loved if you knew that it would bring them happiness.

I miss you and I have the hope through Jesus that we will see each other again very soon. I love you very much.
This tribute was added by Nicole Perez on April 10, 2016
I miss you so much, Daddy.
This tribute was added by Daniel Perez on April 10, 2016
I miss you pop. No words I say will ever express the complete sadness I have inside my heart. I will continue to make you proud of me pop and Im happy to know that you are my angel in the sky. Thank you dad for everything. I will forever miss your smile, your big hugs , and your voice. I love you pop forever.

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