Let the memory of Fritz be with us forever
  • 40 years old
  • Born on April 3, 1961 .
  • Passed away on September 17, 2001 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Fritz Brierre Jr. 40 years old , born on April 3, 1961 and passed away on September 17, 2001. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 8th January 2019
Fritzo ta maman chérie est venue te trouver aujourd'hui, quelle fête vous devez avoir la-haut! Elle va bien out manquer mais je crois qu'elle était fatiguée, très fatiguée. Je vous aime beaucoup. Lov, Gigi.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 17th September 2018
17 years without you... Missing you is a daily struggle that I am still learning to accept. It feels like the very first day without you...RIP BELOVED SON... LOVE FOREVER...
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 17th September 2018
You will always be missed..........................
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 23rd August 2018
I can imagine how happy you would be today...Holding in your arms the son of your only son ... I can smell the cigar you would be smoking with delight, joy and pride. Mateo Berlin is your grandson, watch over him and his parents. Be their Angel.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 4th April 2018
My heart still aches with sadness and tears still flow abundantly... No one will ever comprehend what it means to love you and lose you. No one will ever fully understand the void, the emptiness you left... Such a sudden, tragic departure, no kisses, no hugs... Since then I hold you tight, closely stuck into my heart. Till we meet again. RIP my Beloved.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 3rd April 2018
Desolee, mon tres cher Fritzo, mon silence reflete ma desesperance de voir ce qui advient de mon Pays. Je ne baisserai pas les bras car je te sais a mes cotes. Dans mes prieres au Seigneur, je m'adresse sans cesse a toi. Tu m'as tant aimee, je sais que tu ne m'abandonneras pas. Je te dis une fois de plus Tu me manques tant!!! Love Forever!!!
Posted by Jean Chevalier Sanon on 3rd April 2018
No light can continuously bright and feed the hearts if there is no love spread as seeds to link one another with passion, joy and remembrances. Today, where I would naturally be with you side by side as usual to discuss and dispute matters of your 57th birthday also reminds me the date of my birthday which is 1957. It would be a great celebration. I also have to admit that you would not be too pleased to witness how much Haiti has changed such as that silence is the preferred behavior for all. Despite all and above all, you and I, we are and will always be connected through the prayers and the spiritual gift of God. Your best friend.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 17th September 2017
16 years after ... My mind is still having trouble wrapping around the fact that you are gone, that I will never see you again, smell your cigars and the scent of your special perfume. Why can't I hear your voice, your jokes and laughters ? Why can't you tease me, hug me and be there for me...your kids...your sister and nieces and nephews.Today I am more than sad, I'm mad as it is not fair that you left us so soon... without notice.
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 17th September 2017
Une pensée spéciale pour toi Fritzo aujourd'hui..........................
Posted by Dominique Debrosse on 17th September 2017
Fritzo, on aurait tant aimer voir ton sourire aujourd'hui! On pense beaucoup á toi. Que le Seigneur te garde dans la ville eternelle!
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 3rd April 2017
Missing you Fritzo!!!!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 3rd April 2017
You would have been 56 today...But your life has been cut short on a Monday morning, in your bathroom, getting dressed in your own home. The predators - most of them - are still alive. Triggered by the CRUELEST FANATIC who is convinced her beliefs are the only true road to God...However you're always with us who love you dearly. We miss you so much, the void you left can't ever be filled. RIP my darling Son...Be happy where you are. Protect each and everyone of us. LOVE FOREVER !!!
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 3rd January 2017
Goodbyes are for those who love with their eyes. For those who love deeply with their heart and soul, there can never be any separation... I miss you so much, I strongly feel you, your presence, your everlasting love. RIP my beloved Negus !
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 24th December 2016
On this eve of Christmas, I find myself waiting for you - so much to handle for the 25th family reunion ... Then I realize you were not coming, as you haven't for the past fifteen years. Miss you dear son... Forever love !!!
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 16th September 2016
Je ne suis pas mort... Je suis simplement alle la ou tu ne peux me voir. Prie pour moi, pense a moi, parle moi comme on le faisait si souvent. Je ne serai jamais loin de toi, de vous tous, parce que je vous protége tous. Ma vie, mon amour et mon affection pour toi, pour chacun d'entre vous est la, invariable. Je vous aime tant, je serai toujours avec toi, avec vous tous. Tu ne seras donc jamais hors de ma pensee, de ma vie...Quel reconfort!
Posted by Curtis Marcano on 4th April 2016
Fritzo, Enjoy your eternal rest. Remembering all the good times....gone but never forgotten.....
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 3rd April 2016
Pardon pour mon silence, un trop long silence ... J'etais exasperee, revoltee par ton absence. Je ne comprends toujours pas ton depart inattendu et mon univers, celui de tes enfants a jamais bouleverse. Quinze apres nous commemorons tous ta nouvelle annee. Helas! nous n'y pouvons rien... regretter, te pleurer et prier. Bonne Fete et veille sur nous. Amour toujours Mon Negus !!!
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 3rd April 2016
Thinking of you specially today!!!!!!
Posted by Raoul Auguste Jr on 3rd April 2016
Fritzo, Une pensée spéciale pour toi en ce jour d'anniversaire...whenever I think of you, only good memories come in my mind, you were such a joyful and happy person and this is how I will always remember you. RIP bro !
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 17th September 2015
Breathing is all I can do right now .. However I still keep fighting after 14 years. Those we love don't go away, they walk besides us every day unseen, unheard but always near, still loved, still missed and very dear. Forever loved, forever missed, forever present. Memories of you are timeless measure of my love for you deeply tucked down in my heart.
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 17th September 2015
Thinking about you today, 14 long years already ................ You will always be in our hearts, Love Never Dies❤️
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 17th August 2015
So, so sorry... Unable to write how I feel, just as bad after you suddenly left me. 14 years - almost - I am still hoping to see you, talk to you ... MIss your hugs, your laughter ... UNBEARABLE!!! LOVE ALWAYS!
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 3rd April 2015
I will always remember y9u Fritzo, we shared such good time shen you and Chantal were kids............ Whenever I look at the B.S. painting (Manglier) I see you because you wanted to buy it shortly before you left us............ Rest in Peace with all the others who are already gone, specially Grego your cousin, he would be 30 years old on April 29th......Loving you always, Gigi
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 31st December 2014
Une annee de plus ,,, Noel et le Nouvel An sans toi. Je ne peux toujours pas m'y faire et je ne crois pas que j'y arriverai jamais. Tu ne saurais imaginer combien tu me manques ... J'ai mal, si mal, que je pourrais hurler de douleurs jusqu'a en crever. O combien j'aimerais te revoir, te serrer un instant dans mes bras.
Posted by Nancy Roc on 17th September 2014
Cher Fritz, Je n’oublierai jamais ce jour-là. Ce jour de septembre où je n’arrivais pas à croire en ce qui arrivait. Je m’en rappelle comme hier. J’avais failli mourir C’était quelques jours après ce triste11 septembre aussi. Sais-tu que je t’en ai voulu pendant un temps? Mais, j’ai appris à lâcher prise sur tant de choses… Tu es grand-père aujourd’hui Toi qui resteras toujours jeune. Chantal et moi sommes toujours proches Amies pour la vie, comme tu l’aurais été. J’espère de tout cœur que tu reposes enfin en paix Où que tu sois, on ne t’oublie pas. Où que tu sois, ne nous oublie pas. Love, Nancy
Posted by Chantal Brierre on 17th September 2014
Fritzo 13 ans déjà, le temps est passé mais on ne le réalise pas, on gère son chagrin un jour à la fois. Tu as été pour moi un frère, un ami, un confident et pour mes enfants un oncle formidable. Sans oublier un chef et un sommelier hors pair. Tu partageais tout ce que tu avais spontanément toujours attentif et attentionné aux autres. Beaucoup te pleurent et nous aussi souvent au fond de notre cœur gérant notre chagrin et pensant au bons moments passes. Quel gâchis l'ouvrier de ce malheur, la justice divine j'y crois. Sois en Paix la haut!
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 17th September 2014
"Grief is the intersection of love and pain, where there is great love, great grief will be too, where there is great love,great healing will be too..." After 13 years I am today at a loss of words, completely numbed by grief and pain. This quote reflects my feelings. Forever missed, forever love my dearest son. RIP Fritzo !!!
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 17th September 2014
Repose en Paix Fritzo! Tu seras toujours dans nos cœurs ! Love never dies!
Posted by Dominique Debrosse on 17th September 2014
Fritzo, tu es parti trop tôt , Mais c'etait la volonté de Dieu. Repose en Paix!
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 19th August 2014
The day you left us - 12 years and 11 months I thought I had a very bad nightmare. I still can't grasp it, get over your loss. However you are in a safe place, watching over each and everyone of us... For me you are tucked in a very safe place, deep down in the bottom of my heart. My love for you will never die. We'll meet again and rejoice together. RIP my beloved.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 3rd April 2014
Gone too soon, my beloved and amazing son. Today you would be 53! What a loss! What a tragedy! I still can't comprehend why someone had to take your life, you were so warm and gentle, always ready to help others. I'm still learning to cope with your absence, always I know that you are with me as I do feel your permanent presence. RIP Fritzo!!! Always missed and never forgotten, my dearest Negus.
Posted by Marcus Plaisimond on 3rd April 2014
Merci Fritz d'avoir ete la Personne que t'etais ! Ton souvenir est a jamais dans la memoire et le coeur de plus. Poursuis ton eternel repos en paix.
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 3rd April 2014
R I P Fito, we will never forget you.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 22nd March 2014
It was Saturday, September 22...12years and 6 months since I last saw you. I still feel the freezing of my body, totally emptied, robotized while taking you to your grave, besides your father. I still don't accept your leaving me,your kids,your sister, all of us. I sometimes think that you will be back one day...it's just a dream. RIP my beloved son.LOVE ALWAYS
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 31st December 2013
So many days, months and years have gone by without you and I can't help not missing you. Tonight I miss our traditional together, the good foie gras and champagne you always brought along. Wonderful and cosy New Year's Eve full of jokes and joy, tenderness and love. Thanks for all the joys and wonderful times you gave me. Love always.
Posted by Marcus Plaisimond on 18th September 2013
Tout passe , tout meurt , seul un souvenir reste ! Fritz , le sien restera a jamais dans le coeur de ceux qui ont eu le doux privilege de te connaitre . Je suis hante par ta fierte et ta generosite ! A bientot !
Posted by Curtis Marcano on 18th September 2013
Fritzo, I wanted Maman,Chantal and the rest of family and friends to have the first words on the most painful of days...yesterday.... I remember the good times and all you taught me...I want you to know that when a project comes to fruition that we spoke about many years ago..it will bear your name
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 17th September 2013
I hide my tears when I say your name, but the pain in my heart is still the same. Although I smile and seem at times carefree, there is no one who misses you more than me. 12 years have passed I still can accept you're gone, I miss you, I cry for you, I ache so much I feel all torn.
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 17th September 2013
You will always be in our hearts.
Posted by Chantal Brierre on 17th September 2013
12 years, it should be a long time, but I never realized so much time has passed, it seems like not long ago since that day my life have change, loosing you is loosing a part of myself. We were so closed always teasing each other since we were small, what happened!!! I am sure one day justice will prevail because this is not God works. I pray for you, and ask God to give us the strength
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 17th June 2013
C'etait un lundi 17 septembre...Exactement 11ans et 9mois... Depuis le ciel est devenu ta demeure...S'il existait un escalier pour m'y amener, je le prendrais sans hesiter. Je suis fatiguee, epuisee d'avoir mal, tres mal,sans pouvoir le crier haut et fort. OH! ce que tu peux me manquer!Pardon mon fils de l'avoir mise sur ta route, je n'en savais rien. RIP
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 27th May 2013
Since Heaven has become your home,I always feel so alone... And though we're not far apart,you will forever hold a piece of my heart." I miss you so much, yesterday-mother's day- was a tough time...Many thanks to your sister and grand kids I had a good day. LOVE YOU.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 3rd April 2013
After you left us I pray every day to have the strength to carry on, the patience to try again when things go wrong and the wisdom to loook forward. Life has not been and will never be the same...
Posted by Curtis Marcano on 3rd April 2013
Fritzo, So many great memories...I can hear your hearty laugh like it was yesterday...On this day your birthday,know that your family and friends are thinking of you with a heavy heart...you are sorely missed.... Your spirit survives in all of our memories... Until we meet again.
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 3rd April 2013
Heureux Anniversaire Fritzo dans la MAISON du Pere. Nous penserons toujours a toi et nous t'aimerons toujours. Gigi
Posted by Chantal Brierre on 3rd April 2013
On this day of your birthday we missed you so much, it's must be the hardest day of the year for all of us. I pray Good to help us filling that void but it's not easy. Rest in Peace my brother one day we all be reunited again with the Grace of Good.
Posted by Yann Brierre on 3rd April 2013
If I could write a story, it would be the greatest ever told, of a kind and loving father who had a heart of gold. I could write a million pages but still be unable to say, just how much I love and miss him every single day. I will remember all he taught me, i'm hurt but won't be sad because he'll send me down the answers and he'll always be MY DAD
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 24th February 2013
I never wanted this to go unsaid though there are no words to express how much you meant to me.God has sent me a blessing,I just felt it the day you were born.For this I thank him every day.You were the true definition of a wonderful son in everyway.
Posted by Marie Michele Rey on 11th January 2013
It took me a few days to tell you, once more, how much I missed you past holidays. More than 11 years after I simply can't accept that you are gone forever and I will never see you until we meet over there... "Courage never roars, it is the quiet voice saying You will try again..." I'll keep trying till the end,I know you'd like that.
Posted by Ginette Duperval on 11th December 2012
En ce temps de Noel, nous pensons specialement a tous ceux qui sont partis et dont la place reste tellement vide! Sois heureux Fritso la ou tu es, sois en paix, dans l' Amour et la Joie de ton Pere.

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