Let us celebrate Fuhsi and share memories of her extraordinary life
  • 83 years old
  • Born on February 4, 1933 in Shanghai, China.
  • Passed away on September 24, 2016 in Palos Verdes Estates, California, United States.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Fuhsi Ling, 83, born on February 4, 1933 and passed away on September 24, 2016. We invite you to share your memories of her as we share our cherished remembrences of her with you.

Posted by Bee De Lim on 24th September 2018
Rest In Peace, Fuhsi..... BD and Sam
Posted by Nancy Way on 24th September 2018
As time goes on I realize how important you were in my life. I miss you!
Posted by Leona Ling on 17th February 2018
Mom, As the Year of the Dog arrives, I am thankful for your love and for sharing all that you loved in life with me! We always celebrate your Chinese birthday which comes shortly after the Lunar New Year so we look forward to celebrating your birthday, the start of a special life.
Posted by Lyuba Varticovski on 5th February 2018
We will always remember Fuhsi with a smile and good story!
Posted by Bee De Lim on 5th February 2018
Rest In Peace, Fuhsi and Andy....... Sam and BD
Posted by George Wong on 4th February 2018
Fuhsi was one of the most loyal and appreciative friends I have ever had. She is truly missed and will always remain in my mind and heart. ♥️
Posted by Lyuba Varticovski on 27th September 2017
Even as a child, she had that determine look with the fold of her lips, a women to be admired! She will live forever in our hearts. Lyuba and Win
Posted by Bee De Lim on 24th September 2017
Dear Fuhsi - One year after you had passed, you are still in the hearts and minds of all your friends and family, remembering well your many talents and abilities. Rest In Peace and keep singing and dancing with the angels in heaven..... Bee-De and Sam
Posted by Leona Ling on 24th September 2017
Remembering you one year later, Mom. I miss your strength, energy, connection to everyone near and far and your continual zest for life. You were a good mother and an extraordinary person. Love always, Leona
Posted by Claire Odom on 7th February 2017
What a beautiful journal of Fuhsi's full and rich life! Love and peace to her as well as to all her wonderful family. Claire
Posted by Bee De Lim on 4th February 2017
Fuhsi, you had lived a rich and fulfilled life and we are privileged to have known you. Though you are gone from this world, your memories will live forever in the hearts of all those whose life you had touched. Rest In Peace...... Sam and BD
Posted by Lyuba Varticovski on 31st December 2016
Fushi left an indelible mark in our lives, with her unbeatable drive and strong personality. She will be remembered as a women of great passions, opinions, tasteful outfits, and dancing skills! And above all, she was the beloved mom of my best friend Leona! Wnen loose our moms, we keep the best of memories about them... and there are plenty... and they will stay with us forever!
Posted by Robert Lee on 22nd December 2016
I’ve known Fushi since the early 50’s while at MIT. She is one smart lady and a great singer! Andy and I were roommates. It took just one trip to Philadelphia to seal their relationship! Our families kept close throughout the years. She is also a very efficient business manager. We shall truly miss her! God bless!
Posted by Chinfun Kwok on 3rd December 2016
I knew Andy in Shanghai and Fuhsi during her MIT days. In 1954, they bought an old house in Haddonfield, NJ near my apartment. Fuhsi remodeled and made it a very attractive home. I had many warm wonderful weekends with the Tjian family. In 1965 they relocated to Palos Verde, CA. Fuhsi designed a most attractive house, inside and out. Wonderful to live in a house designed for one self. I last saw her in Shanghai in 2014. Missed dancing with her. C F Kwok.
Posted by Margie Twanmoh on 29th November 2016
Fushi: you know how much I MISS you as an old old friend from our childhood. Yi-Ming
Posted by Nancy Way on 28th November 2016
There never was nor will be the intellect, knowledge, deep devotion to family and friends that Fuhsi manifested. I'd known her since before Van was born and she never deviated from being the special person who made her the uniquely wonderful Fuhsi Tijan Ling. I will always miss her and love her!
Posted by H. Edward Tsou on 23rd November 2016
悼念福熙 我認識福熙是因爲我倆的夫婿們是幾十年打網球和高爾夫球,以及投資的夥伴。他們球友之一如果表現得特別好或有反常的失誤,都會爲了慶祝或受罰而請喫飯,我們眷屬們就會被帶去共襄盛舉,我和福熙就在這種場合偶爾相遇,聊天。 她給我印象深刻的是她自己設計的家園:依山而築,勢如臥虎藏龍,眺望海灣景色如畫,室内明亮舒暢,裝飾清麗典雅,是我見過的多幢豪宅中最大氣而又實用的傑作。 我發現福熙的幹練和果斷,是當他們一批合夥人幾次開會,商討出售保齡球館細節的時候,當時他們只獲得一項出價,還是由其中一員專業房地產經紀人尋得的,但福熙覺得價格不夠好,毅然獨自肩擔起另謀買主的任務;不久後居然以天價格成交!怎不令人折服!而她這樣的强人居然信得過我有限的商務法律經驗,讓我過目律師草擬的文件,查看並商討有無不妥之處,這當然讓我感到非常榮幸。 福熙參加國標舞競賽,自嘲衹是爲了避免“不進則退”的定律;其實她自律的能力超强,為了保持輕盈的體態,她經常都吃都被她丈夫戯稱作“草”的沙拉。我不清楚她練舞的情況,但有一次看見她一張表演的照片,她的舞伴/老師一手托起她的纖腰,她一腿直踢向天,噢,那曼妙的舞姿應該僅屬於專業的妙齡女郎!我問那是哪年照的,她答:“不就是前不久嗎!”可是那時她的年紀已經七老八十啦!可見她的功力! 前幾年我夫婦熱衷於摺紙手藝,我們首先從雜誌裏剪出彩色小紙片,摺成三角形,再用小三角單元插成各種擺設小品,如花瓶,天鵝,青蛙,鷓鴣,等等,我們做了一隻翠羽孔雀送給福熙夫婦,他們居然陳列在寬敞雅緻的客廳裏,陪襯著爲數不多的幾件名畫和水晶精品,真使我們受寵若驚! 今年福熙已經斷然決定放棄治療,在家靜養。通常在這種情況下,病人自己都頹廢無望而親友扼腕嗟嘆,但福熙不同,仍然精神煥發談笑自若,我們去探望的時候,她依舊裝扮得粉彫玉琢,給我們留下了最後一張遺照(附上)。後來她便婉拒訪客,只愿獨自靜処,但在電話裏還是侃侃而談,並給了我許多經驗之談的忠告呢! 福熙說起話來,縂是知無不言,言無不盡,絕對是一位“直”而“多聞”的朋友! 愿福熙在天之霛永遠朝氣蓬勃!
Posted by H. Edward Tsou on 23rd November 2016
This tribute was added by H. Edward Tsou on 11th of November 2016 Fushi was a strong lady with many talents and a big heart. She excelled not only in her major of architecture and design, but also in many other fields such as music, and dance. She was always willing to lend a helping hand and not afraid to stand up against injustice. Although suffered from several injuries and went through major illnesses, she never complained and always faced the problems bravely with a logical mind. We shall miss her on earth, but wish her rest in peace in heaven.
Posted by Helen Lee on 21st November 2016
It was my pleasure to know Fushi for many years. She was an excellent cook, and she used her skills to bless people like me. Trying to be a good friend, I told her about Jesus, but she always felt that all the religions are the same. Four days before she was taken to be with God, she told me, “Jesus is the only God.” I know that Fushi is at a better place; now she is dancing for joy. Helen Lee Tsou
Posted by Jane Stevens on 17th November 2016
I always enjoyed her visits to Bill and Leona's home and especially listening to her stories. She was so full of energy and determination. She even showed that determination in her last visit to Boston this past spring when she had to get in her MIT class reunion photo. Fuji you are at peace and dancing with all the angel you will always be remembered and bring smiles to faces when they think of you.
Posted by Peter Wong on 16th November 2016
Being the person knew you about 70 years, your friendship is irreplaceable
Posted by Claire Odom on 15th November 2016
Fushi lived life to the fullest and gave a powerful example for all of us. I see her now, dancing in heaven, among the clouds, and leading others there, as she did on earth. I'm blessed to have known her and to have her dynamic and kind family in my life: Leona, my brother, Bill, and my niece and nephew, Rita and Willy, and of course, Andy and Van. We're joyfully dancing with you.
Posted by Eva And Joseph Leonard on 15th November 2016
Fuhsi was an elegant and accomplished lady and a dear friend of our family for decades. My deceased parents knew her well. She has visited us here in San Diego. We last talked when she phoned to regret not being able to make my mother's 90th birthday in August, 2014. Sad I did not know about her passing until now. Wish I had made an effort to re-connect with her after my mother passed in March, 2015. May we all meet again in heaven where there will be no more sorrow or physical illness. Deepest sympathy to her family from the Leonard and Pei families (representing my parents, Alex & Jeannette Srbich)
Posted by Daeshah Fae on 13th November 2016
Fushi loved the ballroom dance and she was such a great dancer. Keep dancing in heaven You will be missed. Roger and Wense Hwang
Posted by Marion And Ken So on 12th November 2016
She always treated me like a little sister. I not only enjoyed listening to her stories but also learned from her experiences. I truly admired her determination and diligence. She will be missed.
Posted by Sadhana Agarwal on 12th November 2016
May you dance in peace, Mrs. Ling. Don't worry about Leona, we will take care of her here in Boston.
Posted by Connie Gee on 12th November 2016
My deepest sympathy to all the Tjian and Ling families. I learned from Leona that Fuhsi was a trail-blazer of her generation both intellectually and socially--her children and grandchildren are brilliant, proud examples. Heaven just recruited a much-needed dancer.
Posted by Martin Chiang on 11th November 2016
Fushi was always such a good friend to Jane and me. She was so giving, and had such a big heart. She will truly be missed. The world is not quite as bright as it was before we lost her. Rest in peace, my good friend.
Posted by Stephen O'Hara on 9th November 2016
So sorry to learn that Fuhsi passed away. It was my pleasure and honor to have the opportunity to assist Fuhsi and her partners with various commercial real estate investment projects dating all the way back to the early 80s. I will miss her.
Posted by Judith Ronat on 9th November 2016
A very talented, industrious, caring person. Fuhsi will be missed greatly.
Posted by Sherman And Anna Yu on 9th November 2016
A friend who was always sharing her ideas and opinions with others. She went through many operations and was determined to carry an active life. We miss you , Fuhsi, we miss you and please keep dancing in Heaven!
Posted by Frank Fang on 8th November 2016
May she rest in peace. Frank Fang

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