This tribute was added by Flyroller Fly Roller on May 19, 2019
Funmi.......I can hear your voice that always had laughter, when you spoke. That was so unique to you. You were like a sister to me. We go way back from Kaduna form one. I’m really going to miss you, my birthday buddy! Words cannot describe the shock when I heard you went to be with the Lord. I love you, but God loves you more, that he took you out of this suffering to be with him. Now you are at peace. Rest well in the Lord my Sister rest well❤️
This tribute was added by Folake Atijosan on April 20, 2019
You will forever be my bestie and you know it…
Our sisterhood began in boarding school when we were 12 years old at GGSS Kawo Kaduna, in form one pink! Folks who now perceive me as being a good friend have no clue that you are the reason why. Although, we came from completely opposite backgrounds, (You from Lagos and say earring, and I from Kaduna/Ogbomosho and I say Yeti and get laughed at and wonder why). I am extremely fortunate to have been exposed to your gift of kindness and your consideration for others. You influenced and forced me to emulate your great character.
Funmi, I must say, I am a better human being because of you.
Ore mi atata, my sista-friend, sun re o, mo de tun dupe ojo o. Mo ni igbagbo wipe a o pade l’ese Jesu, nibiti a ki yio ya ara wa. By association at school, I sure caused you many punishments because we were best friends and you always had my back. You are the definition of true friendship and you never met a stranger. You mastered friendship at a very early age and continued to do so as an adult. I shall surely miss our four to five hour phone conversations while on two different time zones. My girls and sisters miss their “Aunty London” already. We thank God Almighty for allowing our paths to cross. Ore mi, No more pain, no more medications and hospitals, you are with our Father Lord, the Alpha and Omega; you are all healed, looking radiant and gorgeous and all decked out per usual. You know how I do girl, when it comes time to say good-bye; please do not expect me to change now … Rest In Peace.
The heavens already know that you have arrived, therefore, they must know how to chant you;“Yago l’ona, yago l’ona, Eweje mbo….”❤️
Folake Teru
This tribute was added by Afuwape Oluwaphemytan on April 19, 2019
Hunnnnnn........., dont know why the good once die early these days but the reason is best known to God. Have not stand d chance to meet with you before but the good things i heard about u make me belive you can never be compared; just like your late junior Sister ( Toke ) but i call her Mrs ORE'LOPE. Your death really knocks me down, most especially when i remember have only spoken with you on phone, chat with u on phone, see you on phone, laugh with you on phone but God never gave me a chance to meet with u one on one. Keep resting in the hand of the almighty lord. We all miss you but Micheal and Racheal will miss you more. Till we meet again. OLUWAFEMITÁN AFUWAPE
This tribute was added by Temitope Afuwape on April 19, 2019
Words cant explain how much ill miss you. Ur death came to me as a great shock that even till date i find it hard to bliv that u are gone. One thing i know is no one else can ever fill the space u have left in my life. REST WELL BIG MUMMY.
This tribute was added by Temi Adeoti on April 19, 2019
I’m lost for words.. wish I didn’t have to say “bye” this way or now for that matter! Sister Funmi, you were so full of life, ever smiling, ever giving, fun to be with. I still remember your asaro and all the delicious food I had at your house. You were a great friend to my big sis and by that virtue a big sis to me as well. You shall surely be forever missed! Praying that you are resting beautifully in baba God’s bossom. I can just see you smiling down at us...God bless you sister Funmi, o daro..
This tribute was added by Abimbola Osuji on April 19, 2019
Big Mummy like we call u, you had such a big heart that u cared and carried everyone in it..
I love u mum, you are irreplaceable , thank you for all that u have been to me,
you would forever be a part of me, and I promise to make u proud.....
Rest on Mum
This tribute was added by Wendy Onafalujo on April 19, 2019
My Aunty, my Godmother, ever so loving selfless and kind. You always made me smile and made me feel free to be me. You filled my life with so much joy and I looked forward to the day that you would watch me walk down the aisle and celebrate with me. I know you are here in spirit and your spirit will forever live on. Thank you for showing us strength. Thank you for smiling even when it hurt. Thank you for always loving me and showing up when it counted. Love you forever and always. My dearest aunty Funmi. Xx
This tribute was added by Oyindamola Tukuru on April 19, 2019
Mum I can’t believe I’m writing this. I can’t believe I will never see you again. You were so kind, so loving, you put others first and you cared deeply for your own. I am sad, I am heartbroken but God knows best.

I will never forget all you have taught me and I promise to always make you proud. 

Goodbye mum. I miss you, I love you.

Rest well.
This tribute was added by Lola Tukuru on April 19, 2019
My one and only sister, I can’t believe you’ve left me alone in this world. My love for you is beyond were a selfless being, always put the world before yourself. Ahh egbomi, aye lé aye ma lé. I know you are resting now, but this is not the way I wanted to say goodbye to you… your presence was a blessing, a hard worker, true mother. Ahh egbomi my words can’t express how I miss you so, I can no longer pick up the phone and call you to hear your voice. The moments we laughed and cried together, rejoiced together are ones I will cherish dear sister, my loving sister, my kind sister, my caring sister I love you so much. Ahh the pain you endured, the hardship you faced you were so strong always covering up your pain. Never letting anyone feel pity for you, ah egbomi rest in perfect peace. You deserve to be at peace, you beautiful angel.
I love you,
Yemisi Tukuru.
This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on April 18, 2019
Tribute by Hubby, Idowu Sopekan,
Ibadi-aran, you didn't want to die neither did you fear death. You were grateful you had a bit of knowledge of your passing on but didn't relent on your ceaseless prayers. Your spirit will never die. It shines like the star. I know you are sleeping in heaven but you are leaving in my heart.

Opelenge was faithful , efficient and loyal. She made so many warm friends. She was also a kind and caring wife. I still say I love you but there was no reply. I always feel her preference as if she never left my side. She was meticulous and fashionable. If it’s not “HH to ni gan”, it will be gold to “jina”. How many men have a wonderful wife but no one has ever had a better one than I.

I have lost a worthy halfmate but I have nothing but happy memories of our time together. Ibadi ileke, I will ever miss you.

Sleep well in the bosom of the Lord till, we shall meet to part no more.
This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on April 18, 2019
Tribute by Erelu Tola Solomon- Abuja
Sisi Funmi, my sister, my friend, my confidant, my gist partner..... I have been short of words and very sadden since hearing of your demise. It would be so hard for someone else to take your place in my heart. I pray that the Almighty Lord will console and comfort your family- mum, Uncle ID, Lola, Yemisi and others. Rest in peace my darling, you are in a better place.
From Erelu Tola Solomon- Abuja
This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on April 18, 2019
Tribute by Temi Awofala
Dear Funmi,

What a shock to hear of your sudden demise, so saddened by the news. You were such a kind soul. I remember you as a kind and caring person that would reach out to anyone associated with your dear friends. I attended your 50th birthday party as a friend of Ronke Adeoti and you were so keen to ensure I had enjoyed myself that you asked Ronke back in USA to check that i had. You also reached out to me when you heard that I had a personal loss both by sending messages and when we met at events you prayed. That’s just a few personal examples of the kind and caring lady that you were.
I pray the Lord receives your gentle soul in heaven and he gives comfort and hope to the loved ones you have left behind.
Sleep in Peace dear daughter of the most high God.

Temi Awofala
This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on April 17, 2019
From Tayo Adekunle
3rd of March 2019 was the saddest day of my life, Funmi you left your loved ones to your maker. You were a friend but more than a sister. You taught me to be a better person. I can't tell Daniel you are no more. At least twice a week he asks of you, what do I tell him??? You were loved by all both young and old. My sister, my friend, my egbon, Daniel's G mum we miss you. Sleep well love.
This tribute was added by Lanre Tukuru on April 17, 2019
It’s been a while since I cried
I don’t even know where to begin
soon as I saw the call from sis
deep down I guess I knew this was it
5 stages of grief...
stuck in denial, hasn’t sunk in
Just 2 days back I sent you a text
now you’re gone dunno what to expect
7 years strong, it was all tough love
changed me into a man from a boy
Now your words are etched in my heart
“do what you want boy this is your life”
You were exhausted, tired of doctors
I’m not mad but it still hurts
father in heaven, I just don’t get it
like Lord this ain’t what you promised
Just wanted you to watch me grow
just wanted you to see your son
against all odds, I still won
like mummy look how far I’ve come.
Now as you watch on from above
can’t say it’s not going to be hard
I’m gonna give it 100 percent
I swear Mummy I’m gonna make you proud
I pray you see these words
In my heart is where you live
As you let those burdens go
I pray your soul is now at peace
This tribute was added by Abi Carew on April 14, 2019
I have tried to write this tribute many times, and each time words failed me.
Hmmmm Ooooore, as you would say each time we talked, spoke and chatted! 
Yes ,the 3 meant different things to you. In your very soft , sexy and angelic voice
Oore sha mabinu Simi. Mi o fe bother e ni oh! then , all your usual praises and compliments would follow! 
You always watered down BIG ISSUES, because you wanted to be free with no malice .
Oh how you looked very fashionable the first time i saw you ,full of live. It felt as if I have known you for ever. You
Sleep well my friend. No need to look over your shoulders anymore! Heaven has gained a stunning Angel. Love you and miss you
I wish I could give you many more years.
I want you to know my friend, that I love you with all my heart and that I will always remember you. You will always be my friendly friend.
I will always hold you in my precious book . Aby Carew
This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on April 14, 2019
From: Yéyé Oriade Abike Ade Foundation
I can't still take it in Yeye Funmi as we both called each other. Why do you have to go, how come Yeye, why for God's sake. This is too too painful. A rare Gem is gone to join the saints. , it's too sad for me, honestly I don't know what to write. You are too gentle, peaceful, calm, loving, sweet sister & a God fearing Angel. Sleep on my dearest Caterer and sister of Abike Ade foundation. Rest in perfect peace, I will surely miss you
You will forever remains in my heart and will forever be missed. Adieu my dearest till we meet to part no more. You are a woman with a pure heart of gold.
Igi to ba dara kii pe ninu igbo, May God console your Mother, your loving & caring Husband and the the great family you left behind. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace amen.
Yéyé Oriade Abike Ade Foundation
This tribute was added by Abike Ade Foundation Harl... on April 14, 2019
I can't still take it in Yeye Funmi as we both called each other. Why do you have to go, how come Yeye, why for God's sake. This is too too painful. A rare Gem is gone to join the saints. , it's too sad for me, honestly I don't know what to write. You are too gentle, peaceful, calm, loving, sweet sister & a God fearing Angel. Sleep on my dearest Caterer and sister of Abike Ade foundation. Rest in perfect peace, I will surely miss you
You will forever remains in my heart and will forever be missed. Adieu my dearest till we meet to part no more. You are a woman with a pure heart of gold.
Igi to ba dara kii pe ninu igbo, May God console your Mother, your loving & caring Husband and the the great family you left behind. May your soul continue to rest in perfect peace amen.
Yeye Oriade Abike Ade Foundation
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This tribute was added by Patricia Kemi Ajayi on April 13, 2019
You were such an amazing woman. It is still shock and shock to know that you have departed this sinful world. Your soft voice still rings a bell. You made sure that peopele around you were at peace. You were a lover of people. You put God first in a you did . You were kind-hearted and honest, forever smiling, even with health challenges. We love you but God knows best. Adieu Funmi, till we meet again. May perpetual light shine upon you.. RIP Funmi.
This tribute was added by Ola Lajumoke on April 13, 2019
It saddens me that you have left us. The hardest part is the fact that it was sudden. Nevertheless memories of you in my thoughts remained and will continue to remain positive.
You were someone who cared about people wholeheartedly, your fashion sense was impeccable, your kindness and generosity was second to none.
I remembered when I got married the role you played in ensuring that I looked a million dollar bride was invaluable, you went out of your way to ensure that my shoes were specially made.
Auntie Funmi, you have always been part of my family and part of any events my family and I were to do. I can not just imagine you not being part of this anymore. God knows why this has happened but I would like to say thank you for all the love you shared with us. I will forever miss you.
Auntie Funmi Sun re o.
Yinka Lajumoke
This tribute was added by Trish O on April 13, 2019
Oh Funmi, I still can't believe that you are gone. However I take solace in knowing that you are now resting with the Lord.
The last time we spoke was to invite you to my daughter’s wedding, you sounded so excited and was going to get back to me but never did. If only I knew that you were poorly, I would have reached out to you over and over again. You made the best jollof rice. My children when they were younger would say, it's auntie Funmi's jollof rice we want and no other. You had the perfect recipe. You were soft spoken, generous and kind. We will miss you so much. May God in His mercy comfort your loved ones. Good night Funmi. Sun re.
Adenrele Oyegoke
This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on April 12, 2019
My darling sister, my ally, my confidant, my trusted I hurt daily at the thought of not seeing you again. Your sun has set! All we are left with are cherished memories. Memories that will keep your spirit alive in all we your loved ones....always!
We met donkey years back...almost 30 years ago (WOW!!) through my sister in law and your bosom sister, Shade Onafalujo. You will use one eye to look at me and I will use one eye to look back...LOL. This was early days in London. My family met your family and we hit it off. We did a lot together. You were always so helpful, too caring, loving, and generous to a fault. Once you liked someone, you gave them your all....and I mean your all. You will give away any of your prized material things without batting an eyelid. Too generous!!!. You were also so straightforward with me. I remember when I had a big 40th invite-only party and you invited 'the world'. I was annoyed that you invited too many people, you responded that 'if I am not capable of having a party, then I should not have one, as for you, it is your sister (me) having a party and you will invite everyone either I like it or not and you will pay for it'....and this statement opened the door for a much bigger and beautiful party. You made my day and year, and even years to come. It was your raw honesty and bluntness that I loved. When you started your business, you tried everything to get me involved..and when I moved to New York, you said you wish I didn't move because it will be difficult to keep in touch but we did, and we still loved each other almost everyday..even though we were miles away.
You will always be in my heart and soul. I loved you from the day we met and will always love you even as you rest with our Lord. God bless your beautiful soul, Sis. You were one in a million, and will always be.
Ronke Adeoti-Odusami.
This tribute was added by Kate Osibona on April 12, 2019
Sister Funmi still cant believe you are gone. That I won’ hear your sweet gentle voice or see your pretty face again is a hard pill to swallow but I guess God wants you up there with him...
You were a lovely woman, always full of compliments for me all the time I knew you.
You will be missed dearly but remembered fondly. May your sweet gentle soul rest in peace until we meet again.
This tribute was added by Helenah Meshe on April 12, 2019
Aunty Funmi,
Lost for words, however the Gospel truth is that The Lord loves u more hence why he has called you home. May the Lord console the hearts of those you have left behind. You will forever be in our heart and may your gentle soul rest in eternal peace. Sun re o. Helenah Meshe.
This tribute was added by Buki Braithwaite on April 12, 2019
My darling sis,
I received the news of your demise with shock and disbelief. In fact I can’t still take it in that I won’t be able to message you or speak with you any longer.
I feel so bad because the last time I was in touch with you was on your birthday. If I’d known you were poorly I’d have reached out to you more often.
You were a very kind soul. Always there whenever I called on you and going out of your way to meet my needs even at very short notice. I will forever be grateful for your thoughtfulness and kindness.
May God grant you eternal life and I pray that he will comfort and heal your family and loved ones as they bear this big loss.
Rest in perfect peace sis. You will be missed so much xxx
This tribute was added by N Areago on April 11, 2019
Funmi, It is so difficult to use past tense when referring to you. You were loving and friendly towards everyone you met. Always cracking the odd slight joke and making people laugh one way or the other. You were respectful , caring and always there for people, nothing was ever too much for you. Always offering a helping hand 
It is such a loss but God knows best. The struggle is over here on earth and you are now resting in the bosom of the Almighty. Sun re o Funmi.
This tribute was added by Lola Tukuru on April 11, 2019
It was always you and I against the world, you were everything a mother is and so much more. I thank you for teaching me everything I know, you were such an amazing woman filled with kindness and love.
You always went above and beyond for everyone close to your heart, I love you more than I can put into words. I’m broken that I can no longer make you laugh, so the pain you’re feeling goes a way for a short while. You always looked at life in a positive way, I know you never wanted me to be worried or afraid you protected me, nurtured me.
I know you’ve gone to rest and the weight of the world is no longer on your shoulder, thank you mummy. Thank you so much.
Ebami Kira fun mama mi.
This tribute was added by Abimbola Oyedele on April 5, 2019
My dear Sisi Funmi,
I’m still in shock that you’ve gone and left us in this sinful world. You will be missed because you were beautiful on the inside and out. You never liked to offend or upset people.
No matter the situation, you always saw the good in everything and advocated for people.
I will always remember you as you are my oloore and you always rescued me when it came to cooking.
I will never forget your love and miss you.
Continue to rest in the blossom of the lord. I pray that God will comfort the family she left behind in the name of Jesus Christ. Amen
This tribute was added by Anthonia Onigbode on April 2, 2019
Funmi, I am still in shock of your passing away to glory. You came into my life through my cousin Ronke Odusami and ever since then we have enjoyed a unique sisterhood bond together. I consult you when I need to make a decision on what to wear and what to combine with my outfit etc. Through you, I met so many of my customers, our house at Lee I had women trooping in all hours to buy shoes with matching bags etc. In November you called me to discuss some business partnerships and how we discussed 2019 and you were looking forward to taking the business to another level internationally and looking so much to the future. In January we both planned our Church love feast together and did not realise our last communication together would be on the 5th of February. When Sister Tola informed me on the 4th March I was shocked as I realised I had a missed call from your phone thinking it was you calling me that you were much better not realising Shade and Lola were calling to break the news of your departure to me. I know you are resting in the Lord and may your beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. Funmi you are truly a very good friend, very unique, selfless, hardworking despite all the health issues you never gave up. Ore mi Ṣe ki ọkàn rẹ ki o simi ni alafia until we meet at the 2nd coming of Christ IJN. You fought a good fight until the very end. May Almighty Father comfort us all.
This tribute was added by Margaret Oyeleye on March 10, 2019
My Dearest Funmi,
The news of your demise was a shock to me. To say, I am over your death is an understatement. I can only ask God, “Why this angel of a woman?” “Why was the best taken from us?”. But knowing that He alone knows why, gives me comfort because our Lord knows the best for us all. I am very confident you are enjoying the heavenly peace now.
Oré mi, you are indeed a true friend who cared for all. I will never forget you, and I am happy that our path in life crossed. I thank God for your life.
Sun re ore mi atata!! Rest In Peace!

Olayinka Thomas-Oyeleye
This tribute was added by Yemi Soyode on March 10, 2019
Just found out this Sunday morning. My heart is totally broken. You are so lovely and kind. Hard working and full of life. It is so difficult to take this in. I pray the lord strengten your family. Rest in peace darling friend.
Your star will shine forever
Ronke Tinubu-Soyode
This tribute was added by Rina Sib on March 10, 2019
Siiiiiiisi Funmi!!! A lovely dove you were!!! A woman of substance!!! Beautiful inside and outside!!! It was such a rude shock to hear about your early departure to your maker, very painful and unbearable...but well what can we say but to accept that it is well. May your soul rise up in glory, may your gentle soul continue to rest in peace
 I will forever hold on to the memories shared
Arinade Osibona
This tribute was added by Trish Odusami on March 7, 2019
Funmi! Funmi! Funmi! Oh, how I love you. Can’t believe you have gone to rest. My sister, my loving ally, my confidant! We shared so much and laughed a whole lot. Such a beautiful soul, always caring and looking out for all. You can never be forgotten. We, your loved ones, will keep your memory alive. Love you over again abc Rest In Peace in the bosom of our Lord.

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