This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Funsho Mesaiyete. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Ikeoluwapo Mesaiyete on April 15, 2021
thank you for teaching me love and for teaching me about God. you were the personification of God’s love for me. i love you.
Posted by LOLA MESAIYETE on April 14, 2021

Was thinking of you and I had to go through our past exchanges of messages via telephone. Saying that I miss you is an understatement. I wanna hear you say ' Justice Mesh' ...... Funsho!!! I love you and I thank God for giving you to us.
Posted by Kitan Irukera on April 13, 2021
As I child, I was always impressed and fascinated by my uncle Funsho’s distinct swagger- the way he told stories, debated, walked, dressed and navigated his spaces always stood out to me. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my sister and I just hanging out with my uncles at our grandparents home in Apapa. We’d pepper my uncle with questions on a myriad of random topics and he always seemed to have an informed response. There was nothing my uncle didn’t know. My sister and I were living embodiments of childhood curiosity, and uncle Funsho was our perfect companion.

My uncle’s transition from cool uncle to loving father and husband was beautiful to see; Aunty Ochie and Uncle Funsho were a match made in heaven, and his admirable and devout commitment to his role as a father is made evident by simply seeing the wonderful young woman and men my little cousins Ike, Deboye and Ire are growing up to be.

Losing my uncle Funsho is the toughest thing I’ve ever been through. He is a truly irreplaceable figure in the lives of everyone he touched. We love you so much Uncle, and although you’re not around in the same way, trust that Aunty Ochie, Ike, Deboye and Ira will always be surrounded by love and family.
Posted by Lorenzo Fola on April 13, 2021

Who would believe we would be writing this soon? We believed you would be here for many years.

The demise of a loved one is never anticipated and the impact on the bereaved family uimaginable.

Uncle Mesh as you were popularly called within the Agbaji family, your personality filled every room that you were in, always in high spirits and ready to take charge at every opportunity.

God took you at his ordained time and we know you are Heaven’s gain. We all miss you but we shall take solace in the memories shared.
We believe we will see you again.

May your dear Soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Ikeoluwapo Mesaiyete on April 13, 2021

to put it simply, my father was the best person i’ve ever known. is the best person i know. and i say this with neither doubt nor bias. he most definitely wasn’t perfect, because no one is. but he was special, and anyone that ever knew him, be it for 30 minutes or 30 years, could attest to that. it feels like everything i want to say about him will simply be a repetition of what everyone else is saying and that is a testimony to the kind of person he was.
not only was he special, he made everyone else feel special too. he was attentive and extremely observant and always knew how to get to people. when you spoke with him, you would feel this strong sense of privilege and importance, i don’t know how he did it but that was the effect he had. he walked into a room and captivated it; you wanted to know him, be him. i was always so proud of him. it’s not what a person owns that matters, but what they carry within. my father carried light. he also carried pain and anger and regret and more pain but he found healing in Jesus, i’m sure of it. he has taught me resilience and faith and that is how i know i will be more than okay.
he also taught me history, politics, mythology, theology, science. and most importantly, music. i will have the songs we shared and the messages he left within them forever. what else? killer fashion sense, the best noodles in the world, my favorite laugh, and he had an amazing way with words.
he loved me more than life. he also really loved my brothers and my mother. and his siblings, and parents. and the church. he had a lot of love to give and even though i wish he had gotten more time to do so, he gave me enough love to last infinite lifetimes. i only hope that he knew i loved him just as much.
it was a privilege to be loved by him. he was the absolute love of my life. he is the absolute love of my life.
i would rather have my actual father here than an angel watching over me, but i genuinely feel him everywhere and that is just going to have to be enough.
Rest in Glory my Mapu Mapu
- Ikeoluwapo Mesaiyete
Posted by Ireoluwade Mesaiyete on April 12, 2021
My dad was a man who sacrificed everything for the work of Christ and his children. He never cared the cost,all he cared was that it glorified God or was for the betterment of his children. I believe my dad did not die but was taken because of how he went. The last time I saw my dad was when he dropped me off at school he told me"Buy love"normally he says "bye buddy" or"have a nice day"but that day was different. The last time my dad spoke to my sister he told her he loves her and right before he went to sleep he hugged my brother and told him thank you. To wrap it all up, right before he entered the emergency room with a wheelchair , he had a smile on his face. Ireoluwade (Son)
Posted by Ochanya Mesaiyete on April 12, 2021

Eyitayo Olufunsho Michael Oluwanrantimininuadura Abidemi hmmmm this wasn't the plan, you said we will grow old and grey together and that you want to go as a missionary to India for at least 2 years to depopulate the kingdom of darkness. But this was not to be. I give God thanks because I am confident that you are in a better place.

Two things endeared me to my husband, first is his love for GOD and second is his intellect. He can take you on any subject be it science, history, theology, mythology, politics, just any subject, I call him the human encyclopedia. He was a wonderful man, he stood for excellence and couldn't stand anything that was mediocre. He was a goal getter and would deliver on any assignment given to him to the latter. I call him a slave driver and usually tease him that he should have been in the military.

It still feels like a dream but the pain is real, but as I reflect and look back to the events of that day he went to be with the Lord, I take solace in God because I know he has finished his race and he finished strong and is in a glorious place.

Testimonies abound already of his works and impact in the kingdom of God. His biological and spiritual children are living testimonies.

I love you deeply

Ochanya (Folake) Mesaiyete
Posted by Omodeboye Mesaiyete on April 12, 2021

Like everyone I'm shocked and deeply saddened by the departure of my father, my brain still hasn't accepted that he has gone to be with the lord because I never expected my father to die, I know and understand the concept of the death but to my eyes daddy was immortal and nothing could harm him. The days after my father's passing a great amount of people came to comfort us and pay their condolences and
condolences and I always knew my dad was very popular but all popularity buys you is crocodile tears, this people were in tears, some called my mother's phone screaming in disbelief and shouting on me to tell them what they have heard is false, I saw grown men weeping like babies, I held people's hands and they were shaking and they squeezed my hand so tight as if they were trying to wake up from a horrible dream and it wasn't only people who were close to him but people who interacted with him; my mum and dad get their nails done on Saturday nights and the person who does it for them called me to confirm the rumours and when I did he shouted and kept saying why are all the good people dying and all the evil men are still alive. Daddy was a source of joy to all that he interacted with.
For me my dad wasn't just my father but my brother, my pastor and my best friend, he guided me, he supported me, he listened to me, he talked to me, he would notice the slightest change in my behavior, he taught me and most importantly he loved me and he let me know how much he loved me everyday.
Daddy left the earth in a state of grace, everyone who interacted with him on his last day knew there was something different about him, my mother said it was the happiest she had seen him in a long time, my last conversation with my Dad was in the afternoon that day, I had just asked to use his iPad and he said whatever is mine is yours, he asked me to help look for his watch and few minutes later I found it and then he slowly walked up to me and gave me a hug telling me thank you, he loved me and that's why I'm his trust worthy P.A. at the time it felt a bit too much of Thanksgiving for finding a watch that was charging at my mum's bedside drawer but now I know it meant more.
I miss him so much, i miss his comforting smile, i miss his hugs, i miss watching football matches with you, i miss watching the sunrise with you, my life is just better with you in it and I know nothing can feel this hole in my heart but what comforts me is that I know where he is, I know he's looking down on me from heaven watching everything I do, sending me love and strength.
Lastly I'll like to say that my Father left my siblings and I unexpected but not unprepared.

I love you daddy.
Omodeboye (Son)
Posted by Ifeoluwapo I on April 12, 2021
As a child, I always thought my Uncle Funsho’s most dominant trait was his intelligence. I loved watching adults go back and forth about things I didn’t understand and my Uncle Funsho always seemed so at ease and content in any debate, no matter how animated the participants might have been. That’s why, when I was 5 or 6 years old and Uncle Funsho introduced me to someone as his niece “who is too smart for her own good” and told his friend that he had plans to pay my tuition at Harvard, I positively glowed with pride. Classic Uncle Funsho. I was probably such an annoying child to be honest, but all he could see in my inquisitiveness and curiosity was potential. Even though I wasn’t aware of it at the time, that moment had a profound effect on my self-esteem.

I grew up to learn that my uncle was also compassionate, hilarious, devout, and determined. He was a fun younger brother to my parents, and an amazing husband and father to my Aunty Ochie and my little cousins. What an immeasurable loss, Uncle Funsho. You can’t imagine how much we miss you and how much this hurts and ACHES. I feel so unprepared for this. We love you and we’ll take care of everything. My heart is so broken, but it is soothed by God, by family, and by memories like this, which I will cherish forever. Rest easy, Uncle.
Posted by Mabel Irukera on April 12, 2021
Missing your voice and laughter. No conversations, texts.....nothing. hmmmm So unreal .
Posted by Rita Odubanjo on April 3, 2021
Though I may not truly know you but I grief with the family, has i truly know your wonderful sister Foluke and belive you both share amazing traits lof love and of good heart.
As we grief about you because, we love you and you will be missed, we have no choice but to give gratitude to our father in heaven, our God who loves you more and has his reasons for calling you home so soon.
I believe your life was a blessing and your memory a treasure.
I pray that your spirit lives on in the memory of those you left behind.
Goodbyes are not forever, Goodbyes are not the end, they simple means we all miss you until we meet again. I pray your soul rest in peace with Our Father in Heaven in jesus name.....ADIEU
Mrs Folashade Odubanjo
Posted by Segun Ogbonnewo on March 28, 2021
Pastor Eyitayo Funso Mesaiyete : A Testimony.

This may be long, indeed it is long but it only represents some glimpse of a larger testimonial of a young man I never met physically in life but with whom I shared some kindred spirit and of course divine call into ministry...
Please bear with me.

In the last week of April 2020, I noticed several calls from a phone number that was not on my contact list, I had not responded to the call because I had been busy. While having “missed calls” isn’t unusual for me, this was kind of different and I was curious about the reason for the persistence of the caller.
I called the number back as soon as I was free to talk.

Then came a voice that said something like “Good evening sir, I am your aburo Eyitayo Mesaiyete, by the grace of God a pastor like you in the Redeemed Christian Church of God. I live in Abuja .......”

We immediately tried catching up and rationalising on the ‘mysterious’ circumstances that may have prevented us from ever being able to meet one another physically since the second half of the 1990s when our professional lives crossed in Kaduna before I got moved back to Lagos in 1998.

You went straight to the point which was about how some of us, as pastors of Ogidi origin in RCCG can provide economic / social relief for our members at home who evidently have been battered by the negative impact of COVID-19 and the restrictions that followed. You wanted us to make personal sacrifices by contributing and calling on friends who are amenable to render such service to support us. You made the call more compelling when you stated that we have done this in our various and respective parishes as directed by our General Overseer and need to do it in our home town given the ,invited resources of the parishes there.

You introduced the other pastors who share this idea with you and gave me a responsibility immediately. While I was glad to be part of such a laudable initiative, I made an attempt to demur on the role you gave me but you insisted I had no choice but to accept it.
What struck me immediately about you after a couple of call exchanges were

- Your beautiful heart for those in need of support and help
- Your passion for whatsoever you believed was right to do
- Your commitment all through the period of fundraising, disbursement and post initiative review and house cleaning. God helped us to achieve 150% of the target you and the other pastors set for us
- Your remarkable courtesy and respect for others ( I had to insist you shouldn’t address me formally or with any titles and we had to agree that you just address me as your uncle and no more) Eventually you decidedly made me a mentor and bouncing board for which I am grateful and proud to be so considered.
- You were a gentleman per excellence, a man excellent in the spoken word, finesse and panache

Over the several weeks and months after the support to RCCG members at home, we spent time mulling about our beloved home town Ogidi, discussing the good, the bad and the ugly. We talked about our home town’s potentials for economic and social development, the missed opportunities, own goals we scored against ourselves, the difficult but not insurmountable hinderances to building a sense of equity, fairness, peace & unity in our land.

- You were concerned about the youths, your question was ‘what can we do to get them productively engaged’ ? And especially the young girls, how to re-orientate them to have a better understanding of their purpose in life, develop a higher sense of self worth, chastity and become women, wives and mothers of quality and value in the future.

- We did not just talk about the problems, we tried to provide possible solutions without prejudice to what brighter minds and greater efforts may have done or be doing. We shared the belief that we have spent more time and attention and probably resources on the political and traditional aspects of our lives that have unfortunately brought more division to us than the social, economic and developmental aspects of our lives that world have brought better lives to all of us as a people.

- We agreed we need more than ever before a new thinking and fresh ideas if we must have a town that will fully harness its abundant but latent talents and potentials that can build for us all, a town that is not ‘left behind’ by other towns in Ijumu and Okunland and one we all can be proud of

Beyond Ogidi affairs, you were active in the church both in Abuja your base where you served diligently in your Protocol department and in your divine calling as a pastor and shepherd of His flock. Same commitment, diligence and zeal for your calling were reflected even at your interface with National programmes in and outside the Headquarters in Lagos.

- In one of our discussions, you rebuked us Christians for not doing enough of witnessing the good news and winning souls for Christ and that our inability or unwillingness to devote time to this great Commisssion is responsible for our failure in “possessing lands for Christ” which has led us to being limited in impact and influence as Christians. 

- You impressed me by your willingness to talk about your old nature versus your new nature. You never shied away from discussing what you called the bad patch of your younger days and expressing deep appreciation and love for Jesus Christ the life transformer, mind renewer, giver of second chances and true Saviour for your redemption and rebirth. For me, the ability of a man to freely discuss what wasn’t so good about them in the past against what good they see today in their lives is evidence of true regeneration
1 Cor 13: 11-13

- Remarkably, you also acknowledged you hadn’t arrived yet but working hard to get better in your life and relationships and working towards perfection with the help of the Holy Spirit. This is like Paul the apostle noted in even of himself in Phillipians 3: 12-14

- Funso, I thank you for the birthday wishes and prayers you sent to me during the Zoom Thanksgiving Service marking my 60th Birthday on the 21st February 2021. That was 3 weeks before you bid us goodbye.

And it is on that note that I end this testimony about you.
Our relationship this last year gave me the impression of a person in a hurry to do so much before the bell tolled but looked for and longed for partners, vision sharers, destiny helpers and cause supporters.

I pray that the Lord, whose regenerated son you were till your last breath and still are (as part of the saints triumphant) will keep your wonderful dreams and ideas alive, send help, men and women as well as resources for their fulfilment.
God will console, keep, protect and care for your beloved wife and children you so cherish
The Holy Spirit will console your parents, siblings and entire family and relatives

As you go into the heavenly mansions that the Lord your father has gone ahead to prepare for you ( Jn 14:1-4), may He who has found it fit to call you home at this point “before the day of evil’ make your memory and your legacy a blessing to the world.

I close with the consoling and reassuring words of God in Isaiah 57: 1-2

“ 1. The righteous perisheth, and no man layeth it to heart:
and merciful men are taken away, none considering
that the righteous is taken away from the evil to come.
2. He shall enter into peace:
they shall rest in their beds,
each one walking in his uprightness.”

Pastor EYITAYO FUNSO MESAIYETE, enter into your peace and unto your rest...fare thee well.
Posted by Oluwatoyin Helen Alaka on March 27, 2021
It came as a shock when I has of my brother Funsho demise. I can't believe it. But, who are we to question Our Creator?
My Almighty God console Mummy, Daddy,sisters, brothers,wife,children and the entire family of Meshaiyete.
We love you but God loves you most
Till we meet to part no more
Posted by Abimbola Dosunmu on March 28, 2021
I pray that the Lord will strengthen every member of your family Sir. He will grant greater comfort for everyone in Jesus name.

I could feel your passion and love for Jesus reading your tribute. Thank you for living a memorable life and one for us all to emulate. Good night sir. We see at the feet of the Lord.
Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Obafemi (Fresh) Ajidagba

Pst. Yogi Kogi as I fondly called you in the latter days way after the days of “Yoga” from Fego and your “F-sure” days in Uni Jos. You were my sparring partner in Fego, we had this thing where I would punch you in the ribs as a means of toughening you up, you wanted to be able to stand up to bullies and challenge oppressors at the time (who were many), never backing down from a challenge, you were bold and daring for a young kid coming from a sheltered home.

Later on, in your Uni Jos years, you further developed and formed into the man you were, we would meet in Lagos from time to time and I always tackled you on areas where I thought you may be missing the plot, it was never easy to convince you Yoga, but I know deep down you always listened and adjusted without losing face.

After school days and family came along, we were still at it, dealing with real issues of life, we discussed religion, marriage, money and all in between, you shared deep issues with me and I spoke candidly at all times, this was part of the reasons I believe you valued our conversations to the extent you sent me the below text out of the blue on the 29th of Dec. 2020, this was our last communication.

I never said thank you but its better late than never thanks for saving me from myself and helping to preserve my marriage. Don’t worry you have no idea how far few words of wisdom go.” Today, I am comforted by words from your siblings and family who had the privilege of either seeing or speaking to you in the last hours and days spent connecting with your Maker, this brings joy and peace to us all.

So rest on my brother, you have run a good race and have come out on top.
One love bro,

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Mr & Mrs Kayode Yoosuf

At times like this by Christ we know it is well with Funsho his family and us all because he (Christ) said so. My brother Funsho was a friend who celebrated me always therefore my family and I shall continue to celebrate him even as he transits whilst we remain thankful to God for the blessing of such a soul in Christ and that his type has increased in his children. Shalom!

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Thomas Okirika George. 

When beggars die there are no comets seen;
The heavens themselves blaze forth the death of princes."
Fare thee well Tayo.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Lami Bature (Nee Mshelia)

I remember the first time I met you and your lovely wife, Ochanya. You adopted me right away and took me under your wings. You made sure that I had all I needed to work, to succeed and you were always there to guide and support with your big, generous heart and larger than life attitude.

I saw courage and fearlessness whenever you had challenges and you were never afraid to dream and make mistakes. Wow! You lived! Missing you sorely and will see you at the resurrection. Love you very much, Daddy Mesh! Thank you Your daughter,

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Segun Medupin

Pastor Mesh (F-SURE), as much as I try to pen my thoughts down, words failed me, I find it so hard to say goodbye. Rest on till eternity.      

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Tola Morakinyo

Funsho your passing came as a rude shock on the UJ group early Saturday morning. Everyone was very quiet. So many couldn’t articulate their thoughts and some cried.

I pray comfort and solace for your sister Mabel who is also on the same UJ alumni group, your wife, children and other family members. May the Lord strengthen them and grant the fortitude to bear this untimely loss.

We will surely miss your banter and discussion on the UJ Catch Up Whatsapp group. May your kind soul rest in peace Funsho. Adieu brother.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Dcns Kehinde Fasubaa

Pastor Tee!!! You were called... and you responded promptly, you took up the Mantle of Leadership.
We could see it...the commitment and hard work. You were truly passionate about Our Youths.

In just 5 Months you had achieved so much... Like 5 years! You brought life to Our Youths, changed their orientation and worldview in a twinkle of an eye! Indeed, God uses His own to accomplish His work.

The last time we drove home together after church service.... You still had much work you wanted to do through your phone conversations and appointments. You kept telling everyone... "There is no time again". You wanted things done with a great haste. Hmmm, what about the Amala joint you promised me and my son Ola…the feast after the Fast? We will surely miss you. Goodnight sir!

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Bode Akintan

I hate this. I truly hate this. Using words to describe an experience that is inexplicable. Funsho is dead and we have an obligation to commemorate him. And so, it is, we must condense 34 years of a friendship into a few words. I must find the words.

When anyone dies prematurely, it reminds us of our own fragile existence. Why all that we tend to hold dear is trivial. Why grudges over perceived slights are an unnecessary expense of emotion. Why we must celebrate our existence and our friendships and assume the best in all of us. Why it is important to remember that all we end up with are experiences and memories.

I have received calls and messages of condolence as though it was my brother who died. People who knew us imagined what this would feel like to me. They were part of the audience of our relationship, our brotherhood. Back in the days when we had few cares and even fewer responsibilities. Those days are long gone now.

What we have are the memories. Blissful memories.
My friend, I hope you are at peace now. If there is a God up there, I hope you are recognized as an ambassador. You certainly deserve the honor. Rest In Peace.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Pastor and Pastor (Mrs) Akinremi Bolaji

It’s never going to be a pleasant experience to write tributes on a son that passed prematurely to glory, so it’s understandable if all we could say is that “Pastor Tayo, you will be greatly missed, see you at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ”.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: A/P Adejoke Akingun-Roberts


The news of your demise came as a rude shock, being in fellowship together, full of life and zeal, doing the work of the Lord with joy and cordiality as usual in the morning of the day you passed on to glory.

It is hard to admit the reality that you have moved on, the truth is that God is sovereign, and no man can question his sovereignty He is good, He does no evil, nothing happens without his knowledge, I therefore submit to his loving will.

It is an awesome privilege for my path to cross the path of this young man of God, Pastor Eyitayo, who is an uncommon Christian of his generation, transparently humble, passionate and full of love for God and fellow Christian Brothers and Sisters, an epitome of excellence, though short but he lived a fruitful life worthy of emulation.

The body of Christ, FCT9 in particular will greatly miss you. It is my prayer that the almighty God, the husband of the widow and father to the Fatherless will take care of your family and fill every vacuum you left behind in Jesus mighty name

Sleep on my dearly beloved Brother until we meet at the feet of Christ on the resurrection morning in Jesus name.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Nnaji Vincent C.

Few days after I was posted to FCT 9, I met you sir and inform you officially that I would like to join the youth body, and I saw the Joy in you as if you knew me before now. In quote: You said someone was transferred from the youth and God has brought me at the time like this.

Secondly you said Vincent, there is a lot of work to be done. It is only a true father who is broken that can relate in such an excellent manner. It is true that my first responsibility is to the Church and the Pastor in Charge of Province yet like you said, there is lot to be done in the Youth body and I will try my best for us all to collectively fulfil that dream.

You are a true Father; a mentor and your level of Spiritual understanding is something I will miss lot. My heart is still heavy as am not use to this, yet I pray that the God Almighty grant you eternal rest in His bosom. YOU WILL ALWAYS BE REMEMBERED DADDY!

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Fehintoluwa

Though your days with us was very brief, and our grieve at your loss is deep, we draw comfort in the knowledge that you have found refuge in the Lord.

Daddy I can never forget your words of Encouragements: You always tell me never to relent in the things of God. Oh, how can I forget the prayers??? On several occasions, you will call me just to pray with me. Thank you for seeing the potentials in me to join your workforce. In your words: “Sister Fehinti, you can’t escape oooo.” 

You helped me to serve God better and I am truly grateful. Still in shock butcannot Question the Almighty and All-knowing.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Jonah Oyugbo Osagie


I have seriously tried to avoid typing RIP to you Sir. Your death is a great blow to your entire family and the Church in general. Your demise has thrown us into deep mourning and pain that can only be healed by Almighty God. You were a pillar of love, generosity, and a great Church builder.

The absence of your unique personality has left a big vacuum in the Youth Church, you were a great teacher, builder of youth and a beacon of hope.
We take solace in God and celebrate your Christian legacy of love, kindness, joy, hardworking, doggedness and selflessness that you left behind.

Adieu Sir sleep on in the bosom of the Lord till we meet to part no more.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Dapo Casper Ogunlewe

Funsho, I choose not to mourn you but to Celebrate you, because you were a person of celebration and you served the Lord with all your being.

I remember how you always made me donate to the Church during my birthday which I share same date with your wife and particularly this year's birthday when we spoke, and you promised that we would hook up during your Dad's upcoming 80th Birthday celebrations.

Good night my brother and friend until we meet to part no more at the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Pst. Sunday Ogunmuyiwa

Pastor Eyitayo was a pleasant and a good company to be with. He related very well across.He came, saw and conquered. Good night soldier of Christ.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Dns. Okafor Nkechi (For Ushering Department).

TRIBUTE to A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete.

Your death came as a rude shock to us because it was the least, we expected to hear or read about you. We are still adjusting to the reality that it is true that you have left this sinful world to rest and settle with the Saint, who would be worshipping God 24/7.

We as mortals would only feel bad, but your creator has a reason and purpose of taking you away when He did. You are such a kind, loving and peaceful man to us and the Church. You served the Lord with your time, zeal, and energy. We love you, but God loves you more. Rest on beloved Pastor 'til we meet to part no more.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Pastors John & Mubo Imoudu.

UNTIMELY DEATH, only God knows the meaning of "untimely death". But what we know, Funsho, is that you fought a good fight, you finished your course, you have kept the faith and now you've laid hold on the crown of righteousness.

Rest on beloved brother, rest on Soldier of the Cross, rest on God's General, until we meet at the feet of Jesus Christ. Good night Pastor Tayo Funsho Mesaiyete.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: FCT9 Men’s Fellowship.

An Excellent Man is Gone

A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete was a very dedicated member of FCT 9 Men’s Fellowship who lived his life serving the church selflessly. He willingly committed himself to everything that was happening in the Redeemed Christian Church of God at various levels.

He immensely contributed towards every program organized by the Men’s Fellowship by ensuring all protocols were duly observed. His humility, organizational skills, sense of humors and sincerity which reflected in his lifestyle are worthy of emulation and would always be remembered.

As a group in the RCCG, we are heartbroken for the loss, but we accept it as the will of God and ask our heavenly Father to comfort each one of us and most importantly his immediate and extended family members during this trying moment. We never expected it to happen this early, but we take solace in the word of God in Phil 1:21.

The FCT 9 Men’s Fellowship is saddened by your unexpected and painful exit. We say goodnight dear Pastor ‘Tayo and may your loving soul rest in peace in the bosom of the Lord.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Pst (Mrs) Ayannike Rotimi (Wife of Pastor in Charge of Province)

A Gallant Soldier

Dearly beloved brother, a gallant soldier of the Lord Jesus Christ is gone!!!. Your sudden departure to glory is still like a dream that i need to wake up from.

You were full of life and joy when we met early hours of March 12th and after the thanksgiving prayer you walked up to me and bent down as your usual style of humility and whispered to my ear "My Mummy as you used to call me the fasting is ending on Sunday hope u didn't forget the delicacy you promised me" l replied how can I forget and we both laughed. I never knew you were already on your way to the side of eternity.

These five months of our working together in Baba's vineyard was like we have met for five years. You have gotten so used to me that if I just turn to the back on the Altar, in a twinkling of an eye you are already by my side to ask if I needed anything.

My dear, my consolation is that you saw Jesus before you saw death and you have conquered because death is swallowed up in victory forever (Isa.25:8).I could not hold back my tears when I saw you laid down peacefully but lifeless early hours of Saturday.

Adieu my dear Eyitayo, keep on resting in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ till we meet and part no more.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: Federal Government College Odogbolu (88 Set) Christian Fellowship Forum

Pastor Funsho Eyitayo Mesaiyete

Fego 88 Christian Fellowship commiserates with the entire family of Mesaiyete on the death of this great servant of GOD. He was our classmate, brother, and friend indeed in words and deeds.

Pastor Yoga as fondly called by members of the forum was indeed a remarkable servant of GOD who was instrumental to the establishment of the Federal Government College Odogbolu (88 Set) Christian Fellowship and was listed as one of the persons to lead the prayers this March. He had put himself forward for this remarkable assignment. We cannot question God.

He pioneered the forum which has been grown steadily as a Christian platform dedicated to prayers and Christian virtues. We are comforted with the words in Romans 14: 8 that our beloved brother belonged to God. Pastor Tayo will surely be missed for his devotion and love for Christ and brethren.
We are assured that he will be with the Lord Jesus Christ in paradise.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 27, 2021
By: UJ WhatsApp forum.

There is a cohort of graduates of the university of Jos for whom the name F-sure would resonate. It would mean different things to different people. For some, it was the fun he brought.

For others it was his respect and dedication to his family. For yet some it was intellect. His debating skills are legendary. On an online platform in which we find solace as old school mates almost 30yrs later, you brought all that back. You laughed, you loved and you debated. You’ll be missed on the forum. You worshipped fiercely and unapologetically yet respectfully and for that you were admired.

F-sure, as a Great Josite, we salute you. We will not forget you.
We will carry on the journey of life knowing that in one way or the other, you have touched us and your impact was not trivial.
We thank you for the gift of your friendship

Adieu bro!

Posted by Okunola Ayodele on March 27, 2021
It painful that The angels looked down from heaven one night.
They searched for miles afar,
And deep within the distance
They could see a shining star.

They knew that very instant
That the star was theirs to gain,
So they took you up to heaven,
Forever to remain.

Look down on us from heaven.
Keep us free from hurt and pain.
You'll always be within our heart
Until we meet again.
Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: Churchill Alli

Larush Baba! Hmmmmmmmmm. Day by day I think of all this can be true. My brother, my friend and prayer partner. Your friendship was indeed a blessing and I will forever miss you so so much. 

We shared so many personal experiences, you brought me so much happiness with your kind advices and support. You’re a wonderful brother.

The thoughts of never seeing you again brings tears to my eyes every second. But we should never question what God has planned, sometimes it is not meant for us to understand.

This is hardly a goodbye, so I wont cry anymore, because your now in a better place. Your aburo (like you fondly call her) Kemi and I will really really miss you. We love you, but God loves you more. Sleep well.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: Soji Damolekun (For Ogidi for Christ Crusade)

Psalms 116:15 Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.

Funsho indeed fought a good fight and finished his course, he was everywhere for the Lord, he was a pillar of encouragement for Ogidi for Christ, just last year he championed the Palliative for brethren in Ogidi during the pandemic, so many exploits for the Lord are traceable to our brother Pastor Funsho Mesaiyete. We are therefore comforted.

Daddy and Mummy Mesaiyete, and the siblings of our beloved brother please take solace in the Lord, your son and brother were known and identified with Christ. Be confident therefore that on the resurrection morning we shall meet to part no more.It is well with us all.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: Christ The King Youth Church


Oh, how we wish our heartfelt prayers on the day we heard the news about your departure will make you wake up from that sleep. Our consolation is in what Thornton Wilder said: " the highest tribute to the dead is not grief but Gratitude" gratitude to God for the life well spent.

A man of God, Teacher, Father, preacher, visionary, a friend and mentor. If you ever need to talk, he is always there no matter what. He is indeed a faithful man of God. He always gives of himself.

You made sure you reached out to those you can before you left us.
The challenge to us is to follow his example even as he followed Christ Jesus his Saviour – to remain faithful to the Word of God; to be uncompromising as far as God’s truth is concerned and to walk with God as he did; to become the stars of our generation so that we too might be welcomed into glory with the words “Well done, good and faithful servant!”

It is true the one that loves us never really leaves us. Your legacy and presence in our lives will never be broken.

To our beautiful Mummy, we as children have grown to love you and appreciate you and we will be there for you in the days ahead. But most importantly we know that Christ will be there for you who said, “Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.”

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: Deacon Olorunfemi Obafemi

Calling Home of a Faithful Saint
God called home another faithful saint. Goodnight Pastor Tayo; your journey has ended.

Your struggles have now ceased. Time to close your eyes to happy dreams and wake to eternal peace.
May the Almighty God embrace us all with His love as we grieve for the loss of Eyitayo Funsho Mesaiyete.
Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: A/P Osaro Edobor (RCCG National Protocol).

A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete
"Baba o international"...this was the name you always called me.
You called me a few hours before you went to be with the Lord. I never knew that it was going to be our last conversation.

I am still in shock. I wish this were a bad dream that I could wake up from. My brother from the same "FATHER", I will surely miss you. It is still difficult for me to accept that you are gone. We were together at the Special Holy Ghost Service. We left the camp together with Bro. Harisson and Sis Nkiru. I cannot question God. He knows best. It is a big blow to the body of Christ and the National Protocol.

Good Night my brother and friend. Until we see on the last day at the feet of our Lord.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: The RCCG National Protocol.

A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete.

The news of your sudden passing came to us as a rude shock. We were together at the Redemption Camp for the Solemn Assembly and Special Holy Ghost Service 2021 and you seemed like your usual bubbly self. You looked strong and healthy. Little did we know that you had only come to bid us Good night.

The National Protocol family is shaken by your demise. This is a hard blow on all of us and we will not recover from it in a hurry. Our hearts are broken. If tears and prayers could bring you back, we know that you would be here with us.

We will not mourn like those who do not have hope, but we take solace in Christ alone and we are grateful to God for a life of commitment and service which you spent in the King's business. Maybe you had to leave us so soon because God needs you more in Heaven.

We pray for your family and the body of Christ, that God will give us the grace to bear this loss.

It is our loss but a gain to Heaven.
Pastor Eyitayo Mesaiyete... Greatly loved. Greatly missed. May God say Well-done.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: Okun Patriots

Tribute to A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete

The news of your sudden death came with grieve, pain and sorrow for Patriots on the platform. Coming to terms with the reality of your demise is herculean as it is heartbreaking.

You were intelligent, focused and committed though misunderstood by many. You had a heart full of compassion for the indigent and your passion for whatever you felt is right, sets you apart in all you do.

Sadly, we cannot question God though we feel your demise is untimely, but we take solace in the life you lived. You showed that life is about 'how well' and not 'how long'

There was no dull moment with you whenever issues affecting Okun land are being discussed on Patriots Platform.

We will remember you with all your special nuances and our memories from all the days gone before that, we were privileged to share with you. And today we will grieve for you, and cry for you and even smile because of you. And in all the tomorrows, we will feel you – gone in some ways, but your presence ever is near.

Adieu Pastor Funso Eyitayo Mesaiyete, continue to rest in peace.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: RCCG Christ The King Parish, CKP

A/P Eyitayo
A man of unique style and strength, with strong commitment and passion for all he does. Your strong voice and love will be greatly missed by us, we are consoled in your good fight, and a good rest in him. Sleep on our beloved pastor in charge of CKP Youth church.

Posted by Lorenzo Fola on March 26, 2021
By: Pastor Olusegun Rotimi (Pastor in Charge FCT Province 9)

Tribute to Late A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete

How does one express the amazing essence and spirit of A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete- his selfless passion for the Kingdom business, uncompromising faith in Christ, unwavering commitment and trustworthy servant of the Most High God. You can give him assignment and go to sleep. You are sure of excellent and diligent execution of any assignment given to him. Words, even the very best of words cannot pay tribute or truly capture the sense of loss that we are all feeling today.Heaven has gained while the earth has lost a gallant soldier of Christ.

A/P Eyitayo Mesaiyete exemplified a life of love, laughter and irrepressible belief and seeing the best in everything. As the provincial Protocol co-coordinator, It will be difficult to forget you as a co-labourer whose contributions, involvement in our stay these months cannot be overlooked.
Albert Einstein said "The value of a man should be seen in what he gives and not what he is able to receive”. In one word, A/P Eyitayo was a man who gave much to his work.

Adlai Stevenson the US Ambassador to the United Nations (1961-65) once commented about a man and his contributions:" It is not the years in a life that counts; It is the life in the years."
According to the scripture 1 Thessalonians 4:13, "But I will not have you to be ignorant brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.

We will miss you.Goodbye!
Posted by Mabel Irukera on March 26, 2021
My heart is wrenching as I write. I never saw this coming and still trying to pull myself together even to do this piece. I don’t even know what to write because it’s a lifetime to be expressed in a few sentences.

Funsho, all I know is I have held you all our lives. Mum says I was excited the day you came home from the hospital and protective from that moment on even when you made me mad, the anger dissipated and you knew to take advantage of the love I have for you. Funsho, I miss you! Kai! This is so hard to do.

I remember a younger brother who just always wanted to be bigger and perceived older than me. You forcefully got up to walk at 10 months because you were probably tired of seeing me walk around as you crawled. That’s just you!

Primary school days at Our Lady of Apostles while we lived on Moore Road in Yaba were such fun. Your Boys Scouts activities in school and the make shift camps you created with our cousins Bisi, Sesan still linger and make me smile. You are such a boss!

Moving to Glover Road in Ikoyi when you got into Federal Government College Odogbolu meant we were in different schools now but our holidays were always exciting. We would exchange all the QC and FEGO gists, diss each other, fight about all kinds of things and of course, I could never win a debate against you. How could I when you read Encyclopedias and grabbed news from all dimensions? You are so smart, intelligent, witty and very annoying especially when you chose to make me the brunt of your mischief and jokes. I was taller than you for a while and will never forget standing by the window as you came out of the car one holiday, you were taller and bigger than me! Instead of opening the door and running out to hug you, I ran up the stairs and sat on my bed so you won’t immediately know you were now taller than me. Lol. Funsho!

My brother, the life of the party. I can’t count how many people became my friends because of you. I didn’t go anywhere but you went everywhere. I remember this one QC girl knocking on our door one day and I was wondering why she was at our place, only for you to run down the stairs and head into the car waiting outside.

I was so excited when you got into University of Jos. Automatically, you had a network of big sisters who loved you so much and always teased about how “dry” I was and you were the “hip” one. I loved it! Funsho, their hearts are breaking too. Of course, you settled in and that was the extent of my influencing your social circle, the tables turned. You built my social network and I, your spiritual connection. You will tease me about my Campus Crusade for Christ activities in Jos even as you updated me about all the social stuff happening on campus. I prayed for you all through, watched out for you, fed you in my room, shared my pocket money. You will update my sense of style and music too. There was no Google so if I needed information, it was to you I came. In all of this, you “hated” some people knowing I was your older sister because it killed the vibes (lol), you always wanted those ones to think you were older than me.
I will never forget how you and Dapo laughed at me and how triumphant you felt when while at the Owonubis during one of those school closings, I wanted to go out of the gate and the police officers who were on duty asked me to go back and ask my “big” brother. Chai! I knew you would never let me forget that. FSure!

You gave your life to Jesus while I lived in Chicago and I was overjoyed. You got married and named your daughter “Ikeoluwapo” and I knew it was because of my “Ifeoluwapo”. You said they are sisters naaaaw when I teased you about copying me. Lol.

My aburo, you had many battles; won some, lost some but ultimately, you played the joker with the solid help of the Holy Spirit and Christ Won!
I am going to miss your fiery prayer points, you driving down during Convention and Congress to check on me in my Barracks (what you call our Junior Church section), your crazy sense of humor, intelligence and vastness of knowledge, your shakara ways, love for perfume, your calling me “egbon” when you know you have upset me. Hmmmmm I wish I could get just one more hug and hear you say “ Mabuuuuuuu”. It’s really hard for me Funsho but you know that already. You are now with the saints (that is such a joy even in my pain) so please intercede for mum and dad, they are broken. Keep Ochie, Ike, Deboye and Ire before the Lord. We your siblings, our spouses and children are trying hard in our individual ways to deal with your leaving us, pray for us. I love you so much my brother and you knew it, that helps a little. You have left a big project behind and by God’s grace, we will not fail in Jesus name. I love you my aburo, Micheal Olufunsho Eyitayo Oluwarantimininuadura Mesaiyete. Pastor, I salute!
Posted by Adebayo Womiloju on March 20, 2021
The TLB version of Isaiah 57:1 says, “...the godly die before their time, and no one seems to care or wonder why. No one seems to realize that God is taking them away from evil days ahead.”
How so suddenly you departed this world would be inexplicable, but for the light of the Scriptures, such as written above!
May your family (biological and spiritual) and friends be granted the fortitude to bear your irreparable loss, and may your dear soul rest powerfully in the bosom of the LORD who called you unto Himself!!
Adieu, Pst. Eyitayo Olufunsho Mesaiyete!!!

Posted by Abdul-Gafar Oreagba on March 19, 2021
Senior Yoga as you were popularly referred to amongst junior students when I first met you back in F.G.C Odogbolu.... you were one of the cool and easy going seniors I admired from a distance. It felt like a privilege to have run errands for you in the hostels back then by virtue of who you were.... our paths never crossed again post FEGO, but your popularity outside FEGO was a testimony to your reputation as a decent and fine man...
May Allah grant your dear soul the comfort of the grave and paradise as it’s final abode...
Posted by Emeka Eziakonwa on March 19, 2021
Funshy! Just like that? We will console ourselves with the good memories, and there are lots of them. From our escapades in UJ through our journey to becoming family men. No dull moments with you, you had a nickname for everyone, you almost made me think mine (Kwagzy) was my middle name. I don’t remember you ever calling me my real name. We will miss you bro!
Posted by Oyeyemi Osikoya on March 18, 2021
Gosh!! Your death came as a shock and it's heartbreaking Funsho, but God knows best. My prayers and thoughts are with your family at this time, may your family be strengthened. Rest in peace
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Recent Tributes
Posted by Ikeoluwapo Mesaiyete on April 15, 2021
thank you for teaching me love and for teaching me about God. you were the personification of God’s love for me. i love you.
Posted by LOLA MESAIYETE on April 14, 2021

Was thinking of you and I had to go through our past exchanges of messages via telephone. Saying that I miss you is an understatement. I wanna hear you say ' Justice Mesh' ...... Funsho!!! I love you and I thank God for giving you to us.
Posted by Kitan Irukera on April 13, 2021
As I child, I was always impressed and fascinated by my uncle Funsho’s distinct swagger- the way he told stories, debated, walked, dressed and navigated his spaces always stood out to me. Some of my fondest childhood memories are of my sister and I just hanging out with my uncles at our grandparents home in Apapa. We’d pepper my uncle with questions on a myriad of random topics and he always seemed to have an informed response. There was nothing my uncle didn’t know. My sister and I were living embodiments of childhood curiosity, and uncle Funsho was our perfect companion.

My uncle’s transition from cool uncle to loving father and husband was beautiful to see; Aunty Ochie and Uncle Funsho were a match made in heaven, and his admirable and devout commitment to his role as a father is made evident by simply seeing the wonderful young woman and men my little cousins Ike, Deboye and Ire are growing up to be.

Losing my uncle Funsho is the toughest thing I’ve ever been through. He is a truly irreplaceable figure in the lives of everyone he touched. We love you so much Uncle, and although you’re not around in the same way, trust that Aunty Ochie, Ike, Deboye and Ira will always be surrounded by love and family.
his Life


Eyitayo Olufunsho Micheal Mesaiyete was born on the 16th March 1972 in the Northern City of Kaduna to Chief Gabriel Bayode Mesaiyete and Chief (Mrs) Rose Iyadunni Mesaiyete. He was the second child of five siblings, Foluke, Femi, Funmilola and Folahan.

Soon after his birth, his parents moved to Lagos where he started his early learning years at Our Lady of Apostle Nursery and Primary School Yaba. Eyitayo was a brilliant pupil and he excelled in academics which led to his admission into Federal Government College Odogbolu for his secondary school education.

Yoga as he was fondly called in secondary school was an ardent reader known for his passion to acquire knowledge from a wide range of fields. He was bold and daring as a young lad, never backing down from the challenge of bullies and oppressors who were many at that time. Though he was one of the youngest in his set and would often get picked on, he took everyone on fearlessly.

Having completed his secondary school years as a science student in 1988, Eyitayo gained admission to study Pharmacy at the University of Jos but later switched to the Accounting Department after one year and graduated with BSc Accounting Honours in 1995. His days at Uni Jos were unforgettable. Fsure as he was called by his friends, was the life of the party right from his 100 level days, as he was vibrant, intelligent , vocal and opinionated. He was one of a kind; tall, handsome bringing so much flair to life. it was hard to ignore his passion or posture.

He easily connected with friends and peers from diverse backgrounds and cultures. His National Youth Service year took him back to Lagos State where he served in the Department of Accounting of the University of Lagos (MBA Unit) for his primary assignment.

Soon after, he was employed into the Banking Sector by Citizen International Bank in 1998 where his Banking career started. During his time at the bank he served in several Departments including Head Teller/ Cash Officer Position, Funds Transfer Unit, Customer Service and Head Transaction Service Unit in 2003. After this he joined Broad Bank as the acting Branch Manager Kaduna Branch, before his transfer to Abuja where he occupied the position of Head Credit and Marketing Garki Branch. His Banking Career eventually peaked at Zenith Bank Plc between the 2005 and 2007, where he occupied the position of Credit and Marketing Officer Apapa Branch and later as Branch Head Lagos State University Zenith Bank Branch.

His work life was equally momentous as a banker, as most customers always insisted on being served by him because of his passion and commitment to work. He was highly compassionate to fellow colleagues and was a natural leader.

It was during his banking career at Kaduna that he met his heartthrob, confidant and soulmate Ochanya in 1998, she was also in the Banking Sector. Their relationship waxed strong and they were wedded on 22nd December 2001. The union is blessed with three lovely children Ikeoluwapo, Omodeboye and Ireoluwade.

On the home front, Funsho was loving, firm and candid. He freely discussed personal experiences and travails with his children often illustrating his past choices, achievements and pitfalls, all in a bid that they learn from his experience. To his children he was a mentor, constantly teaching them relevant life skills with a view to making them resilient as he always said their generation was overly protected and shielded.

The preceding years marked a turn in his life and career, Eyitayo had always identified with God's work, he was active and zealous in service and this brought him close to several Men of God among who are the Late Apostle Abraham Abdulsalam the Founder and Senior Pastor of the Trinity Bible Church. Under his Ministry Eyitayo, who had previously given his life to Christ in the year 1995 was properly discipled and he served in the Ushering Unit and rose to the position of Head Usher and was also ordained a Deacon.

Service in the vineyard brought him to the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) after his relocation to the city of Abuja where he got ordained as an Assistant Pastor during the Annual Convention in 2016,

In the Redeemed Christian Church of God, he held several positions:

*Pastor In Charge, Unity Parish Dutse Alhaji 2012

*Pastor In Charge Resurrection Mega Parish 2014,

*Pastor In Charge Resurrection Area 2015

*Pastor in Charge of Area Christ the King Parish (Youth Church) here he served till date.

*Head of Protocol FCT Province 9

*Assistant Head Regional Protocol Abuja

*Member National Protocol

*Member Abuja Special Holy Ghost Service Committee.

He will be greatly missed by all especially the Youth Church, as they saw in him a man with great passion, vision and determination to do God's work. Often declaring his love for God by saying “I am ready to spend and be spent for God". Indeed he lived by his word in spending time and resources for God's work .

His sudden departure is a rude shock to his family, friends, church family particularly the youth, as he was billed to have a special program with them on Saturday 20th March 2021.

Pastor Eyitayo Olufunsho Michael Mesaiyete transitioned into glory in the early hours of Saturday the 13th of March, just three days to his 49th birthday. His absence has created a vacuum that will be hard to fill but we are consoled that it is glorious transition and that Christ WON!

Recent stories

One Month Already

Shared by Ochanya Mesaiyete on April 13, 2021

Each night I put my head to my pillow, I try to tell myself I’m strong because I’ve gone one more day without you, now one month without you but the pain isn’t any better.  I sleep on your side of the bed each night, I talk to you , what wouldn’t I give to hear you talk back. I miss your voice, i miss hearing your tambourine as you pray daily, I miss your laughter, i miss the jokes and I miss the fights too. I miss everything about you. Hmmm some days are just very HARD! 

Shared by LOLA MESAIYETE on April 1, 2021
Growing up with a big brother like  you was such an adventure. No doubt , the alphabet ‘F’ in Funsho represents fun. Lively, full of life that’s my brother. How can I forget those ‘lie lie ‘ stories you coined from your very cerebral mind and made them into movie like tales, those stories always kept me glued to my seat. And after you got into secondary school, they became even more intriguing . The funny thing is even when I had the mind of realsing that my big brother was just filling me with tales , I still longed to listen to you. You had such a keen mind, such eloquence and oratory prowess. Femi and I looked forward to attending boarding school just because our big brother made it look like such big fun. I was always ahead of my peers in those primary school and earlly teen years cos I had this big brother who taught me the latest dance steps, reigning bands and songs, high street fashion, slangs, haaa the names of designers and logos( my fashionista brother  unparalled), tales from your summer vacations in London, I could go on and on cos you gave me the bragging rights.

Eyitayo, truth is , there is so much to say about you , yet, words fail me. I have kind of blanked my mind to what has happened and have carried on by having frequent conversations with you in my mind and heart. This has proven therapeutic for me. I talk to you, I ask you questions, I smile at you , I still throw banters at you, haba, I am that sibling you always said came from the same heaven as you cos of our seeming firmness. 

Oluwarantimi, you always showed me off, always longing to talk about your baby sister turned lawyer to everyone.  My joy was yours, my concerns were yours , my funky brother who became my prayer partner, THANK YOU.

Michael, like the archangel your patron saint, I know that you know that your dreams and vision regaring Ike, Boye and Ire shall be fulfilled and even more. I know that you know that your concerns have always been mine and will continue to be.

Bidemi, the one who loved , loves and is still loving me, THANK YOU. 

F Sure, egbon mi atata, the testimonies we have and keep receiving about you  are mind boggling and I just want you to know how uplifting and proud of you I am, I say THANK YOU.

How glorious, how comforting, how joyful, how educative for the rest of us to realise that it is the end that really matters, THANK YOU egbon mi.

My fierce angel,  Christ won, THANK YOU for finishing so well and strong.

Funmilola Mesaiyete ( the one you called Justice Mesh, your Tipopsy)

Forever Loved

Shared by Rosiji Ajayi on March 26, 2021
I am listening to this song today and couldn't hold back the tears. I listened to this song the first time with you in Apapa. You are forever loved and remembered brother!