This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gabriel Olawoyin, 81 years old, born on July 31, 1939, and passed away on February 13, 2021. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Tunde Esan on March 3, 2021
Anyone close enough to me would have heard me mention the name 'Prof' innumerable times. Yes. As far as I was concerned, there was only one Prof. in the world. The one and only Professor Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin S.A.N. A mentor, guide, my principal.

He loved me like a son. He trusted me with assignments. He believed in me. I walked into the law firm some 21 years ago at LAPAL House as a young lawyer and the two years I spent with Prof. laid the foundation I have built my legal practice on. The law firm was a family: Prof, Oga Ayo, Doc., Alex, Daramola, Olagunju, Becky, Eno, Goz, Bimbo, Wole, Fisayo, Baba Fat, Oga Abbey, Kwesi, Albert.

The insane hard work. The spartan lifestyle. The boldness and courage. Standing firm in the face of adversity. The demand on you to be your best. Standing up in open court to judges he thought were overbearing or perhaps compromised. Treating sloppiness with extreme disdain.

Yes. I was his boy with a shared love for Arsenal and hard work. I had the joy of sharing flights, hotels, meals with him but more importantly I had the chance of learning about law and life from the very best: Prof. G. A. Olawoyin S.A.N. I also had the privilege of meeting my iyawo in the firm.

My deep condolences to the family he left behind
Posted by Gideon Emcee Christian on March 2, 2021
Goodbye Prof. Olawoyin
You were an inspiration to many generations of lawyers/academics including myself. You will be missed.
- Prof. Christian
Posted by Modupe Femi-Ogundele on March 2, 2021
meeting Prof Olawoyin years back at the ticket desk of Virgin Atlantic Airways, my first sight was his doting on mummy. He would go back and forth to explain the prices and conditions to her and they will make the decision of what to choose together. Years after, he became 'daddy', he has interest in everyone's well being and relating with him was without ease. I looked forward to the daily devotionals he posted and it was humbling when he informed us towards the end of last year that he will stop sending them for obvious reasons. They spent so much money as excess luggage on their last trip bringing devotionals down to Lagos! in his words- they were more important than some of the other items they were bringing. Even my children have come to look forward to visiting him during summer. I celebrate a life of Grace and thankful to have met Prof in my line of duty. May God's peace continue to uphold mummy and the entire family. Rest on Prof... you have forth the good fight of faith.
Posted by Anthony Idigbe on March 2, 2021
Prof Olawoyin SAN of blessed memory was a fine academic, consummate lawyer, astute arbitrator, firm but gentle leader, and a true gentleman. He nurtured me in my arbitration practice without taking any credit for himself. The membership of the Arbitration and ADR Commission of the International Chamber of Commerce Nigeria (ICCN) grew exponentially under his leadership, as did the number of ICC appointments that Nigerian members received.
I received my first ICC appointment under his leadership. He also gave me several responsibilities around organising the Commission’s conferences. I was so determined to please him or at least not disappoint him that on one occasion, I made every effort to return to Lagos from Khartoum on time for the commencement of the conference, only to be stuck in traffic on Eko bridge. I had to jump out of my car to take an Okada! I barely made it to Eko Hotel just on time, and he was beaming with smiles and said, “Tony, I knew you would make it.” When you have such a leader, who expresses so much confidence in you, you have no choice but to go out of your way to serve. I think I was privileged to have had him as my mentor.
I also recall his particular interest in me. He would call to advise or encourage me on some of my cases on many occasions. He was not just a legal colossus; he was a strategist with a fatherly mien. No wonder his scions are equally erudite professionals.
I would miss him greatly. Nigerian legal and international arbitration circuits, both academics and practitioners, will sorely miss him. He impacted positively on many lives. We must honour and cherish his memory. It is my prayer that he rests in the bosom of God Almighty and that his family takes solace in the admirable and impactful life he led.
Posted by Chinelo Awotoye on March 2, 2021
A Time for Everything - Ecclesiastes 3
To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heaven; A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted… A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance… I have seen the travail, which God hath given to the sons of men to be exercised in it… He hath made every thing beautiful in his time: also, he hath set the world in their heart, so that no man can find out the work that God maketh from the beginning to the end… but for a man to rejoice, and to do good in his life. And also, that every man should eat and drink, and enjoy the good of all his labour, it is the gift of God.

Adieu Great Jurist, Adieu Quintessential and Erudite Professor, Adieu Papa Professor Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin, My Chairman's Chairman. 
Posted by Bimbo Akin-Agunbiade on March 2, 2021
The great Professor Olawoyin has gone to be with the Lord. A true legal luminaire. This man played the role of a father, legal representative and adviser to my entire family when we lost our Dad at a young age., all gratis. An honourable generous man and father figure without peer. We will celebrate your life and your achievements knowing fully well you are with the Lord enjoying the fruits of your labour. My condolences to your entire family. Rest in peace Prof! You have achieved more than most in the 82 years you spent on earth. Our family will be eternally grateful. I will miss our arsenal and naija politics banter.. together with your wise words and witty sense of humour. E sun re oo. Daddy.
Posted by Funke Agbor on March 2, 2021
Dear Prof,

I will really miss you shouting my name whenever you see me. It was always a joyful shout of “ Funkus” very loudly too. I was always so proud that you knew me by name and wanted everyone to know it too so I was always so happy to hear you shout my name. . And why? It was because you knew me from my earliest days in practice when I was working with Fola Sasegbon in the early 80s. You were and continued to be so easy, accommodating and soooooo accessible. You were always so young at heart which is why you always had young people around you. You leave behind a rich and enduring legacy and you did it so effortlessly. You are a hard act to follow but we will all try to make you proud.
Rest blissfully in Perfect Peace.
Posted by Adeyera Adenle on March 1, 2021
It is with deepest sorrow and sadness that i received the news of your passing on to glory on 13th day of February 2021 at exactly 08.30pm UK time and it was shocking to me , you were an uncle in a million, you were kind, loving, caring, and good at heart and soul!!! .I remember like yesterday how you encouraged me to further my studies up to university many years back and that really helped me a lot up till today, I also enjoyed all your supports during all my years in the university. I still can't believe I'm writing a tribute because of your passing. Words can not describe this difficult moment but if this is the last time I get to say goodbye then I know I will do so with the knowledge that I consider myself blessed to have lived this life as your nephew. God in his infinite wisdom knows best. Death is inevitable it's a journey that everyone must take often times we wish death wasn't a part of life, we wish we would just stay alive on earth with our near and dear , ones not dying. But unfortunately, we can not. I also remember many years back when I lost my first wife, I called to inform you about the ugly incident, you were sad to hear this, you asked my cousin Wale to join me at the wake keep and later came personally to see me at my residence not minding the distance and heavy traffic to condole with me I never knew you would show up. You were the only one who showed up to see me among all my mothers siblings. Same thing when I lost my mother ,you gave me your support. Uncle I can never forget you. I never knew I will never see you again after I visited you at your residence in ikeja with my first daughter on the day you turned 79 ,I was with you for close to 3hours talking and gisting I couldn't make your 80th birthday but we spoke on phone. The last conversation I had with you was in January this year ,never knew I wouldn't have opportunity to talk to you again , you missed my call and you immediately returned the call and we had a lengthy discussion.  I also remember when I told you that I was among the contestants to the throne of Ooni  October 2015 from my father side Lafogido ruling house, you were glad and you made it known to me I was more than qualified because both my mother and father sides are from ruling houses and I have what it takes, you gave me your blessings You were just a wonderful uncle. May God grant you eternal rest my dearest uncle. Adieu.!!!
Prince Adeyera A. Adenle.

Posted by Adedoyin Rhodes-Vivour on March 1, 2021

Professor Gabriel Olawoyin, a quintessential gentleman has gone to rest in the Lord. Prof fondly comes to mind in various ways and for various reasons but most importantly for his friendship and sincerity of purpose. Prof was a friend, a mentor, an encourager and a supporter – always happy to proffer guidance on the affairs of life. He was supportive towards others reaching the heights of professional achievement and excellence. Prof was a man of foresight.
One of my earliest interactions with Prof was during the first International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) African Regional meeting held in 2000 in Abuja, Nigeria. Prof played a key role during that conference as a member of the Board, International Chamber of Commerce Nigeria (ICCN) National Committee/member of the ICC Court of Arbitration and encouraged participation in the work of the ICC.
Prof chaired the affairs of the ICC Nigeria National Committee Arbitration Commission with maturity and sincerity of purpose. Prof, a family man, relished his travels with his wife and yet had time for quality time out with friends during such trips of which our joint family dinner at China Town London comes to mind. Another side of Prof was the yearly gift of the Daily Devotion “Our Daily Bread” and the daily spiritual messages. To Prof, the spiritual cannot be divorced from the physical, an essential part of life.
Prof will be deeply missed but lives on in the life of everybody he has impacted with his values and instilled with his vision. He will be missed. May our Lord comfort his darling wife and children including our dear colleague Dr Adewale Olawoyin SAN.
Adedoyin O Rhodes-Vivour SAN
Posted by Muyiwa Omisade on March 1, 2021
Dear Prof. my loving egbon (brother) your passage from this world was a great loss not only to your nuclear and extended families but also to other areas of your life viz: Ile-Ife, the legal profession, academics, churches and to a large extent the country. You were known for your kindness, honesty, sincerity, principles and forthrightness . Committed to your beliefs. Your advices were always from the heart full of genuineness you were never faulted.
Getting closed to you have been very beneficial. I will miss our usual telephone conversations that usually lasted for more than 45mins on every occasion.
You were a good man
You would sorely be missed by all those you touched their lives.
Rest in perfect peace in the bosom of your Lord.
Good night 
Posted by Helen Oladini on March 1, 2021
Brother Adesiyan was not a brother in law, he was my brother. I lost him to cold hands of death. I never knew the time was so near, could have been calling him everyday. I spoke to him last late January and early February.He was instrumental to my building a house in Oregun. My prayer is for him to rest in perfect peace. Ki Olorun ma se ni akufa. Ki Oluwa jeki ojo ki o jina si ara won. I’ll miss him anytime I visit home. It’s well IJN.
Posted by Foluke Akinmoladun on March 1, 2021
Prof Olawoyin is a great man. It is really hard to refer to him in past tense. By doing his best and guiding others, he created opportunities for professionals now and unborn in Nigeria. I can't talk about my professional progress in the international ADR space without talking about ICC Nigeria of which he was a major part. I have had the honour of contributing to the drafting of his speeches for all the ICCN Africa Regional Conferences from 2016 till date. I will miss that part of the conference work dearly. Speaking to him one on one helped me to literally reach for the stars and to aspire in the international arbitration world. I will miss you Sir, your gentle spirit, your kind heart and your overwhelming goodness. Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ, in Jesus Name-Amen and Amen.
Posted by Justina Lewa on March 1, 2021
I have not had a close or personal encounter with Prof. However, I have heard him speak at ICC conferences. He was a man of great intellectual ability and yet simple and humble in his ways. He was friendly with a super sence of humour. He will be sorely missed particularly by some of us just getting into the arbitration arena. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace and may God almighty continue to comfort his family and all of us at ICCN.
Posted by Raifu Salawu on March 1, 2021
Professor Olawoyin was an open-minded person with a heart of gold, . He was nice person to know. There was never a dull moment with him.. He was loved by members of the Orimolade estate. He will be sorely missed. May The Almighty God grant him eternal rest. Amen
Posted by Iyabo Kasali on March 1, 2021
Brother Siyan, May your soul rest in perfect peace. You were a good brother. Good Night Prof.
Posted by Dorothy Ufot on March 1, 2021
I first met professor Olawoyin during the first ICC Conference after the reorganization of the Chamber in the year 2000. I became close to prof. as he is fondly called, when I was nominated in 2006 to represent Nigeria at the International Court of Arbitration Of The ICC In Paris as his Alternate. Prof and I met on several occasions at the ICC headquarters in Paris during court sessions. Prof spoke very highly of me at the ICC court whenever he had the opportunity to do so. I remember once, when the then secretary of the ICC Court of Arbitration tried to praise me to prof, and prof's reply to her was "you cannot be the one to tell me about Dorothy, I should be the one telling you about Dorothy as we know her back home. She is very hard working and focused". This was very characteristic of prof, acknowledging excellence and competence.
I have served on the board of ICC Nigeria with prof, as well as being his deputy at the ICCN Arbitration & ADR Commission, where I experienced Prof's impeccable leadership qualities. What I can certainly say about Prof's leadership qualities are his ability to hold members together as one for the peace and harmony of the  Chamber and the Arbitration & ADR Commission. Prof gave useful counsel at critical meetings of the ICCN board and was a father to all at the Commission of Arbitration & ADR. Prof was a great intellectual and teacher who attained the highest heights in the academia as well as in commercial legal practice. He also taught many of our members when he was at the University of Ife, now Obafemi Awolowo University. A man of proven integrity and character has departed this earth to meet with his maker. We shall miss him and his banters at the ICCN board meetings. We shall also miss his fatherly role and guidance at the ICCN Arbitration & ADR Commission. He will be remembered for his contributions and hard work for taking the ICCN Arbitration & ADR Commission to enviable heights in Africa. We shall miss his compelling opening remarks at the annual ICCN Africa International Arbitration conferences. We mourn because a great man, a father and a friend has left us. May Prof's soul Rest In Perfect Peace and may God Almighty comfort the lovely family he has left behind. May God grant his family the fortitude to bear this irreparable loss and grant his son , Dr Wale Olawoyin, SAN the Grace to step into his big shoes and lead his family peacefully.                 
Adieu professor Gabriel Olawoyin !

Mrs Dorothy Udeme Ufot, SAN, C.Arb, FCIARB(uk)
Posted by ICC Nigeria on March 1, 2021
Tribute to an ICON
Beloved, Prof. Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin, SAN

Legendary is an understatement when it comes to the essence of who you were, Prof. Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin, SAN. Thank you for your excellence and leadership, your brilliance and tireless effort to push arbitration practice forward in Nigeria. To those of us that came across this quintessential icon, his departure is discomfiting.

Prof. G.A. Olawoyin, SAN could be counted among the luckiest mortals to have survived earthly limitations for over 80 years. But it is not the number of years spent on earth that matters; it is the extent to which those years were deployed for service to humanity.

Prof. as he was fondly called, belongs to the conservative generation of Nigerians. He was a persevering, patriotic, caring, compassionate and devout Christian. The trajectory of Prof’s education and humble background formed the basis for his enduring professionalism, which resonated in all the spheres in which he operated.

Our departed icon was one of the pioneer Directors of the International Chamber of Commerce Nigeria. Prof. Olawoyin, SAN played a significant role in the re-organisation of ICC Nigeria in 1999 and remained on its Board until his passing on 13thFebruary, 2021. His contributions to the advancement of the Chamber remain indelible.

The 1st ICC African Regional Meeting held on 20th-21st November 2000 at the then, NICON Hilton Hotel, Abuja, which focused on Africa’s greater involvement in global business policy making and international arbitration provided the needed engagements with the Federal Government of Nigeria.

Prof.Olawoyin, SAN was instrumental, jointly with his colleagues on the ICCN Board, to the establishment of the ICC Nigeria Commission on Arbitration& ADR in November, 2010, and remained its Chairman from inception, till the time of his passing.

He contributed immensely to the growth of ICC Nigeria, as one of the fastest growing and influential national commissions in the ICC family globally. Under his able leadership, ICC Nigeria’s Commission on Arbitration& ADR recorded monumental success and growth, particularly with the ICC Africa Regional Conferences on International Arbitration, which has gained popularity as a must attend conference in the African region. Prof. represented Nigeria at the ICC Court of International Arbitration in Paris for 18 years from 2000-2018.

It is remarkable how late Prof. Olawoyin related with varied classes of people in the society. His unassuming disposition coupled with his untrammeled readiness to be of assistance to even the least in the professional ladder was novel. Prof. Olawoyin, SAN exuded inimitable ethical finesse characteristic of patriots. He made a difference in the life of others and resolved to be of service and assistance to the lowly as well as to the top echelons of society.

In this period of mourning this professional con, thoughts ought to be spared to acknowledge his philanthropic attributes. He had been a mentor of invaluable significance to many arbitrators in Nigeria. Some of them have risen to prominence exuding the ethical predilections with which their indefatigable mentor was known, within and outside the country.

Beside his professional prowess, Prof. Olawoyin, SAN had the privilege of serving creditably on the Boards of various companies, thus contributing to the economy. A rare gem, Prof. Olawoyin, SAN indeed paid his dues to the country. A man with extraordinary vision, immensely talented and so thoroughly dignified, filled with mirth and humor.

Prof. Olawoyin, SAN is survived by his wife and his children, all of whom are excelling in their chosen fields of endeavor.

Our departed Prof. Olawoyin, SAN has left indelible footprints in various spheres and his professional colleagues among whom are those he had mentored and trained will treasure his memory. We are comforted in the fact that those of us he left behind will build on the legacy he had wittingly bequeathed to us and to future generations. This tribute is not exhaustive but it has to be truncated somewhere.

We mourn with his wonderful immediate family
We mourn with the entire ICC globally
We mourn with the members of ICC Nigeria Commission on Arbitration and ADR
We mourn with the legal profession and academia
We mourn with the good people of Ile- Ife Osun State, whose illustrious son is gone
We mourn with the Body of Christ and in particular the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral (AVMCC)
He will surely be missed by many but his memory will linger on forever!!
May the soul of Prof. Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin, SAN rest in perfect peace!

Mr. Babatunde Savage, FCA
Chairman, ICC Nigeria & Coordinator, Sub Sahara Africa
Posted by Lawrence Oladini on March 1, 2021
The Late Professor Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin was more than a brother-in-law to me. He was more of a caring uncle who cherished and encouraged me and my siblings to excel in whatever we chose to do. I remember the trips with him to Ibadan when I was still a teenager, and I will not forget how his house was our second home in Ile-Ife.
I will not forget how he and our eldest sibling, Sister Arike, cared for all of us and especially our Late mother for years until her demise. I will not forget the morning and evening prayers in your house whenever I came on a visit, especially when I realized that 
he was someone who some 30 years before then wondered why some of us were so “ religious. “ What a joy to see your home turn into a house fellowship center and a house of prayer!
I will not forget our last conversation when I called and spoke with him that Sunday evening about a week to his hospitalization, not realizing that it would be the last time.
I will not forget that he indeed has left a lasting imprint on the sands of time.
May his memory be eternally blessed in Jesus’ Name!
Pastor Dr. Lawrence O. Oladini
Posted by Kunle Asenuga on February 28, 2021
Daddy Olawoyin was my baby sister’s father-in-law. He was always very gracious on the few occasions I met him during family gatherings. I commiserate with my brother-in-law, Adedayo, and the entire Olawoyin family on Daddy’s passing. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace!
Posted by OLUFEMI Diji on February 28, 2021
Heaven's Gain. For you to live is Christ as He was your source of joy and reason to live and to die is gain, for you will be with him in eternity.... you have lived and now you have gained a better place.

Saddened as we are for this temporary loss, we are comforted by the fact it is a gain for eternity.

A father, grandfather, uncle and mentor. Words alone cannot describe you Sir as we cannot but remember your jovial, loving, charismatic and very knowledgeable personality.

To reflect on your legacy which is to live a life of service to God and humanity that you lived and the immense difference you made to so many lives.

Surely you will be missed by family, friends and loved ones.

May the comfort of the Holy Spirit rule in the hearts of all as we come to terms with your glorious transition to glory. Till we meet again at the feet of the Lord Jesus Christ

Adieu Daddy Olawoyin (Prof)

Mrs Elizabeth Diji's Children
Posted by Adedolapo Adesanmi on February 28, 2021
My first experience with Prof aka Daddy was in law school when I had to do my law school attachment. There was a problem with where I was initially posted and so I begun the search of where to go as I wanted my first experience in a law firm to be memorable.

Thankfully my Dad (Prince W. A Adesanmi) stepped in and informed me he’ll sort it with his Cousin (Prof). I remember walking into your office and you made it happen without giving it a second thought! You calmly and firmly instructed in our Ife dialect - ‘Omo mi loje, to ba se dada, ma ba e wi’ (meaning you are my child, if you mess up, I’ll scold you). I did have a memorable time during my stay at the firm which set the pace for the career I have.

Daddy was a proud Ife native and contributed immensely to its growth and development, being one of its best intellectual products and a worthy example for us younger ones. A man of integrity, he had no airs about him as you would see him casually joke with lawyers in court. He lived a life worthy of emulation both in court and outside it.

Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Daddy.
Posted by Josephine Akinwunmi on February 28, 2021
The news of Prof’s passing on the 13th of February, 2021 came in as shock and an extremely painful one, as we were still chatting up till the 2nd of February, 2021!

Knowing Prof, was such a blessing! He was an encourager and his very kind words always brought a lot of hope. Our dear Prof was quick to share opportunities as he simply wanted everyone to excel!

Prof was always very calm, a gentleman indeed and full of wisdom!

Moments shared with Prof in and out of the Country were very special and will NEVER be forgotten!

My prayer is that the Lord will comfort the entire family and all loved ones in Jesus’ name. Amen 

May our dear Prof’s soul rest in perfect peace! Amen

Josephine Akinwunmi, FCIArb

Posted by Odunayo Fashola on February 27, 2021
Prof Olawoyin, Mr Daddy as l fondly called him was a beautiful soul and discipline too. He was also a good Christian and served God well. I thank God that he knew God and he has gone to be with his maker. He lived a good life and am thankful to God for that. I will miss him greatly. He was an awesome father and grandfather to his children and grandchildren. May his beautiful soul rest in perfect peace. Accept my condolence Bola and family. May God grant us the fortitude to bear this great loss.
Posted by Dr Olutoyin Aderibigbe on February 27, 2021
Farewell our dear Professor. I pray that you rest in perfect peace in the bossom of your Lord and saviour. Apart from being a brother-in-law, married to my sister, we shared the same building as office in Mamman Kotangora house, Marina, Lagos for a couple of years. that brought us closer. I remember you always with smiles and kind words in keeping with your humble and generous lifestyle. May light perpetual shine upon you as the Almighty Jehovah continues to guide and bless all you left behind.

Sincerely missed !!!! 
Posted by Bola Adeniji on February 27, 2021
Hmmm!!! Father of Professor as fondly call by late Ooni of Ife (King Sijuwade) You are indeed a rare Gems & an Icon in your field While we mourn your passing, we are consoled by the knowledge that as the first professor of Business Law you left behind a life worthy of emulation in the legal world. Your foot prints in the sand of time will remain indelible. Rest in peace my dear Brother in-law as you bid farewell to this sinful world. ALWAYS SMILE. Omoba Bolajoko Omisore

Posted by Wole Adetunji on February 27, 2021
Erin wo!!!
I came in contact with Prof. Gabriel Olawoyin in 1981 when I was then an Asst. Director of Corporate Finance in the Securities & Exchange Commission (SEC). He used to lead his students of the faculty of law of the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife for on-site knowledge of the Nigerian Capital Market institutions. This was shortly before he retired as a Professor and when he set up his law firm, we maintained that relationship.
When I retired from service in 1999, I started worshipping at the All Saints Anglican Church, Yaba until fate brought Prof and I together again in 2002 when I relocated to the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church, Ikeja. Prof Olawoyin's pew at the South entrance to the Church was just infront of mine. It was always a joyous occasion every Sunday when we worshipped together.
When the Light of the World Society was formed in 2007, I was the President and it was my friend Prof that came into my mind as the Patron which he gladly accepted. He became the Patron to five other societies after ours and he fulfilled his obligations to them all.
My friend was a Christian inside out. We had so much confidence in each other that there was hardly any secret we would not share together. I used to narrate my own health challenges to him and his reassuring response was always ' my brother, onikaluku pelu to e' meaning everybody with his or her own cross.
We were always in constant communication. On many occasions, once he did not see me in church, he would phone to ask about our welfare. He would come over with madam and Mrs. Diji to pray with us.
I thank God for his life of service to God and humanity. As the Patron of six societies in the Cathedral, he always made available to every member a copy of the'Daily Bread'. Even in spite of his failing health, he would make sure he sent daily 'homily' to his friends and loved ones and I always wondered where he got the energy from.
My family is already missing you Prof .
I pray that God Almighty whom you served till the end will console your family and grant you eternal rest in His bosom IJN.
Adieu my friend and confidant till we meet to part no more.
Wole Adetunji
Posted by Abiola Olaoshun on February 27, 2021
A great prof and a wonderful daddy he was.. over the years of knowing you sir. It's being a wonderful experience and a journey worth while.. I thank God for your life and we are at peace because you lived a wonderful life. Rest On Great Man of God.
Posted by Jean Chiazor- Anishere on February 27, 2021

Like a Colossus he came.
Like a Colossus he left but leaving behind great prints in the sands of our time.
Great Legacies never to be forgotten. Never to be wiped away.
Deeply embedded in Arbitration and ADR Commission
Cast in marbles.
Engraved in our hearts.

Professor Gabriel Olawoyin SAN. Adieu!
Rest in the bossom of our Lord.

By Jean Chiazor Anishere. SAN.
Posted by Light of The World Societ... on February 26, 2021

It was with great pains that we received the news of the passing on to glory of our patron, Prof. Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin(SAN).

He was our patron from June, 2007 when our society (LOTW) was inaugurated by the late Dean Ven. Olubanjo Oshewa till his death.
He stood behind our society even at the risk of his personal discomfort. Once, he rescheduled his already booked flight to UK just to be at the Cathedral for our Anniversary Thanksgiving Service.

At the beginning of every year, he distributed copies of "Our Daily Bread" devotional to each member for our spiritual upliftment.

His humility was unrivaled. Here was a Prince, a Professor, and a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN), who related with the rich and the poor in equal measures.

As humans, we would have wished he stayed more with us. However, as the book of Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says, "For everything, there is a season. A time for every activity under heaven. A time to be born and a time to die..."

He ran his race successfully. For us as a society, we believe from his Christian conduct while alive that; the crown of glory awaits him in heaven.

Adieu great Patron!

Bro. Olu Obisesan.
Posted by Funke Akanbi on February 26, 2021
Prof as we fondly called him was a disciplinarian who ensured he instilled a good work ethics on us all. I recall how he would always ask about the well being of my family. A family oriented man he was and he would always shower us with his prayers. He will surely be missed.
Posted by Adeyefa Alade on February 26, 2021
A very sound and brilliant mind
A lovely and warm Soul
Rest in peace Dearest Uncle

Adebayo Alade-Adeyefa Esq
Posted by Babatunde Sotuminu on February 26, 2021
   .....A mentor, guardian, father, friend, and confidant. Every encounter....more knowledge and better understanding...
Exist of another GEM.
Posted by Banji Osunkunle on February 26, 2021

Our first physical contact with Prof. G.A. Olawoyin S.A.N was about 30 years ago when his law firm became a retainer to a Bank and ever since, the relationship has been extended to the family level.
As a professional, he was dedicated, resourceful, forthright, hard working, honest and was endowed with the power of insight and foresight. He brought humanness /milk of human kindness to his job. By his legal advice, he saved business enterprises form imminent collapse.
Given his positive qualities which are worthy of emulation, we were not surprised that he made it to the top of his career, first as an academician and later a lawyer in practice.
Those who related with him know that he was a great family man. The evidences are visible.
We can call him a priest even though he was not ordained. Apart from his work in the Church of God, he established a platform for divine daily ministration of the word of God. His purpose was to cure souls and transform lives. While thanking God for His manifold achievements in the spiritual and corporate, we pray that God will comfort Mummy Olawoyin, the children, the grand children and loved ones.
We also pray that the legacies he left behind will blossom.
May he rest in the bosom of the Almighty God his Creator.  

Mr. & Mrs. B.A. Osunkunle
Posted by Tomi Asenuga on February 25, 2021
‘Lasting Treasure’

A Tribute to an In-Law and a Brother

The Asenuga Family deeply mourn the demise of our in-law, brother and friend, Professor Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin, whom it pleased God His maker to call to eternal, peaceful rest after his earthly labours. Our paths in life crossed in 2003 when he and his wife came on a visit to our house to graciously ask for the hand of our daughter Bolanle in marriage to his son, Adedayo. That visit, made without coming with someone known to us to introduce him, spoke volumes of his deep reservoirs of character and sagacity.

Our relationship since our families were joined together by our children’s marriage has been exemplary. The love and affection both families exhibited towards each other has been a little short of extraordinary. He has been supportive to the family professionally and in religious devotion. His influence in these areas traverses three generations in our family.

We, like his other friends and associates, consider him a "Lasting Treasure”. He was a faithful friend who showed affection to us and travelled with us through our journey of life. He was loved by the family and as such his death is not the death of love; the great gift of his love remains. It heals and gives life even in his absence. We pray to God to strengthen the bonds of love between our two families; "For where your treasure is, there also will your heart be”.

May God console his wife, children and family, and grant them the fortitude to bear his demise. Eternal rest grant unto him O Lord and let perpetual light shine on him.
May the soul of Professor Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin rest in perfect peace, Amen.

Otunba & Olori Tomi Asenuga
Posted by Yejide Osunkeye on February 25, 2021
A Painful Loss

Saturday, 13th February 2021 is a day I will not forget in a hurry.
It was the day a good man transited peacefully after a life well spent.
Although Prof was 81, it was still too soon.
I thank God for the opportunity to have met him and drunk from his well of grace and wisdom.

I met Prof in the year 2000 when I was posted to Olawoyin & Olawoyin from the Law School for my Law office internship.
21 years later, he had become a father, referee, mentor, and encourager.

In 2003, his son Adedayo married my sister Bolanle, further sealing our family relationship.

I will always remember Prof for the many ways he had a profound impact on my life.
He taught me that service is its own reward.
He also encouraged me to take on assignments much bigger than I thought I could handle.
As he posited, I found myself able to rise to the occasion, and new vistas and doors were resultantly opened in my career.

He was ever ready to put in a good word for me at every opportunity, both locally and internationally.
For 20 years, his name was always the first referee on my CV.

Like many, I miss Prof very much and shall continue to do so. I shall miss his words of wisdom. I shall miss the laughter and banter during our international business trips. I shall miss our discussions about our shared passion for daily devotionals and, above all, I shall miss being a spectator as he and my dad went at each other when he and his dear wife visited at GRA....

We are fortunate that those we love and treasure live on in our memories; Prof’s place in mine is assured, enshrined and greatly treasured.

Sleep well dear Prof!
May the Lord whom you served so ardently show you mercy and grant you eternal rest in His bosom.

Your daughter,
Mrs Yejide Osunkeye.
Posted by Funke Adekoya on February 25, 2021
What can one say about Prof? He taught me Company Law in my final year at the Faculty of Law in the University of Ife in 1974. He put it into my head that I had the requirements for an academic career, so I should immediately after NYSC, do an LLM and return to the Ife Faculty where a place would be waiting for me. I followed his advice, did the LLM but did not return to Ife; his constant joke was that "ökology" swallowed the PhD I should have studied for and an academic career. In return I would retort that what would I be doing in Ife since he had left for private practice?

Even in private practice he remained my teacher, and my friend, advising me and counselling quietly from the background. He never failed to call and ask after my husband 'how is my dear brother?'; those dinners with Aunty in London at the Chinese restaurant in Bayswater nko?

Kai! If I have lost a gem, Aunty and the biological children have lost much more. I thank God for his life of service and ask for grace to emulate him. Prof, you lived well, you died well. Now it is time for you to rest in peace. 

Funke Adekoya SAN.
Posted by Abioye Asimolowo on February 25, 2021
Abioye, o beere mi!!! That is your booming voice if i hadn't been in touch for a while.
Ayeme mi nko? Thats another one of your greeting asking about my wife.
My gist paddy is no more, but you remain forever in my heart. What don't we talk about, football (your Arsenal team is always my butt of jokes), Nigerian politics and current affairs or just general mussings.
And whenever you are in London and i visit, our mandatory shopping trip to Sainsbury's! You welcomed me into your family. Treated me with respect (in spite of the age difference) and always generous with your advice, words of wisdom and fatherly love.
I will miss your regular WhatsApp messages. You may be gone physically, but you will forever remain in my heart.
Adieu my Prof.
Posted by FT Pinheiro on February 24, 2021
My loving daddy and uncle! Fehin
I’m still in shock since hearing the news of your glorious exit. My dearest uncle, father and support. My daddy taught me and my siblings the importance of family values, integrity, accountability and success. Daddy left an indelible mark in the life of many of us and your talents have helped many to launch out into their destines. Daddy utilized his academic, spiritual and physical talents to inspire others- instilled in us that goals aimed for are attainable. Uncle was such a great man, unbelievably generous, so strong, bold, a rare larger than life kind of character. I have many fond memories with him, walking me down the aisle, birthday celebrations, graduations and many milestones... I remember you today and always for your diligence, deep wisdom, noble values and loving devotion to God. Even thou you are no longer with us, your legacy lives on.
I clearly recall his deep appreciation of his own life and joy with which he appropriate everything that life brought his way.
When I look back now and remember the intensity with which he worked, I suspect that he was always mindful that life is short. When he placed his pen on the table and switched off his reading lamp for the last time- perhaps because he was tired- I suspect he intended to go back to his work once he was rested or felt better. But, God’s divine will prevailed, left us with beautiful memories that will forever remain in our hearts. We love you, but God loves you more!
Farewell my dearest father, my mother’s most cherished brother, a great uncle who was loved and adored by his nieces and nephews.

Posted by Leye Oluwatula on February 24, 2021
Professor Olawoyin, popularly referred to as Prof by my parents and most people close to him, was another selfless and kind hearted man. As busy as he was professionally, Prof had time to see everyone. He never looked down on people. He was a disciplined man, an attorney that went the whole mile for his clients ( as I heard).

Personally, Prof was a loving father, oh! Where do I start from, his biological children loved him greatly, his non biological children adored him. His neighbors and friends spoke and continues to speak highly of him. Oh, what a loss.

He feared God greatly and followed the scriptures.

A quick anecdote.
Right after my NYSC orientation , I sort a job everywhere, to no avail. Then one day, I spoke to one of his non biological sons who happens to be one of his nephews, and he told me casually " why don't you talk to Prof" Low and behold, I swung by his office, he asked for my credentials, and made a couple of phone calls. The rest was history.

Oh! what a loss.
A great man. You will be missed indeed.
Posted by Abimbola Fadipe on February 24, 2021
What can I say. My Uncle, my Father, my gist partner. I remember your prayers at our last conversation. I thank God for your life and for everything you taught me.
You let me know about your pride in my achievements at every opportunity.
I will miss you. Rest in Peace.

Dr Abimbola Fadipe
Posted by Olayemi Asimolowo on February 24, 2021
That’s the sound of your voice calling me with the nickname you gave me when I was six that I would always remember.
You were a wonderfully unique uncle.
You have left a legacy of what family is all about.
Your home, which was always open to all the children when we were growing up was the place to start the building blocks of lasting relationships with the cousins .

You will be sorely missed but I know that the Lord has granted you eternal rest.
Posted by Joseph Sanusi on February 24, 2021
Tribute to Professor Gabriel A. Olawoyin, SAN

It is a most heart wrenching assignment for me to write a tribute to my highly respected and loving friend Prof. Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin at this time.

His transition was most unexpected, as Prof. continued to be full of life undertaking his rigorous morning walks to keep fit and remain active. Anytime we discussed, we would usually exchange with each other, the number of kilometers each of us had walked in a day. I aspired always to match his records in terms of distance and regularity.

The insightful scripture verses he circulated every morning, made me give him the appellation of Bishop Emeritus. I am one of many readers who looked forward to reading his spiritually rich passages that were usually accompanied by appropriate hymns. I will surely miss Professor, who if he had so desired, would have combined his most successful career as a lawyer with that of a bishop.

Prof. Olawoyin is one Nigerian whom I have met in my life who I consider as perfect, strong in views and attitude, and whose opinions on any controversial views are always vindicated by subsequent events.

I found him to be forever brilliantly informed without being pedantic. I see Prof. Olawoyin as a very rare, incorruptible, and brutally frank Nigerian. He was a most reliable, dependable confidant and friend, who radiated love, courage, optimism, altruism, spirituality and humor. He wore life like a loose garment with no serious attachment to anything except of course, truth, honesty and integrity. All who had the good luck to know this quintessential gentleman will sorely miss him.

The Church of Nigeria Anglican Communion will miss him,, the legal profession will miss him, Ife, the Yoruba source, will miss him, friends like me along with my family will miss him, and the entire Christian community where he has been so impactful will miss him.

Adieu, dear friend, and rest in perfect peace until we meet again at Jesus feet to part no more.

Chief (Dr) Joseph O. Sanusi CON
CBN Governor 1999-2004
Posted by Adewanle Adewuyi on February 24, 2021

My Brother and mentor. The sting of death hurts and it is real. We should continue to celebrate you in death..A bold, gallant and brilliant legal luminary . The first Nigerian professor of business law. You will forever remain in my heart. You were always exceptional in your approach to life and always ready to help where you are convinced positive results will come out.. I will forever be grateful to you for paying for my air ticket passage from London to Nigeria to take up an appointment as an Accountant with Onakanmi&Partners where I served my national youth service Corp after which I was offered a Permanent appointment as an Accountant.. You single handedly facilitated all these.. After my resignation from Onakanmi&Partners to ventured into private business, you also gave me a valuable advice and mobilise financial support through bank facilities..

A bridge builder, a realist, a brave man, one whose sense of judgement cannot be faulted, a disciplinarian.. I am indeed grateful for the opportunity I had to have you as a brother who tutored and inspired me in life..

Professor, you have run a good race , you are valiant in death.. Adieu Adieu Adieu Professor , continue to rest in the bossom chest of God..
Posted by Adebimpe Showunmi on February 24, 2021
Prof, as we fondly called him was a Principal in a class of his own The values of integrity and diligence he taught us have served to mould us into lawyers who speak the truth without fear or favor irrespective of who is involved. I can never forget the way he prayed for me when i decided to leave the firm. And he remained a stalwart tower even after that. A father he truly was. I will miss the ease of access to him and the warmth of his personality. Sleep on sir.
Posted by Tosin Abdullai on February 23, 2021
You were a fine gentleman, a source of support to my family, a source inspiration, a shoulder to cry on and a great example or grace and humility.

I thank you for your ever consistent kindness and love you showed us through the tough times and the happy times.

You continued to motivate me and stand in my corner even in moments I doubted myself. You interceded on my behalf with a willingness and ease that was unmatched.

I will miss your hearty laugh , stories and life lessons from our conversations. Rest in peace Prof.
Posted by TOYOSI AKINYA TV on February 23, 2021
Wow! Prof. Gabriel Olawoyin SAN is gone! I met Baba through Dcn Kehinde Omisore who introduced me to baba as a musician and he invited me to perform at his In-laws' Christian wake which I did and he was impressed by my performance so he invited me to set up my stage on the following day at Stadium alongside with Mama Ayo Balogun who was the main musician for the day.. At a point I felt neglected because it seems no one was seeing me on the field I was just starting then but Baba Olawoyin came to give me money and encouraged me to keep singing and that people are seeing me... He also said that I should not despise the days of little begining that my future is bright... I thank God for the impactful life Baba spent I will never forget his great impact on my music career..... May his soul rest in perfect peace. TOYOSI AKINYA Gospel Artiste
Posted by Muiz Olabode Shodunke, AC... on February 23, 2021
A man that was diligent in his job and profession, caring for his beautiful wife, supportive of his children, and kind to all. That was Prof.
Any time I saw Prof., I looked forward to learning a thing or two about life, about faith and about the law profession.
Prof. was always eager to share his experience, and most of all, his PRAYERS. He sent daily prayers and never missed a day.
Looking back, I feel so honoured to have crossed path with Prof. He was such a father figure, always quick to give advise and model our thoughts to be better.
Rest in Peace Prof.  
Posted by Funmi Adedibu on February 23, 2021
Goodnight to a great man, a father figure and a mentor. Prof was indeed an enigma, he was such a good natured man. Very easy to get along with. Age to Prof was no barrier when it comes to communication. Prof was a gist partner when he had the time. It was always so easy for me to converse with Him. Our first Cruise vacation as a family was because Prof would not allow us rest . He kept telling me about how lovely it was to go on cruise until we finally did some years back. Talking about Prof in the past is such a difficult thing for me. I just assumed he would be around forever and could send him chats and ran things by him whenever I wanted to.

You have finally gone home to rest. Away from the pains and struggles of this world. The later part of your years was more devoted to serving God and I was glad you made that peace with your Lord and Maker.

To live in the hearts of those we love is not to die. Rest well Professor Gabriel Olawoyin. You will be greatly missed.
Posted by Professor Adebambo Adewop... on February 23, 2021
Professor Gabriel Olawoyin SAN (1939-2021). He was an accomplished scholar and practitioner of repute: a complete gentleman, quiet achiever and mentor. His was a truly remarkable legacy worthy of nothing short of celebration. He belonged to that rare breed of the silk of gown met town who walked uprightly with every inch of nobility and humility. How could I forget his call when I took silk? A call that could only come from a father's heart. How genuinely great he was! I express my warm condolence to his family, my brother Dr Wale Olawoyin SAN and his siblings. I pray that God of all comfort will accord them the fortitude to bear his glorious exit. Adieu Prof..
Adebambo Adewopo.
Posted by Wendy O on February 22, 2021
A lovely and devoted father was Prof. Though I did not get to meet him at the University of Ife, (OAU) but had heard much about him through his niece who was my roommate in Ife. I finally was introduced to Prof by FT with whom I had continued our roommate escapades in the UK. On meeting the legal luminary, I told him I also wanted to study the law. He was ever so encouraging. I looked forward to his visits to the UK thereafter.
A rare gem. Sleep in heavenly peace dear Prof.
The good Lord keep and comfort the entire family by His grace.
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Posted by Tunde Esan on March 3, 2021
Anyone close enough to me would have heard me mention the name 'Prof' innumerable times. Yes. As far as I was concerned, there was only one Prof. in the world. The one and only Professor Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin S.A.N. A mentor, guide, my principal.

He loved me like a son. He trusted me with assignments. He believed in me. I walked into the law firm some 21 years ago at LAPAL House as a young lawyer and the two years I spent with Prof. laid the foundation I have built my legal practice on. The law firm was a family: Prof, Oga Ayo, Doc., Alex, Daramola, Olagunju, Becky, Eno, Goz, Bimbo, Wole, Fisayo, Baba Fat, Oga Abbey, Kwesi, Albert.

The insane hard work. The spartan lifestyle. The boldness and courage. Standing firm in the face of adversity. The demand on you to be your best. Standing up in open court to judges he thought were overbearing or perhaps compromised. Treating sloppiness with extreme disdain.

Yes. I was his boy with a shared love for Arsenal and hard work. I had the joy of sharing flights, hotels, meals with him but more importantly I had the chance of learning about law and life from the very best: Prof. G. A. Olawoyin S.A.N. I also had the privilege of meeting my iyawo in the firm.

My deep condolences to the family he left behind
Posted by Gideon Emcee Christian on March 2, 2021
Goodbye Prof. Olawoyin
You were an inspiration to many generations of lawyers/academics including myself. You will be missed.
- Prof. Christian
Posted by Modupe Femi-Ogundele on March 2, 2021
meeting Prof Olawoyin years back at the ticket desk of Virgin Atlantic Airways, my first sight was his doting on mummy. He would go back and forth to explain the prices and conditions to her and they will make the decision of what to choose together. Years after, he became 'daddy', he has interest in everyone's well being and relating with him was without ease. I looked forward to the daily devotionals he posted and it was humbling when he informed us towards the end of last year that he will stop sending them for obvious reasons. They spent so much money as excess luggage on their last trip bringing devotionals down to Lagos! in his words- they were more important than some of the other items they were bringing. Even my children have come to look forward to visiting him during summer. I celebrate a life of Grace and thankful to have met Prof in my line of duty. May God's peace continue to uphold mummy and the entire family. Rest on Prof... you have forth the good fight of faith.
his Life

Early Life, Work Life & Spiritual Life

Professor Gabriel Adesiyan Olawoyin was born in Ile-Ife on 31 July 1939 to Mr Joseph Adekanmi Perry Olawoyin and Mrs Julianah Waleade Olawoyin (Nee Adewuyi) both of blessed memory, he was the second of three children of his parents. His father was born into the Giesi Royal Family of Ile-Ife while his mother was also a princess in the Oshikola Royal Family of Ile-Ife. His maternal grandfather, Prince Samuel Adetunji Adewuyi, the then Sooko Laekun of Ife, was the immediate senior full biological brother of the late Ooni of Ife, Kabiyesi, Alaiyeluwa Sir Adesoji Aderemi KBE.

Daddy was baptised in St. Peter’s Anglican Church, Iremo, Ile-Ife, on 2 November 1941, while he became a communicant at St. David’s Anglican Church (now Cathedral) Ogbomoso in 1957, during his secondary school days.

Following his primary education in the Royal School, at 135 Iremo Road, Ile-Ife (his maternal grandfather’s private school); African School, Ilesa; African School, Oke-Eso, Ile-Ife and Central School, Ilare, Ile-Ife, he went to Oduduwa College in September 1951 before proceeding to Ogbomoso Grammar School in January 1953. Daddy completed his secondary education in December 1958 when he passed the West African School Certificate Examination in the first division and emerged as the best overall candidate in Ogbomoso Grammar School which had a 100% success rate for its final year students in that year.

For a brief period in 1959, he was in Abeokuta Grammar School, Abeokuta where he registered for the Higher School Certificate Course. He was admitted to the University of Ibadan later that year for an honours degree programme in Mathematics and Geography. However, fate dictated his decision to opt for law as a result of which he left for England on 10 August 1961 for the proverbial “golden fleece”.

Between 1959 and 1961, Daddy worked as a Federal civil servant in Lagos, an accounts clerk with the Nigerian Breweries Limited, Iganmu, Lagos, a teacher in Origbo Community High School, Ipetumodu, Osun State and statistics clerk with Total Oil Products Limited in Lagos before he left Nigeria for the United Kingdom to study law. Following his success at the G.C.E Advanced Level Examination in London in January 1962, he studied at the London School of Economics and Political Science from October 1962 to September 1966 during which period he obtained the Bachelor of Laws and Master of Laws degrees of the University of London.

Daddy returned to Nigeria in October 1966 and immediately joined the University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) as an Assistant Lecturer in Law on 1 November 1966. Between September 1968 and September 1970, he was on study leave at the University of Bristol where he got his PhD in Law in July 1970.

Daddy returned to the University of Ife in October 1970 as a Lecturer Grade II. A year later he was promoted from Lecturer Grade II to Lecturer Grade I. He was appointed Senior Lecturer in Law in October 1974.

Following the decision of the Council of Legal Education to rescind its earlier decision that lecturers who had taught law in any Nigerian University for not less than five years would be granted exemption from attending Nigerian Law School, he proceeded to the Nigerian Law School in 1974, nine years after obtaining his law degree. In June 1975, he was called to the Nigerian Bar following his performance as the best overall student in the Nigerian Bar Examination of that year, winning three of the available four prizes awarded by the Nigerian Law School that year.

Daddy’s first major experience as a practising lawyer was in 1976 when he represented the then University of Ife (now Obafemi Awolowo University) before the Akanbi Tribunal, headed by the Honourable Justice Muhammad Akanbi, which investigated the circumstance leading to the collapse of the hostel buildings in that University.

Daddy’s experience/exposure at that Tribunal was the turning point in regard to his earlier resolution to launch out into full-time private legal practice. That singular, but crucial experience led to his firm decision to quit full-time academics for legal practice as soon as he clocked fifteen (15) years as a University teacher by 1981. Daddy’s fifteen years’ service to the then University of Ife witnessed a few interesting and sometimes heart-warming experiences which combined to assist him tremendously in his God-directed life.

On 12 May 1978, Daddy had the distinction of being appointed as the first Nigerian Professor of Business Law. From October 1980 to March 1981, Daddy served as the first Visiting Research Professor at the Nigerian Institute of Advanced Legal Studies (NIALS), Lagos. Daddy retired from University teaching in October 1981 since he was in full-time private legal practice as the Principal Partner in the law firm of Olawoyin & Olawoyin in Lagos till he voluntarily retired in 2016.

While in legal practice, Daddy served as a part-time lecturer at the Nigerian Law School from 1981 to 1982 and the Lagos State University, Ojo, Lagos from 1986 to 1988.

Over the years, Daddy served as either Chairman or Member of various Boards or Committees at the Local, State and Federal Government levels. These include the Chairmanship of Ife/Ijesha Zonal Health Board; membership of the Governing Council of the Nigerian Institute of International Affairs, Victoria Island, Lagos from 1984 to 1986; membership of the Consultative Assembly on the review of Company Law in Nigeria in 1990; membership of the Board of Directors of the Nigerian Coal Corporation from 1991 to 1993 and membership of the Study Group on Legal Issues relating to the Privatisation and Commercialisation of Government Enterprises in 1992.

At various times, Daddy was director of some companies in the private sector. He was the Vice-Chairman of ICC Nigeria for several years, a member of the Board of ICC and Chairman of its Arbitration Commission since its inception. For a period of eighteen years, from May 2000 to June 2018, Daddy was a member of the ICC International Court of Arbitration in Paris.

In September 1998, daddy was called to the Inner Bar as a Senior Advocate of Nigeria. From 2005 to 2016, he was Chancellor of the Anglican Diocese of Ife. The duties and responsibilities of that office gave him a world view of the activities of the Anglican Church in the spiritual and secular realms.

Daddy was Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council of Osun State University from November 2012 to June 2015.

Daddy became a member of the Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral in 1983 and he was one of the foundation members of the Band of Light of AVMCC which was inaugurated in 1986. Daddy was a patron of six societies at Archbishop Vining Memorial Church Cathedral: a) Ambassadors of Christ Society b) Christian Morning Star Society c) Ladies Christian Circle d) Light of the World Society e) The Good Samaritan f) The Lord’s Vessel. He was a Lay reader in AVMCC, a member of the Intercessory Ministry and a Friend of the Choir.

In addition to his wife of over fifty-seven years, Mrs Agnes Arike Olawoyin (nee Oladini), Daddy is survived by his sister, Mrs Regina Ajiboye, half-brothers, half-sisters, children, grandchildren, cousins, nieces and nephews.

Daddy impacted many lives and will be greatly missed, but we are consoled by the fact that he is at peace with his creator and we would see him again on resurrection day. 

Recent stories

The Great Prof

Shared by Maye Dr R A Adedoyin on February 21, 2021
  1. I met the great Prof Olawoyin at the Ooni's Palace  when I went to visit  Ooni Oba Okunade Sijuwade. He was so loving . He took me as a child almost immediately. We at Oduduwa University honoured him with a doctorate degree in law. I was also at his Parakin house after my contest as Ooni of ife. He said  " Mojukuro nibe. Omo yin o se agbafo ... ifes will see "  I also attended his 80th birthday in lagos. I never knew he was going home so soon. He must have seen baba Sijuwade to discuss ile ife affairs and how things are going on because they both loved ile ife to the extreme.  May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. His Royal Eminence, Maye (Dr.) Abdul Rahman Adegoke Atobatele Adedoyin,Chancellor of Oduduwa University and the Maye of Yorubaland