Let the memory of Gabriel be with us forever.
  • 90 years old
  • Born on January 1, 1929 in Ila Orangun, Osun State, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on March 19, 2019 in Lagos, Lagos State, Nigeria.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gabriel Fadeyi 90 years old , born on January 1, 1929 and passed away on March 19, 2019. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Olakorede Samuel Oyewale on 9th April 2019
From Oniru Ibironke I have searched through all pages of book,yet to find the best word to describe your love and sacrifice to all your children. You have set a path which we will forever live to remember. Baba you are a gift to us and the entire family, you will forever be in my heart for your kindness,love and importantly, your impact will forever linger in my heart.I'm missing you already grandpa as fondly called by most of us.May your soul rest in perfect peace. Amen Oniru Ibironke Grand-daughter
Posted by Olakorede Samuel Oyewale on 9th April 2019
From Olakorede Peter Sola A tribute to a special father. Baba despite all odds,you stood by your God creator from the beginning to the end.Moreover,l really enjoy your kindness,generosity and fatherly advice.May your gentle soul rest in the blossom of God Almighty.Goodnight sir Your son in-law Olakorede Peter Sola
Posted by Olakorede Samuel Oyewale on 9th April 2019
From Abidemi Olakorede Baba mi o,alaanu omo baba mi o,olutoju omo baba mi o,ololufe omo It is so hard to say good bye to you,for you were an hero who had fought the good fight of faith and won the race!.My father was so dear,so caring,always supportive, he endured all odds and obstacles,he stood by God and never denied Jesus till the end.Words alone cannot convey how much you will be missed,your memory still linger on,till we meet to path no more.Baba good night!!! Your loving daughter abidemi
Posted by Tolulope Fadeyi Dipeolu on 27th March 2019
Dearest Grandpa I miss our conversations over the phone. The Joy and Laughter we share when we talk about your great grand children......i can still hear you asking "Tokunbo mi nko?"......Oh how we will miss you on this earth but i do know that we shall meet in peace at the feet of Christ. We are at peace that you are resting with our Saviour where there is no more sorrow, no more pain. We look forward to the day for our happy reunion. You are loved by many and i cannot wait to tell my children when they grow up, what a Legend their great grandfather was. Till we meet again. Goodnight Tolulope Fadeyi Dipeolu
Posted by David Olakorede on 25th March 2019
Grandpa was an amazing and a loving father. A father who never discriminates. He loved everybody as tho they were his children. Many many things I have learnt from you and one of those things is *giving*. Words can't describe how amazing, loving and caring you were. We all love you but God loves you more. You will forever live in our hearts
Posted by Steven Olakorede on 24th March 2019
Even in death you are still loved and forever will be. You have touched the hearts of so many who owe you a lifetime of gratitude. We are not saying goodbye forever but goodbye for now. I pray you find peace and rest wherever you are. RIP grand dad
Posted by Olakorede Samuel Oyewale on 24th March 2019
When l heard of his demise, it was a bittersweet experience!!!!. Bitter because he is gone forever and sweet because of the memory he left behind. GRANPA was a loving father in all ramifications. I remembered moments where he often times narrates stories of great people who are left-handed to motivate and encourage me!. His advice was like a light to my feet, it guides in the days of adversity. I wouldn't forget sweet memory of him as a disciplinarian benefit of which l still enjoy till date..........l will so much miss you GRANPA...You will forever live in my heart!!!!! Goodnight Grandpa Samuel Olakorede
Posted by Oyinkansola Gbolagunte on 24th March 2019
From Prof. Gbola Gbolagunte. Tribute to a special Father-in-Law. It is rare to have a Father-in-law like you. You were an epitome of humility,full of love, and a bundle of intellect. Many may not know it, but you were an intellectual powerhouse. Your small body frame was deceptive - an affirmation that dynamite comes in small packages. I thoroughly enjoyed our conversations together. I leant a whole lot from you. You had your special gift of avoiding conflict especially with those that you hold in high esteem. Love of family and tradition was your greatest asset. The wonderful legacy you've left behind will not dim. Sleep on with the assured love of Christ. Prof. Gbola Gbolagunte
Posted by Paul Olakorede on 24th March 2019
My wonderful Grandpa Words cannot be enough to describe how wonderful and generous you were... You were just an excellent Grandpa, I could remember when my story started with you back then in Ile-Ife, all the elderly wisdom and lessons you passed down to me. Grandpa: A caring disciplinarian, I remember your chastising method, which you always do in fatherly love.... Having you around has always been a wonderful moment for me because we get to discuss so much of history, politics, health and science......one of such moments was in 2016 when you asked me to describe the possibility of a dead body not decaying in reference to your mum (my great grandmother)..... I will surely miss learning from your wealth of wisdom and knowledge Grandpa. You lived a great life, a life worth of emulation. You will forever be in my heart till we meet again. Good night Pa Fadeyi !!!! Olakorede Paul Oyetunde...
Posted by Olufunke Olaleye on 23rd March 2019
I have heard so much about you before we finally met, I must say you were indeed meticulous just as my husband had described you. You were extremely loving and the happiness in you could not be hidden, you gave me a gift I will forever cherish and some money. It was not the size of the money that touched me , but the generosity embedded in your heart. You have a heart of gold and you waste no time in sharing the wealth of your wisdom and knowledge each time we visit likewise everyone around you. You were one in a million , a very rare man. I am so grateful to God for your life which you lived to touch many lives. Good night Grandpa. Olufunke Junaid.
Posted by Oludare Junaid on 23rd March 2019
Just like that......you passed into glory . My beloved Grandpa, Our relationship was unique in many ways and you nourished it with love, trust,care and deep belief in me. You were my life coach, you taught me sacrifice, kindness, Generosity, Faith, Perseverance and Virtue at a very tender age and kept at it. There were many Crossroads I got to in life and deep dark nights and I remembered your wise counsels. They were far more than rubies. They saved me from many hassles. Without any doubt, you lived a fulfilled life. You remain my hero even in death and I will forever treasure the memories. Goodnight Grandpa. Oludare Junaid.
Posted by Toyin Oyeniran on 23rd March 2019
Tribute To Daddy G.A. Fadeyi. I couldn't believe when I heard of your passing on the 19th March 2019. Who am I to ask God but He knows why you were called to Him. Ever since I knew you in August 2007, you have been wonderful to me. Words are not enough to describe your virtues and qualities. You were just too good. You were loving to everyone you came in contact with. You were passionate about your beliefs and a gentle soul, yet very approachable and considerate. You were also a generous giver. Any time you came to visit us in Lagos, the house helps were always happy that grandpa was around because they knew that grandpa would reach out to them in cash and in kind. You went to Canada to rest and still brought gifts for all the family members, which you didn’t have to but you did because you are a kind soul. I remember last Christmas when Bidemi Oyeniran and the family came to visit you at Ila, you gave Daniel a treasure that he would cherish for a long time to come. He was gifted your portfolio bag, which I believe meant a lot to you. You instructed him not to use it until his graduation from University. What a kind and thoughtful Grandpa you were!!!. I am blessed to have known you. I remember how you would call me severally on the phone praying for me and advising me as your younger sister. You were always after everyone’s well-being. You would call regularly at any occurrence that we can learn from …you would call me and ask me to tell Toyin and Akin like you rightly call Bidemi, Toyin’s husband not to store petrol in the house. Another instance was when you heard something on the news about armed robbers pretending to be beggars….you called to let us know that we shouldn’t wind down the car door to give a beggars money because beggars nowadays could be an armed robber or a ritual killer. That’s just how you were, articulate and well informed. Dr. Dare, Bro Gbenga, Aunty Ebun, Toyin and others please cheer up!!! Daddy has gone but the good works he left behind shall remain ever fresh in our memories. He is resting at the bosom of the Lord. He came to world, he fought and he conquered the world. Grandpa we love you but Jesus loves you more. May your gentle soul rest in perfect peace in Jesus name. Amen Sun re o. GRANDMA OYENIRAN
Posted by Tomilola Fadeyi on 22nd March 2019
Oh Wonderful Grandpa, I feel so emotional writing this but yet overjoyed that you are now in a better place. You were impeccable and extremely admirable. No matter how far we are you stayed connected. I still read your text messages like it was sent yesterday. You always showed concerned. I wish my daughter could meet you. But I will make sure I tell her about how great a legacy you left behind. I still hear your voice when you would call me and ask how I'm doing. OH WHAT A MAN! Thank you for caring. Thank you for loving. Thank you for training my own dad to also be a great father. You will be missed. Love you deeply Till we meet at the foot of the cross Your granddaughter Tomilola Fadeyi Donkor
Posted by Bamidele Sunday Fadeyi on 22nd March 2019
Posted by Sunday bamidele fadeyi 22th march 2019 Good night my lovely dad. Grandpa having you as a father, teacher and mentor as your third son was a great gift and blessing from the God of all grace for me and my entire family members. Dad, your wholehearted love and commitment to help and bless your children and fellow men as left an enduring legacy on my own life's purpose. Grandpa, your steadfast love and faithfulness expressed through your noble character, moral uprightness and principled lifestyle you imbibed in me had made me a winner in Christ Jesus. Daddy your entire life has shown that with God’s mercy and help in the journey of life, total success and fulfillment is a great possibility in Christ Jesus. You are a rare gem of inestimable value to me, my heart and my soul shall continue to praise God and magnify Him for the good and honorable life you have lived for Him. Your sweet and loving memories will continue to spur me and my other siblings to greater heights as you rest in the bosom of our lord and saviour Jesus Christ. God has given you the victory through Christ Jesus and we that you have left behind shall surely uphold that banner of truth, love, mercy and righteousness till we meet again at the lord’s feet. In Jesus precious name. Amen Adieu my lovely Dad.
Posted by Oyinkansola Gbolagunte on 22nd March 2019
Grandpa, it’s your “ST” singer, I remember every time I came visiting, you would always call me “Oyinkansola Olorin” and ask me to sing for you. It’s amazing how you knew all your grand children and great grandchildren even to the schools we attended and what we studied. It was always fun around you, I’m happy I knew you. You were a rare gem, a Father to all. You will be greatly missed! Adieu Granddaddy! Your grand daughter, Oyinkansola Gbolagunte
Posted by Toyin Oyeniran on 21st March 2019
MY FATHER You celebrated our successes.You understood our problems.You thought us by example what the value of hard work is. You taught us Courage and integrity. You made sacrifices for us dad so we can have the very best.... Your family was number one any day. Missing you already my father. All I am left with are those good memories dad & I will forever cherish them. Hmmmm. We tap into the grace you enjoyed dad, there shall not be infant of days among us in Jesus name.... "The Last of the apostles" Toyin-Fadeyi Oyeniran
Posted by Morenike Aduke Van Jaarsv... on 21st March 2019
My DOTTING Grandad Shared by Morenike Aduke Van Jaarsv... on 21st March 2019 My dotting Grand’dada...  An Awesome FATHER , GRANDFATHER & GREAT GRANDFATHER  A Man to whom Family meant EVERYTHING  AGreat Lover of ALL  A Great Leader  A Wonderful TEACHER / Academician  A Man full of WISDOM  A Man full of Love for God  An awesome Geographer ! Haha...  One who’s laughter lights up the room... I had a wonderful Grandfather! You lived so well and I for one, is supper proud of You. Your lifestyle earned you the respect of Men and Young children! Every time while growing up and I had an opportunity to visit , I always looked forward to your jokes , advice , food, songs and prayers, to cap it all your gifts ... Those lovely phone calls that we both knew would end “emotionally “ , those promises we made each other , those prayers you always boldly prayed out loud for me , our worries you always made yours, will all be greatly missed ! You’ve given it your best Grand’pa, your life was truly an inspiration to me and am sure to a lot more others.  Your memory will forever be A BENEDICTION!  THANK YOU for the best 28 Years of showing me grand'baby love!  Your loving granddaughter Morenike Aduke van Jaarsveld   Moréé
Posted by Oluyemisi Tomori on 21st March 2019
Baba, you are a rare gem. Living with you while growing up was a blessing that can never be snatched from me. You are well detailed in training and building up a child. I remembered the way you do call me to order. You will emphatically call me: yemiii! yemiiii! how can you be writing for me this way? Yemi come and read this letter for me. Yemi I want you to be hard working like your daddy so that you can be a good child to them tomorrow. Am glad I am now, thank you sir. All those senses and disciplines are playing out now. I learnt how to cook and make ogi from you daddy. I was a little stubborn growing up but wow, you tamed me. Am glad you knew Christ before your last breath. Baba fadeyi, sun re o. O di gbere.
Posted by Ogundun Oluwatoyin Babalo... on 21st March 2019
It was a difficult thing to accept your departure from this world daddy. The best uncle in the whole world how will l describe you you are simply the best gift that God gave my mummy your sister up till now she did not accept that you are no more despite the fact that God gave you the grace to bid her farewell with your words and song A o pade lese Jesu nibi ti a ko ni yara wa ao rira wa ao yo mora wa Jesu ni yoo se alagaa wa .Ha what a great grace God gave you despite your eyes issue you did all what you wanted to do you never take no foran answer. You taught me so much thank you for been you in our lives. We love you so much but Jesus loves you more sleep on till resurrection morning daddy . A o pade lese Jesu Olugbala ni agbara Olorun .
Posted by Toyin Oyeniran on 21st March 2019
I thank God for my father's life. He sure lived well. My joy today is the fact that he gave his life to Christ and served him till is last breath. My father, so loving yet firm, a disciplinarian yet warm. He calls me even more than I call him (funny isn't it but that's who my father was). He calls me THE LAST OF THE APOSTLES, he even saved my number on his phone as same,what am humorous father I had. He lived to see his grand and great grand children, they will all miss him.(Praise still doesn't believe you have gone to rest, she tells me I should stop saying it, that it's not possible). You saw us all through school. You were very articulate, and finiky. You say it as it is. What you don't want, you don't watch... Despite your eye sight problem, you didn't allow it prevent you from doing all you aspired to do, you didn't give up! I have taken that from you and it's my driving force till today and will be forever. Will miss your calls,your text messages to all of us,your warning text messages because you listen to the news and you alert us quickly even before we hear it. That's how thoughtful you were dad, I heard this statement from your mouth: DO NOT HIRE THE PERSON YOU CANNOT FIRE! This was your advice to my husband many years back. Who will not adore a father like you. I can go on and on. Will stop here for now. Missing you dad, I am ... The last of your apostles Oluwatoyin Fadeyi-Oyeniran
Posted by Samuel Oluwadamilare Fade... on 21st March 2019
You can now see and behold your Lord and Saviour and see Him as He is snd urging us here to finish the race to well. You have now entered into the Rest of your Lord forever. Sleep on my beloved Dad , the best Dad i have ever known. Your Eldest Child
Posted by Samuel Oluwadamilare Fade... on 21st March 2019
Goodnight My beloved Dad,friend,mentor ,confidant etc. I have been previledged to have known you in all my 60 years of life so far and God divinely positioned me to be the one that opened your matrix. Your memories of your love, kindness , selflessness ,investment in my life snd my other siblings will ever be green in my heart. I blessed God that you lived a full life in the service of God. I can testify witnessing your dtepping inti the Kingdom of God by confessing Christ about 23 years ago in Zaria when i was previledged to lead you to Christ as one of the first fruit of the call of God upon my life. I am so reassured today that you at peace with Christ forever singing your favorite song- A o pade lese Jesu......... Dad no more limitations of physical sight you ca

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