Let the memory of Gabriel Onyemachi Obu be with us forever!
  • 87 years old
  • Born on February 27, 1929 in Nigeria.
  • Passed away on September 22, 2016 in Asaba, Delta State, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Dr Gabriel Onyemachi Obu (Sr.)  MB.ChB Liverpool, FRCS Glasgow, 87, born on February 27, 1929 and passed away on September 22, 2016. We will remember him forever. The very first doctor in the Okigwe division of the defunct East Central State of Nigeria and retired Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon.

Posted by Gabriel Obu on 23rd September 2018
Two years on and it still seems like yesterday . Continue to rest in His bosom. We miss you now and always.
Posted by Ndubisi Obu on 22nd September 2018
2 years and it still feels like yesterday. Hearing your voice again fills me with happiness, sadness and pride all at once. Rest in peace Dad.
Posted by Ngozi Obu-Emelle on 3rd March 2018
Dearest Papa, We are so blessed and so lucky to have you as our earthly dad.You were and remain truly one of a kind.Its simply amazing. Unsurprisingly you are still working from heaven above praying for us all and looking out for us in every respect, Exactly on your birthday 27th February 2018 I have had a breakthrough with an offer accepted for a building to launch my proposed business from. We are grateful for everything you did and continue to do for us.One things for sure..We will love you into eternity.Continue to rest in the bossom of the Lord Almighty.Love always. Ngozi Obu -Emelle
Posted by Chika Emelle on 27th February 2018
Dear Grandpa, Today you would have been 89! Whilst I can no longer wish you happy birthday, I know your celebrating in heaven with the Angels. I hold dear the special memories I have of you that continue to bring a smile to my face and guide my life choices. I feel blessed to have had a Grandpa as special as you.
Posted by Aguiyi Martin Obu on 27th February 2018
Dear Papa Time passes but our memories of you remain ever green. I know you are with the Angels and continue to watch over us. We will be ever grateful for the time we had with you and the foundations you laid for us. Today as always we thank God for your life and legacy.
Posted by Chika Emelle on 23rd September 2017
It's been a year and still I tear up when I think that grandpa is with the angels. He was my biggest inspiration and role model in so many ways. I'll always hold dear the many memories I have of him. So whilst I tear up, my heart rejoices in knowing he is with the Lord, watching over all his loved ones. So on this anniversary of papa's passing I thank God for blessing me with such a wonderful grandpa.
Posted by Chibuikem JJ Emelle on 23rd September 2017
One year on since being called home to higher glory, your impeccable legacy continues to live on. Both in works and in spirit. You remain an inspiration for us all. Thank you Papa.
Posted by Ngozi Obu-Emelle on 23rd September 2017
Papa it still feels unreal and hard to believe that you are not present in the flesh with us but that's because you are really still very much here with us and we continue to feel your love and your presence every day. We love you always and we thank God almighty for granting you his everlasting peace and joy in his very own presence.
Posted by Gabriel Obu on 22nd September 2017
It has been a year since you passed on to glory ,it still seems like yesterday that I heard your voice. Your advice,your principles continue to guide me. You are evergreen in our collective memory.Continue to rest in the bosom of the Lord.
Posted by Ndubisi Obu on 5th March 2017
Dear Papa, I remember the story you told about your principal at Government College Ibadan,whom some soon to graduate students went to thank with gifts for all his help and guidance. Rejecting the gifts he said to students,"deserve to succeed and you will over pay me" May we who were privileged to know you well ,continue to deserve to succeed.
Posted by Ngozi Obu-Emelle on 5th March 2017
Papa we have recently marked your earthly birthday this past 27th February 2017 and your memory and legacy burns forever brighter each passing day even as you are missed constantly.. The seeds for the beginnings of your scholarship fund have been sown and a football tournament has been held in your honor. Continue to blossom with the heavenly hosts. Love always Ngozi Obu - Emelle
Posted by Ijeoma Obu on 18th November 2016
Dearest Papa, I just can’t find it in me to address you as late. I know that your eternal spirit lives on with God in heaven, so I will not call you ‘late’. You came to this earth, you saw and you conquered all. You have run your own race and finished your own course….and what a race you ran! ‘Excellence’ is your middle name. You did everything ‘par excellence’. You were to all of us the best human father ever. And what a privilege it is to be your first child and first daughter. By God’s special grace that birth position gave me the privilege of spending the longest number of years with you as my father. I remember with nostalgia growing up as your child. You instilled us with your beliefs in God, in Christianity, in hard work, in academic excellence, in character, in learning, in art, in literature, in family, in medicine, in life. I remember the traditions you started for us as children. You made us read the classics so that we could learn from sages no longer with us. We all had to memorize “If” by Rudyard Kipling. At ten years of age you asked each of us the secret question “what happens when an irresistible force meets an immovable object?” And when you told us the answer you then you swore us to secrecy so that our younger siblings could still have that special honour of pondering that weighty question. At 13 years of age you gave us the book “On becoming a man” or “On becoming a woman” depending on whether it was a son or a daughter, and we had to read it, digest it, take care of it and pass it on to the next sibling that turned 13 years of age. You disciplined us with love by exhortation and by encouragement from the Bible which was your favourite book. You gave us strong moral values and proper self-esteem. Your words edified they never belittled. You knew the power of the spoken word and you spoke words of growth encouragement and excellence into our lives. You were always equitable, just and fair. And though I miss you immensely, I am consoled that God confirms that this is the right time for you to come home to Him, your heavenly father. Rest in peace Papa, in the bosom of our Lord, till we meet in the fullness of time, to part no more. Your daughter Ijeoma Rita (Ada)
Posted by Livy Ubah on 18th November 2016
The reality of your move to higher glory is before us. However, your ideals will continue to live with us - your children, grandchildren, in-laws, relations, and indeed everyone who had been in contact with you. Papa, every moment I spent with you in a discussion was a new lesson and renewed insight into strength of character, forthrightness, truthfulness, boldness, and courage to stand as the sole advocate of truth, even when the innumerable majority hold alternative views. These ideals, we shall continue to propagate even as we miss your wise counsel and depths of experience. You were a perfect gentlemen. Until the trumpet sounds for our eternal reunion in heaven, continue to rest in the bosom of the ALMIGHTY.
Posted by Obioma Ubah on 9th November 2016
Dearest Papa I know I should be strong now but I cannot help crying as I write this tribute to you. I miss you. How can I summarise your relationship with me and all of us your children in just a few lines? Words fail me... Papa, you were so loved and valued, you imparted in us all (and indeed upon every person you came across) the principles with which you lived your life. You were a downright upright God fearing man! You built our character with your many many teachings and words of wisdom. You were bold, strong, courageous, committed and forthright! Who can forget your many words of wisdom written in marble on our hearts with which you challenged us daily?.....'Ambition is made of sterner stuff', 'The continual doing of the wrong thing does not make it right', 'Be yourself', 'Always do the best of which you are capable', 'Go down on your knees and speak to God and thereafter have the courage to take decisions that you need to take', 'Be able to look a situation in the face and tell yourself the truth about that situation..'..etc etc. You always excelled academically... Your teacher once said of you that you cannot fail any exam set by a human being! You read your medical books almost daily until the end. Indeed you said, and we all believe, that nobody knew anatomy as much as you!! Such was your love of medicine to which God called you in faithful service to humanity. Papa, you encouraged each of us to study hard by sitting with us and reading your old medical books as we burnt the midnight oil and prepared for our school exams. Such was your dedication as a father! When you thought we had erred as children, you didn't beat us physically, rather you would wake us up in the middle of the night to read relevant portions of the Holy Bible and other timeless educational classics which you had opened and marked in preparation for your counseling ... . Papa, you were simply a father like no other. You were an epitome of humility and dedication to duty and service at home and at work. You worked long hours and achieved impossible medical feats in many many surgeries by the special Grace of God upon your hands. As your last child to survive infancy, your 'Ezenwanyi' as you fondly called me, I count myself exceedingly blessed to have had you as my earthly father. No one could have wished for, or had a better father. I miss you dearly Papa. We all do but I know someday we will all meet again in heaven when our own time here is spent. I pray that I can impact lives in some way just by sharing some of your messages and living according to your principles. Papa, do enjoy your well deserved rest in the Lord knowing that we will all look after Mama, your dearest wife, our mother whom you loved so dearly and cherished so much and of whom you publicly acknowledged did her very best for you always. Adieu till we meet to part no more.
Posted by Rich Emelle on 6th November 2016
Adieu Papa A true portrait of Papa can only be “painted” or written by his immediate family. Whilst not attempting to do that, this tribute is simply my family’s expression of our solemn gratitude, thankfulness, well-wishes and our farewell message to Papa. Papa was an epitome of a true and loving dad, not just to his kids, but to many. This would explain why it was so natural and easy for me to follow in the footsteps of his children, to address him as “Papa”, rather than “Doc”, or “Ogom” or “Father-in-law”, as is common with most in-laws. Papa’s numerous and immeasurable qualities will take quite a while to enumerate. So, we will note just a few: - - He was not only a distinguished gentleman; he was a truthful gentleman; - He was not only a man of excellence with very high intellectual capacity, achievements and attainment, he was also a more compassionate man, with a great ability and patience to listen to, and genuinely proffer solutions, advice and care to anyone who needed it: - He was not only a selfless and kind-hearted personality, whose horizon of outreach was limited to his family and friends, but indeed extended to all mankind in the entire human race; - Papa belongs to this stock of irreplaceable great beings who are fast disappearing from not just our dear country Nigeria, but from the entire world of human race – these are great men and women of high integrity, whose reputation and integrity could never be compromised; great beings of absolute discipline, total commitment to honesty and decency in service towards mankind; and not least, these are Godly beings of very high moral and biblical standing. Homeward and Heavenly Bound Papa, like all accomplished great beings, come to this earthly world with a mission; and once their mission is accomplished, have their gaze focused firmly home-ward and heavenly bound back to our Creator. I recall my discussion with Sister Ijeoma (Papa’s eldest daughter) during one of her visits to the UK. I said: “Wow Ijay, Papa is now almost 90 years…”. And she replied, “Oh Richard, even 90 is still quite young…”. The relevance and insight from this discourse is that whilst we, his children, family members and well-wishers would naturally want him to still be here with us, these great accomplished beings truly know when to be home-ward and heavenly bound… Thus Papa reminded me of Rev. Billy Graham, an accomplished Evangelist, whose sermons and writings in his later years, and at just about the same age as Papa, was mostly about his prospect of a heavenly home and a homeward journey back to Our Lord Almighty. From thence came this tribute-song (below) by one of his young friends… “Take Me Home” - – A Tribute Song by Michael W Smith. Hello, old friend; how long has it been? You've walked beside me all these miles, these years that came and went, And I have held You close but You have held me closer, All my life, this beautiful life But Jesus I am sure You know how deep it runs in me The yearning that I have to feel my feet on Heaven's streets. And how I long to roam where sorrow cannot go My Lord, come soon I long to be with You Oh, won't You take me home? Oh, won't You take me home? My dear and faithful friend when does it all begin? When will I see Your face and touch the scars upon Your skin? Somewhere down the road or is it getting closer? Please come soon, I long to be with You. Oh, won't You take me home? Oh, won't You take me home? This is not where I belong Oh, won't You take me home? I wanna be forever, with You forever Oh, won't You take me home? I wanna be forever, with You forever Oh, won't You take me home? I wanna be forever, with You forever Oh, won't You take me home? I wanna be forever, with You forever Oh, won't You take me home? Oh, won't You take me home? (I wanna be forever, with You forever) Oh, won't You take me home? Papa is now home with our Lord Almighty. Glory be to God Almighty for his Grace and Mercy…AMEN. From Richard Chiadighikobi Emelle and Family [Michael W. Smith - Take Me Home (Lyric Video)] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jsv1y1ugoug
Posted by Ndubisi Obu on 29th October 2016
Dear Papa. If I get to be half the father, husband or doctor you were,I'd consider my life to be well lived. You are the greatest man I have ever known bar none. May you rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ngozi Obu-Emelle on 20th October 2016
Dearest Papa ,truly we have been so blessed and highly favored to have you as our earthly father.You have left indelible footprints in the sands of time with your extraordinary intelligence and medical genius which you used to manifest christian humanity in the love and service of mankind.You taught us in truth and by example and we will always cherish ,protect, uphold and celebrate your legacy.We love you forever and we know that our God in heaven loves you more and in obedience you have answered his call to join his heavenly hosts,eternally resting in the bossom of the Lord.
Posted by Aguiyi Martin Obu on 20th October 2016
I count myself blessed to have had Papa as my father, guiding light and shining example. Papa was a man of strong character and principles and I will always aspire to live up to his high ideals and humanity. Papa although you are gone to heaven, you have left a lasting legacy in the good works you did and the family you left behind. Rest in Perfect peace.
Posted by Richard Emeka Harrison on 20th October 2016
Dr Obuh an illustrious son of Isuikwuato was the first Medical Doctor I came across as a young man. His humility and disdain for extravagance endeared him to many but few took these for arrogance. He was a role model for many and his children are clear examples of the excellent work he did with his wife. I am very proud to be associated with him and I pray the children will keep the flame burning. May his soul rest in perfect peace.
Posted by Ijeoma Obu on 20th October 2016
Dearest Papa, you were the very best human father ever! We will always love you and remember you and cherish your legacy. Rest in the bossom of our Lord who has called you home for your reward.

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