Posted by Joseph Giammona on December 9, 2020
I first met Gabrielle at Single Purpose. A kind, gentle, person, with a big heart. We could talk forever, laughing so much! She always brought her daughter Denise with her, how much she loved Denise! And how much she loved God! She was a positive influence on everyone who came into contact with! I am proud to call her my friend and happy to know she is dancing in heaven, pain free!
Posted by Vicki Schneider on November 15, 2020
You gave me some of the best times of my life. You were a bright light everywhere you went. Beautiful outside more beautiful inside. You cared deeply for everyone. Though my heart is completely broken to not hear you or see you, I know that you deserve a break from this earthly life. You are amazing. You were like a second mom when mine left this earth. I love you so much, Gab. I'll remember you singing at the rally, tearing up the dance floor, (raining men) was our jam, late night at denny's, hayrides at the village dock with denise and Kelly, and one of the best huggers. You will me missed terribly my dear sweet beautiful friend.
Posted by Kristy McDowell on November 12, 2020
Oh wow, where do I even start...I can remember when myself and my sister were at GCCC and Gabriele noticed Vicki and recognized her from when Vic was little. Ever since then we were friends with her. She was a light in the room always. The dances at Nancy's were awesome. Gabriele, Alice, Vic and I use to have a ton of fun. Gabriele was the light of the party. Those were some good times. She was the kind of person where we could just look at something or notice something and we would end up laughing at the same thing without even saying anything. We just would know. Denise, and Kelly will be in my prayers. This really doesn't seem possible. At least she is with Jesus. Her and our mom are probably having an awesome time with Jesus. She will always be in my heart. I will deeply miss her. Loved her so much!!
Posted by Denny Flynn on November 12, 2020
I met Gabriele many years ago through church and Single Purpose. She had a wonderful sense of humor and a dry, sarcastic wit that I adored. And a mutual love for music and singing. Even though I only knew her for a brief moment in time, she left an indelible mark. Years later I would melt drip candles in my own apartment as I remembered she had done years, decades, before. I believe in my heart she has transcended to a higher place. Prayers of peace, strength and comfort to Denise, Kelly and family.
Posted by Donna Newell on November 11, 2020
My dear friend Gabrielle will be missed by so many lives that she has touched. Gabrielle and I met many years ago at a Bible study at Grace Bible Church. The teacher assigned prayer partners and we happen to be the last ones to show up that day so we were kind of thrown together, so we thought, because Gabrielle and I didn’t think we had anything in common. It was all part of God’s plan. We became prayer partners not only for the Bible study but for the rest of our lives. I will miss her dearly but am rejoicing that Gabrielle is not in pain anymore and is with her Lord face to face.

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