Let the memory of Gaetano be with us forever
  • 89 years old
  • Born on September 11, 1924 .
  • Passed away on October 5, 2013 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gaetano Solana 89 years old , born on September 11, 1924 and passed away on October 5, 2013. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Tiziana Solana on 5th October 2017
Papá. Te extraño muchísimo. Aunque sé que estás feliz en el cielo me gustaría poderte abrazar y decirte que te quiero con toda mi alma. Gracias por todo lo que me enseñaste y por el amor infinito de padre que nos diste a mi hermanita y a mi. Besos para ti y para mami
Posted by Eliana Phelps on 5th October 2017
Daddy: Today 4 years ago you departed from this world to the after world when our God Father requested your presence and you left the human flesh to have a new eternal body as you believed in Jesus Christ and recognized him as the lord and savior. I miss you very much; I love you more than you can imagine I loved you as a daughter as you were a magnificent father to me and my sister. until we meet again. Juti
Posted by Eliana Phelps on 11th September 2016
Happy birthday Daddy!!! You aré With God Abd mom so you must be very happy. I Love you very much And forever Will Your Jutita.
Posted by Eliana Solana on 6th October 2015
Two years ago you left this world forever to join the spiritual eternal world that all of us one day will go when it is our time, the pain of your departure was like no other I have previously experienced but God has given my so much comfort as I recurred to him to straighten my faith and my believe that one day the day is unknown I will join you to never be apart again but be with you for an eternity, miss you every day how don't miss my daddy . Things are never going to be the same after your departure and today I realize how you made us to be so close and supportive of each other and how you made us remember that Famiky was the most important thing in life as it was for you as there is no doubt in mom my sister and I that we were the people you loved the most in this earth and the people you would to anything to protect and to provide for. Dad thank you for having been such a great father such a great model to follow and you know that you live in my hearth in my flesh because I am your blood and your flesh . Rest in peace my beautiful beloved father, I love you forever will.
Posted by Eliana Solana on 16th March 2015
Daddy: I miss you so much. Daddy, I know you are here with me, I can not see you but I can feel you. You are my angel, the angel that protects me and guide me when I feel confused and lost. thanks for letting me feel your presence when I need you the most. I adore you daddy, I am your little girl who misses you so much.
Posted by Eliana Solana on 11th September 2014
Daddy: Today 90 years ago you were born and with that miracle it was possible that some years later you became my dad. Daddy, I love you very much, you are my strength in my difficult days, you are my inspiration and model to follow when I think how to act or conduct myself in a particular situation. Dad, you are my angel, my most precious treasure you are my life. Happy birthday and I am always with you day and night never felt forgotten or neglected. I wish you an eternal happiness and very soon when there is my time and God decides, I will be right next to you and celebrating your forever existence from the same place. God bless you and permit that his light bright for you eternally and that you rest in peace. Your daughter
Posted by Eliana Solana on 26th June 2014
Dad: For me you are still very much alive. I see you in my dreams, I speak to you on a daily basis and I feel your love at every single instant of my life and with more intensity than before. Your pictures are all over my place and I see your eyes and I see them very much alive and looking at me with so much love, the love that you always made me feel. You are my best friend and companion, my confident and the person I still trust the most. I want to tell you that there is no one day of my life you are not part of my life and with you in my mind I make the decisions I ask you and I feel you agree with me. I love you very much, and my love for you have no limit of space, or time, I just happen to love you and forever will.
Posted by Eliana Solana on 17th December 2013
Having lost you has been my biggest and most painful tragedy and having been blessed by God with you as my dad on earth was my biggest blessing. Not only I felt you loved me the most you made the world know that you lived for me, mom and my sister. God knew that I needed a dad like you to be who I am today but God knows that living without you here on earth is the most difficult task I have ever endured and the one I will need his holy Glory for I feel I am so lonely without you. And that I feel like the little girl you always saw on me no matter how long ago I stop being a child. Miss you so much. I love you with all my heart. Your daughter, Eliana. " your jutita".
Posted by Lori Oberg on 17th December 2013
A beautiful life, 89 years. A blessing in itself. And then you leave behind a daughter. SO filled with love, tenderness, perception, Intelligence...and who loves you so....Daddies are our first loves. NOTHING can replace you. EVER. I am lighting a candle, sir, in hopes you might find MY Daddy. And go fishing. Or for a walk with the dogs, even better...❤️

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