Shared by Peter Bailey on February 6, 2012

Once we joined, we did a lot with the Bucklands- Buck and I attended other events and some at churches When our twins were born, the Bucklands became go d parents. After I moved back to the DallAS area, I became a substitu8tye  with Pano ISD and ran into Gail at Clark High School then they both came to the tiwns confrimation at  St  Peter McKinney (about 2002)     sympties to Burkc and the boys.  

My friendship with Gail

Shared by Mary Gwen Bailey on February 3, 2012

    Gail was a true friend.  She was the first person I met when I moved to Longview in August of 1986 to become the new German Teacher at Pine Tree High School. We were at a teacher meeting and she introduced herself to me and welcomed me to Longview, to Pine Tree as well as hopefully St. Michael's and All AngelsEpiscopal Church.  She was warm and friendly with a hearty laugh.  As we spoke, she invited me to a service at St. Michaels once she found out I was Episcopalian and I could play the guitar and I loved to sing. Through this initial conversation, she discovered I had the same goofy laugh and a sense of humor.  Little did I know that the eight years I was to spend in Longview would be the genesis of a blooming deep and rich friendship, not only with her, but also with the Lord, her family; Buck, Brad and Bobby, and the families of St. Michaels and All Angels Episcopal Church.

  She and I wrote and played music for the services and traveled distances to attend and play for the Cursillo movement, Episcopal summer youth camps, healing missions and retreats. Often Buck would attend with us and we would sing and make music to the Lord with a harmony as sweet as angels singing in the heavens. She had the most beautiful soprano voice and I still hear her as I write this from the song that she composed called, "Jesus, You will always be my Friend"...that song did and will always bring tears to my eyes as it came from the love she had for God in her heart.

   Gail loved movies and we were movie buddies.  We were both teachers at Pine Tree; she was at the Jr. High and I was at the high school.  She taught English and I taught English and German so we definitely could speak the same language when it came to our professions. Later, in the 90's, she transferred to the high school, but by that time, the twins had come along and I taught only part-time, as I had another job to do at home!  By the way, she came to the very early in the morning birth of the twins at 6:00 am, on July 20, 1990 with a very warm smile and a heavenly prayer as she held my hand for the safe delivery of Lauren and Lyn Bailey. She and Buck were to become one of the sets of their God parents as Peter and I had become so close to both of them as we seemed to do everything together when we weren't working.

   Our lives however changed with the birth of babies and our roles in life changed.  We still played and orchestrated music for the church, although less for me as there were others that came into the music ministry. Bobby was an awesome addition to the music team with his beautiful gift of the piano and his also glorious voice.....

   In 1993, God called me to leave Longview for a job teaching German back in Dallas.  I didn't want to go and leave my friends, but when He calls us to do something that is necessary, we must follow and trust Him.  After a divorce in 1996, I taught and raised the girls in Dallas with many challenges and struggles as a single-parent.  They are now in college, Lyn to graduate in August from St. Edwards University of this year and Lauren to prayerfully enter U.T. Pharmacy School in the fall.  I remember Gail calling me one day to say that she was moving to Plano like in the blink of an eye to teach Speech and that we should get back together.  This was in 1998 and I believe she had already retired from teaching, but decided to go back to it after she had gotten her Masters in Psychology.   By that time, Buck was still working in Alaska and and Brad and Bobby had left the nest so to speak.  She came to my house blessing in 1998 as I had worked and saved to provide a new home for the girls and where we could have a dog.  The next time I saw her was when the girls were confirmed at St. Peter's in Mckinney.  That was 8 years ago.  She and Buck came with open arms and hugs to see the girls enter that phase of their Christian committment. Of course, they were also at their baptism, in Nov. of 1990 to honor their beginnings in Christ with the service led by Father Scott Irvin.  It was a glorious day for all and I was especially proud that Gail and Buck were going to be my children's God-parents.

  I retired from teaching in August of 2010 following a neck surgery. I had two herniated discs removed and a fusion the preceding June.  The surgery was successful however I didn't want to stay under the stress that caused it.  I moved to Plano four years ago.  After I had lunch with my sister, who works just in the same block as Gail and Buck's Richardson address, I drove down the street to see if I could remember which house was there's just on an impulse because I had lost contact with Gail and Buck since the day of the twins confirmation. That next day, I went to a prayer and worship service at St. Philip's in Frisco.  I had a strong compulsion to go.  There were about 8 guitarists playing the most beautiful music and singing along.  When I looked to my left, I saw a woman who looked exactly like Gail.  I thought it was her for the whole service and I couldn't wait to greet her again.  She had rushed out so I didn't get to chat....I came home immediately and looked up her phone # on google and what came up with this memorial that I clicked on.  When I saw and read, I was in shock and I found myself crying and calling the only phone number I had but to no avail.  I laid awake all night in mild shock and confusion.  It wasn't until I called again the next morning, did I learn what happened to Gail from Buck.

   Although the tears are many I have been shedding, I am most grateful for my friendship with Gail.  She helped me to grow although as life changes, we kind of "grew on" so to speak.  I believe I did see her yesterday and this was how she told me that she is now with God, whom she loved with a fire-like passion and who shared His love through her devotion, music, words and service. I know she is now basking in His glory, love and eternal joy.  Thank you Gail for your friendship, your love and care for others and for sharing your gifts.  I look forward to seeing you again in, Mary Gwen       

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