This tribute was added by GERALD GARCIA on June 1, 2012
Hello Everybody! With Pleasant Memories, I recall when Mother, Carlotta Garcia, came home with our eleventh sibling, named GAIL MARIE GARCIA, on 3 Jun 1950,and Mother permitted me, a 16 yr old soldier w/my National Guard Army uniform on, CARRY MY "tiny, beautiful, smiling, adorable, loveable,"JUST PLAIN CUTE" Sister, to our Home, in Richmond, CA. I fell in Love with Gail, THAT VERY DAY!
This tribute was added by Gerald Garcia on February 17, 2012
Never-forget- Our Gail Marie was not fearless, she was brave, she did have "spunk", and most of all she was Gallant ... It takes courage to raise exceptional children, as Gail stood-up and loved & protected her children without exception! In doing that, in her short-life-time, Gail did so without ever becoming bitter of her lifestyle!
This tribute was added by Gerald Garcia on February 14, 2012
Gail Marie Garcia, our Sister, was beautiful in face & form, plus much lovelier in Spirit!. For some unknown Reason, Gail Marie, had in her Youth, taken upon herself the obligaion to be Wonderful. She had the Blackest hair I ever saw, Yes, Gail Marie, was mischievous w/o malice,
A Easy baby/girl/Lady/Mother/Sister to live with-I love U
This tribute was added by Gerald Garcia on February 14, 2012
Happy 2012 Valentine's Day to Gail Marie, Gails children, R the Best-in-the-World, they saw her Constant Love and Motherhood skills &
techniques! All grew up to be Exceptional Adults. They have received Gails Gift of Life & pass that Trait to all they come CONTACT WITH! Gail We Love you God Bless U You did Terrific as yourself, your WAY!

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