Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me as if I were beside you. I loved you so...

This memorial was created to remember and celebrate our loved one, Gale Festel.  She passed on, out of our lives, on February 28th.

We will be having a remembrance gathering in a few weeks, which will be open for anyone who would like to join us.  I will post more information as we get it scheduled.

In lieu of flowers, please consider donating to one her favorite charities:

Purrfect Cat Shelter (where she adopted Bella) 

Humane Society, ASPCA, Planned Parenthood, MSPCA

Winslow Farm - 

Posted by Nancy Bernhardt on 9th March 2019
Gale is a cousin of mine that I discovered through the ancestry website. I was delighted to find her & know that she knew my Grandpa Roscoe Stockton when she was a little girl in Colorado. Roscoe's father was Lincoln Crawford Stockton who was a brother of Gale's grandfather Thomas James Stockton. I wish I could have met Gale in person. I'm sorry that she has passed so soon. Lynn, Susie, Charlie and any others of her family please write to me at my email address when you feel up to it. I would like to get to know you. I was born in Denver, Colorado and I have first cousins still in Colorado, my Uncle Oak Stockton's sons, Scott & Rand Stockton, and I plan to visit them in August this year. Thank you for contacting me. Nancy Stockton Bernhardt
Posted by Elizabeth Schnell on 8th March 2019
Gale was a lovely woman. I will miss her laughter, stories and curiosity. She had a great smile and a great hug. You are gone but forever in my heart, Auntie. Love you!
Posted by Dorothy Reynolds on 5th March 2019
The heart of the family has left us, but will never be forgotten.
Posted by Nancy Schlake on 3rd March 2019
We met Gale when her son, Charlie, and our daughter. Tasha, were engaged. We have known Gale and Carl for many years. Gale loved to travel and have a good time. She was a great lady and will be missed by the many people she touched.
Posted by Wayne And Patricia Renney on 3rd March 2019
Wayne and I met Gale on a river cruise about 5 years ago. We had such fun together and made many wonderful memories. We will certainly miss the smile that lit up her whole face along with her curiosity about everything, that made her so interesting to chat with. Rest in peace dear friend, know you are loved and never forgotten.
Posted by Jan Nimtz on 2nd March 2019
I met Gale only five years ago on an International cruise to Eastern Europe although it seems I had known her much longer. Our personalities clicked immediately. I will always have the memory of us risking life & limb together as we ran across a very busy street in Belgrade, Serbia to get to a tackle shop to search for a special lure for her husband, Carl. Gale was a kind person who had a contagious laugh. I will miss her good nature and her smiling face. May she rest in Peace.
Posted by Mary Ellen Frawley on 2nd March 2019
Gale and I met in excercise class, then went on seniors trips and were soon good friends, planning an overseas trip, We enjoyed many a Friday night " happy hour",laughing and learning about things from our separate pasts .Gale was a good listener and never judgementtal. I will miss her greatly.
Posted by Elizabeth Metzger on 2nd March 2019
Gale and I met through a mutual friend. Even though we were very far apart in years, we had so much in common. We loved to talk about our travels and our cats! I enjoyed her company many times at gatherings with my neighbors and one on one. Gale was a very kind soul and I will always remember her fondly.
Posted by Lynn Stockton on 2nd March 2019
As her little sister, Gale has been a huge part of my life. We have always been very close. I will miss our 2-hour phone calls, the traveling we did together, the fact that she was always willing to listen to me and offer advice if I asked, and that I was always there for her as well. Until this year, she never missed a birthday with a card and a phone call (always singing happy birthday to me, even though she was embarrassed about her singing). I'll never forget the time she was visiting us in Colorado a few years ago. We have legal pot here and a must item on her to-do list was visit the marijuana store. We bought some muffins and made a plan. On her last night here, we were going to eat those muffins together. The big night came, we each ate our muffin and sat down side-by-side on the couch to watch a movie. An hour went by. I looked at her and said, "Do you feel anything?" "No, not really," she replied. I made us a cup of hot tea, thinking that would speed up the results. It was getting late. Another half hour passed. She said, "How bout now?" "Uh, kinda," I said. By this time, it was past our bedtimes. We started to giggle and then, instead of enjoying it, we said good night. That was so stupid but, Gale, I love you and miss you so much. I guess that wasn't the first stupid thing we did together.
Posted by Martha Humphries on 2nd March 2019
Gale and I were roommates so many years ago. I would add a photo or two, except all of my photos are in storage. So sorry to hear about her passing. For those who don't know me, the photo of the shower where everyone dressed as pregnant, even the mother and grandmother, Gale is the one in the middle in light blue. I am the one in dark blue. I also have a copy of that photo. Lynn, Gale's sister is in red. Their mother is on the right in front. I know the family will miss Gale. I will miss getting a greeting card on birthday and Christmas.

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