Let the memory of Gamaliel be with us forever
  • 16 years old
  • Born on December 31, 1999 .
  • Passed away on July 1, 2016 .

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gamaliel Enechaziam, 16, born on December 31, 1999 and passed away on July 1, 2016. We will remember him forever.

Dear all, 

This website has been created in loving memory of our son, brother and friend, Gamaliel Enechaziam. We will remember him forever and would like to celebrate his life, and memories of him.

Please post your tributes for Gamaliel Enechaziam here and as many pictures and stories, as possible.

Gamaliel was a kind hearted person and an absolute pleasure to be around. . It would be lovely for us all to share our memories of Gamaliel so that friends and family can smile while reading them – no matter how random they are. Your pictures and words will keep his memory alive.

Feel free to share this link with people who know and love our angel. 

God Bless.


Posted by Seyi Adesigbin on 31st December 2017
It's your birthday today... Another 31st of December is here. Today makes it exactly two years since I last saw you.. I am writing this with pain. I never knew I wouldn't get to see you again. It hurts so much. Every time I remember the good times we had together, most especially your 16th birthday, my heart breaks. I wish you could come back to us. No matter how many years will fly by, you will always remain in our hearts because you are a part of our hearts. We LOVE YOU, we MISS YOU and we WISH YOU could come back. Happy Birthday
Posted by Gloria Odukwe on 31st December 2017
My darling, I know you are smiling in Heaven ❤️.. You are greatly missed! ❤️❤️❤️
Posted by Olaoluwatomi Kolawole on 1st July 2017
Gamaliel dearest, the earliest memory I have of you was when we celebrated our birthday together in Primary 1 in All Saints' and we had to share your cake. You were so gentle, loving and kind. You also smiled a lot, you were always smiling. I hope you're giving the angels your killer smile. Funny how the last time I saw you was 7 years before you left last year. Rest on.
Posted by Seyi Adesigbin on 30th June 2017
Today makes it exactly a year since you went home.... On this day last year, few hours from now, I received d worst news one could ever receive. 1st of July, 2016, feels just like yesterday. A year without you has been different. Visiting you every 31st of December to celebrate your birthday has always given me a good boost into the coming year. Every 31st of December would never remain the same. A vacuum has been left, which would always leave that day incomplete.. Your WhatsApp status still reads "we gonna be alright ✌
Posted by Ifeanyi Ibegbu on 1st September 2016
Nnabuife, First, let me thank you again for looking after me and keeping me company through malaria two years ago. I wish more than anything, that I could have done the same for you two months ago. But life- she always has these plans that just don’t sit right. Life failed us in so many other ways: Like your WhatsApp account popping up the day I went offline- a day to your last on this earth. An account I have a feeling I will send a cheery ‘hey there!’ to, in an off-guard moment. Like you having to do A' levels, having to miss my last year in UI that we could have had together. The visits. The tight knitting together of our bond. I had thought we would compensate by doing a joint something for our terribly overshadowed birthday this year, the threshold of new lives ahead for us both. And life failed us, yet again. We should have talked longer that Sunday, even if it was only you nagging about boarding school food losing taste to plenty-ness, and me doing my 'experienced sage' impression- laughing at you, telling you to get used to it, that there was worse sitting and awaiting your arrival to this university we never guessed you would not be attending. I would rather talk endlessly about bland food with you, than swallow this difficult capsule of gloom that life is forcing down my throat- that it has let you go someplace else. Someplace where your cute-as-hell smile is out of reach. Someplace where we can’t tell you that you’re getting finer and finer by the week. Someplace where we can’t share laughs and tease your mum about the supposed quirks of children born on the last day of the year. Someplace where you can’t talk around-the-clock, birth and breed arguments just because, and have me defend them as December 31 excesses. Someplace where we won’t be able to watch your golden life ahead unfold itself while rooting proudly for you, cheering from the stands. In case you hadn’t guessed yet, I cried- inside and out- writing this. I know that I should probably stop saying that life has failed us. And I know that if anything or anyone has failed here, it is death. If I could, I would punch it a million times over for this gaping hole in my heart- in all our hearts, although something tells me you’ve already done that with your gorgeous smile and your beautiful heart. This is not the kind of goodbye I'd have wanted- not that I’d have ever wanted any at all. They say that God knows best. I've said that life has failed us. I don’t know what you’re saying, but looking back, I'm glad that we at least did confirmation together, and since life has failed us again, May the spirit we received that day, guide your body home to its great end. Its rest. May it live in your soul, a perpetually burning flame. Yet another saint has marched into glory- this, is my consolation. As well as these- my attempt to immortalise you in my words, and your last status, ‘we gonna be alright’. We will. All of us. Nodu na Ndokwa. GAMALIEL NNABUIFE ENECHAZIAM (Son. Brother. Friend. Birthday Mate. Pure Heart. Beautiful Soul. Much More.) 31.12.1999 - 1.7.2016
Posted by Seyi Adesigbin on 1st August 2016
Dear best friend, today makes it a month since you left us. I still find it really hard to cope... I really miss you.. I have no friend to visit.... Gamaliel, I miss you so much... Every time I think of your mum,dad, gemma and genevieve, I feel so sad. I have been hoping for everything to end soon, so we dont have to feel the pain for too long..I know I would never get to have any other best friend. I really miss you.. soo much........ Rest in Peace, my best friend..
Posted by Nneka Odukwe on 27th July 2016
This is really too shocking to believe it happened! Hours have rolled into days and days into weeks without a glimpse of your physical being. You have gone to be with your Creator too soon by our human calculation but HE alone knows best. Eternal rest grant unto him O' Lord; And let perpetual light shine upon him! May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace with GOD, Amen! Adieu Na Nna!!!
Posted by Tobi Fabowale on 6th July 2016
I will always remember ur smile, ur good heart, and everything u stood for, why must good people have to die and bad people will be alive.... Rip bro
Posted by Gloria Odukwe on 4th July 2016
July 1st 2016 is a day I'll never forget.... I'm still finding it difficult to come to terms with your sudden exit. My heart is heavy and I'm full of sorrow right now.... Trying so hard to take my mind off it but I just can't help thinking about you... Who would have thought we would be mourning our very own at this time? Oh! Death is a bad thing
Posted by Umahi Chidinma on 4th July 2016
Your exit is painful..... you left just too soon....how would I have known our valedictory service would be the last time I would see you?...it hurts to know that your smile would be only in pictures and your babyish voice and unique writing would be in memory...... I'm so glad I had contact with you....if RIP meant Return If Possible tribute would be filled with RIPs that's how much we love you...The International School Ibadan class of 2015 would greatly miss you..Rest in perfect peace.....the tears can't just stop falling......
Posted by Oluwole Ogunsola on 4th July 2016
To the young man as I call him the G-Man, it is with extremely saddened heart I write this memorial. I'm still in shock that you are no more with us, I was so much looking forward to your journey to Oxford to further your studies, you are such a nice young man with a kind heart and we'll all miss you and I can only pray to God to help us all in this healing process. We love you but it's obvious God loves you more but you'll forever remain with us as we hold on to those precious memories, the last time I saw you you made me and Uncle Joe a toast, you're always keen to learn and clean up after me when I make a mess in the kitchen. G-man I can go on and on, I am saddened but I know you'll love me to be brave so I'll be brave and continue to pray for your soul, rest in peace son

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