Gamaliel L. Hernandez
  • 79 years old
  • Date of birth: Jun 16, 1938
  • Place of birth:
    Matamoros de la Laguna, Coahuila, Mexico
  • Date of passing: Dec 30, 2017
  • Place of passing:
    Puebla, Puebla, Mexico
"Dios usa todo tipo de vasos dispuestos. Vasos grandes, vasos pequeños, vasos altos, vasos bajos, vasos gordos, vasos flacos, pero jamas usara vasos sucios". GLH

This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved father, grandfather and great grandfather, Gamaliel L. Hernandez, 79, who was born on June 16, 1938 and was called home on December 30, 2017. We, his sons and daughters, invite you to share your memories of him here on the Stories tab, or to leave a Tribute below. If you have photos of yourself with him, you are welcome to post those in the Gallery tab.

Yes, we are fully confident, and we would rather be away from these earthly bodies, for then we will be at home with the Lord. 2 Corinthians 5:8 NLT

Este sitio memorial ha sido creado en memoria de nuestro amado padre, abuelo y bis-abuleo Gamaliel L. Hernández quien nació el 16 de Junio de 1938 y fue llamado a su hogar el día 30 de Diciembre de 2017. Nosotros, sus hijos, les invitamos a compartir sus recuerdos de él aqui en el area marcada 'Stories', o dejar un Tributo abajo. Si tiene fotografias de usted con él, puede compartirlos en el area marcada 'Gallery'.

Sí, estamos plenamente confiados, y preferiríamos estar fuera de este cuerpo terrenal porque entonces estaríamos en el hogar celestial con el Señor. 2 Corintios 5:8 NTV

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Marjorie Kavanaugh on 29th January 2018

"Although it has been way more than 45 years ago since I last had the privilege of seeing Gam, I will always remember Gam for his huge smile and unconditional love he had for everyone.  He always made you feel so very special and loved.  I know he is rejoicing around the throne."

This tribute was added by Eliezer Chavez on 27th January 2018

"Siempre te llevaré en mi corazón, tío bello, ya gozas en la presencia de Dios"

This tribute was added by Happy Dean on 27th January 2018

"Well, brother Gam, you made it home before I did...and I'm even older than you!  hahaha!  Just how many hours have our teams logged in prayer...I cannot even imagine!  I saw quite often how you were still giving tests and quizes to all of us via internet...all the way to the end of your days. Teaching to the end...once a teacher...always a teacher!  I also cannot imagine all of the wonders you are gazing at right now from the "grandstands" of heaven!  You get to see it all!  You know that I'm still making the trips into Mexico!  I'm still amazed, after all these years that the same thrill is felt when one more of God's creation ask HIM into their heart. The passion grows with the years; isn't that true? Hey, do you remember the trip somewhere deep into Mexico when we were served chicken soup by our hostess and she served me a bowl with the chicken foot?  Remember, I waited until she served the other foot and then asked if I could give the "honor of the foot" to you...and passed the bowl to you?  You gave me "the look" and then picked up the foot and loudly slurped it as you ate it?  Oh, how thrilled our hostess was! Gotcha!  But, you owed me one for buying Socorro her Valentine or was it her birthday gift?  (only because you were too embarassed to shop in the lingere section of Bullock's) How much I learned from you brother: Mexican history, culture and the love for people and how important it was to present Jesus in honest simple ways...in a manner that they could understand.  Also, how important it is to visit, write and call those same people to encourage them.  How important it is to pray and love.  I owe you thanks!  How much more time do we have?  Who knows, but I want to stick around and keep working, praying and encouraging the new ones.  Looks like the clock is getting close to the end.  What a grand reunion we will have, but until then...I will be here working!  My memories of you are:  A Godly man with integrity! I know that you love your family and your friends.  What GREAT MEMORIES!

This tribute was added by Jorge Ramirez on 26th January 2018

"As a former Iglesia Bautista Fundamental church member, friend and Deacon to our dear Pastor Gamaliel L. Hernandez, I'm deeply saddened of his passing, but I know he is now rejoicing with the Lord. He and I spent a lot of time together at IBF...like 20+ years, but just before he retired we spent even more time together and frankly, I was so impressed of his biblical knowledge and how well he knew how to run a church. Those attributes I have taken to my new role in my new church. My wife Jasmin and I always kept communication with Pastor Gamaliel, even though he was in Puebla. We emailed each other monthly, to see how he was and he would email us telling us that he was always praying for us and that he cherished our friendship. We now remember him with fond memories and appreciation for his wonderful guidance and respect. Our new Pastor's Enrique and Martin Medina also tell me how much they respected him and appreciated his friendship. There is so much to say of such a great man.
May God Bless the Hernandez Family, and thank you for sharing him with all of us."

This tribute was added by Bertha Arano on 24th January 2018

"Permítanme con todo respeto unirme a todos ustedes a los cuales conocí desde niños y adolescentes para agradecer a Dios por la vida del Hno Gamaliel. Yo fui una de las afortunadas de andar con él en sus giras junto a otros estudiantes del Instituto de La Puente junto a Dámaris Gamaliel jr y algunas veces Ruth y aprendí a conocerlo y respetarlo como si fuese también de mi familia. Recuerdo su obra en el Señor. Dios los consuele a todos y los bendiga!"

This tribute was added by John Castle on 20th January 2018

"This was written to Ms Sarmienta in response to her kindness in notifying us of Gam's death.

I'm so thankful you let us know. As we went through the web page I wept like a kid remembering all the blessings Gam brought to my life. You probably don't remember me, but I was one of the many gringo kids that used to regularly come by the institute in La Puente to visit you guys, as well as travel often with your dad and Frank Gonzales. Your mom would pack a box of bean burritos and off we'd go to Los Mochis or wherever. Partly due to your dad's influence, Frank's, and others, I'm fluent in Spanish, and in my second marriage married to an Ecuadorian biologist who's smarter than I am, but doesn't speak much English, yet. Our home in a Spanish only home so that our two children (2 & 4) will not lose their Latino heritage. And until recently we were members of a Hispanic Baptist church here in Midland, TX. Your dad was one of the greats. I last saw him in a small meeting in a restaurant in Playas (TJ) which I think was just prior to Gam's moving with his new wife to Puebla. He taught me so much, including in my spiritual life. Most was by example and not must by word. I'm so sorry for YOUR loss.

Gam never was prejudicial, and treated us Gringos the same as the Latinos on the team. He was patient with us and spent time teaching us the cultural differences so we wouldn't get into trouble, which we did anyway at times. As youngsters we were impulsive and anxious to show off our new Spanish words. Incidents like yelling in a joking manner a word that is never a joking matter in Spanish - estup-do! Or not knowing that there is a great difference in being a novio in Mexico and a girlfriend in the USA, and leaving broken hearts behind because we didn't understand that a novio in Spanish indicates a permanent relationship. And Gam was always patient as he taught and corrected us. But more than anything his Biblical modeling and teaching were the best. No, Gam was a deep theologian. He was past that. Gam taught us the character traits that our Messiah wanted to inculcate into our lives. And he taught more by being Jesus to us than preaching at us. He was the real deal.

Frank and Gam ordained me as a Baptist minister. I was only in my early 20s and really didn't know much. They saw the John Castle who would be rather than the John Castle was was. Gam will always be a living saint in our home. Some religions put up statues of their saints. I can say I personally knew one."

This tribute was added by Héctor Hernández Gutiérrez on 19th January 2018

"Fue un honor y privilegio haber conocido a mi tío Gamaliel, siempre fue un incansable Siervo del Señor, viajes, giras, predicaciones, bautismos, hijo, padre, abuelo, tío, Pastor, misionero, Director de Instituto en San Quintín, etc. Entregó su vida entera a la Obra de Dios hasta su último aliento. Ahora, ya goza de la Presencia de su Señor y Dios, seguro que algún día nos volveremos a ver. Ha dejado un gran legado en sus hijos y sus libros. A Dios sea la Gloria!!!"

This tribute was added by ELIZABETH HERNANDEZ on 18th January 2018

"Tío Gama: fue honor ser tu sobrina en este mundo terrenal. Gracias por todas las enseñanzas! Siempre estarás en mi mente y en mi corazón. Sé que nos reencontraremos allá en las mansiones celestiales. Love you forever. Liz"

This tribute was added by David Hernandez on 15th January 2018

"Fue una gran sorpresa recibir la noticia que mi tío habia partido a la presencia del Señor. Le recuerdo tanto cuando iba a México con el coro de Frank González, no cabe duda que todo ese trabajo trae su fruto en las futuras generaciones. Amor por los no creyentes en Jesucristo y el denuedo por compartir la Palabra así como la pasión por servir a nuestro Dios de una forma u otra son las obras que quedan en nosotros, sus hijos, sobrinos, nietos y alumnos. No cabe duda que se le extrañará demasiado. Sus obras literarias y estudios de la Palabra son el resultado de una vida dedicada a invertir tiempo en comunión con Dios, obedecerlo y servirlo, y servir al prójimo, al hermano cristiano y al necesitado.

Solo deseo compartirles que siento mucho su partida. Mi corazón esta compungido porque un siervo más se va a las eternas mansiones. Pero, es a esta edad, en esta circunstancia, en este momento cuando comprendo y me conmuevo con las palabras del Apostol Pablo cuando dijo -para mí el vivir es Cristo y el morir es ganancia-. Estoy más que seguro que sus palabras como las del mismo Apóstol - he peleado la buena batalla; He guardado la fe- fueron el sello que marcó su vida como un siervo fiel.

Un abrazo a todos ustedes, primos queridos, y que el Dios de toda buena dádiva y todo don perfecto os fortalezca y os de consuelo en estos momentos."

This tribute was added by Jay Hernandez on 11th January 2018

"I Am who I am because of You!! I always admired your drive and zeal for the lost.. Thank You for showing me the way, our talks and time spent I will always cherish... I Love You Dad!!"

This tribute was added by Ruthie Hernandez on 11th January 2018

"Dad, there are so many things I would have liked to have told you and asked you while you were still with us, but more than anything, I would have liked to have said "THANK YOU" for being my strong tower when no one else would. I love you and forever you will remain in my heart & memories."

This tribute was added by Ruthie Hernandez on 11th January 2018

"Dearest Abuelo: Although you weren't the most affectionate, you were a most patient man. You may not have been perfect, for we all fall short. I pray that you're now at peace, home with The Lord. I'm sorry I was unable to visit you to properly say goodbye. I'll forever keep you with me, as the days by. Love, Your Marayita"

This tribute was added by Damaris Sarmiento on 10th January 2018

"Why did you have to go Dad?  There was so much I still wanted to do with you by my side.  I love you."

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