This memorial website was created in memory of our beloved father, Godwin Ogunlowo. He will remain forever in the dear memories that we hold close to our hearts.
Posted by Ajala Ayokunle on July 31, 2021
Baba . continue to rest with your Lord Jesus Christ till we meet in the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ
Posted by Akin Bolaji on July 2, 2021
Papa Venerable G.A Ogunlowo, though you are no more, we would always cherish your memory, your kindness, the love you had for all, your patience and above all, your walk with God. Alas, the day we were toasting and sharing the fruit juice to celebrate Sis Nike's promotion, I never knew you were already bidding us bye. You came to the sitting room with your cup in hand and you said "gbogbo yin le ma se oriire, igbega a de ba yin", then you went back to your sweet radio!. Such love for all. I remember always waiting for you to come back from work in my early years with such egarness. You always brought newspapers from work and though it was stale news by evening, it was worth the waiting. I equally remember walking behind you, on the way to church @ BAMAC and I could not keep pace with you! It was because you were so conscious of time and would never be late to service. So many other fond memories which I hold dear to heart. I can't remember ever meeting you angry or shouting at someone. We used to disturb your evenings by playing football outside the house, but you never complained, not even once. Fast forward to recent years, anytime we meet, you will remind me of so and so person, asking that I should not forget to extend a hand to them, no matter how small. You taught me the art of giving, even when it's not convenient. Adieu Papa Ogunlowo, sleep well till we meet to part no more. You fought the good fight and won the crown of glory. Rest in eternal bliss!

Gboyega Bolaji
Posted by Saheed Oyebola on June 16, 2021
Our dear GMD (Dr. Olufemi Ogunlowo) and every member of the Ogunlowo, please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your father and grandfather. May His soul rest in perfect peace. Amin.
Posted by Sunkanmi Adaramola on June 16, 2021
Dr. Femi Ogunlowo & the entire Ogunlowo Family,

We commiserate with you on the passing onto glory of your dad. Though we may be pained at his sudden demise, but we rejoice in the Lord for a life well spent and continue to take solace in the fact that daddy has gone home to rest with his creator. Iwaju ti wọn d'oju kọ a daara o, ẹyin ti wọn fi s'ilẹ ko ni di'bajẹ l'orukọ Jesu. O ku ọmọ se.
Posted by babajide idowu on June 16, 2021
Dear Daddy, you were a gentle, loving and God-fearing man. You were a true man of God. You loved everyone with the love of God. Your impeccable tenor part hymn singing was second to none, you never missed any note. You will always call my attention after service if the organist missed any dynamics while playing hymns during the service. You were a true and complete church man. We will sorely miss you. Rest in peace our dear Daddy love.
Posted by Olayinka Tewogbade on June 14, 2021
Daddy Iwo Road,
You lived a life of a true Christian to the end. I remember as a child how I always look forward to coming to Iwo road from Lagos on the last day of school during long vacation and returning back a day before resumption, I remember the way you showed us love till the end. Iwo road is always open to every member of the family, the main door remains open from morning till when the last person comes in at night.
You loved my mum, Comfort Ololade Oyelami the same way your wife loved her sister and that love was transferred to us the children, you were one in a million.
I thank God for a life well spent and the great opportunity that God granted me to celebrate your 91st birthday with you and the precious time that I spent with you towards the end. Thank you for your continuous prayers even as you prepared to join the saints.
There is no doubt that we will surely miss you, already thinking what it will be like getting home and daddy Iwo road Is not in the dinning preparing sermon or dozing off, but my solace is that you are resting in the bossom of your maker.
Adieu, our loving daddy Iwo road till we meet to part no more, we love you but God loves you best.
Posted by Samuel Adekunle on June 13, 2021
Baba Agbalagba, as I used to call Papa, was an embodiment of committed and dedicated Christian service to God and humanity. A very honest man for which reason God blessed him with longevity of life with sound health and caused him to see divine goodness in the land of the living. Papa Ogunlowo was simple, hospitable, magnanimous, loved people and served his generation. No doubt, he enjoyed good life: the companionship of a loving wife, the care of well trained and successful children, the fellowship and love of the Christian Church! In short, Papa was an enigma to be depicted, because I must give space for other people. There is no doubt in my mind that you have been gloriously and victoriously taken away from the corruption of the world into the perfect and beauty of eternal life in the presence of your Saviour, whom you served diligently and faithfully while on this terrestrial world. May your rest in the bosom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ be eternally peaceful, while God watches over the family and the Church you left behind; in the name of Jesus Christ. Baba Agbalagba, Good morning to you! You will no longer know night or darkness again; in the peerless name of Jesus Christ.
The Ven. Dr. Samuel A. O. Osungbeju
St. Paul's Anglican Church, Yemetu, Ibadan
Posted by Olamide Ogunlowo on June 12, 2021
He died as he lived: loving the Lord. Grandpa was a kind and happy soul that truly loved God. He exuded a quiet grace and when he spoke, you had no choice to but take notice. Whenever I talked to him or visited him, he always prayed for me and my siblings. I’m really thankful I got to speak with him one last time before he passed. I know he is now at peace and with the Lord. Farewell Grandpa, you will be missed!
Posted by Rev Canon 'Femi Ojeniyi. on June 12, 2021
Our beloved Grandpa,
When people do the unforgettable, they become unforgettable. You have done the unforgettable in this generation and we cannot forget you. As a minister of God, I cannot forget your prayers and suitable words of encouragement for me. Like John the Beloved, your message for us was that of love: Eyin Omode, e feran ara yin (Little children love one another). Grandpa, you have fought the good fight of faith, you have kept the faith, you have finished the race, and now, a crown of righteousness is laid up for you (2Tim 2:7-8). Till we meet to part no more, your "ADETILOYE" is saying bye for now. From Rev Canon 'Femi + 'Folakemi Ojeniyi and your children who used to called you Grandpa.
Posted by eniola bolaji on June 12, 2021
Adieu Baba

Thanks for being a virtuous and dedicated Christian to the end. You lived a full and impactful life and will surely be missed

Eniola, Esther, Mojetioluwa & Mofetioluwa Bolaji
Posted by ADEPEKO EBENEZER ADEWOLE on June 11, 2021
We thank God for glorious and selfless life lived by our baba Ogunlowo,papa is fond of saying this to us the assisting priest at BAMAC and I quote "enyin omode e feran arayin".
There is nothing that can make papa to miss evensong,papa will always advice us and prayed for us at the end of every service.
We love you sir but God loves you more.Adieu,our great man of God.
Posted by Adeyinka Falusi on June 11, 2021

We commiserate with Mama P.D. Ogunlowo, the children, grand-children and the entire Ogunlowo family on the passing of our beloved Baba Venerable G.B. Ogunlowo. He was a soft-spoken, peaceful, gracious, affectionate and loving servant of the Most High. He had an infectious smile and a good sense of humour. Though we have known the Ogunlowo family for well over 40 years, Baba Ven. Ogunlowo’s (then Revd.) transfer as the Vicar of Bishop Odutola Memorial Anglican Church (BOMAC) in 1995 afforded us the opportunity for closer interaction.

Baba Ogunlowo worked assiduously in the Lord’s vineyard. He embarked on membership drives, ensured that church programmes and activities went as planned. There was prudent management of financial resources, strengthening of the choir, the inauguration of two church societies (Egbe Ore - Ofe and Morning Star Society in 1996) and the construction of the vicarage. He encouraged women and youth activities and prompt payment of Archdeaconry and Diocesan financial commitments.

Baba Ogunlowo was a generous man. During his time in BOMAC he lived in his own house (at no cost to the church). We thank Mama Ogunlowo for taking good care of Baba and her contributions to his successful ministry. We shall miss Baba’s smiles and his cheerful and comforting words but we are comforted by the fact that he has joined the Saints triumphant. His rest in the eternal kingdom of God is assured. Adieu Baba rere. Oluwa a te won si afefe Alafia till we meet to part no more. Sun re o.

Prof. Abiodun & Prof. Adeyinka FALUSI
Posted by Ikeoluwa LAGUNJU on June 11, 2021
Dear Daddy,
We thank the Lord for your life. You were kind, gentle, simple, selfless and exceptionally accommodating. You were always so warm! Each time you saw us, even if it was for the umpteenth time in a day, your eyes lit up, with a broad smile and great affection! You loved all and you were always happy to celebrate the achievements of all, both young and old.

Thank you for being glad to take us in your car, in our Queen School days. I still remember your Datsun car that you admired so much and named "osoleke"

Thank you for being a good and trusted friend to our Dad, Papa E.A. Idowu. I remember your numerous visits to each other and how you would escourt each other back and forth! Indeed, our Dad only understood that he was unwell, when he could no longer trek to your house and this he repeatedly told his doctors when they asked for his complaints!

Your life was truly blessed. You wished everyone well and prayed for their success. Your memory is indeed blessed.

May God grant you eternal rest in His bossom in Jesus name, Amen.

IkeOluwa Lagunju.
Posted by Ronke Mosuro on June 11, 2021
Daddy Ogunlowo also known as 'Daddy l'oke or Baba Oguns! Is a treasure that will not be easily forgotten. He was a gentleman before he received the call into ministry and being surrendered to Christ made him even more of a gentleman; having surrendered to Christ, He became more sublime. Daddy was loving and caring. He will remember everyone's birthday and if he couldn't reach us, he will visit our parents with Mummy to congratulate them and wish us children a happy birthday in absentia!! Daddy will be sorely missed.
Baba Ogunlowo always lovingly prayed for everyone from the bottom of his heart, his engaging smile which Ronke & Nike also share brightens up the room whenever he appears!
We thank God for a life well spent and pray that God will take care of all that he left behind.
May Daddy Ogunlowo's soul rest in peace. Amen.
Posted by Daniel Adegbite on June 10, 2021
Grandpa with his wonderful smile that he constantly wares every time we meet him at Mummy Ajav's place or during our yearly January first joyful visit with mummy to Iwo road his home among other places, a giver of note, Grandpa's payers at the beginning of the year is such a blessing all year round.
The last month of your departure from this world were full of lessons which were a great blessing to us on how amazing it is to have relationship with Jesus here on earth before the time elapse.
Rest on Grandpa.
Posted by Elizabeth Emerole on June 10, 2021

We the family of Late Professor Godwin O. Emerole wish to express our deepest sympathies to our able leader, Professor Emmanuel A. Ajav and his dear wife, the first lady of U.I.C.F.F Dr. Mrs Aderonke Ajav (née Ogunlowo) and the entire Ogunlowo family.

Daddy, as we call him, was a man of many parts. A good example of a father, husband and a real reverend. A true man of God, with a good disposition, always happy and ready to pray for you anytime you meet him. We are blessed to have known him and seen in him the expression of christ. Daddy was a blessing to our lives as a family.

A gentle and good heart has stopped beating, a good soul has asceded to heaven. We part with you in pain but pray  that we shall all meet at the Resurrection morning where we shall part no more.

May the good Lord bring the much needed peace during this period to the entire family especially to our mama yard. May the soul of the departed be at rest with our heavenly father, Amen.

Dr. Mrs. Elizabeth Emerole for the Emerole Family
Posted by olusegun areola on June 10, 2021
Didun didun n'iranti Olododo. As much as one cannot but feel sad at the loss of a dear one, we can rejoice in the passing away of our beloved Pa Venerable G.A.Ogunlowo because he fulfilled the number of his days. We came to know him in the last quarter of the span of his rich, illustrious life and he endeared himself to us and others by his exceptional character and comportment. A genial, humble, considerate and unassuming man, he nevertheless exuded a passion for relating with people and showing them the love of God. He related with everybody with so much charm and genuine affection, irrespective of age. He was a true grandfather who loved relating with younger people like us. He demonstrated to us how Christians should relate with Christlike love and affection. We will miss him. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

Olusegun & Oluyinka Areola
Posted by Supo Eniola on June 9, 2021

Daddy, you will remain evergreen in our hearts.

Your personality was impactful and residual . Your legacy would stay ageless and undoubted.
You exposed us to Christian values right from our childhood when you conveyed us to School - Oritamefa Baptist Nur & Pry School in those days. This has grown and remained with us and we would forever built on it.

You've been a blessing to us through your good deeds and impact on others.
Sir, this feat has unlocked tremendous doors in our lives and career. You linger in our mind as a Role Model.
You are a Loving Father with exemplary character.
You are Supportive and Amiable ,even though it might be very tough.
You are Devoted with passion,no matter how hard.
You are Emotionally stable and Matured, never loosing your cool.
You are Humble, Diligent, Hardworking,
You are respectful,
You are pleasant,
You are trustworthy,
You are caring,
You are dependable,
You are patient,
You are forgiving,
You are one in a million above all,you inspire others.

We know you have join the Saint, but you have transited into greater Glory where we shall someday see again.
You are ever in our heart,
You came
You saw
You conquered

Your legacy lives for ever in our heart and we will tell generation yet unborn about our darling daddy and grand Pa, Venerable Godwin Ogunlowo JP.

Sleep on our great daddy and mentor. Until we meet to part no more.
Your son,
Supo Eniola,
Soladsec Funeral Services.
Posted by Ayo Mosuro on June 9, 2021

Baba Oguns as we all used to refer to and call Venerable Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo is in all truthfulness and sincerity a gentleman per excellence.
Baba Loke as he was also sometimes referred to by virtue of the location of his house on the tip of a plateau, in consideration of the topography of the Kumapayi Road in Iwo Road.

Baba Oguns was our Daddy Pa EA Idowu's closest ally, friend, relation and buddy and their character and live style seemed to intersect and correlate in various ways.

Venerable Ogunlowo was a man of honour, integrity, honesty, humility, calmness, forthrightness and peace, who at all times stood for the truth, he had a heart filled with love for all who he came in contact with, one could intuitively perceive the kindness and love that oozed out of his heart through his beautiful voice which was also so calming.

He was sincerely a man without a guile who had no mean streak in him and as he was a man of the scriptures what comes to mind here is Psalms 32:2 which states 'Blessed is the man unto whom the Lord imputeth not iniquity and in whose spirit there is no guile'

He certainly was a man with a pure heart and not a single iota of animosity nor negativity could be ascribed to him. He was a loving husband and caring father not just to his biological children but to all and sundry be they relations in the familial sense and even to those with no family connection to him, this can be seen in the way he related to us children of Pa EA Idowu and the extended Idowu family, he was not one to differentiate nor discriminate between children and in- laws

He was an Husband, Father, Grandfather, an Administrator, a Priest and a Communitarian.
In his capacity as an administrator, he served in the Civil Service of the old Western Region/State thereafter Oyo State for over three decades, he rose to become Chief Protocol Officer, a position which entailed a lot of responsibilities and he performed diligently, effectively, efficiently without a blemish.

He was extremely straight forward and honest in the carrying out of his duties and official assignments.
Baba Oguns shunned all filthy lucre inspite of obvious temptations, which is a reflection once again of his integrity and honesty.
He was advised by some to effect a change in his date of birth in order to elongate his years of service, this man of integrity bluntly refused to do such, seeing it as wrong and indefensible based on his uprightness, values and principles.
He stood on the side of righteousness, undoubtedly he was a man who did not compromise on his integrity.

As Psalms 5:8 says in the Holy Bible ' Lead me O Lord in thy righteousness, because of mine enemies make the way straight before my face'
The Lord Almighty led Baba Ogunlowo in His righteousness and made his way straight.

As a Priest he was diligent in his service in the Lord's vineyard and practiced what he preached as evident in his life, seen by his contentment and happiness in serving the Lord Second( 2nd) Corinthians 9:10 states "Now he that ministereth seed to the sower both minister bread for your food, multiply your seed sown and increase the fruit of your righteousness". Venerable Ogunlowo was a sower in the vineyard of the Lord, he sowed abundantly and selflessly.

He was also a Communitarian who gave his all for every community in which he found himself, be it at work as a Civil Servant, at home as a husband, father and grandfather or in Iwo Road where he was one of the pillars of the community.

Baba Oguns, Baba Loke, our Baba, Venerable Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo was without a doubt a kind and loving man who played his part in these different roles with the fear and word of the Lord guiding him all the steps of the way.

We shall all surely miss Baba Oguns, his dulcet soft voice, soliciting always of our well-being and ending such meetings with us with a prayer seeking the Lord's guidance and care for us.

We are however comforted that he lived his life guided by the word and dictates of the Lord Almighty our Creator as given to us by Jesus Christ our Lord and saviour who came to save us all form perdition.

The book of Hosea 2:19 says 'I will betroth thee unto me forever, yea, I will betroth thee unto me in righteousness and in judgment and in loving kindness and in mercies.

James 3:18 says 'The fruit of the righteous is sown in them that make peace'
1st John 3:17 says 'Little children, let no man deceive you, he that doeth righteousness is righteous even as he is righteous'

Our dear and loving Baba, Venerable Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo was a peaceful man, a man with a good and loving heart, a man without guile and as far as we humans can say he sought to do that which was good and right all times, thereby seeking righteousness always.
He sincerely, genuinely and truly loved his neighbour as himself.

May his loving and gentle spirit awake to joyous activity in more luminous realms.

Ayo Mosuro
For and on behalf of the Pa EA Idowu family
Posted by Mrs Elizabeth Adeyemi on June 9, 2021
Tribute To Daddy Ogunlowo.

I was surprised on Saturday night 29th of May 2021, when daddy's Son called me and told me that daddy passed on. I was sad because it was quite a long time I saw him but I was happy for his peaceful departure.

I became daddy's relation when my daughter got married to his son and since then there has been very good and cordial relationship between me and the Ogunlowo family.

There are certain characteristics that are easily seen in a good man and a true man of God (love, friendliness, humility kindness, Daddy and mummy are very accommodating and warmly welcomed me when ever I visited. Many a times they visited me to show they Care and love me and I am was always happy in their company.

Right from the first time I met daddy, I knew he was a good man by his kind reception and humility and this was confirmed as I got to know him better. Daddy was a true man of God, in appearance very neat, calm and peaceful and I was always wondering if anything angered or worried him. His humility and kindness are easily seen and despite the prosperity that surrounds him, daddy maintained humble and kind lifestyle. His humility and kindness are worthy of emulations by those wanting to be true Christians.

Daddy was a cheerful giver, there was no time I met him and did not receive a gift from him and I have seen him many times giving gifts to people. Daddy loved to pray and there was no time we met or I visited the family that he would not pray for me. Daddy lived a righteous life, he was modest, contented, loving, honest, kind, and served God well and the Lord blessed him with long life and peace. Numbers 23; 10 His end is that of a righteous man.

I pray that the Lord will strengthen mummy's faith and grant her physical and spiritual strength and divine wisdom to go through the years ahead successfully. (Amen)

Posted by Olapoju BABATUNDE on June 9, 2021
God has taken Papa in His wings to bless them with eternal peace in Heaven. This is my belief for you as you have lived a fulfilled life considering the legacy of your spiritual direction towards humanity. Your death is a great loss to the Immanuel Society of BAMAC and the entire Anglican family in general. To God be the glory for a life well spent. Daddy, you were a rare gem and an embodiment of peace and unity. Your pleasant memories will forever be cherished. You lived a gentle but purpose-driven life. You were a mentor and true leader with impeccable characters, very honest and diligent. Rest peacefully in the Bossom of your creator.
Adieu Grandpa.
Posted by Paulinton Ayeni on June 9, 2021
My Suffragan Bishop, you lived a life of unparalleled dedication to God and service to humanity, for His glory alone. You were such a gentle and caring father, a faithful servant/follower of Christ, a lover of Christian music, a quintessential evangelist, and passionate Preacher of Christ's gospel. Little wonder God blessed you with a fruitful long life unto ripe old age, and ended with a peaceful and glorious exit.
You displayed an uncommon Christian love to me during your 80th birthday when you noticed that I share the same birth date (my 50th) with you, and ever since, you embraced me as a special friend.
You fought a good fight as a Soldier of Christ, kept the faith, finished the race gloriously, and now gone to receive your well deserved crown at your Master's feet.
Rest on sweetly, till resurrection morning when we shall meet to part no more.
From: Ayeni Paulinton (Your Birthday mate).
Posted by Oluwatoyin Oyewole on June 9, 2021
I was privileged to have had a close relationship with grandpa Ogunlowo while I was staying with Daddy and mummy Ajaav. Grandpa will always shower me with prayers especially when I serve him great meals. I will never forget the very day I got back to Batuta from my outing and I met grandpa struggling to fix his radio, so I walked up to him and told him I could fix it. He laughed and gave a doubting reply. So I collected the radio by faith and and I was graced to fix it. He was so shocked and surprised. He said, I quote “ Toyin! How did you fix the radio I have been struggling to fix it since an hour ago”, and then I gave a reply that it was the holy spirit that helped me. He said, I quote “you are a prophetess”! We laughed and laughed afterwards. He is just so loving to be with. With the little closeness I had with you grandpa, I will forever cherish three great memories that are so dear to me, your cheerfulness, your company and your infectious smile.. Rest on granny!
Posted by Olanrewaju Babalola on June 9, 2021
Baba Ogunlowo was a man of many path, a great Priest, an exemplary father to many both biological and spiritual children and a dedicated, loving and caring husband.
Baba, your time with us was very impactful, we will forever miss you. My wife and I will always remember your prayers for all ministers and their wives after church service every Sunday, the love you showered on all who cross your path.
Adieu papa. Keep on resting in the bossom of your Lord and Savior till the resurrection morning.

The Ven Dr & Mrs Olanrewaju Babalola.

Posted by Falase Olajumoke on June 9, 2021
Baba Ogunlowo as everyone call you. Your love for everyone was abundant, clear and shown, we will miss your grand smile, your extreme patience, kindhearted understanding, words of advice and prayers. You loved singing and I learnt you sang till your last breath.
Death is a debt we all owe, but where will we spend our eternity is of utmost importance heaven or hell " those who follow Godly path will rest in peace when they die " THE VERY PATH BABA FOLLOWED TILL THE LAST MINUTE OF HIS LIFE.
Baba rest on in the bosom of your creator, till we meet to part no more AMEN
Posted by Oginni Babafemi on June 9, 2021
Baba Ogunlowo as he's fondly called was a great example of a reverend gentleman and a genuine clergy man with an exemplary lifestyle. Always greeting everyone and praying for them. Baba will always discuss with us about the tunes we played to hymns after service and we'll surely miss those lovely interactions. Baba fought the good fight, kept the faith and won the race on earth!
Goodnight Daddy.
Posted by Dayo Ade on June 9, 2021
I bless God for daddy's life, you were so caring, concerned and passionate about our growth and development both spiritually and physically. You will always ask after everyone' well being. Your examplary leadership is one to emulate. Thank you for all you did, continue to rest in the bossom of your Lord and Savior. We
love you daddy. Mrs Aderonke Sofowora
Posted by Kemi Ayeni on June 8, 2021
Baba wa owon, the entire family of Elder Tade Ogunleye give glory to God for the well fullfilled life of devoted christian service that you lived.You built and left a legacy of obedience, faith, honesty and humility that made you an outstanding servant of God worthy of emulation. We are grateful to God for the grace bestowed on you to touch many lives both through your ministerial duties and your resources generously. Your peaceful home call at a ripe age is a testimony that you are at the bosom of Jesus Christ until we meet to part no more. Adieu Papa.
Mrs Kemi Ayeni (On behalf of Elder Tade Ogunleye's family).
Posted by Olubamike Adeyoju on June 8, 2021
Grandpa was a very simple easy going man by the time I met him at my friend Ronke and her husband Prof Ajav's place in UI. He loved to have his radio with him, always current with news. He was also full of smiles. God will comfort all he left behind. May his gentle soul continue to rest in peace
Posted by Oluranti Gbadebo on June 8, 2021
Grandpa was a kind hearted, always wearing a cheerful look and was generous. I remembered anytime He Visits  Batuta, He gives Money to us. I remembered a Particular day I wasn't around when He was leaving Batuta, surprisingly, Grandpa gave Money to Mummy to give me. Sleep on Grandpa till we meet again. You will surely be missed
Posted by Adebayo Olayiwola on June 8, 2021
Daddy, we thank God for the exemplary life you lived; a life of purpose and impact.
For you, death is a mere passage, a transition to your eternal rest!
What else can we then say, but to join Apostle Paul and raise this querry: "O Death, where is your sting?. O grave where is thy victory?." (1Cor.15:55).

You were indeed an
example to the believers in word, in conduct, in love, in Spirit, in truth, in faith, in purity. (1Tim.4:12).

You kept the commandments of God as summarised in Mark 12:30-31. You loved and served your God with passion, you demonstrated and shared the love of God with all that you came across in life sacrificially and unconditionally.

Your love and care for your wife, children, grand children, siblings and your extended family was unparalleled.You were a family man to the core.

We shall miss your humility, your sincerity and the simplicity with which you approached and handled issues of life. For you, age, status, etc. are no barriers to relationship. You were so friendly and so accommodating.

I recalled one day, in the course of our discussion, you shared a very deep thought with me about my marriage. You told me that God and not man arranged and ordained my marriage the same way God did yours. I have searched through and found that you were absolutely correct.

Thank you daddy, for allowing the will of God to prevail. Thank you for your prayers. Thank you for your wise and Godly counsels. Thank you for your prophetic pronouncements on all of us.

Your death is undoubtedly a loss to all of us who are very dear to you because of the vacuum your departure has created. We are however grateful to God that because you lived for Christ while you were here on earth, your death is a huge gain to you." (Phil. 1:21).

You ran your life race fully guided by your God. You knew where you were going and you did not allow any form of distractions.
No wonder, the night you arrived home from the hospital, you wrestled with the angels of God in a night vigil like Jacob. You fought a good fight of faith, you finished your race with songs of victory to breast the tape in the early hours of May 29,2021.

Like the Biblical King David, (Acts 13:36), you had served your generation by the will of God. You had fallen asleep. The crown awaits the conquest!
Sleep on therefore, great servant of God, until the resurrection morning!
Good night, Baba Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo.

You son and name-sake,
Zacchaeus Adebayo Olayiwola.
Posted by Adenike Olayiwola on June 8, 2021
You came, you saw and you conquered. Glory be to God!
You lived an exemplary life worthy of emulation.
There are so many things to remember about you. I remember when I was in primary and then secondary school and mummy was in the university, your friends called me your wife because I was always cooking for my siblings.
Daddy was my supervisor. You were strict and firm but I loved you that way and I would choose you over and over again.
You were a prayer warrior and you always prayed for us.
You were a chorister for many years and you sang till you breathed your last.
My daddy, you were caring, loving and dedicated.
You loved my husband too and you were always asking of him.
As far as our house is, you would come and say hello even at your old age.
You loved your jewel of inestimable value to the end.
Daddy I will never forget you. You are a rare gem!

Your daughter,
Adenike Omolara Olayiwola.
Posted by Tolu Opayemi on June 8, 2021
Grandpa ogunlowo
A father and a rare Gem
U served God with all your heart even till ur last breath
U praised him with hymns even till u gave up the ghost
May ur sweet soul continue to rest in peace
On behalf of the OPAYEMIS I bid u farewell
Posted by Oyinkansola Ogunlowo on June 7, 2021
One of my earliest memories of grandpa is sitting with him during one his visits to Lagos having what I’m sure was a very interesting conversation– especially for a child. Almost fifteen years later, I now remember nothing of what we spoke about, but I treasure that memory deeply because it was a perfect representation of who grandpa was. Grandpa was a very patient and gentle man– I know how hard it can be to maintain a long-winded conversation with a child, but he seemed to do so gladly and never gave any indication if his patience did run out. He also loved to laugh and joke– I don’t remember why exactly, but I remember him laughing during our conversation and I recall a funny conversation we had about spaghetti before dinner that day. Through our conversation that day, I also learnt that my grandfather was kind, soft-spoken, and an all-around great man. I’m grateful to have had that conversation all those years ago, and I know I will hold on to it even tighter now that you’re gone. RIP grandpa. I love you and I miss you.
Posted by Oluyemi Oluwole on June 7, 2021
Grandpa was such a wonderful and loving man. So peaceful and a joy listening to him. A man of prayer and words full of wisdom. I know Grandpa is in a more joyful and glorious place but he will be definitely missed. I guess we want to hold unto loved ones but God has better plans. Rest in perfect peace sir and arise in Glory.
Posted by Iornumbe Mimidoo on June 7, 2021
Yours was a life well spent
Consciously lived for Christ
A glance at you screamed discipline
Yet the smile that accompanied it spoke endlessly of love
A man of praise and prayer
Memories of your visits to the Ajavs remain fresh at heart
Your special chair at the dinning table
How you almost turned blessings before meal into prayer meetings
Your love for songs
Mostly those featuring the word "Ope"
A man full of gratitude indeed
I'm privileged to have met you
The one who use to call me in three folds
"Omo Ronke"
"Omo dada"
How you use to pat my back mostly thrice whenever I genuflected to greet you
With you, it was always a three "fold thing"
Now I can decipher the mystery
It was your way of blessing me in the name of God the Father, Son and the Holy Spirit
For all these and more, I'm grateful to God
You lived for Christ
Only those who live for Christ truly live
And those who truly live never die
After all, that's all that matters
Your legacies remain
Your seeds are a testament to that
You've joined the cloud of witnesses to cheer us on
May we never loose the way
You live on grandpa "O" !!!

Posted by Pelumi Ogunlowo on June 7, 2021
Grandpa was a kind and happy man and it's only become more apparent in these last few weeks since his passing, listening to people tell stories about his life and the kind of man he was. I remember how excited grandpa would get when we visited Iwo Road. He would be in his study doing anything from preparing a sermon, studying a book or eating, but he would always want to us to sit and talk with him. When he and grandma would come to Lagos, we would go on walks or sit on the dining table and just talk. I remember when I was younger I used to think he was so cool because he wasn't like the grandpa's in all the books and movies, he used to stay up late. I'm thankful I got to chat with grandpa before he passed, hear him laugh, albeit quietly, and see him smile one last time. I thank God for the life he lived. I know he's with God now and I pray that he's resting peacefully. I love you Grandpa.
Posted by Wemimo Olayiwola on June 7, 2021
Dear Grandpa,
I am thankful to God for the life you lived.
I am thankful that you knew God and served him your whole life.
I am thankful that I got to spend some of your last days with you.
I am thankful for all the prayers and words of encouragement.
You were so full of love and kindness and you were quick to apologize even when you were not at fault.
You lived a full and exemplary life.
I love and miss you.
Posted by Olatomiwa Bolaji on June 7, 2021
Baba, Archdeacon Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo you came, you saw and you conquered. Thank God for the useful life you led; you were a good example to all and sundry as you were a loving husband to your wife of 57 years, a caring father to your Godly children and you were very compassionate to everyone who came your way.

Your various good examples worthy of emulation which are numerous include kindness, generosity, humility, perseverance, patience, good disposition to humanity to mention a few that readily come to mind. You left an indelible mark on the sand of time and in the lives of Ogunlowo and Bolaji families as well as the Nigerian Anglican Communion and they cannot easily forget you.

Sleep on our revered and wonderful father and may your gentle soul rest in perfect peace.
Adieu Papa, until when we meet at the feet of God Almighty where we shall part no more.
Posted by Mogbekeloluwa Olayiwola on June 7, 2021
Dear Grandpa,
It's me Gbeke!
Thankful to God for being a part of a life well lived.
Thank you for living a life of impact.
Thank you for all your prayers over us.
Thank you for celebrating our successes and encouraging us to do better.
You were indeed a blessing to your generation!
Continue to rest in the bosom of our Lord Jesus Christ.
Till we meet to part no more!
I love you so much grandpa.

Posted by Mrs Emily Faderera on June 7, 2021
Dad, Words are just too inadequate to quantify the fatherly care you gave me as a female child.
You were advised not allow me to further my education after my primary school education yet you stooped down for me to ride on your shoulders to rise to the peak of my career in life.
You would miss your meals just because of me and you monitored my day to day physical and spiritual life. You never want me to suffer any form of discomfort.

Oriki iya yin ro yin gidigidi...
Omo obolojo sun baa le fa onigba mora
Omo ti efon ta ayaye
Ijesha Akanni ogunre ra ilu do
Ijesha ko nidi Isana
Ile ni eru o wa ti mu ina re oko

Sun re laya Olugbala re o
Posted by Babatunde Akinmulero on June 7, 2021
There is no doubting the fact that your life was an outstanding one full of service to God and mankind. You impressed me a lot during my brief contact with you and you have now left a legacy to the younger generation worthy of emulation.

Adieu Sir
Posted by Pastor and Dns Supo Ogunw... on June 7, 2021
When sages come into the planet earth, they live their lives and leave legacies. Among the legacies we have from you include
A. Diligence
B. Creativity(In songs)
C. Devotion
D. Contentment
I shall forever be grateful for the part you played as our surrogate father. You radiated love; spread joy to all and sundry; you were supportive to the young and old; Baba, continue to enjoy the bliss at the bosom of our Lord and Saviour.
Good night to our Papa Ven Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo.
Posted by Ven. Lolu Akinyinka on June 7, 2021

"HELP, LORD, for the godly man ceases! For the faithful disappear from among the sons of men." Psalm 12:1.

Papa Godwin Adebayo OGUNLOWO joined the Saints Triumphants on Saturday, 29th May, 2021. He has teamed up with the cloud of witnesses in the realm of the spirit telling us to watch and pray. We at BOMAC Olubadan Estate where Papa served as the 3rd Vicar some 20years ago celebrate his Ministry of Reconciliation. He was a peaceful and easygoing person from his days as a Chorister and later Lay Reader at St. Paul' s Church Yemetu, Ibadan.

We salute the steadfastness of Mama Ogunlowo (of Bishop Bolaji's dynasty Agbiringidi), who stood by her husband in the ministry. They were around to plant a tree of remembrance in 2018 during the Silver Jubilee Anniversary of the Church.

It is worthy of mentioning that Papa was a mentor to the present Vicar of the  Church, the Ven. Lolu Akinyinka. He served his intern with Papa and Mama as a student in Immanuel College of Theology, samonda, Ibadan at St. Paul' s Church, Elewi-Odo, Ibadan.

Good night Papa till we meet on the Resurrection Day.

Papa Venerable Godwin Adebayo OGUNLOWO came to this life and contributed his own part to the glory of God. May his gentle soul rest in peace.
Posted by Olayiwola Rereloluwa on June 7, 2021
Dear grandpa,
Thank you for all the things you taught us, in your words and intentional actions.
Thank you for the constant words of advice, and your support to each and everyone of us.
Thank you for being a great example of a true believer.
Thank you for being so loving and caring, and in summary, the best.
Thank you indeed! For so many other things we can't even begin to mention.
I miss and love you so much grandpa.

Posted by yinka oshodi on June 6, 2021
We thank God for a well lived life of daddy Ogunlowo.Daddy was a good and faithful husband to mommy, they are both like Aquila and Priscilla of the Bible. May daddy's soul continue to rest in peace. May God comfort the whole family. Daddy will be greatly missed.
Love, Femi & Yinka Oshodi
Posted by Blessing Stephen-Dada on June 7, 2021
Oh grandpa !

Thanks for always praying for us severally during phone calls and anytime you saw us.

Thanks for adding 'big' to my name. You always called me big Blessing. And you were consistent with it.

Thanks for giving me a mum (Dr. Aderonke Ajav) who has a heart of gold.
I went to U I in April 2021 to say thank you but you were so sleepy you didnt call me big Blessing.

Obviously you have now slept off.
Bye grandpa. We trust Jesus grace for the rest of us

Mrs. Blessing Stephen-Dada (Nee Ajav)
Posted by Titilola Adeolu on June 6, 2021
Daddy Iwo Rd, how we miss you so much. How much am I able to talk about, from childhood? Your show of love transcended than imagined. I remember travelling from Ibadan to spend school holidays and rode in your VW Beetle to Church in Yemetu. I also recall the times I returned home from boarding school and got a little ‘telling off’ from you (better than mummy’s) for hiding empty coke bottles under the bed. You were very accommodating, gentle, very humble, friendly and caring. I appreciate and thank you for sharing your wife with me when she attended landmark birthdays and performed grandmotherly role to your newly born Prof. You readily granted my request with love, saying, “iya yin ni.........”.
You joyfully served the Lord, worthy of emulation to us all. I am really grateful to God for the quality moments shared with you recently at UI and for all your prayers. As you gallantly transited to the world beyond, we shall all continue to relish those beautiful memories, knowing that you are much more in a better place resting in the bosom of your creator. Sleep on daddy Iwo Road.
Posted by Emmanuel Ajav on June 6, 2021
Daddy as he was fondly called was a great man in my assessment.I heard of him in 1982 when some of the brethren in the IVCU were being persecuted.He persecuted her daughter very well but when he eventually turned it was a round about turn.He eventually retired as a Venerable Archdeacon in the Anglican communion.My second encounter with Daddy was in 1990 when his first daughter agreed to marry me..He opposed us very sincerely and when after three years he agreed he did it with all his heart.I could still remember when on our wedding day the priest asked "who giveth this woman..."Daddy shouted at the top of his voice "I DO.Since our wedding Daddy has gradually accepted me as his son.He was always praying for me and my wife.Most of our wedding anniversary days he was always there with us if we were in the country.In his last moments he declared "Emma, you have become part of the family.Whenever Daddy was not happy he will not hide it from us.Daddy was also very appreciative.Any little thing done for him or his wife(Mummy) was always overappreciated.He cared affectionately.Always asking after my people from Benue and my fellowship brethren at UI.If there was any crises in UI Daddy will be the first to call.With all the little things mentioned Daddy was truly a great man!As an individual he will seriously missed.As a family a great vaccum has been created.We are however consoled by the way he passed on PEACEFUL.Our GOD REIGNS!
Prof.Emmanuel A. Ajav.(Son in-law/Son)
Posted by Adesola Ogunsola on June 6, 2021
[5/29, 2:14 PM] Ogunsola Adesola Emmanuel: Glorious Exit Of An Icon.
[5/29, 2:14 PM] Ogunsola Adesola Emmanuel: On behalf of the National President Oluponna Development Association Otunba Juius Akinlabi, Members of National Executive Council, Sons and Daughters of Oluponna Home and Diaspora announced the peaceful passing away of one of our founding fathers Oluponna Development Association (ODA) and the one that composed Oluponna National Aithem Ven Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo this morning.
May the almighty God be with his Wife, Children and entire members of Ogunlowo family,Aro Omojogun Ile,ODA Ibadan Branch and Oluponna(Home & Diaspora) in general.
The burial arrangement shall be announced later by the family.Godwin Adebayo Omo Ogunlowo. Ijesa abeni onile obi,Iwo lomo Owo ile,Omo ise Owo ti koje ki awon Baba re ko bere toko,Iwo lomo Olowo isenbaye ki Owo sile to de,ko to di taja ko to di teran,Omo olobi wowotinwo,Omo olobi wowotinwo eyi todara won a taa eyiti ko dara won a da so gbo.Ijesa abeni ajenifuja Omo Owo odi owuro oo.

Sola Ogunsola.
National PRO.
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Posted by Ajala Ayokunle on July 31, 2021
Baba . continue to rest with your Lord Jesus Christ till we meet in the feet of our Lord Jesus Christ
Posted by Akin Bolaji on July 2, 2021
Papa Venerable G.A Ogunlowo, though you are no more, we would always cherish your memory, your kindness, the love you had for all, your patience and above all, your walk with God. Alas, the day we were toasting and sharing the fruit juice to celebrate Sis Nike's promotion, I never knew you were already bidding us bye. You came to the sitting room with your cup in hand and you said "gbogbo yin le ma se oriire, igbega a de ba yin", then you went back to your sweet radio!. Such love for all. I remember always waiting for you to come back from work in my early years with such egarness. You always brought newspapers from work and though it was stale news by evening, it was worth the waiting. I equally remember walking behind you, on the way to church @ BAMAC and I could not keep pace with you! It was because you were so conscious of time and would never be late to service. So many other fond memories which I hold dear to heart. I can't remember ever meeting you angry or shouting at someone. We used to disturb your evenings by playing football outside the house, but you never complained, not even once. Fast forward to recent years, anytime we meet, you will remind me of so and so person, asking that I should not forget to extend a hand to them, no matter how small. You taught me the art of giving, even when it's not convenient. Adieu Papa Ogunlowo, sleep well till we meet to part no more. You fought the good fight and won the crown of glory. Rest in eternal bliss!

Gboyega Bolaji
Posted by Saheed Oyebola on June 16, 2021
Our dear GMD (Dr. Olufemi Ogunlowo) and every member of the Ogunlowo, please accept my deepest sympathy for the loss of your father and grandfather. May His soul rest in perfect peace. Amin.
his Life

The Life and Times of Ven. Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo (JP)

Venerable Godwin Adebayo Ogunlowo (JP) was born on the 10th April, 1930 into the humble family of Chief John Ogunlowo and Madam Abigail Awawu Atowuromola Ogunlowo (both of blessed memory) of Aro omo-jogunle compound Oluponna in the Ayedire Local Government of Osun State. He started his elementary education at the St. Peter’s Anglican School, Oluponna in 1938 and gained admission to Ibadan Boys High School in 1945 but crossed to Remo Secondary School, Sagamu and lastly to the C.M.S Grammar School, Lagos where he obtained his Senior Cambridge (Oversea) School Certificate in December 1953. He started work in 1954 at the then Western Region Ministry of Education, Ibadan as a Clerical Officer and was posted to the Provincial Education Office in Abeokuta. He was later posted to the Planning Office, Ilaro in Egbado where he along with other officers worked tirelessly to prosecute the free Primary School Education Scheme then newly introduced by the then Premier of the Western Region, late Chief Obafemi Awolowo.

Ven. Ogunlowo resigned his appointment in December 1955 to start a Theological course at the Melville Hall, Kudeti Ibadan, the course he abandoned after spending a term at the Institute due to financial problems. He was re-employed to his former post of Clerical Officer at the Ministry of Education and after a spell, he was sent along with an expatriate officer by name Mr. Boothroyd to a newly established Government Trade Center (later renamed Technical College) on Awe Road, Oyo in 1962/63. He was transferred back to the Headquarters Ibadan in 1964.

Ven. Ogunlowo rose through the ranks to the highest grade of Chief Executive Officer (Administration) in 1984 after serving meritoriously in almost all the Ministries and Parastatals of Government among which was the Governor’s Office where he served four Governors, Military and Civilian, namely; Col. Paul Tarfa, Uncle Bola Ige, Dr. Omololu Olunloyo and Col. Oladayo Popoola as Chief Protocol Officer. He was awarded Oyo State Government Certificate of Merit in 1990.

Ven. Ogunlowo was sent on In-Service training to the Institute of Administration, University of Ife (now OAU) and the Administrative Staff College of Nigeria (ASCON) (Topo) Badagry while in service. He successfully completed both courses. Before he retired from the service of Oyo State in July 1991 and in order to realize his earlier ambition, he once again started a Theological course at the Immanuel College of Theology and Christian Education, Samanda Ibadan which he successfully completed in 1990.

Before he bowed out from the service of Oyo State, Ven. Ogunlowo was ordained a Deacon in 1989 and later a Priest in 1990. He was installed a Canon in the year 2000 shortly before he retired from the Church Ministry. He was on holy Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in 2004 where he was divinely preferred an Archdeacon. His collation was uniquely performed by the Rt. Rev. Olusola Fasogbon (now retired) at the St. Paul’s Cathedral, Gbongan on 10th April, 2005 (coincidentally on his 75th Birthday Anniversary). What a happy coincidence! In addition, it is pertinent to say that Ven. Ogunlowo is an “Anglican to the Core”. He is a founding member of the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) of St. Peter’s Anglican Church Oluponna, his home-town. He remained till his demise a very loyal, active and financial member. Also, he is one of the founding members of Immanuel Society of Bishop Akinyele Memorial Anglican Church, Iwo Road Ibadan. He remained a committed loyal, active and financial member till his demise. He was Deaconed at St. Peter’s Anglican Church Aremo, Ibadan (now Cathedral) and as Providence would have it, he was installed as a Canon of the same church in the year 2000.

Ven. Ogunlowo has a great passion for music and he gleefully sings all parts but has preference for TENOR. Ven. Ogunlowo is happily married to his lovely dependable and loyal wife Mrs. Diekola Ogunlowo (Nee Bolaji). The union is blessed with wonderful, God-fearing, caring and loving children and adorable grandchildren. His peaceful and glorious exit occurred at the early hours of Saturday May 29th 2021. TO GOD BE THE GLORY.HALLELUYA
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Shared by Immanuel Society on June 4, 2021
Oh death, where is thy sting? Oh grave, where is thy victory?

Members of Immanuel Society received with shock the news of the demise of our respectable and well respected foundation member, Venerable G.A. Ogunlowo (JP) who passed on 29th May, 2021. Venerable Godwin Adedayo Ogunlowo (JP) was born on 10th April, 1930 to the family of late Chief John Ogunlowo and Madam Abigail Awawu Atowuromola Ogunlowo of Oke Omo­ Jogunle Compound Oluponna in the Aiyedire Local Government of Osun state.

He started his elementary education at the St Peter's Anglican School, Oluponna in 1938 and gained admission to Ibadan Boys High School, Ibadan, Oyo State in 1945 but crossed to the Remo Secondary School and lastly to the C.M.S Grammar School, Bariga , Lagos, where he obtained his Senior Cambridge, (Oversea) School Certificate in December 1953. He worked at various places in different capacities. Venerable G.A. Ogunlowo was sent on in -Service training to the Institute of Administration, University of Ife (OAU) and the Administrative Staff College Nigeria ( ASCON) Topo, Badagry, Lagos, while in service. He successfully completed both courses.

He retired from the service of Oyo State in July 1991 and in order t realize his early ambition, to be a priest of the Anglican Communion; he once again started a theological course at the Immanuel College of Theology and Christian Education, Samonda, Ibadan which he successfully completed in 1990. Before he bowed out of service of Oyo State, Venerable G.A. Ogunlowo (JP) was ordained a Deacon in 1989 and a Priest in 1990. He was installed a Canon in the year 2000 shortly before he retired from the Church Ministry. He was a Jerusalem Pilgrim in 2004.

In addition, it is pertinent to mention that Late Venerable G.A. Ogunlowo (JP) was an "Anglican to the core". He was a founding member of the Young Men Christian Association (YMCA) of St. Peter's Anglican Church, Oluponna, Osun State. He remained to date a very loyal active and financial member. Also, he was a founding member of Immanuel Society of Bishop Akinyele Memorial Anglican Church, lwo Road, Ibadan. He remained a committed loyal, active and financial member to date.

Although, Venerable G.A. Ogunlowo's (JP) glorious exit to the world beyond came after he had lived a fulfilled Christian life of service to God and humanity; but the Society's expectation was that he would fully recover from old age illness, he eventually joined the saint triumphant. Papa has gone Home to be with the Lord where there is no more aches and pains!!! Our Prayer is that Lady Evangelist P.D. Ogunlowo (JP), who is present Vice President - Immanuel Society of Bishop Akinyele Memorial Anglican Church, lwo Road, Ibadan, our efficient, honest and painstaking Officer and also a caring and devoted Wife would be comforted by God and granted the fortitude to bear the irreparable loss.

We also pray for the loving and caring Children who gave Papa adequate care until the last moment. God shall give them comfort and succor. Venerable G.A. Ogunlowo (JP) was a dedicated, committed financial Member of Immanuel Society to the very end. Well done, good and faithful Child of God.

Sleep on beloved, take thy deserved rest, we love you, but Jesus Christ loves you most.

Tribute to my darling daddy Emeritus Veneral in the Oke-Osun Anglican Diocese

Shared by M.A. Ogunwusi on June 4, 2021
Erinwo! Ajanaku sun bi oke!

It was Williams Shakespeare who said "The world is a stage and all men and women are merely actors. They have their exits and entrances and one man plays in his time, many parts."

Indeed, my daddy really played many roles during his life sojourn on planet earth. 
In the era of civil service in the western state and region, baba was a distinguished public servant. On retirement from public service, he took up appointment as a part time corgus man in the Anglican Communion at Ibadan and Oke-Osun Diocese and he served God creditably well.

As a family man to the core, baba was a loving father, a committed husband and  a bridge builder in the nuclear and extended family. He rendered tremendous assistance to all without discrimination.

We will always remember your legacy and we will definitely miss you so much.

Rest in peace dear daddy in the bosom of the lord.
Shared by Emmanuel Soetan on June 3, 2021
Dear Dr Femi Ogunlowo,
We commiserate with you on the transition to eternity of your beloved earthly father, but we take consolation in the fact that Papa left a worthy legacy and a good name, better than gold and silver, not only for his children, family and church, but also the community in which Papa lived and served till ripe old age before his eventual departure from this sinful, evil world.

I had the rare privilege of seeing and meeting Papa in his lifetime at Ibadan on the glorious occasion of his 50 years wedding anniversary with Mama, his dear wife. I remembered the tears of joy that welled up in my eyes as we celebrated the jubilee anniversary of their union, graced by their wonderful children by their sides.

No doubt, God had been gracious to Papa and Mama in their lifetime, despite all odds, challenges and vissititudes of life they had encountered in their earthly pilgrimage. We pray that the God of all comfort and consolation, comfort and strengthen Mama and the children in time like this. We pray God to preserve the Ogunlowo heritage by His exceeding great power and glory.

Dr Femi, we pray that God continues to guide, lead and direct your affairs in all ramifications in Jesus name. Amen.

MHB 976
*Now the labourer's task is o'er,* *Now the battle-day is past;* *Now upon the farther shore* *Lands the voyager at last.* *Father, in Thy gracious keeping* *Leave we now Thy servant sleeping.*

May Papa's gentle soul rest in perfect peace.