his Life

What do you want to be?

At school one day, the teacher asked, "What do you want to be?"  Some hands went up but more stayed down; embarrassed, just like me.  "Architect" said one. I heard "Marine Biology".  "Solicitors and Engineers", but looking back, I see the only one who did just what he said he'd do was me.

"A drummer", I admitted to the teacher secretly.  He laughed and then said "Woods, you haven't got the energy."  Well, that was just the push I needed.  Screw my GCE's, I don't need Maths or French to drum.  I know my ABC's.  So I finished school and left my home eventually.  They didn't try and stop me, though my folks did not agree when I moved down to London town to chase my fantasy.  I later heard the architect was working for BT.  Two doctors went to Birds Eye and the draughtsmen went to sea.  Three Lawyers graft at Sanyo, while the Dentist's at QD, Woolworths, Boots and Tesco's had the rest of class 5C

"A young boy goes up to his father and announces, Dad when I grow up, I want to be a drummer.  His father said, Well, you'd better make your mind up, you can't do both!"

Summer of 1973

It was summer 1973 when Dave Smith-Howell Roger Lonsdale & myself cautiously stepped into a dubious looking Yarmouth pub to watch Gary Woods on drums . We needed a drummer to complete our band for a prestigious residency in Johannesburg, SA.
Through the funny smelling haze we could see and hear him at a deafening level and it was immediately obvious he was the man for the job. Our only concern was his Image, with hair down to his waist along with a silly grin and of course that 'funny smelling haze. '' Was he up to the job'' ?

After completing our summer residency at Pontins ,Gary and Lynn were married at Lound church where I played the organ at the service. After that it was all systems go. With a hair cut for Gary, all the equipment packed and with our wives (Jane Vanessa Lynn & Torunn) we flew out to Jo' burg. This was to be a turning point in our lives and the beginning of "Blend".
Gary soon established himself as a very well respected musician as we worked alongside many top musicians and celebrities of the day.
"Was he up to the job".... Absolutely.
Unfortunately due to ill health I had to return home after a few years but Gary, alongside Dave, Peter Healey, Allan Farmer and Mike Stewart continued entertaining to become one of South Africa's most popular comedy bands.
When Gary returned home after many years we continued our special friendship... Forever in our hearts.

Story submitted via Facebook by Mike Easter - Thank you.