A poem for you, Dad.

Shared by Lee Woods on April 5, 2016

A special Dad is hard to find,
You Dad I’m keeping in my mind,
I wished you could have stayed forever,
But I will never forget you, oh not ever.

 If dreams weren’t dreams or dreams came true,
I could visit you now and be with you,
Distance is one thing that keeps us apart,
But Dad you will forever be in my heart.

 A special smile, a special face, a special someone
I can’t replace,
I love you and always will,
You filled a space that no one will ever replace.

Nothing wrong with my eyes...

Shared by Lee Woods on March 23, 2016

For those of you that know Gary, will know that he has always suffered with his eye sight... At a family gathering, at the buffet table, he grabbed a napkin from the table and wiped his mouth with it and he said 'this napkin is a bit thick' ... He was only wiping his face with a tortilla wrap.  As always though he took it in good spirits and we had a good laugh about it, and he just replied with 'well there's nothing wrong with my eyes!'  That was just the ole man to a 'T' though, he had his sense of humor right till the end. 

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