Grandad's letter of advice

Shared by Rebecca Pearson on September 12, 2020
When my son was baptized I asked his grandparents and great grandparents to write a letter of advice to him.  I wanted to share grandad's letter with everyone because it applies to us all. 
Much Love,

Honk If You Knew Me

Shared by Bruce Miner on September 11, 2020
This story demonstrates one example of his sense of humor.
Back in the late 1980s when we lived in Provo, Gary discussed his eventual funeral service plans with me and told me that when he died he didn't want any big funeral services but instead he wanted to be propped up in an old rocking chair with his hand waving to cars as they drove thru the intersection of 1230 North and 500 West which was located just a couple buildings East of where his old Credit Union Office was at the time, sitting at his feet he wanted a sign that read "Honk If You Knew Me".
This is just one example of his sense of humor and how he tried to include it in all aspects of his life. 
(Written by Boyd)

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