A Rose Stuck In The Butt-Crack

Shared by DJ Kelley on March 23, 2012

When I was a kid, my father's mom came for a visit & my father (Gary) was working on the furnace, & his butt-crack was showing. & so my grandma, Faun Allen, my mom Edna, & us were talking about it & my grandma for some reason decided to take a rose from the vase & she stuck it right down the back of my father's pants.  It was actually funny. I have never seen my father jump so fast.  Ha, & he was about to get really mad...that is until he saw that it was him mom who did it.

Grand Theft Pony

Shared by Jessica Kelley on December 15, 2011

My mom told me that her Grandma Allen told her that her dad, my grandpa stoled a horse when he was a little boy.

Yeah, She said that he came home from school one day followed by a horse.  My grandpa said, "Hey mom, look what I found." "Can I keep it?"  Well a little while later his mom found out that he did NOT find the horse, he stoled it.  'Grand Theft Pony' that's what it was.

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