Pogo on line games.......

Shared by Loretta Sauvageau on January 20, 2012

 Gary Bruce:

About 6 years ago I met Gary in a bowling game on the Pogo game site. He could make one laugh so hard the tears would roll down my face. I believe it was this past spring/fall he told me that cancer was not only back but spread pretty much far and wide throughout his body. He was a great friend and I received the last message from him on 11/19/11 snf he said it was getting hard for him to be on the computer with his hands and that he was traveling for treatment to a research hospital. Once and awhile we would talk on the phone and just visit-I have worried the past few months with not hearing from him on line of in my email. I have checkedd on line but nothing until today. I am both thankfuk and appreciative for the friendship and laughs we shared. We actually would talk about heaven and now I think very appropro. He  will be missed very much. Rest in peace, Gary!



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