Love and memories last forever...
  • 42 years old
  • Born on April 23, 1973 .
  • Passed away on August 4, 2015 .

Gary Wayne Young Jr., 42, passed away on Tuesday, August 4, 2015, in Westville, New Jersey.
He is survived by his wife, Cynthia Palmer Young; children, Gary Wayne Young III, and Amber Rose Young; step-children Alisha Fisherkeller Caravello, Brittany Fisherkeller Borgese, and Eric Fisherkeller; father Gary Wayne Young Sr., mother Linda Anne Layton Young; sister Julie A. McDonald, brother-in-law Andrew McDonald, nephew Thomas Heston McDonald, niece Emilie Grace McDonald; sister, Amy Melissa Young; grandparents Bob Layton, Betty Layton, and Emilie “Mae” Young; and many beloved aunts, uncles, cousins, and family friends. Gary was predeceased by his uncle, Walter H. Young Jr., great-grandmother, Grace Abel, step-son Ryan Fisherkeller, and grandfather, Walter H. Young, Sr.

Born in Aberdeen, Maryland, Gary spent his childhood in South Carolina and Massachusetts, and then Forked River and Bridgeton, New Jersey. A graduate of Cumberland Regional High School, Gary loved Latin, art, his roles in Grease (the musical), as well as football and wrestling.  He shared his love of art and music with everyone, often playing the guitar and singing. After his time in the Navy, he worked as a manual laborer, and he was always eager to help others in need. His children were his pride and joy, and his wife was the love of his life. He also enjoyed being close to his grandparents.

A church service will be held at the First Presbyterian Church of Woodbury Heights at 335 Elm Avenue on Friday, August 14th at 6:00PM.

Friends and family are also invited to gather, as we remember Gary, at his sister Julie and brother-in-law Andy’s house on Saturday, August 22nd at 6:00PM, with music, memories, and a bonfire. Guests are welcome to bring a refreshment or covered dish and asked to bring any pictures they may have of Gary.

We invite you to share your thoughts and memories below and we thank you for your support during this difficult time.

Posted by Linda Young on 23rd April 2018
Happy Birthday in Heaven, to my dear son! I've been thinking of you so much, lately with the b. I know you would be so proud of your precious new little baby grandson, Johnny. He reminds me of you- He was close to your size at birth!
Posted by Linda Young on 23rd August 2016
Last night was one year since we had a special celebration of Gary's life, at Julie's house. Anniversaries are such triggers of flooding sentimental feelings. Painful memories, deep sadness and bittersweet thoughts, but always afterwards, the blessed assurance of life everlasting and the peace that only God can give me. I think I just started grieving, even though it's been a whole year. Losing Gary is always going to be painful, but because of all the love in my life from my daughters, my son-in-law, my grandchildren, my mother, my sisters and my friends I am so happy, grateful,strong enough to go on, loving life and thriving until I see my child again one day. I know Gary would want me to feel this way and live life to the fullest. August 22,2015, was unforgettable and so beautiful. Many family members and friends shared such a precious time as we gathered together to talk about him, enjoy and comfort each other. My girls and son-in-law Andy made a fabulous party, delicious food and photo memory posters.. We had an amazing guitar player, my friend Steve Yost. He played Amazing Grace and many other beautiful, meaningful songs into the night. Robbie, my nephew, held me as we swayed and sang along . My friend Maureen stuck right by my side. provided food, seating and many other helpful things. I felt such love and support. I don't know if I ever properly thanked all of you who were there. I am so grateful to those of you , who came to show your love and to honor Gary. And for those of you, who could not come, I know you were with me in thought, and I appreciate all your prayers. Oh how I wish we could do it again every year, For me the grieving will never go away, it's only just beginning. and I am learning to live with it. Love overcomes sorrow, and grace wins everytime. I am never alone, I am close friends with The Great Comforter, who always gives me strength and all I need. Please don't be afraid to mention his name, I love to hear it, I love to hear your memories. We must speak of Gary, He knows we loved him. He is happy and totally healed now, no more suffering or pain. I love you, dear ones, and I am going to live the rest of my life with as much love and joy as I can! I am going to upgrade this memorial site, so you can add pictures, songs, Love, Linda
Posted by Linda Young on 4th August 2016
My dear son, A year has passed and it feels like I lost you only yesterday. I miss you so badly, it still hurts to realize you are gone. I am going on, each day, grateful for the time I had with you, but wishing for more. My memories of you are precious, and I try not to be sad, but I miss you so much. I keep telling myself, you are happy and God has made everything perfect for you now. I'll love you forever, and I will see you again some day. Love always, Mother
Posted by Linda Young on 23rd April 2016
Happy Birthday, my dear son! I can't believe you're really gone, for over 8 months now, on to your home in glory, with Jesus. Seems unreal. I have been missing you so very much, and thinking of you and remembering all we shared throughout the years. I am glad and relieved you are at peace now, trouble free, and totally happy. Aunt Beverly reminds me to think of you being simply joyful, perfectly healthy, unimaginably fulfilled. I miss you so much, and always will, even though I feel I have a part of you beside me. The love we shared lives on and makes me smile each day. I try to live my life fully, and with grace, so I will honor you, make you proud. I want to be there for your kids, because I know they miss you terribly, but they are extremely independent, very active young people with separate lives and I don't see them much, but I know I will as time goes by. I understand that they are young and must do their thing. I get it, because I am getting older and wiser, learning life's difficult lessons, whether I want to or not. I am learning to accept things that I never thought I could. You are so loved and we wish you were still here with us,alive here on earth, but I know that is selfish and you are far better off and I can only imagine what it is like where you are. I will be content to live with the part of you that lives in me, until one day when my life is done, (and I still want to live to be 100)! I just hope you somehow know, how deeply I love you. I am so happy that I had you for 42 years. I treasure the memories that I go over again and again, for when you were my little baby right up until your more recent phone calls-- our talks, your thoughtful gifts to me, your baby clothes, school days memorabilia, your artwork. I wish I could buy you a 69 Camaro, to replace the one that I made you junk. I wish I could have protected you from the painful experiences and disappointments you encountered. I wish I could have fixed everything for you. But I can't. Only God had made all things perfect, only He can and He did! I felt sentimental pangs when I found your boy scout uniform the other day, and your Gi, from Karate. I want to restore your guitar that you gave me and learn to play. But I think maybe you know all this, somehow. I am so glad you were born and I was your mother! I will always love you! Happy Birthday! Mother
Posted by Linda Young on 1st December 2015
Four months since you left, I miss you really bad. I don't want your life or death to be in vain, so I am speaking about heroin addiction and how it took your life. If only you knew how much you were loved and always will be. I wish it hadn't happened, I never wanted you to leave. I imagine you being happy now, feasting this Thanksgiving with my Grandmom Grace, and your Grandad and Uncle Walter. I wonder what it is like where you are?. I only have your pictures and memories. And the part of you that lives in me. I was so sad on Thanksgiving, selfishly wishing you were still here. I will never stop missing you, until the day I die, but that is when I will be with you again. I'll never stop loving you, my baby boy, turned big strong man, father to my precious grandchildren. We think of you always, remember you lovingly, think of you as my angel up above! If you can see me, I hope I make you proud! I am trying to carry on and be the best person I can be, honor you, help those who are missing you, show them the way to eternal life . Wish I could sing you some new songs I've heard. Love forever, Mother
Posted by Amy Young on 21st August 2015
Here are words I shared last week in honor of my brother at the church service: "This has been a very difficult time, to say the least. Though a part of me is content, knowing Gary is finally at peace, it will take time for the rest of us to find peace. Gary struggled for many years, and I believe God has set him free. Some of us prepared for this many times before, but it doesn't make Gary's passing any less painful. This would never have happened at the right time for us, but it was the right time for Gary. Through this pain, I remember Gary for who he was, and it still hurts. But we need to remember the good times, like Sunday dinners at Grandma's house or Gary strumming on the guitar in his living room. My parents, grandparents, and aunts and uncles were delighted when Gary entered the world. He was the first born of my parents and the oldest many grandchildren! My sister and I were so proud when Gary starred in Grease, as he played virtually all the male singing roles. We also cheered him on at football games and wrestling matches, and when he graduated from high school. When Gary entered the Navy, he was following a proud family tradition, in serving our country. We enjoyed visiting him at a few of his bases. When Gary fell on tough times, it was my grandparents who helped him the most. They sheltered him, fed him, clothed him, and gave him whatever they could. Most importantly, they never gave up on him. The love of Gary's life was his wife, Cindy, no doubt - because he told us every chance he got how beautiful she is. No matter what, they stuck together, and I know that made him happy. Nothing gave Gary more pride or more joy than his children, Gary Wayne Young, III and his "baby girl," Amber. I know his son (my nephew) Gary will have many more achievements, but my brother was so happy to see "little Gary" graduate from high school. I'm grateful for that last time we all were together. And there was no one, no one, more precious to Gary than his daughter, Amber, and I hope she always remembers that. When you remember Gary, know that whatever troubles he faced, he had a good heart and he appreciated having us all in his life. No matter how big or small your gift to him (be it a present, or just being present, and talking with him), he was truly grateful. And he would tell you that. By that same token, he gave what he could. Whether doing yard work or heavy lifting for my grandparents, or sharing his home with those less fortunate, he wanted to do good. So, if you truly want to honor Gary, there is no need for grand gestures. Just do good for each other, help each other, and support each other."
Posted by Amy Young on 16th August 2015
A beautiful tribute from Gary's daughter (his "baby girl"), Amber. She made this statement at his church service on Friday: "My dad was the kind of person that cherished every moment he spent with his kids. Good or bad. Happy or sad. He always found a way to make my brother and me laugh. I remember so many times that I needed my dad in the middle of the night and he woke up and talked to me for hours. He always made me feel special. Just recently I had grown a lot closer with my father and he seemed so joyful and nothing seemed wrong. The last time I spoke to him he told me how great of a driver I was - not that I am - I'm horrible. But he knew I'd be more confident, and that it meant so much to me... He said he loved me and said that I was his 'baby girl.' The best memory of my dad was recently at Burger King with Ms. Sarah and the girls. He was so happy and his smile was bigger than I've ever seen it before . That will forever be the image that will lie in my heart with me forever. I love you. Rest easy, Daddy."
Posted by Pam Passmore on 12th August 2015
We spent some summers together when I was very young. Your life I will keep close to my heart. Prayers for our family far away. We love you all so very much. You will always be in our prayers for comfort and peace. Love, Pam James Haley and Kameron
Posted by Madeline Hallahan on 11th August 2015
Gary ,you were and always will be such a gentlemen,your gratitude was plenty and you respected everyone .im going to miss you dear.please send a sign once in while ok .thank you forbeing such a dear loving and caring friend .I wish everyone I met was as kool as you .great husband,father,and friend love you gary xoxo ms.maddy and family
Posted by Linda Young on 11th August 2015
My heart is full of just loads of memories and endless love for my son who left me way to soon. I am so thankful for the blessed assurance that he is totally at peace now, so there is no more suffering and pain, but joy and peace! And I have the wonderful hope that when my life is done, I'll be with him once again. Until then, a part of him will always be with me forever! I am so glad Gary knew that I am never alone, because my Lord is always with me and takes care of me. I'll love you forever, Mother

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