Let the memory of Gary be with us forever.
  • 66 years old
  • Born on January 13, 1953 in Lawrence, Kansas, United States.
  • Passed away on January 20, 2019 in Kansas City, Kansas, United States.

Services for Gary McIntosh will be held at the Chapel Hill Butler Funeral Home at 94th & State Avenue, in Kansas City, Kansas this Saturday, Jan. 26th from 1-4pm.  There will be a public visitation from 1-3pm and then a formal celebration of life event starting at 3pm.  There will be a reception at the Hereford House Steakhouse on Midland Drive in Shawnee, KS from 4-6pm.

Chapel Hill - Butler Funeral Home

701 North 94th Street
Kansas City, KS 66112

Hereford House Restaurant

17244 Midland Drive

Shawnee, KS 66217

It was Gary's wish to have his ashes spread out at Loveland Pass, Colorado which was one his favorite places.  So, there will not be a formal burial outside with pallbearers, etc.  If anyone wishes to travel with me to Colorado, contact me on facebook for more details.

In lieu of flowers, please make a donation to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society at https://www.lls.org

Posted by Linda Frump on 26th January 2019
There are no words....just love and prayers. Thank you for being you!
Posted by Lisa Hill on 26th January 2019
Today I said goodbye to a great man. One that impacted our lives greatly. Those of us who knew him, and ache with his passing, know Gary as a Father, Brother,  and a Friend. The longer you knew him, the more you realized how remarkable of a man he was, how devoted to his family he was as well as the communities he worked in, and how loyal to his friends he was. How sad it is that a man of such  kindness,  should now be so suddenly gone. We need to remember while it is natural for us to be sad or sorry he’s gone– it is more important for us to be happy he lived, and that we all got to share part of his  life with him. Love you Gary
Posted by Jim M on 25th January 2019
It is good news i have to share about Gary. It is a sad day to endure loss of our friend and family member, please accept my sincere condolences. Gary will be awaken by resurrection to life here with us. God's word says at John 5:28&29 that all those in memorial tombs and graves will hear his voice and come out. Like Lazarus, Gary will join us again, we will enjoy him to our hearts delight and he us. Under the rule that we pray for in the Lord's Prayer Gary and the rest of our loved ones will live on an earth filled with peace and true happiness. It will be good to see Gary again.
Posted by Donna Simpson Watson on 23rd January 2019
Gary , you will always be in myheart , you were the best doctor that ever took care of my children growing up. I surely will miss you . RIP my friend . I will never forget you ever prayers out to your family and friends.
Posted by Debbie Hollars on 23rd January 2019
Omgosh !!! Gary was the best Doctor for my boys Brian and Chad Simpson . I don't know what I would do without him raising my boys up !!! Soooo sorry to the family
Posted by Charlotte Thomas on 23rd January 2019
I started working with Gary when he first started at Troy. He would truly give you the shirt off his back and I will always smile when I think of that time. I'm so sorry for your family and pray their memories will be their comfort until you meet again.
Posted by Jeanne Knudson on 23rd January 2019
Heaven has gained a wonderful angel!! It was an honor working with you for many years. Loved your stories, funny jokes and mostly just being a great friend! Rest In Peace, Gary. I’ll see you later.❤️
Posted by Shar Clary on 22nd January 2019
Gary, you were crazy and funny and still pulled it together as a great diagnostician while making people admire you, especially those of us in the medical field. I remember when they decided PAs in Atchison weren't as good as doctors and it went downhill from there! You had the expertise and mastered that ER! So sad to see you go, thanks for mentoring my son in the medical field and for being a great friend. Loved you, friend!
Posted by Ashlee Willis on 22nd January 2019
Gary, there are very few people in this world that leave such a huge impact when their gone. I remember coming to see you at your office in Troy, Kansas when I was just a little girl , you there to help as dad passed of cancer, you where there to help take care of my children and Grandma as she has aged we were loyal as many as your patients. You just knew how to calm any situation. You treated my Grandma as if she was your own mother, she loves you so. May you have many Jewels in your crown today in Glory. The Lord knows you where an amazing servant of his just as we all do.
Posted by Susan Deckinger on 22nd January 2019
I went to Gary for an employee physical they required a few years ago. He said "I don't know why I am doing all of these" " I said because we all get to schedule with whoever we want" Well all his co-workers wanted him. That has to tell you something.
Posted by Mary Sullivan on 22nd January 2019
I first met Gary through my father-in-law who was his patient. I then started to go see him as well. I like the fact that he was honest & didn't hold anything back. He tried to make sure that you left his office with a smile even if you didn't feel well. He then became my son's Dr. There were only 2 Dr's that my son could talk to, one has moved away & now the other has moved up to heaven. May you rest in peace. You will be greatly missed. Prayers to your family.
Posted by Tina Roberts on 21st January 2019
Gary, you were an awesome friend, and a great doctor. I know I am still here, because of your devotion, and care, that you provided. May you ride free, with the horses in Heaven.
Posted by Kathy Havens on 21st January 2019
Gary was a hella man . I trusted him with my life. He was the most caring provider I ever had . He will be missed . Rest in peace man . Love you.
Posted by Deborah Sass on 21st January 2019
Gary was an amazing and a true friend. Worked with him at the old Atchison Hospital and then later became a patient when he went to Horton. Prayers for his family. He will be missed. RIP Gary.
Posted by Lori Sohn on 21st January 2019
I’ve met Gary in passing through the years, through dad and at the clinic. He always had that twinkle in his eye and a close ear. He was so good with Lou after his cancer surgery and he was not keeping his sugar up. He would sit in the ER and short term stay with us and talk not only as a Dr but as a friend. He was a very CARING individual. He wasn’t pretending or putting on airs when he was on duty. Such a down to earth person. Will miss you dearly, Gary.
Posted by JANUARIE GIBERSON FERNAND... on 21st January 2019
The first time I had a conversation with Gary not related to our jobs in the Hospital was way back when he was in remission. I told him that my Mom had Leukemia and passed at the age of 46. Then he said, you must fight whatever illness you have. You can’t give up because life is worth fighting for. I don’t think of my illness was what he said. I also told him that I felt the connection because he is the one and only person I know personally who has the same illness as my Mom and survived it. I was just so happy to see someone I know made it. Gary, you will forever be in my heart. You are loved and you will be missed! Rest In Peace Gary. Heaven gained an Angel in you. Thank you for everything that you’ve done. You are one good man. So long my friend.
Posted by Rhonda Hook on 21st January 2019
Gary will be sorely missed! Back in 1998 he taught me how to read my own MRI’s since my diagnosis was something different than what I was originally told. He literally saved my life! But literally Gary was a GREAT man that always made an impact for the good on all he came in contact with!
Posted by Julie Irwin on 21st January 2019
I first meet Gary when worked at Atchison Hospital in 91. he later was my doctor in highland while i tended college . then last 3to 4 years was my dr in horton. going to be missed by many. prayers to family.
Posted by Abby Smith on 21st January 2019
Gary meant so much to so many people of our community. He would always go the extra mile for his patients and his colleagues. I know if I ever needed anything for anyone all I had to do was call Gary. Words can not even begin to express how much this community and myself will miss this jolly, honest, and serving man. I hope you have found true peace “Ole Gar”. Until we meet again my dear dear friend ❤️
Posted by Melissa Wardrop on 21st January 2019
Met him in 2000 as he challenged me every day to be better. As my mentor, friend, provider, family, boss and co worker, I was lucky to have cross paths in my life with this man. He is truly one of kind and an inspiration to us all. I have BigMacs quick tricks trained in my brain and a lifetime of medical knowledge and tons of experience to carrying with me for a life time. I'm just going to miss you like crazy but that's ok because it means I still love you dearly.
Posted by Lisa Speer-Merz on 21st January 2019
A man who loved what he did. Always ready to listen, and cared deeply about his patients who quickly turned into friends. He will be forever missed. Now you are in the arms of the Great physician, our Lord Jesus Christ. Well done Gary, good and faithful servant, well done.
Posted by June Rizzo on 21st January 2019
Gary has been our Family RPA for 30 years but he was also a good friend and would go the extra mile for his friends and family. I still can't believe he is no longer on this earth with us, but I'm comforted to know he will be watching over us still. Gary you know I'm going to miss you! Prayers to your family it is such a loss for this world
Posted by Lacey Jasper on 21st January 2019
Gary was such a wonderful part of my childhood. His heart was so big and he loved the people he took care of wholeheartedly. The world was a better place with him in it. Thoughts and prayers to Erin and Sean and their families. God bless you all, he loved you guys so much❤️
Posted by Jan Goodin on 21st January 2019
Always a great man, always a great caregiver. You will be missed for a very long time. Not everyone can leave a hole in our world the size of the Universe.
Posted by JJ SteeleRuhnke on 21st January 2019
An amazing man, friend, father, human being. You will forever be remembered. I pray for all of us you left behind, I pray for your family and am sure they know how amazing you are. May heaven be blessed with your presence as we all were. Bless you Gary Edward McIntosh!

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