May he soar the skies forever more...
  • Born in Australia.
  • Passed away on January 4, 2019 in Australia.
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gavan Boucher . We will remember him forever.
Posted by Waffle Princess Weinstein on January 19, 2019
Episode 008 of the Go F$&k Yourself Podcast (Echoplex Media) is dedicated to Gavan “Whitehawk” Boucher. Whitehawk, who was part of the infamous EPlex Australian Day Drinking team, was one of the strongest supporters of GFY. He always had something clever, constructive and witty to say about our scandalous sex-related topics. He was one of the finest internet trolls the world has ever known, because he embraced and embodied our philosophy: Go fuck yourself. Whitehawk was taken from us far too soon and he will be missed for all eternity. Here’s hoping we meet again someday, across that rainbow bridge, telling some conservatives to kindly go fuck themselves.
Posted by Amy Nodes on January 9, 2019
While I never had the privilege of meeting Gavan, I encountered him frequently on the Internet. I would have loved to get to know him better. Gavan, thanks for everything. The laughs, the thought provoking moments and most of all, the knowledge I gained. Thank you and goodbye, and I hope you rest in peace.
Posted by Darcy E Lewis on January 9, 2019
Gavan, a friend I hadn’t met but I knew you well from your wit , your charm , and your snark. You put a bit of intelligence back into the world. You will be missed.
Posted by Paul Forshaw on January 8, 2019
Saddened to hear of Gavan's passing. He was a witty and rational mind in a world that seems increasingly dim-witted and reactionary. He's a loss to all that knew him, but my thoughts are with his family and close friends.
Posted by Zack Behney on January 7, 2019
From what I know of him, Gavan is in all senses of the word, a hero and will forever stand as one in the Great Halls Of Raptor Corps. He stood up for what he knew, and believed. He came to the aid of his companions when he could. He supported those of us who worked on systematically destroying the worst trolls reputations over FaceBook. A part of me wonders if his family ever knew of this online life of his that we all shared with him. And if they don’t I hope they know now so they too can see how strong, smart, and courageous Gavan could be in the face of his adversaries. This man deserves a statue. At one of the CDC locations? Can we get that, please? To symbolize him, and his work? I think that would be a good start into really honoring him.
Posted by Ami Fox on January 7, 2019
I loved battling insanity alongside you. Thank you for being a force to be reckoned with while also giving us humor, intelligence, and compassion when needed. We didn't know each other well, but the version of you that I came to know was a wonderful man and you will remain in my memory. My love goes out to those who knew and loved Gavan the best. I know the empty space your loves are left with will never be filled, but I hope that peace and comfort come to you.
Posted by Donna Leeane Gillespie on January 7, 2019
Soar high and soar free Gavan. You will be truly and deeply missed. There are no words.
Posted by Abel Carden on January 7, 2019
A true Aussie legend. He will be missed by more people than he would have ever thought possible. Gavan was a gentle man who was able to pick up on a subject and run with it, schooling the ignorant with his very own style. His welcome posts in to groups were always funny and his style was a strong influence on me when I was admin in various groups, I will miss you.
Posted by Don Backer on January 6, 2019
We were friends on Facebook and frequented a lot of the same groups, and thrived upon giving radicue (ridicule) to the arrogantly ignorant. Gavan was hilarious and fiercely intelligent. A genuinely decent guy, his type is too uncommon in the world. He will be missed.
Posted by Arianna Calenda on January 7, 2019
Gavan was one of life’s gentlemen. Someone that would always take time for people no matter what you needed. He was intelligent, kind and funny. We have lost a friend. You will be so missed. We will continue to carry out what we do but it won’t be the same without you. Heartfelt sympathies. Gone but never forgotten. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Carol Flack on January 7, 2019
One of the good guys, a pleasure to have battled the woo with you. Thanks for having my back on a few occasions , it didn't go unnoticed. Condolences to your family.
Posted by Jay Summers on January 7, 2019
It's sad to hear you've gone Gavan, we had many good times exposing the frauds and charlatans of this world and you played your part, of that your family can be proud you made a difference, rest in peace brother, you'll be missed x
Posted by Clara Bentley on January 6, 2019
Fly high, soar free Gavan. You were a friend and colleague in the endless fight against derp and the work will continue be assured. The whole of our community and everyone you touched will remember you with great fondness. A true light in a sea of woo. Wheeling and wheeling above the woods the hawk spinning in the invisible whirlpool of his flight in the thin sunshine’s radiance on a cold morning: primeval rite, the rhythmic movements of the hawk’s dance, round and around, on the line of his own horizons: the day stock-still, and his fire-dance one with the dance of all the planets, one with the dance of the universe. Every timorous heart beneath his wide hovering, underneath his spirallings, fills with terror and thumps through the silk of the thin bosom. The world billows within his wingspan: animals, creatures and man whirling about in his eyes, in the vast vacancy that is the cleft of his eyes, every living soul held fast by the dance’s motion.
Posted by B.B. Baker on January 5, 2019
I can't believe he's gone so soon. Fly free, fella. We'll keep merry and tell jokes in his honor.
Posted by Sammy Sigur on January 6, 2019
Yesterday. The world lost, and we lost, and I lost, a remarkable human being. One whose heart gave out one last time. Some people will remember him as irreverent. Cheeky. Obstinate when it came to the matter of science. Others will regard him with fondest for being a true friend, and colleague. While there will be those whose butthurt will forever live on after challenging his intellect. I will forever remember him as the man that changed my life. Such kindness, devotion, and tenderness. A cracking wit. A craving for knowledge. A gentle soul. Whether grinding away in Destiny, to get better guns & armour to go on quests with his son. Being a tender father to his daughter. Kicking online heads that needed to be kicked, repeatedly. A lover of wine, the Universe, and me. It's hard to put in exact words what I feel right now. Emptiness doesn't even begin to describe what is left behind. An aching void, the vastness of Space. He would understand what I mean. Yesterday. The world lost, and we lost, and I lost, a remarkable human being. Sweet dreams, my darling, this final time. I love you so very much.

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