Posted by Joyce Oswald on July 16, 2021
Dear Bear,

Happy, happy birthday!!! I wanted to share with you one of the most wonderful things your Mom ever shared with me.... when I arrived in Wickenburg in the fall of 1998 (after an Alaska summer at Denali) shortly after you were born (and first met you :-) your Mom told me that she was so surprised by how much she was utterly and completely in love with you. I was so very happy that she had found such an amazing baby. On your 23rd birthday I just wanted to share that thought with you today.

I miss your Mom every day and am so incredibly thankful that she always shared you with me. I feel very fortunate to have your friendship forever. Much love, your adopted Auntie Joyce
Posted by Linda Gould on December 28, 2020
Dear Gaye, You have brought so much joy into our lives ever since you were born. We had so much pride in you and marveled at all your accomplishments. Although we feel much sorrow that you have left us much too soon, we have been comforted by all the many wonderful memories we have of spending numerous family vacations with you over the years.  We know these memories will last forever. We miss you so much.  Love, Mom & Dad
Posted by Michael Sigmon on December 21, 2020
I first came to know Gaye as a friend and as a neighbor in the early 2000's. Later on she became a valued 'partner in crime*' during the period that I was President of our HOA (2011-19). We accomplished a lot of good things for our homeowners during that period and she was a big part of all of that. She was active in our community in many ways, from serving on and advising the Board of Directors to volunteering for the neighborhood annual Memorial Day party. A lot of the valuable work she did for our neighborhood related in one way or another to its private streets and ensuring the HOA would have the funds to pay for maintenance of them at the present and in the future. To honor her for her many contributions, the HOA will re-name one of its streets after her.

She was many things, all of them good; but above all else she was deeply human. Sadly, she was gone much too soon.

Our deepest condolences to Peter and Berit.

*a little inside joke... in fact she was always about doing things properly
Posted by Stevin Zorn on November 3, 2020
I knew Gaye since 1976 or so when we met on a Teen Encounter weekend, became high school sweethearts in Paramus, NJ, and then later continued as friends for nearly 44 years. Being friends for so long is a tribute in itself. Gaye was always such a warm and caring, intellectually stimulating, and delightful person to be friends with. Like some of the others have said, she was unique inasmuch as she was genuine and honest and appreciated the same from everyone under any circumstance. That made for some very deep and probing discussions and I always liked these. Over the years we shared special events, we did high school prom together, she later attended my wedding, and she never missed sending me a birthday card even when I forgot hers.  We got together here and there always chatting about something profound and interesting. Each time we connected it was like no time had intervened and she could just pick up and carry on as if it was the day before. I shared many memories with Gaye.  One that comes to mind was circa 2012 when I visited Arizona for a medical conference with my daughter. Gaye and I hadn't seen each other in a long while and she visited me at the convention and we both got to meet each of our daughters. It was such a delight.  The two girls just had a ball frolicking in the pools and became instant friends while Gaye and I caught up on each others' lives. I recall Peter, Gaye Berit, Shaylah and I meeting up at her house and then out later for a lovely dinner. The memory of such a lovely person will live forever in my heart and keep me smiling. My condolences to Berit, Peter and the whole family. 
Posted by Tricia Schafer on November 2, 2020
Our paths crossed from time to time at professional/networking events. I always appreciated Gaye's warm smile and welcoming demeanor. We always seemed to pick up where we left off, with ease. I just read about this in the Arizona Attorney, thus my late contribution to this forum. My sincerest condolences to her family and close friends. It was an honor to know Gaye!
Posted by Norman Sanker on October 31, 2020
I know the exact date I met Gaye Gould: 12/8/1991. I know that because it was the same day I saw my first elegant trogon, on an Audubon trip down near the Mexican border. My girlfriend-at-the-time Joyce and I noticed another couple about our age. We were impressed by their optics but mostly drawn by Gaye's warm eyes and welcoming smile. Peter and Gaye became friends who we shared adventures with -- birding and otherwise. We all stayed close until Joyce and I broke up, when Gaye made it clear to me that she wasn't taking sides and cared about us both. That was Gaye: fair and caring. I know Joyce was looking forward to spending a healthy chunk of retirement time with Gaye, but that's not to be. I wish I'd known her better, and send my condolences to Peter, Berit, Joyce, and all who will miss her -- myself among them. Adios, Gaye. 
Posted by Constance Zimmerman on October 13, 2020
Gaye, I did not know you but Berit is the love of my son, Ty’s life. My husband and I love Berit and are promising you that we will always be there for her.
Posted by David Keily on October 3, 2020
Gaye, you were a dearest friend, a soulmate, so honest, so intelligent, so self-deprecatingly witty, sardonic even, unsparing when it involved people you cared about. You were the only person I've ever known with whom I could be 100% comfortable with being my authentic self and with whom I could share anything and everything. One of the biggest regrets of my life is that we communicated so little for so many years and one of the biggest comforts of my life is that we reconnected in 2019, just where we left off, as if the fifteen intervening years or so had never happened. You will always be a cherished part of my life and memories. All of us have lost so much with your passing, but you gave so much to all of us in your living. My deepest condolences to Peter and Berit.
Posted by Ronald Fischler MD on October 2, 2020
I only came to know Gaye close to the end of her life. She wanted to help make life a little easier for terminally ill Arizonans and heard about our efforts to pass a law to permit Medical Aid in Dying ( as exist in Oregon and 8 other states plus DC). She volunteered her firm to assist with our efforts to incorporate and Steve Goldstein provided that assistance. We are grateful for both of them and sorry that she did not live long enough to see this law passed. In gratitude to Gaye and to Steve.  Ron Fischler AzEndofLifeOptions
Posted by James Belanger on October 1, 2020
I met Gaye during my first semester of law school in 1984. She immediately became and remained one of my very best friends. Gaye was smart, empathetic, tough, serene, wise, loyal, caring, responsible, dryly funny, selfless, elegant, pragmatic, adventurous, observant, supportive, and one of the best friends someone like me could ever have. My very best to her husband Peter and her daughter Berit. Gaye was very, very much one of a kind and I am going to miss her deeply. jjb
Posted by Michelle Bburns on September 28, 2020
I will miss Gaye. We had so much fun in book club together while it lasted. All of Gaye's friends in the book club appreciated her preparation and the list of questions she would bring to stimulate the discussion! Gaye brought deep thoughts and ironic perspectives to our discussions ( as well as good wine). Even outside of book club, Gaye could be counted on for good conversation.

I guess what I will miss the most is her gentle wisdom.
Posted by Donn Kessler on September 23, 2020
I first met Gaye in about 1991 when we worked together in a small law firm. I remember interviewing her for the job and recognizing the magic of her abilities and personality. We remained friends ever since, getting coffee, sharing ideas and our personal stories. I cannot fully express how much I miss her. 
Posted by Adrianne F..... on September 20, 2020
Gaye: You will always be my person -- my personal hero, my spirit guide, the person I'd most like to be when I grow up, my lodestar, my friend. You are never gone as long as you are loved, and you are so loved. Berit, Peter, Mark, Meg, Margeaux, Linda and Phil, my heart breaks for everyone...
Posted by Berit Hogan on September 19, 2020
I will love you forever, Mom. ❤️

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