Let the memory of Gayle be with us forever.
  • 91 years old
  • Born on July 29, 1927 in St. Cloud, Minnesota, United States.
  • Passed away on February 27, 2019 in Malibu, California, United States.

Dr. Gayle Gloria Marsh passed away Wednesday, February 27th, 2019 at her home in Malibu, California at the age of 91. She is survived by daughters Tracy Gayle Marsh (Lisa Larkin) and Maggie Jean Marsh (Scott Kaesemeyer), step-daughter Laura Zamarin, grandchildren Kyra, Kyle, Max, Jason, and Kelly, and beloved dog Cleo. She is preceded in death by her husband Dr. James Thomas Marsh, and siblings Harold Deering, Donald Deering, Jean Meyers, Kim Deering, and Margaret Wyeth. 

Posted by Lou D'Elia on May 21, 2019
I only recently learned of the passing of Dr. Gayle Marsh who was an early mentor of mine. I was a work-study student in UCLA's very first neuropsychology testing laboratory that was headed by Gayle Marsh and her able assistant, Sue Hirsch. Two great women. Gayle and her husband, Dr. James Marsh, were early pioneer investigators and clinicians in the new field of neuropsychology. Dr. James Marsh had his own separate laboratory at UCLA. I was in awe of the Drs. Marsh, who to me were like the husband-wife team of investigators come-alive from the1930's film THIN MAN. Gayle was a beautiful person, inside and out. To me she was the model clinician...intelligent with an inquisitive mind, encouraging, kind, empathic and open minded. She encouraged me to explore this new developing field of neurosciences. She trained me in Luria's methods of testing and allowed me to assist with testing patients in her laboratory. She encouraged me to follow my heart and passion. As a result I had a very happy career as a clinical geroneuropsychologist. It was Gayle Marsh who is primarily responsible for creating that pathway for me. I am forever grateful. She has remained in my thoughts and prayers all these years and remains there.
Posted by Patrick Wyeth on April 21, 2019
Dear Tracy and Maggie: Sorry for your loss of your dear mother. She was an important person in all of our lives and her loss must be very hard. Gayle was a very kind, caring, and open person; with much to say about every subject. It was interesting to watch her and Kim discuss issues and politics at times, considering the differing opinions they had. I know that Margaret always looked up towards Gayle as a woman who was strong, smart, but also caring and open. There is so much to say, but I wish you all the best and support during this time.
Posted by Dr.Mayer Khakshouri, Ph.D... on March 29, 2019
Dear Tracy and Maggie,
Ronda and I will forever cherish Gayle's memory: we shall never forget how lovingly and concerned advised us on our daughter Lisa, then 8, when we arrived from Germany in 1996. Unfortunately time is the rarest of all commodities and we couldn't sufficiently benefit from her wisdom and vast knowledge. Self lost mother only recently and can very well sympathize with your loss. Let us honor her legacy and continue the friendship
Posted by S Hirsch on March 28, 2019
It was during the late 70's when I worked for Gayle in her NeuroPsych lab. Tracy and Maggie were just kids and so were my two sons. One afternoon the phone rang, I answered it and it was, I thought, one of my sons asking if he could play first and do his homework later or maybe it was to know if he could have cookies AND soda, some typical unacceptable kid thing. I launched into "mother mode" and was about half way through my lecture when realized that I was talking to Tracy or Maggie! (We had been told we sounded very similar on the phone on a number of occasions.) I was horrified and immediately stopped. When I tried to hand the phone to Gayle, who was laughing when she realized what had happened, she told me to just continue as I was doing fine.
Posted by Pelene Talo on March 22, 2019
Tracy and Maggie. I want you guys to know, I AM BLESS to be one of you guys mom, Caregiver. I have been her Caregiver for 7 months. To me it feels like 7 years because of the relationship i had with her while caring for her. She was a loving caring strong smart tough and a helpful Mother. She advices me to take care of my kids and push them to college and to become someone that they want to be. She would be my personal CNN, because when i walk into her room to serve either breakfast lunch or dinner, i would asked, Mrs Marsh whats going on today? She will tell me everything that is going on with the News. I have lots of good memories with you guys mom. I missed her so very much.  I wish i can tell her 1 more time, THANK YOU AND I LOVE YOU. God has gained another beautiful angel. I will never forget you Mrs Marsh. I will always remember you because my Daughters birthday was also February 27. RIL Mrs Marsh.
My condolences to the Marsh's Famiky.
I love you both Tracy n Maggies.
Posted by Nora DeForest on March 16, 2019
Dear Tracy and Maggie, I am so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing. She was a wonderful woman. She was strong, smart, charismatic, opinionated, loving, unique and she had such a wonderful sense of humor. The last time I saw her was the weekend my brother, Patrick, married Olga. She and Uncle Kim were laughing and joking all weekend long. I can still hear their laughter in my head. She lived a long, full and adventurous life. My love and deepest condolences to you and your families.
Posted by Diane Humphrey on March 13, 2019
I met Gayle and Jim when they lived in London for a year. I was just starting my career as an artist and they encouraged me. Gayle asked me to illustrate a children's book she had written. I also painted watercolours for them.
My first visit to America was because of Gayle and Jim we stayed at their beautiful home in Malibu and were treated as part of the family. Jim even lent us his Fiat sports car while we stayed with them.
I can remember two trips to Disneyland when Tracy and Maggie were children.
The whole family will be in my thoughts. Sadly my husband Bryan passed away two years ago but I know he had many happy memories of times past.
Posted by Scott Kaesemeyer on March 12, 2019
What an honor to be a member of Gayle's family. I remember the first time Maggie brought me up to meet her folks and sister many years back, both Jim and Gayle were the stereotype Psychologist that night. After dinner we sat out in the living room to chat, Gayle was the questioner while Jim was the listener. I know as a father, they wanted to make sure that I was right for Maggie. At the end of the night before Maggie and I left I almost felt the need to make a follow appointment and cut a check for the session. I must have did well that night as they later gave me their blessings to marry their wonderful daughter Maggie and become the "son-in-law."
I will truly miss our dinners and talks these past many years, we may not have always agreed but I always felt loved and a part of your family. Thank you for being a fantastic mom to Maggie, mother-in-law to me, and grandmother to our children. I will always carry you within my heart with great love and affection and find myself a better man for having you in my life.
What a brilliant, loving, strong and caring women you are.

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