Gene was  born on  February 8, 1929.

He grew up in the Iowa countryside in 30z & 40z , during WW1&2 . Dad was A Patriot  , A Mason an Elk a Legionnaire and a proud Army Veteran.

Gene graduated High school  in 1947. In 1948 he joined army with his best friend Gene Osborne.  Stationed in Japan 8 months then transferred to the Korean War as support troops.He Remained in army as USDA meat inspector ,  he was at a roller rink where he  met mom and they  married in 1950. 

Gene moved his family to California where he earned a degree in engineering ,and a Career in Aerospace. At Rockwell International a nuclear defense company , for 40 years,, as an Executive Engineer ,, His “Strategic systems division”had the responsibility for the Guidance of America’s minuteman nuclear arsenal

Dad Liked his coffee in morning with peanut butter on his toast and Breakfast at Johns Cafe. 

He was a Strong Family man and mentor. He Taught us values of working hard to succeed. A do it yourselfer. A great example to follow.   He Loved all his kids ,, earned a good living and at all other times, he spent his free time with family . 

Gene visited with mom almost everyday at her home nearby in palm desert . He loved his sons and daughters Nieces and nephews , grandchildren and great grandchildren. It was his Strength that helped us all thru the Recent losses of  Ken & Jayne.  

He Passed away while asleep on Valentines night ,Feb 15 2019,  painlessly & Peacefully ,,  Goodbye. We Love You.  God Bless You