Posted by Gloria Spitler on October 13, 2021
My husband and I used to tease Gene because he was the second friend who went by two names. We referred to him as Gene Jon or Jon Gene. The twinkle in his his eyes meant he was going to say or do something that made you and him laugh. Gene was fun to be around; one half of an awesome twosome and ready to dance at ANY time. Being neighbors and friends in Lake Orion for many years created memories we will always hold close.
Posted by Julie Mannina on October 11, 2021
From Pete Eikenberry:

Gene was one half of an indivisible perfect marriage. He was an all American Boy Scout model for all humans-trust worthy, helpful, loyal, honest, friendly, dependable, loving, but driving cross country at 55 mph he must have driven more than a few people nuts.
He loved a story centered around the predictable and rascally ways of a wide variety of our fellows
I loved to see him, shoot the bull with him and to laugh with him-the finest companion one could have.

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