Father’s Day

Shared by Ken White on June 17, 2019

I remember some of the Father’s Day with Dad at our house on Cleveland avenue. Once he got a weed eater for yard work. He had a little trouble getting it to work and soon frustration set in and Dad threw the weed eater out of our kitchen door. He was really mad and I held the laughter in as best I could. Eventually, Dad got the dern thing to work. Sometimes Dad had a temper but we all did. We love him and miss him not just Father’s Day but everyday

Morning Rides to School

Shared by Theresa Gremminger on December 24, 2018

We always walked to school every day but on very cold mornings our sweet dad warmed up his car and DROVE us to school so we wouldn’t have to walk in the cold, snow or rain. We never had to ask, Dadwas just always there for us on those bone chilling mornings. He even didn’t mind if we included a friend or two.

Thank you, dear, sweet, thoughtful, Dad. You were always there for us without us even asking you. Love you and miss you so much.

White Castle

Shared by Doris Powell on December 23, 2018

I will always remember when Dad came to visit me in St. Louis, we always had to go to White Castle. He got 2 cheeseburgers and he and I split the fries. He ate most of them, though. He just loved White Castle and after we would go to Dairy Queen and get an ice cream cone. I will always remember all of the many things we did together. Love you Dad.



Shared by Linda Meyer on December 23, 2018

I will always remember attending my Dad's company Christmas Party each year at the Kiel auditorium. I really felt special to be there with all the other employee's and their families. I enjoyed the great entertainment and of course, visiting with Santa Claus and receiving a Christmas gift. We also received a giant peppermint stick and a box of Russell Stover chocolate candy to take home. This is a very treasured memory of spending a very special time with my family. I really miss my Dad during the holiday season and I am so thankful to have so many great memories.

Uncle Wheeler

Shared by Ken White on November 4, 2018

Once Dad told me that he and uncle Glen were going to the funeral of someone that was his uncle named Wheeler. I guess that was his first name but he was the brother of my fathers mother. Wheeler lived in Hayti Missouri

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