Let the memory of GENEVA be with us forever
  • Born on May 13, 1930 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, GENEVA GARCIA . We will remember her forever.
Posted by Gerald Garcia on May 13, 2014
Hello Big Sister Geneva: Recalling your devoted bigger sister duties to me, and as you grew into adult world, with your children, you continued to be the devoted Mother, and Grandmother at the same time. Am sure the entire McMaster, Garcia kin-folks still miss you dearly, and hoping by now that Gramma Cia, Marlys Ann, Gail, Glenda, including Brother Gilbert, and Cousin Stuart, are embracing each other and all looking down of us Family Members. Any one of us can look upward and see all your shining eyes, continuing to Bless us Family members, on a daily basis. In closing, all will be surprised at the growth of our Family, as that was Gramma Cia's hope!
Posted by Gerald Garcia on May 13, 2012
Today, yes it was during Geneva's 14th Birthday,1944, the cake was huge, I was nearly 10 yrs old, & I started to blow our Geneva's candles, she said, "No,its my turn, Gerald" so I remembered how gentle she was to me, so I moved my chair away from her White Cake w/14 candles, she was so extra happy with me, Geneva sorta liked me, I think, way back then! PS- Still miss you, my Big Sister!
Posted by Chuck Mcmaster on February 14, 2012
Thanks Chief, my Mom would of loved to hear your words... I enjoyed reading them....
Posted by Shelly LaVars on February 14, 2012
I miss your voice, your laugh, your wisdom.
Posted by Shelly LaVars on February 14, 2012
Thank you Uncle Jerry. My Mom was always so proud of you. I can't write more now as I am at the library. Crying. Thank you for your loving heart.
Posted by Gerald Garcia on February 13, 2012
Every person is born into a particular portion of Heaven. Our Sister, Geneva, was and is like a companion star, around us, giving us point & directions. I ask Geneva, when I have something to think about, and utilize her thoughts on that matter., I truly do, even in my current advance age, I reflect to my "ever-first-mentor", back in like 1948!
Posted by Gerald Garcia on February 13, 2012
Sometimes, I lonely, thinking of our Family leaving us, having only spent a short time, with all of us, I think of Geneva, helping Mom at all hours of the day, seeing Geneva close the front door and walking me to lst & all the way to the 6th Grade in Esparto. of course, I like to take my time to school, and Geneva was responsible to get me to school on time I love her,she protected me !
Posted by Gerald Garcia on February 13, 2012
Geneva, Being my only "Big Sister", I adored her manners to me, she covered my back, many times, she sometimes even took the blame, when I was late, or slow finishing my taking the plates off the table, after eating, no kidding! She bought me my lst "Sundae", w/ her own lunch-money! She was very kind to us all.

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