Posted by Laurie Shepstone on July 4, 2021
My dear mom,
Not a day goes by that I don’t want to pick up the phone and give you a call, at least twice a day! Then I remember all over again that you’re gone. My heart aches like I never felt before because I miss you so much! Yesterday I thought of you all day long and last night I decided I was going to do some thing in your memory, so I watched all of your favourite Saturday night shows! I had lots of laughs and many tears, but I watched every single minute of it and I felt like you were here with me. I even watched the entire Lawrence Welk show from beginning to end, bubbles, corny songs and stuff without stopping! I have to say it made me laugh to think how much you loved to watch that show every Saturday night! So, I had an evening with you last night and I loved it! Every day I have a little something from your pantry, and that brings me close to you as well and I say thank you for all the little tidbits that I’ve been enjoying!
Today I am missing you more than I can say! I spoke to uncle David this afternoon and he’s doing well. That’s another thing that brings me close to you. I’ve been looking at pictures and things that remind me of you all day today and I have an emptiness in my heart, because you’re not here. So, I’ll spend my day today with my memories and my photos, and I will remember you! I am so grateful I had you for a mom, and I cherish my memories!
Thank you for all the wonderful things you did for me and the rest of the kids, I appreciated everything you did for us and always will! Thank you for being a listening ear and a kind supporter when I needed one; thank you for all the fun conversations and the laughs that we had together! Thank you for everything you taught me! So many things over the years that you taught me and now I love to do! Thank you mom! I love you mom! I hope you’re having fun dancing with George, and singing with the Angels just like the song says! Good night mom, I love you.
Posted by Donna Morris on June 27, 2021
Mom, for me, it will be surreal for quite a while that you are gone from this earth and that I will never again be able to give you a hug, a kiss or hear your voice. I don't know why but I never pictured that day would come even though I knew it was inevitable. Weird, I can't explain it. I hope love and peace surround you forever in heaven.
My heart will love you forever, my mind will always show me the beautiful memories we made, my body will continue using the skills you gave me to use and to pass on, my soul will one day be with yours again.
Love you mom, I will miss you for as long as I live. XOXOXOXOXOXO
Posted by Chris Farness on June 26, 2021
Grandma. You’ve been half of my life these past years. Words cannot express how much I miss you. There is a you sized hole in my heart that won’t be filled. I love you.

Here’s to your dancing in heaven (you tagged me for being an atheist, so, I’ll let you have this one).

Love you.

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