His Life

Albert’s life and legacy

Standing before you today to farewell our son, brother, uncle,  is one of the hardest things we've ever had to do. Words cannot describe the sorrow and loss that we are feeling, but we will try.
Albert was born Jorge Alberto Carranza on March 7, 1970. He was born in the capitol of Mexico, the beautiful Mexico City, the biggest city in Mexico. We all called him "Albert", but his friends and co workers all knew him by George, his first name. He legally changed his name to 'George Carranza' a few years back, changing the spelling of his birth name from Jorge to 'George'.  'Jorge'  was always misspelled by people, so he decided to just change it legally, and he dropped the middle name of "Albert", but our family had always called him Albert, and for us he remained Albert.  
Our mom always talked to us about how the day he was born,there was a total solar eclipse, and how she felt that, that was the reason Albert  was born a little bit earlier. That solar eclipse, is actually known as "The eclipse of the century" by NASA. I think that is why he was always so fascinated by eclipses.

He is survived by our beautiful, kind, strong and smart mom, Maria Elena, 4 sisters, Angelica, Miriam, Noemi and Melody, and brother Alex.
His 7 nieces, Vanessa, Jasmine, Jessica, Vivian, Victoria, Miranda, and Emily.
His 5 nephews, Andy, Vincent, Daniel, Aiden, and Gael.
His 2 great nephews son of Vanessa, little Mateo and son of Andy, little Rudy.

Albert lived in California all his life but a brief  5 month interruption in New Mexico (don't ask) lol.
He lived in Long Beach the last 33 years of his life, he LOVED it. He was going to be moving to San Diego in just 5 days, he had all his furniture for his new apartment and had paid his lease already. He was really excited for this move, a little scared, but still excited.

Albert was always special to his sister, Angelica and brother Alex, as they are closer in age and they have all the memories and experiences of his early childhood.  Angie always gives us stories about how they would play around and hide from  my dad, even stories of them being monkeys and getting hurt. Angie and Alex had a special bond with Albert.

He was never married or had kids, but he always enjoyed his many nieces and nephews, and actually cared and help raise one very special niece, one could say, she was the daughter he didn't have, he always looked after her, and help to provide for her. I know she considers him, her dad is most ways as well. 
He had a very special woman in his life, Cynthia, that he truly loved and cared about, he talked about marrying her in several occasions, but they were in different levels in their own lives, but nonetheless, we knew at some point they would end up married. He adored her little girl, Alexandria, he also treated her as his own, his love for that little girl, was so obvious, and she loved him back, she considered him, her dad. 

Albert loved to travel, he loved a good time. We have to say, he really did enjoy life. He loved being active, beach walks, restaurants, always trying new places to eat, he didn't mind driving to San Diego for a good meal. 
And his style (ufffff) he had a great style, he had very expensive taste, he knew how to rock a Gucci watch even with jeans. That is one thing no one can deny, he always looked good, and clean. Definitely had good taste. He cared what everyone thought, he would text all of us at times to ask "does this look good" "how about this one?" or "which looks better?" followed by pics of him modeling his outfit, he carefully thought out every outfit, that's for sure......
Oh how I will miss that. 
He also enjoyed music and concerts, specially Spanish music, he loved going to mariachi concerts and Marc Anthony. 

Albert was adored by his friends and family and it is testament to him how many of you are here today and have asked and shown concern, to farewell our beloved brother. Not only was he a caring son and brother, he was a kind and giving friend. Someone who was always a pleasure to be around. 

To have lost George is heartbreaking – it has come as such a shock to us all. His life was far too brief.
My family wishes to express our heartfelt thanks to all those who have given their support, compassion and love throughout this very difficult time. We know in our heart that he would not want us to grieving for too long. Rather, he would want us all to remember the good times we all shared with him.

Goodbye, brother. You will live in our hearts forever.