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Miss you

Shared by NOEMI PACHECO on June 5, 2021
So it’s taken me this long to talk about my brother.
This is the hardest thing I’ve had to do. 
He filled a big part of my life. He and my brother Alex took my dad’s place for a long time in ways that no one knows. Albert made sure I had new shoes for school, made sure we had food, made sure we knew..he and Alex were therefor us unconditionally like fathers, even though, they missed out on that. And for that I blame myself. Because everyone should know what is it to have a Dad and thanks to them...we did..(My sisters and I)
I am thankful that I told you how much I love you and appreciate you and Alex and I hope I made you guys proud. I know you did. You accomplished what you set out to do! We were going to celebrate that weekend, in just 5 days bro! Celebrate you! And we will! I hope I made you proud because I know u did! I am good to tell you that when I see you again 
John 5:28, 29! 
you are in My heart forever and taught us allot of things that maybe we took for granted and now appreciate and miss 

Just missing you

Shared by Miriam Gil on April 13, 2021
As the day gets closer to officially saying goodbye, I can’t get you off my mind before knocking out. It’s really hard at nights for me. I just don’t know how it will be from now on without you. It’s definitely going to be hard moving on. 
Thinking of you

Long live Albert

Shared by Andrew Pacheco on April 11, 2021
There is no doubt in anybody’s mind that, Albert was extremely giving, whole hearted and took so much joy in helping and being with his family. He always looked out for those he loved and always wanted to make sure everyone was doing better than him. Giving great advice to all his nieces and nephews. Albert was jack of all the trades but if there’s one thing he couldn’t do was give up. He wanted his family to strive and achieve their goals and led by example. He was extremely selfless in so many ways for example, he never had kids of his own but he was a great father figure to my cousin Victoria. Loving her and providing for her and raising her as his own. He showed her and all his nieces and nephews unconditional love. If you needed help, Albert was just one call away. I never got to tell him thank you or how much I loved him but he will forever and always live in our heart and memory. 
Shared by Miranda Gil on April 11, 2021
Living with Albert was a handful. I would sometimes get annoyed by the things he would do. But now looking back, those are the things I’m gonna miss about him. I remember he would always offer to take me shopping for clothes and shoes whenever a new school year started. He always offered to take me to work and would tell me “don’t be afraid to ask me for rides. You’re family. We take care of each other.” He really did care about our family so much

Will forever be in our hearts

Shared by Cynthia Padilla on April 11, 2021
George thank you for loving me and my kids. Alexandria and I are so heart broken and will truly miss you, but I promise you we will do our best to stay strong so we can be with you again. I will miss your love, your hugs, your laugh. You always made us feel loved, safe and protected.. thank you for all the beautiful memories you created with us. Your family said you accomplished everything I wanted you too. That makes me proud of you and love you even more❤️ Love you always Georgie banana head, 
Till we meet again 

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