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George Koukos
  • 58 years old
  • Date of birth: May 12, 1957
  • Place of birth:
    Newark, New Jersey, United States
  • Date of passing: Nov 19, 2015
  • Place of passing:
    Toms River, New Jersey, United States
Let the memory of George be with us forever
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, George Koukos, 58, born on May 12, 1957 and passed away on November 19, 2015. We will remember him forever.
Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 9th October 2017

"Its October and the leaves are starting to change colors.  Just stopped to say miss you today like yesterday.  you are in my thoughts and prayers as always.  Love you and miss you.   Love Laura...."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 4th September 2017

"miss you   Wish could hear your voice your laugh
Or was able to get one more of those hugs.  Having loss of memory and no ability to dream makes me rely on photos only.  Miss you today and everyday.   Love you. Laurie"

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 15th August 2017

"Just stopped today to let you know that you are on my mind and that I miss you today as always.   Things aren't the same without you around.  Could use on of your hugs about now and some of that great advice.  I know that you are watching over me.  I love you today like yesterday and from each day forward.  Know that I thank you for choosing me as your daughter as it was an honor to be chosen by you.  Love Laurie.... As I walk through life alone at this point I am taking the tools you gave me and putting them to use full force the best I can.  I hope to make you proud of me at least from our distance."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 2nd August 2017

"Just thinking of you its been a long night/morning its 3:30 am and its been a rough one... Went to church the other day and lit candle in your honor.  Few prayers while I was there.   It was nise and peaceful - miss you - Words with Friends just not the same without you.   Love and miss you    Watch over the family as I know you do and always did -  Love Laura"

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 19th July 2017

"Miss you today just like yesterday ... Rest peacefully.   Know that you are in my heart and mind... the family has been restored to a peaceful place... kept my promise to you and gave it time.. time heals only so many wounds... your are forever missed but never forgotten...  Love Laurie..."

This tribute was added by Falon Stahley on 13th May 2017

"Happy Birthday Gpa!!  I think about you often and hope that your days are full of sun, water, and crosswords.  Love you! PS I will think of you always in the sunny California <3"

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 4th April 2017

"Happy Anniversary... Thank you for giving mom the best life and happiness and peace.   You shared a bond that two people in life time only dream of and for that am greatful fshe received (and us) and thankful.  I know that there is not a day that goes by she does not think of you nor wishes you near.   You will forever be missed and loved by many.   As your daughter I can honestly say you were moms HERO and for that I thank you.  and in turn she was yours.   I love you and miss you with everyday.  Thank you for a wonderful life both for myself and for our family.   Happy Anniversary...    With Love Your Daughter  Laurie..."

This tribute was added by Falon Stahley on 7th March 2017

"Hi Grandpa,

I am finally getting on this site to write something for you.  I can't read many of these other posts because I know I will just ball my eyes out.  You still are one of the most incredible men I have ever met, I am so lucky to be a part of your family.  You were always so encouraging and supportive of everything I did, whether it was in sports, school, or some parts of my personality and trying to find who I was as a person.

Shortly after you passed away, I got engaged to my now husband Ryan who is an officer in the Marine Corps.  I wish you could have met him, because I know you would be so happy to know I am in the hands of one of the few good men.  I know that you and Pop Pop would be proud of us.  Ryan and I have been friends since high school, and he has been an amazing friend to me.  I never thought we would get married.......so soon :).  We had a very small ceremony outside and went to dinner for our "reception".  After Ryan is finished with his MOS training for artillery, we will be stationed in Southern California, which makes me think of you because you always loved the sun and the water (just like me).  Although the last few years we were not that close, know that I thought about you often, know that you truly made me smile, and know that you made me feel like I don't have to be down because I was doing okay in this crazy complicated game called Life.  I miss you dearly, but am glad that you are out of pain and finally at peace.  You have touched so many peoples lives with your smile and your kind heart.  I'm sure you are giving some angels a run for their money.

Love you so much Gpa <3"

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 3rd March 2017

"Thank you for all that you gave this world - for all the imprints that you made - all I can say is thank you and I love and miss you at this point.... Forever Missed and Never Forgotten...."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 17th February 2017

"Today I just miss you more than yesterday.  

Love you Laurie."

This tribute was added by Ian Koukos on 13th January 2017

"It's taken me well over a year to muster up the heart to visit this site and see all the wonderful people who have said such amazing things about you dad. Even coming to type your name in online brings me to tears. I miss you every single day, things just aren't the same and they never will be. Everyday I stand up from bed and it's just so different not walking out to the living room to see you sitting there smiling back at me. You had such a wonderful personality I found it almost impossible to be anything but happy around you, your happiness was infectious.

Every time I'm with the boys you always come up somehow how you would always find the best place to eat or the best movie to watch or the most interesting places to visit, you were always leaving us with an adventurous day. My friends will always say you were more than just a father to me, you were a second father to them always treating them as family. "The boys" you knew are now almost all 20 years old perusing real careers all thanks to everything you did to help us all.

About a month before you passed I started dating Jordyn and you'd be happy to know we are still together today. I know you didn't know much of her but I know you admired her for making me so happy everyday. I really wish you two got to meet each other I'm sure you would've loved each other, you guys always managing to make me smile.

On my back now I have a tattoo of the #12, the number you encouraged me to always live by and the number I chose because of your birthday. No matter what, everyday for the rest of my life I will have a memory of you and where it all began.

You were the only person on earth that I just didn't mind that you called me bud I just loved the fact you were probably gonna say something to help me out or just say something to give me a smile. Nobody really calls me ebear or bear anymore, mom will occasionally but it just upsets her not hearing you say it. I still have a voicemail of your voice on my phone (yelling at me to get home) and whenever I'm just having a bad day or stressed out hearing your voice again just makes it all better.

I'm going to college next week and I can hear you now saying "I can't believe you got though it" but I actually did all thanks to you and mom. I'm taking classes with nick and we are both gonna continue in the same career. Thanks to you being such a welcoming man me and him both have a foot in the door in the courthouses. All your buddies at the office are always so nice to us because of you introducing us all.  

Just the other day me and nick won tickets in New York to see the Stephen Colbert show and it was Truly a great experience . Sure enough when we got there the surprise guest was Billy Joel, your favorite. It almost brought me to tears when he started playing just imagining the look on your face when he started to play the piano. Just one of the many things I really wish I could've shared with you.

Uncle joe and Meghan have the most adorable little boy now and every time I see him I just think what a positive impact you would've had on his life and even now as a baby we are letting him know what an amazing man you were.

From the day I was born you chose to take me in and chose to care for me and everyday I was blessed to have had you in my life. I will always keep the promise to take care of your Annie and I so hope you are proud of the man I am becoming, I owe it all to you. I love you so much dad I will never forget all the wonderful times we had and someday I pray to see you again.

Love you always,

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 20th November 2016

"Today is slowly coming to an end.  The sun came up, people went about their business and then the sun rested quietly to welcome the evening. Just another day? Not for me, today  is a  reminder that the days will come, one after another, and you will not be by my side ever again.

It is a year since I have heard your voice or seen your smile, held your hand or looked into the warmest eyes I have ever know.  I am so thankful for the years we had together, but that does  not take away the weariness I feel living my life without you. Without your shoulder to rest my weary head on I will never again know peacefulness on this earth.

Your friends are remembering you fondly today.  I am truly  grateful they are so much a part of our lives. We were truly blessed to have them. You left behind so much love and good memories, both for family and friends.

You are and always will be "the love of my life", I can't put into words how much of me has been silenced by you leaving.  I miss you every moment of everyday.  


This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 19th November 2016

"Today marks a year that our world was turned upside down.  As your daughter I can say that time has not healed our hearts yet nor mended the wound.   You were a wonderful father, husband, lawyer, grandfather, friend.. just an amazing everything to all those who crossed your path.  You left an imprint and an impact on many lives in many ways.  Know that you are deeply missed.  Forever missed, never forgotten.   Love Laurie..."

This tribute was added by richard archer on 19th November 2016

"George's wife Ann
George always said that he was vey lucky to have married such a good woman as Ann.
When John Reilly and I started our own law practice Ann was our first employee. She was paralegal, intern, secretary, in fact, she was the senior partner she knew so much that we didn't.
My wife Maria became very close to Ann and talked to her frequently. When George died last year, we did not hear form Ann that much  It was as though we lost two friends.
Two weeks ago i was on the office at around 5:15p.m. it was quiet and everyone was gone.  My cell phone was on the desk and it rang. I figured it was Maria calling me to let me know when she was coming home that night. When I picked up the phone, I saw that it was Ann. She asked me why I had called her, I told her that I had not called her. I looked at the call log I saw the outgoing call four minutes earlier. I did not call Ann. My phone definitely called her.
I asked Ann if we could get together for lunch or dinner. While I had planned to do this for some time, I had not followed through.  She said she definitely would. We caught up for a few minutes and I said I would call her in a week. Wanted to meet her for election day since George was such a political junkie, but Ian was not feeling well.
We haven't agreed on a time yet, but we will. or I think my phone may call her again"

This tribute was added by richard archer on 19th November 2016

"George's friend Cliff
  The public defender's office frequently has interns work at the office while they are in law school. it is good experience for them and can have a good effect on us old, cranky attorneys when you meet a young attorney who is enthusiastic.
  Cliff was like that. He wanted to work on every project his first summer at the office. He was still in law school at the time. Because interns don't get paid, he waited no tables at a restaurant at night.
George was blown away by Cliff. We had several other interns, but George was positive that he saw a good attorney and person in Cliff. He talked about Cliff as a standout when I was still learning the names of the interns
  When Cliff graduated law school, he continued to volunteer at the office while he waited for his bar results. After working at our office, he would wait tables at night at the same restaurant.  George was his biggest fan. He insisted that Cliff was going to be a great attorney and that our office should hire him.
  When Cliff passed the bar, he applied at the Public defender's office for a job.  George put in a good recommendation for him. Gena also pushed in Trenton.
  Cliff was on a waiting list because of the usual red tape of the State of New Jersey, but he got a break when Meg went out on maternity leave. He got a per diem job as my trial partner in Judge Blaney's Court. He was in court every day and did a fantastic job. He was well liked by everyone. I have a picture on my phone of Cliff being handcuffed in court by Don Fazio from the Sheriff's office as part of a demonstration for some school kids in court. Cliff was having as much fun as Don was in front of the kids.
  Cliff's good attitude in Court caught the eye of a lot of people at the courthouse. When an attorney from a very prestigious law firm approached me and asked for a recommendation for Cliff, I reported that our entire office, especially George and Gena were rooting for Cliff to get a break and maybe give up the job waiting tables at night. I suspected that it was someone else in the courthouse, in fact in Judge Blaney's courtroom, that touted Cliff's abilities even more strongly.
  I told George of the inquiry about Cliff as soon as I got back to office. George said that a job at a law firm like that was a "life changer". We could not tell Cliff about the inquiry as the decision had not yet been made.
  Cliff told us about the offer and his acceptance. He felt that he was abandoning his friends at the Public Defender. We all told him that he was taking a job with a great future with great people and that his time with our office would be a tremendous success if it got him a great job like this.
George was pleased for Cliff, as we all were, but primarily because it was proof that good things can happen to good people. George's friend Cliff is still doing very well, I know that must please George"

This tribute was added by richard archer on 19th November 2016

"George's son Joe.
Father's love daughters and they are proud of their sons. George was proud of Joe, not just because he was such a good son and good husband, but because he was the coolest guy that George knew.
Joe worked at the Stone Pony in Asbury park for a while. George told us that Joe could get us in to see some of favorite musicians when they played. We (Phil, Mike and I ) took him up on the offer. We went to see Jonny Winters who was probably 70 years old at the time. Joe set us up with a table overlooking the stage of the Stone Pony so we had an unobstructed view of the show. We had a waitress bring us drinks so we didn't have to wait in line. The show was great and we waited to see Jonny Winters get onto his bus. Vito or phil may have gotten his autograph. it was fun to be a VIP at a concert thanks to Joe.
My wife and I were invited to Joe's wedding. The reception and wedding were outdoors at night at a place in Howell. The weather was perfect and the wedding beautiful. I met a lot of Joe's friends who probably thought that Karl ,Mike and I were Joe's uncle because we were so much older and duller than the rest of the crowd.
George was proud of the son and husband that Joe is.I know that George is now proud of the good father that Joe has become for his son...Danger"

This tribute was added by richard archer on 19th November 2016

"It has been a year today that I lost my good friend.  It seems like only yesterday that we were talking and it seems like I haven't heard from him forever. I will post a few stories today ."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 19th October 2016

"11 months ago today..  This has been what seems like the longest 11 months .   Nothing seems to be in place any longer without you around.  Your wisdom, your laughter, your smile, and you are missed everyday.   Not a day goes by that you are not thought about.  
Miss you today just as much as yesterday.   Love Laurie."

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 12th September 2016

"It is September 12,2016, I miss you.  There is less than three months until it is one year you are gone.  How could that be?  You were here beside me for 34 years and it seemed like a few minutes, you are gone for less than a year and it seems like an eternity.  In fact, it is an eternity.

He made it, Ian is almost 18, we both so hoped and prayed we would be able to give him a strong foundation, but we knew with our age our time could be cut short.  You fought everyday to be here for him, not for yourself, but for him.  You would be proud.  It hasn't been easy for him the last few weeks with me in the hospital for such a long time, but he has proven to be the man you and I saw in that little boy. You loved him so, you live on through him in so many ways.  Thank you for leaving a part of you in him, I see it in his need to take care of your "Annie", in his loving ways and his love of home.

There is a new grandson about, oh my God would you be ticked with him.  He can do the one eyebrow and is a little bit away from taking off for his first walk.  I promise to keep you in his life.  His smile could light up a room, he is one happy camper.  

I know you wanted to take your final rest knowing both boys were secure, sleep well my love, mission accomplished.  

Good Night my love,"

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 12th May 2016

"Happy Birthday Dad... today I will send you a balloon and light a candle for your birthday... you a missed.. Love Laurie.  

Forever in my heart...your daughter...."

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 9th May 2016

"Happy May, the month that you celebrated all year because it was your birthday and Mother's Day.  You were born on Mother's Day, twice the reason to celebrate.  This year, as your birthday approaches, I will quietly let  the day pass. Where is  the boy who was born on May 12,1957 who became the man I spent a lifetime with How could a wonderful son, husband, father, friend be so quickly swept away?  I know all the common comfort sayings, "he is with you, he is in a better place, etc."  Nothing could comfort me, except, seeing your smiling face at a baseball game, seeing you with those crazy glasses on top of your head when your editing something for Laura or  having a "music" conversation with Joe.  Certainly nothing could replace the touch of your hand.  Miss you, but grateful for the life we shared."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 8th May 2016

"It is Mothers Day 2016 and  know that your absence has impacted our lives in so many ways that I guess I never realized.  Miss you today just as much as yesterday.  Know that you are missed and never forgotten.  I love and miss you dad... Watch over us.     Love Laurie..."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 22nd March 2016

"Today like every other day you were on my mind     I found myself writing something and wishing you were here to review it corrected and help me with it like you've done so many times in the past    It's funny how you realize what you rely on someone for after the fact something so simple in life you take for such granted     Missing you today like every day"

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 20th February 2016

"It has been an eternity since I laughed with you,  cuddled up, watched a movie or talked.  I miss my friend, love and companion.   Being with you made everyday one to look forward to living. There wasn't a minute either of us took it for granted.
Our new grandson is just beautiful, I will keep your memory alive with him.  You would be so proud of the family we built together, unique yes, but terrific.  My brother and Nicki have been so kind and generous, I can't thank them enough.  Oh and "the boys" are remembering you often with cigars and a good laugh.  Each becoming quite a man.

We made a final promise to each other that I will finally  be able to fulfill very soon.

With each new morning I have to remind myself that you are not here, in that moment my heart breaks again.  Life is good, but not complete without you."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 19th February 2016

"Three months have passed already and time as they say is supposed "help heal wounds".. Time feels like it is standing still.  The only peace I have personally gained from this is knowing that your are pain free and are watching over us as you always have.  Your presence in our family will never be forgotten and time will never take away the special husband, father, grandfather, friend, that you were.  You were my hero in so many ways....thank you for the loving family you helped create and the foundation you and mom built for all of us - FOREVER MISSED    Love Laurie...."

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 19th January 2016

"As the years went on we simply gave each other a warm hug on holidays and anniversaries, what we were to each other said it all.  It wasn't because we cared less, but because we cared more deeply than gifts or cards could possibly say.  It is two months today that your loving voice was silenced and your warm comforting hugs left me.  It can not be called an anniversary.  It is just a mark of time,  I miss you.  

I know you are with me in spirit, I am selfish, I miss you with me in person,  You always made every milestone in our family special.  

You would have had some witty remarks about the newest milestones, Reids first snow, Ian driving and him and Nick playing Words with Friends!!!

You are in my thoughts, prayers every minute of every day.  I will always miss my buddy."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 19th January 2016

"It is hard to believe that two months have already  gone by since we've  had to say goodbye to you.   Life just doesn't seem the same nor do I think it never well however we are all trying to find a way to make life in your absence manageable    We are all noticing not that we didn't before how much you impacted all of our lives and On what level      You were an amazing dad with amazing wisdom and I can honestly say I have already noticed in two months how much I miss the amazing advice you would've given me.    You are greatly missed and never forgotten and with love Laurie"

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 11th January 2016

"Just miss you.  It has been almost two months since you passed, nothing has changed but everything is different.  The life and love we shared is not lessened by time or distance.  It simply remains the thread that binds us.  Family was everything to you.

Reid Danger Koukos came into this world just before Christmas, he is beautiful, healthy and a joy. He will know you through us and love you as we do.

Love, Me"

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 20th December 2015

"It has been a month yesterday since you earned your wings.  Know that you are missed and loved.   I lay this flower in your honor.  I love and miss you everyday.    Love Laurie..."

This tribute was added by richard archer on 1st December 2015

"George was a great friend. He always had a good joke or story to cheer you up when you were down. He when tremendously supportive of any endeavor you  undertook. He was a voracious reader whom completed the Times crossword every day when feeling well. He knew every television show and movie that was out and would make recommendations that proved how well he knew what you liked. He introduced me to so many people that I now call my friend that I cant count the good me did for me in my life  I will miss him"

This tribute was added by Patricia Coon on 30th November 2015

"To Ann and family
Bill and I are so sorry for your loss. George was a warm and friendly person who loved his wife and family.  You have our deepest sympathy."

This tribute was added by Brian Hector on 30th November 2015

"I was heartbroken to hear of my old buddy through college and beyond. My deepest sympathies to the family. I've shared some pictures of the George I knew; always a character, always a friend."

This tribute was added by Kevin Stankowitz on 30th November 2015

"To Ann, Laura and the entire Koukos family -

I am so sad to hear of George's passing.  He was always such a warm and friendly guy.  I saved and still have some of his comics as well as a list of things to guide a lawyer through life and work, which I have referred to over the years.  My deepest sympathies - Kevin"

This tribute was added by Jerry Dasti on 30th November 2015


I just heard of George passing.  What a wonderful, sweet man, and a fine attorney.   Thinking of George brings me back to the old "Forked River days".  He was a wonderful guy and will be missed by all of us.   God bless   Jerry"

This tribute was added by philip addalli on 29th November 2015

"Our condolences go out to Ann and Ian and the Koukos family, We are very sadened to hear of George's passing. We first met George at my sons baseball game we had great conversations with him , He was a funny guy and a pleasure to be around . He truly had a positive effect on my sons life George treated nick like family . Nick truly enjoyed his time spend with George. He will truly be missed by NIck and also the Addalli family , May he rest in eternal peace"

This tribute was added by Vinny Della Volla on 27th November 2015

"We would like to send our condonelces to Ann and family  George was a great guy to share a story or a laugh with  we ocasciaally talked about the Italian foods we liked or even enjoy a cigar together  I was saddened when I heard George had passed  rest in peace George you will be missed.   Anthony Della volla"

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 26th November 2015

"Family was everything to you.  When the kids were young we had set times for holiday dinners.  Time passed and they were adults.  You made such an easy transition, understanding that they had to balance time with us and others.  Once they were adults our home became an open house on every holiday so that our children and their friends could feel comfortable stopping in for the full  holiday feast or just dropping by for a visit.  You were always ready for a conversation with each keeping up on whatever they were interested at the time.  Any subject, any time, you were ready.  The TV viewing was custom tailored for each  visitors interest as was any music.  Of course, one rule did not change, no Christmas music until Thanksgiving day.

Making them smile was your greatest joy. There was nothing  better then the sound of the laughter between you and them.

We will all be together today, as you would have wanted it.  I will miss the sound of your voice and the loving smile you would give me quietly telling me how much you loved our family.  I will always feel the warm of the smile that needed no words.  

I am thankful for each and every minute of every day we spent together over the last  32 years."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 26th November 2015

"Happy Thanksgiving... Without you watching the Thanksgiving Parade it hardly will seem the same.   My sausage stuffing really doesn't seem to be even worth the troubles.  I can seem the smile on your face just waiting to dig right into it... Holidays without you are going to be rough just like any other day.. You were a blessing Dad...  Happy Thanksgiving... We will be honoring you today and be thankful for being blessed for the sime be afforded having you in our lives... Forever in our hearts... Love Laurie....."

This tribute was added by Richard Lorenzo on 25th November 2015

"George was my public defender trial partner for several years, where we became close friends.  He was blessed with the gift of being charismatic and a good listener.  The type of person who you could confide in, and no matter how much time passed since you last spoke, you could always reconnect like it was just yesterday. I'm sure that he made you feel this away about him because of the way he lived his life.  Always conscientious about others and ready to lend a helping hand, or a good ear.  He lived his life in service of others and I'm sure there are a lot of people who are very thankful for his help and service in getting their lives back on track.  He drew a cartoon of me that my mom still has hanging in a frame in her house, and I still have one of his Adnauseum cartoon T-shirts.  I was hopeful that when he moved to Florida, we could reconnect but unfortunately he passed too soon, and I'm saddened that now I will not have that chance.  I will always have George in my memories and the good times that we had together, and the wisdom that he imparted.  My deepest condolences to Ann and your family for your loss, and I pray that you find peace in knowing that George is in the presence of the Lord and in his infinite glory, mercy, and peace.  
Love Richard Lorenzo & family."

This tribute was added by Mercedes DeRogatis on 25th November 2015

"We were deeply saddened by the news of Geoge's passing. My husband Claude and I were coworkers of George. We both have such fond memories of our friends George and Ann at our wedding. As well as, so many fun memories of times shared with  George and Ann over a good meal just laughing and comparing war stories. He was a true family man and an excellent litigator. We will never forget his quick witty personality and artistic ability. May he be rewarded with eternal rest, peace and light. Sending love, prayers and support to Ann and the family."

This tribute was added by Bill VanSchoick on 23rd November 2015

"George will always be remembered as being extremely bright and always having a sense of humor with a quick wit. He was a movie buff and an excellent artist too. I still have one of his cartoons he drew for me when I coached his son In Little League. George is the one who convinced me to get an iTunes account. He had great taste in music. What a fantastic human being and friend. I am a better person having known him and my family would like to express our condolences to the entire Koukos Family. George will be sorely missed and in our hearts forever."

This tribute was added by Claire Calinda on 23rd November 2015

"George was a wonderful, kind and loving man.  I met him over 30 years ago and looked forward to seeing him in the Courthouse.  He was an excellent attorney, wonderful husband and great father and he will missed by all who knew him.  We have been playing Words with Friends for a long time and i could never win a game,  The one time I was winning he had a problem with his phone (or so he said) and we and to start all over."

This tribute was added by Darlene Scheiderman on 23rd November 2015

"I was deeply saddened to hear of George's passing.  He was always a gentleman who had great compassion for the down-trodden. An excellent attorney who saved many young men and women. I have known George in the Courthouse community for 20 or more years, and we spent many hours together on the Citta Team, and Drug Court.  Thank you for your service and for caring!  You will be missed - Rest in Peace, George! Prayers & Condolences to your Family"

This tribute was added by Scott Frey on 23rd November 2015

"Thank you George for the laughs, Facebook posts, and your humanity. Your easy going personality draw people to you. You are truly one of a kind. Gone but never forgotten. Good bye my friend."

This tribute was added by John Stutski on 23rd November 2015

"A real friend who always had a kind word or two.
He seemed to always have a smile on his face.

After knowing him for over 30 years I can say that he was a good attorney and a quality person who will be missed by me and many more."

This tribute was added by Dan Desmond on 22nd November 2015

"George was a great lawyer, Public Defender and family man.  Always a gentleman in the 30 years I've known him."

This tribute was added by Laura Koukos on 21st November 2015

You will be forever missed.  The fairytale life that you and mom had was an inspiration   If the world could have what you both built together the world would be a better place.  Our family (village) is strong, creative, loving, supportive, hard working, educated, etc. and both you and mom made sure all of us knew the importance of each family value.  Thank you for being a wonderful father, friend, husband, grandfather.   There are no words that can be said that will justify how much you will be missed.  I love you and miss you.    Love Laurie."

This tribute was added by Ann Koukos on 20th November 2015

"My heart is broken, tears will not mend it and time will not heal it.

George was a son who was deeply loved, a treasured father and grandfather  who never hesitated to put his children before himself, a devoted attorney, and a trusted friend.  For me he was simply "the love of my life."

His love knew no bounds, it was unconditional and enduring.  

He could always make me laugh.  I never won an argument in the 34 years we were together, but it didn't matter, it was just fun listening to him present his case.   We never went to bed mad or felt anger towards each other. We easily spent adventurous times and quiet times together.  It didn't matter, all that mattered was being together.

Life will be different for me now, there will always be a void, however, I am thankful and blessed for the time we had together.  No amount of time would have been enough.  

With him in my heart I will do what he wanted more than anything, to love and protect our family."

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