Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His saints. Psalm 115:16
  • 80 years old
  • Born on April 21, 1938 .
  • Passed away on March 12, 2019 .

George passed away at the age of 80 on March 12, 2019. He is survived by his beloved wife, Sandra Meisinger. George was preceded in death by his oldest son, James Meisinger, in 2017. He is survived by his daughter-in-law, Shannon Meisinger (wife of Jim), of Portland, OR; son Keith Meisinger and his wife, Ericka, of Plymouth, MN; daughter Michelle Holguin of Lake Forest, CA; and son Joe Meisinger and his wife, Kristin, of Parker, CO. He is also survived by 12 grandchildren: Steven, Sarah (husband Joe Baldwin), John, Luke, Gracie, Allie, Michael, Jonathan, Matthew, Madeline, Hannah, and Hayden.

George’s earthly vessel was interred on March 15, 2019, with close family and friends present. His memorial service will be held on Saturday, April 6, 2019, at 11 am, at Hoffmantown Church in Albuquerque. All are welcome.

George was born in Eugene, OR, on April 21, 1938, to parents George and Priscilla Meisinger. He was welcomed into the world by his older sister Pat, and was followed two years later by his younger brother, Terry. When George was three years old, his father passed away unexpectedly. His mother remarried a few years later to Jim Wiltsey, and later the family was joined by Jim’s grandson, Curt, who became George’s adopted brother.

For many years, George’s mother owned Wiltsey-Weathers, a successful music studio and store in Salem, OR, and passed her love of music on to her children. Growing up, George learned to play many instruments, including the accordion and vibraharp, and performed with his family. After high school he and his brother moved to Hollywood to try their luck in the music industry. He later went to Grand Canyon College in Arizona to study music, and after one year moved back to California to attend Biola College in La Mirada to continue his study of music. While at Biola, he heard professors from Dallas Theological Seminary speak and decided that he wanted to enter the ministry. That same year at Biola he also met a spunky freshman from Walnut Creek, CA, named Sandy Johnson. They quickly fell in love and George proposed after a month of dating. A year later they married, and after George graduated college they drove across the country to Dallas, TX. George enrolled at Dallas Theological Seminary where he majored in Hebrew and Old Testament.

During the seminary years, George and Sandy welcomed sons Jim and Keith. After seminary graduation in 1968, George accepted his first pastorate in Minnetonka, MN. Within the next few years, they welcomed daughter Michelle and son Joseph. During his 17-year tenure at Woodland Hills Bible Church, George saw the church grow from a Bible study of a few families to a church building with several hundred congregants. George loved studying and preaching the Word, and many were hungry for his expository preaching of the Scripture. George, Sandy, and the kids have many lifelong friends from their time in Minnesota. George also made sure to take the family on road trips every summer to visit relatives and friends in other states.

In 1986, George accepted a pastorate in Huntington Beach, CA. The family moved across the country, but without their oldest son Jim as he was now attending the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY. A year after arriving in CA,
George founded Grace Church in Orange, CA. He presided over this church for 20 years, during which time his children married and blessed him and Sandy with 12 grandchildren. Also during his time at this church, he and some other pastors achieved their dream of founding Chafer Theological Seminary. The seminary ran for a few years in southern California, but after a while it became clear that the seminary students struggled with attending the seminary due to the high cost of living in CA. Chafer’s governing board scoured the country for a less expensive place for the seminary, and in 2007 George retired from pastoring and he and Sandy moved to Albuquerque, NM.

George and Sandy have enjoyed their years in Albuquerque. George taught classes at Hoffmantown Church for several years while also acting as President of Chafer Seminary. He continued studying and writing daily in his office, and loved to buy new technological gadgets to make his life easier.In the summer of 2013, George was diagnosed with cancer, which he lived with for the last six years of his life. In spite of the ups and downs of his disease, he was still active in studying, working, and writing a book about the life of King Saul.Through it all George and Sandy trusted in God’s goodness and sovereignty in all areas of their lives. George went home to be with the Lord on March 12, 2019. George and Sandy were married for 56 years.

Posted by Marty Martin on October 9, 2019
Wanda and I appreciated the teaching and fellowship of Maranatha Bible for barely a year when we first came to Minneapolis in 1969. We were friends of Phil and Myra Hallin. Job transfer took us far away in 1970 so the life track of the Meisingers was unknown to us.
We now realize another thread from our life in that we were part of Lubbock Bible Church with Charles Clough who was a close colleague in Chafer Theological Seminary.
Blessings to all your family.
Marty Martin
Posted by Tamara Casias Shope on April 24, 2019
Matt and I were so sorry to hear of George’s passing. He was kind and genuine, giving and smart. He was also so funny. What a lovely legacy. We loved his humor and how his eyes would light up when he found something really funny. Matt and I both worked for George briefly while he was getting Chafer established in ABQ, and we are grateful for the time we had with George and Sandy. Praying for comfort and peace for Sandy and the entire family. We know they George was a real gift to this world and to this community, but we also rejoice that he is now with his beloved Savior and Friend.
Posted by Ray Mondragon on April 3, 2019
I know that you are praising our Lord for the rich life He gave you and George together. It will not be easy going it alone but you know our Lord has a plan for you. I, myself, am thankful you have chosen to go to Israel with our group. I pray it is a great blessing for you and starts your ministry alone on a great start.
For His Glory,
Posted by Dave Linde on March 23, 2019
Dear Sandy and family,
My sympathies and condolences to you on the loss of George. May the Spirit of God comfort your hearts in these days, and may the resurrection of Jesus be your anchor.
There are a few persons who have had a significant shaping influence on my life, and George was one of them. In a very formative season of my life—my teen years, college years, and young-adult years—God built into my life some very strong foundation pillars through the life and work of George and the communal life of Maranatha/Woodland Hills.
God fueled my love for Scripture and for Christ as I sat under George’s teaching in those early days. Seeds were planted that later blossomed into more than 30 years of vocational ministry. Patterns of thinking about the Bible and interpreting the Bible and teaching the Bible were formed in that season. They were a rich, sturdy, fruitful foundation that I have built on ever since. The authority of the Word, the power of the Word, and the applicational relevance of the Word came home to my hungry heart and, I trust, have been relayed to others over the years through the example set for me by George. I will always be grateful for his respect for Scripture, his attentiveness to the text, his trust in its truthfulness, his emphasis on application, his desire for fruitfulness, and his courage with its hard teachings.
I will also be grateful for his generous opening of the pulpit to me at times during the late 1970s. Practicing my preaching and teaching in that context was a priceless gift and fruitful laboratory of learning. That, too, helped to build a strong foundation for the future.
Through my years at DTS and then in the early days of my first pastorate in Minnesota, before your family moved to California, George continued to be an encouragement and source of counsel for me.
The passing of years brings perspective to life. Gratitude grows for the persons whom God is made instrumental in the shaping of one’s life. Such was George to me, and such is my gratitude to God for him.
His loss is great. May God’s greater grace uphold your hearts in these days of sorrow.
Sincerely in Christ,
Posted by Marianne Melton on March 16, 2019
My first thought when I was informed on March 12 that George had made his divine appointment to go to be with the Lord was that I will really miss my friend. That's its - George and I were friends. He was the best at that; supportive and gracious. I will miss his wit, warmth, insight, clarity of thought and love for me and my family. He was vitally instrumental in the spiritual growth and development of our "learning" about how to live for Christ and serve him. He officiated at the wedding of our daughter in 1997. It was such a happy time to have him come from California to Minnesota. He knew her as a youngster - he knew all of our children as youngsters because Meisinger's and Melton's were a team in love and grace and we spent lots of time together. Our children were like cousins to one another in many respects. George was gifted by God and chosen for a significant role in the lives of so many people. He had a great capacity to serve the Lord by expository and categorical teaching of God's word. His influence for good is not measurable in this economy. I am happy that God gave him to us, and I am thankful for Sandy, who was a steady "rock" in George's' life. What a great couple. Rejoicing that George is fulfilled in his journey with Christ, and now will start phase 2 in the presence of his savior and with those who have gone before. But he will be missed here. To God be the glory for the great things he has done.
Posted by DaveJan Nelson on March 15, 2019
Sympathies to the entire family on your loss!
George had a special place in our lives. Many memories prevail from those Maranatha Bible Church days – our wedding rehearsal “Jave & Dan” (whoops!), church volleyball, potlucks, my (Dave) baptism at Lake Ann, life-long friendships formed, and so much more. It was George that made the scriptures come alive and taught us a love and respect for The Word. He is definitely on each of our lists of the most influential people in our spiritual journey.
Blessed be the memory of “A life well-lived (and shared)!”
Love to you all from Colorado!
Dave & Jan Nelson
Posted by Carl Westerlund on March 15, 2019
George and I were in the same graduating classes at both Biola and Dallas. I always appreciated his love for the Lord as reflected in his diligence with the biblical languages and strong desire to communicate accurately the meaning of the text. He made a great spiritual contribution to many.
Posted by Tom Sylvester on March 14, 2019
When I think of the old days when Grace Church was a large familey, we never worked so hard as we did back then to teach kids, adults, games, outings, men's
annual outings to a 3 story house in Big Bear, excellent teaching, lots of food after church, a huge kitchen, the best cooks,
George coerced John Niemela and others to begin what would be the accredited
ceminary some day, and the rest is history. Praise God for sending me to Grace Church.
Posted by Beverly Penner on March 14, 2019
You are one of the kindest men I've ever met. Thank you for bringing me on staff at Chafer, and for always showing me what 'Christ-like' really means.
You will be missed terribly, but we rejoice that you are forever in God's presence.
Posted by Kurt Staeuble on March 14, 2019
I met George in the mid 90's as a student at South Coast School of the Bible in Huntington Beach, which served as the foundation for Chafer Seminary. I took several classes with him and always appreciated his devotion to the Lord, His Word and His people. May you rest in joy, George!
Posted by LYNETTE ROSS on March 14, 2019
Dear Meisinger Family;
I will always remember George as the one who was responsible for my foundation in the scriptures at Maranatha/Woodlands Hills Bible Church. I will always be grateful l to him, and so many others are too. He is rejoicing with our Savior Jesus Christ, and reunited with Jim and so many others. Thank you George, for your faithful service. You leave such a legacy.
Posted by Janet Mankenberg on March 14, 2019
A few things I remember from Maranatha Church, Minnetonka, Mn, George and family, the grade school to graduation years: car pooling to Hopkins and the long bus rides to North Mpls for Fourth Baptist Christian School; All of us squeezing into your dad's VW bug; the Beatles playing on the radio; Sandy's peonies as a gift at my grad open house; George's VW bug in our garage when the garage caught on fire; Sunday school quiz games; church picnics, casseroles and friendship are a few of the things that come to mind. Yet the greatest gift I received through those years as a youngster growing up, was George's zeal for the study of scripture which he passed down to me. He probably never knew, but to this day I carry a notebook in church and take notes. I have a love for the inductive study method and whenever I can, I research the words back to the Greek and Hebrew. I received college level teaching every Sunday morning and I loved it! May the Meisinger family know peace, comfort, and the joy that he is with the Father. To God be the glory.
Posted by Janine Nameny on March 14, 2019
Sandy and family,
Wishing you peace and comfort and sending love and prayers for you all.
Posted by Todd Campo on March 14, 2019
While my time under R. B. Thieme cut my teeth, it was George who really opened my eyes to, not only examining the totality of scripture, but the importance of application in our lives. It is only reflecting Christ-likeness that helps demonstrate to others, the love of our Father, through His Son. Many prayers and blessings to all the family...

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