our camping trip to greenville

Shared by Dina Norton on November 9, 2011

even though dad was already sick, he was so determined that we were going camping that summer. we went to greenville mo. were some really good friends told him about . him n curtis drove the truck pulling the boat n camper , while mom , me n sara took the van. he wanted to go fishing so bad but was to sick. however he was determined we were going to have a good time n he showed me a tree that a young man had carved a face into the tree. upon looking at the tree i realized the face was jesus christ. looking upon us . it was one of the most beautifull things i had ever seen. to this day i think that he was checking in on us n telling dad "soon you will be w/ me and you will hurt no more. after dad n curt went for a walk n visited the tree dad felt much better. thank you dad for such an amazing trip and memory. i love you! love you're baby girl.

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