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This was shared at Mom and Dad's Interment...

Shared by Carol Preisinger on December 22, 2019
Dad touched so many lives through the game of golf. In his time, there were not any lists or awards that recognized just how hard he worked for our family, or how many doors he opened for people, and the many relationships he fostered. Your presence here today is a testament to Dad and Mom.

George Thomas Preisinger, Sr was a son, a brother, a husband, a father, a grandfather.He was a naval officer, an athlete, a professional, an entrepreneur, a boss, a teacher, a master of ceremony, a playing partner, a competitor, an opponent, a problem solver.He is remembered as courageous, kind, humble and modest, a role model and mentor to so many people, some say he’s a paragon. But, everyone remembers George as a true gentleman. And he’s smiling that smile and winking at us right now…

Along side this gentleman for 63 years was Helen Pegram Preisinger, the sweetest, kindest, and most beautiful woman. Dad would not have been the man he became without Mom.
And Mom was a wonderful nurturing mother because of Dad. She was truly his “wing man”, his “first assistant” in life. Dad’s sister Margie Preisinger Haines is here today.In June 1953 Margie and Mom drove from Badin, North Carolina to San Diego, California so Mom and Dad could get married before dad left for his final tour of duty in the Pacific. And the rest is history…

I once asked Mom and Dad what their secret was for a loving and lasting marriage, and without hesitation they said to me, “being considerate of each other”.No one has ever had to consider how much Mom and Dad loved each other, it’s always been measured just as they sang to each other, and to us kids, “I love you a bushel and a peck… and a hug around the neck… a barrel and a heap and I’m talking in my sleep about you”. Sleep well, Mom and Dad. We love you.

Shared by Brittany Hereth on December 5, 2019
I think my favorite thing about George was his quiet spirit. He was slow to speak, but the words he spoke were measure carefully and always held such value to them. Every time I saw him, George would nod his head, wave his hand, and give me a big smile. He was always a gentleman and he never complained. And even in the midst of his pain, he never failed to show joy through his eyes. He was a very special person and I’ll never forget the smile he always wore. May he Rest In Peace amongst the angels and in Christ’s arms. 

Dad was a faithful man in many ways...

Shared by Carol Preisinger on December 3, 2019
Mom grew up a Methodist, and dad was Catholic. At St Josephs School in Marietta, students attended mass during the school week. Since Dad worked on Sundays at the club, he would take us to Saturday evening mass, and would tithe to the church. Many times, as the basket would pass through the pews, we would fight to see who could get the envelope and put it in the basket. Dad was a faithful man to mom, his family, and the Lord. 
This memory came to mind after my friend Maria De Leon sent the following to me: 
Did you know December 1st is the first day of the Christian Calendar? The beginning of Advent season ..  for believers... the first day which kicks off Advent, the preparations for the coming of the Prince of Kings to be born. ❤️❤️❤️
Shared by Hicks Malonson on December 3, 2019
Much of my growing up was done with the Preisinger family. Golf, fishing, Jekyll Island, Doral...

George and Helen were my golf parents. They were always available and taught much more than how to shoot a low score. 

I’m thankful to have known them and look forward to seeing them again. 

Peace for my long time friends.

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