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This tribute was added by Nina Stancil Bell on December 9, 2019
I was blessed to have known George and his family.

Requiescat in pace!
This tribute was added by Reuel Hamilton on December 5, 2019
Loved George at MCC for some wonderful years. Such a fine pro and gentleman and just a great friend. signed, Dr. Reuel Hamilton
This tribute was added by Carol Preisinger on December 3, 2019
Thank you to Georgia Mountain Hospice for your loving care during dad's final days at Windsor Lodge. Allison, Leah, Katie, Jeannie, Linda, Kathy, Elizabeth, Roland and the entire GMH staff, your compassion and courage is remarkable. Thank God for you all, dad is winking at you from heaven.
This tribute was added by Rob Williams on December 3, 2019
So very sad to hear this news . My prayers go out to George Jr. , Tina , Mark and Carol . Mr. Preisinger was one of the finest men that ever lived in our greatest generation ever . He was a true role model , and even a mentor to me in my profession. He was model golf professional and I wanted to be just like him . I remember as a kid during a JR clinic he gave me a golf ball for winning some contest or something. I was so proud of that ball and kept it forever. Something so little meant so much , and I tried to always give balls as prizes in my clinics as well . He was the best golf professional , and we were so fortunate to have had him while growing up . He was so nice to my Dad and made sure the Marietta golf team was taken care of at the club . He was just so modest and humble and was a really good player. . About 10 years ago I wrote Mr Preisinger a letter . I wanted to let him know how much he meant to me and how fortunate I was to have known him . Lo and behold , about a week later I received a long letter back from him , thanking me for thanking him . Another gift from him that I greatly cherished . Thank you again Mr Preisinger , you were a paragon !!
This tribute was added by John Trammell on December 2, 2019
George was pro at BT when we moved to Jasper. He retired about same time that my son was born. When he was about 3 years old, he liked hitting golf balls on the range at BT and making contact! One afternoon, surely after a round with his friends, George was strolling to his house which was just steps from the pro shop and across the range. We were the only ones on the range. George stopped and watched my son hit a few balls, gave him a good pointer that he could understand, and went home. I could see his love for teaching and, I think, for young people who loved golf that day. I’m sure supper was probably waiting, but he stopped anyway to encourage. Enough said! ( By the way, the tip helped me as well )
This tribute was added by Mary Jane Reid on December 2, 2019
I was Blessed to have known this lovely Couple. It was an honor to be Miss Helens Hairdresser for many years. My thoughts and Prayers will be with the Family.
This tribute was added by Mark Kirk on December 2, 2019
George came to Marietta Country Club as Head Pro about one year after I started playing golf. He gave me my first lesson and later let me work in his pro shop the summer of 1965. The introduction to the game and the guidance he gave me led to a lifetime of enjoyment of the game of golf.
I'll miss George, but will cherish the memories I'll always have of our relationship. God bless you, George Preisinger.
This tribute was added by Carol Preisinger on December 2, 2019
Our father George touched so many lives. Not only would dad help them play better, he simplified the technical. He treated people with respect. He lifted your spirit with his smile, and made you laugh with his wink. He loved his wife and children. There was no 'top list' for that in his time, no magazine recognition in that day, no peer voting. There's only the consolation knowing that he was one of the special people in this world. Now heaven has a very special teacher, and he's with his #1 assistant, Helen. That is how he would want to be listed...

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