Let the memory of George be with us forever
  • 42 years old
  • Born on January 13, 1972 .
  • Passed away on September 21, 2014 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, George Sanchez 42 years old , born on January 13, 1972 and passed away on September 21, 2014. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Maribel Ctorres on 13th July 2018
May you continue resting in peace George ...now more than ever now that you will get justice... We love you always and forever...
Posted by Janet Laureano on 13th July 2018
Today July 13, 2018 I went and visited your grave to tell you personally that even though justice will be done because the person that ended your life was finally caught after been in the run for more more than 3 yrs and a half it won't bring you back and the pain that is still healing since your loss is like reliving the whole ordeal all over specially for my sister and your children. Is a mixed of emotions they will have to face once the court proceedings start to bring your killer to face his crime it hurts me to see my sister suffering from her loss and of course your children. But please know I'll be there to comfort them and give them strength. Rest in eternal peace George because justice will be done.
Posted by Janet Laureano on 22nd September 2016
Yesterday i dedícated my status to you George Sanchez which sadly marks 2 yrs since you departed from this earth but also from the loved ones that love and misses you dearly your children, my sister, your grandchildren and the rest of your family. A limb has fallen from the family tree that says grieved not for me to remember the best times, the laughter, the songs, the GOOD LIFE he lived while he was STRONG. May you keep resting in paradise your gone but never will be forgotten may justice soon come. With great sadness I know how you see the family you left behind come apart may your love bring them back together again because all they have is each other and within each of your children you live even though your not present. May they learn to value and respect each other because it shouldn't take anything bad to happen to notice it. Rest in eternal paradise forever George.
Posted by Damari Sanchez on 22nd September 2015
It's been a year without you here ND it hurts I miss yu so much papi I wish yu was hea I think bou you day nd night I jus wanna see yur face hug you give yu a big kiss I kno yur in a gud place now but it wasn't time foe you to go I love u so much rest in paradise my angel until we meet again
Posted by Maribel Britto on 22nd September 2015
Gorege I have know you for a life time remember when you and maribel was having your first baby little gorge then bolla and so on .we had good day and sad day .we love you so much and we all miss you RIP untill the day we meet agen love you for ever.
Posted by JojoCely Alvarado on 22nd September 2015
Already yesterday marked 1yr since u've departed from this world away from ur loved ones because of a coward who's still hiding. It's been a rocky year for ur kids nd loved ones without u. I hope justice will be served in ur name but most of all I pray that u are resting peacefully in heaven. Ure gone but never will be forgotten. We love u George, RIP my brother ...
Posted by Maribel Ctorres on 22nd September 2015
Love yu George and I miss yu so much yu will always be in heart... May yu rest in paradise...
Posted by Janet Laureano on 21st September 2015
A bitter sweet moment waking up today, toss and turned all night couldn't sleep. Open my eyes wide open to see who was around that call made around those hrs and a knot in the stomach. Wow is just so unreal to know you were taken from the family. A year today marks your departure but the fresh memories of pain are being felt like is happening again. A yr and still no Justice my heart is heavy in sadness. All there is of you is pictures, picture pins, shirts, candles and a grave where your body reside but you are resting in paradise George Sanchez. Today is so hard for your children Georgie, Damari, Ziomari, Georgette and Maribel, my sister Mari and family. Is been a very hard yr for them to cope with their loss. I know you don't want no one to cry for you but is hard no to do so. We know you are ok and heaven is your home now and thats where you will remain. I know you want everyone to be happy and try to stay strong. Maybe it was your time and that one day you will see us in the other side. This is not the end you will be waiting to see us all again. I know you have no fear and that Jesus took all your pain and tears. That you are not alone that the angels are with you. Although your work on earth is done. Your life in heaven has just begun. Your struggles here were hard and long but they're over now you are finally home. We will always remember you and keep you in our hearts
Posted by Yomarilis Sanchez on 14th January 2015
Love you uncle miss you so much wish my princess could of met you she probably sees you visiting..
Posted by Janet Laureano on 13th January 2015
Happy heavenly birthday
Posted by Daniel Berrios on 13th January 2015
Always seen how tough and courageous you always were. Was never afraid of anything or anyone wish i could see you hug you once more. Just know nothing will ever be the same without you you will forever live in our hearts we love you my G....we miss you plz come visit me more
Posted by JojoCely Alvarado on 13th January 2015
Happy Birthday George hope u r resting in peace nd enjoying ur birthday up in heaven with our heavenly father nd the angels. U will forever remain in our hearts, we love nd miss u dearly. RIP my brother ...
Posted by George Sanchez on 13th January 2015
I love you papi forever and ever, we lost you too soon but you will always be in our hearts. Happy birthday my beautiful crazy dad
Posted by Johaira Alvarado on 13th January 2015
Happy Birthday to my beloved it brother inlaw. It's still unreal that you are gone. Until this day I say It was not meant for u to be in the casket. It was Not ur time. Love you and you will forever live within us.
Posted by Georgette Collazo on 13th January 2015
You'll forever be in my heart , I wish I could bring you back papi , I love you so much .. Watch over us , may you rest peacefully happy born day
Posted by Janet Laureano on 13th October 2014
Forever be in our hearts and minds rip George soon your justice will prevail.
Posted by JojoCely Alvarado on 9th October 2014
R.I.P my beloved brother, still can't believe ure gone but just know that I will never ever forget u because u are a very special person in my life whom I loved very much. Now all I have left are beautiful memories of u. Try to R.I.P soldier because we will keep praying for u nd because we love u very, very much ... Watch over us ...
Posted by Damari Sanchez on 8th October 2014
I love uu always nd 4eva papi I miss yu so much I kno yur in good hands wit god watch over me my Guardian angel rest in paradise papi love uu always
Posted by Janet Laureano on 8th October 2014
Rest in paradise you will always live in all your loved ones hearts gone to soon but never will be forgotten watch over your loved ones specially your children, grandchildren and your only truly love my sister Mari.

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