Why I chose George Stephenson


I had never thought of choosing a man from the industrial revolution until i found this man. George influenced many young engineers during the begining of the railroad age in the 19th century. I stayed with this man because he changed the century with his invention of making trains go faster. Without this man it could have took years later before goods could be transported faster. What many young enginneers and others is to always believe in what your mind is set on.

The Railway Age

George and his son Robert built the first railway from Birmingham to London in 1838. They built a train that went 36 MPH and it was the fastest train in the world at the time. This had begun the Railway Age where many young enginneers began to build railroads and trains.

George the engineer

George invented the lamp for miners, but his big invention was trains having a steam engine. His first steam locamotive could only go 4 MPH but could pull 30 tons. As he kept making more trains could go faster and pull more weight. When the Stockton and Darlington railway was built he drove the first train and went 15 MPH.

George Stephenson, will always be remebred. You began the railroad era for many people in the world. You helped others to begin there engineer life at the Liverpool and Manchester Railway. Many young people looked up to you as you continued your life. You will always be remebred as the "Father of the Railways''.