This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, George Suarez, age 71, of Wilmington, DE, passed away Monday, June 22, 2020. George was a devout Christian.  He was a valued employee of the New York Police Department where he worked at BWB, HHB, and TMN as well as having served as an instructor in the training department before retirement. George was a member of the Bridges and Tunnels Police Combat Shooting Team.  He was a member of the NRA.  George was an avid shooter and won many competitions over the course of his life.  He was a SciFi, NASA, and Star Wars Fanatic and also loved going to Disney where he made unforgettable memories with his cherished family. His favorite TV shows were Blue Bloods, Law and Order, Chicago P.D., NCIS, to mention a few. Most used phrases were: "It doesn't matter!" and "Did you know...". He loved to cook and go shopping at the supermarket. 

George is survived by his loving wife, Luz Collazo Suarez; children: Michelle Suarez, Idalia Figueroa, and Gilbert Figueroa; siblings:  Emily Miranda, Eduardo Miranda, Jose Miranda, and Nilda Miranda; 11 grandchildren; and 5 great-grandchildren.  He was preceded in death by his mother, Nilda Luz Lugo Vega; father, Antonio Suarez; and step-father who raised him, Jose Miranda

He will be forever missed and in our hearts always remembered.
Posted by Vincent Cava on July 10, 2020
george was a great shooter and a wonderful person, i thought of him often and always with a smile! rest in peace my friend! god bless you!
Posted by David Lang on July 10, 2020
George did give you his opinion. Think of George with a tear in my eye.we were part of a group that worked together, played together(shot competitions), and ate together,George did like to eat.He is in our hearts and minds every day. George was truly a good person.
Posted by Carl Stenta on July 10, 2020
RIP George!! You were a good man always....
Posted by Carl Stenta on July 10, 2020
RIP George!! You were a good friend and fellow worker....
Posted by Charles Pascal on July 10, 2020
God Bless George. Our sympathy and prayers are with his family and Friends. May he rest in peace. Thanks for being one of the good guys George. 
Richard Pascale +
Ret. BTO
Posted by Daniel Moorehead on June 29, 2020
I had the pleasure of meeting George through my girlfriend. She works with his loving wife, Luz. George was a great and strong-willed man. He was blunt, straight to the point. George possessed the heart of a Lion. Shining through his tough exterior was a warmed-hearted soul. His jokes, stories and personality could light up the room. George loved to cook and shop at the supermarket during his free time. He and Luz became like an uncle and aunt to me over these past couple of years. My time knowing George felt brief but I learned a lot from him.
Posted by Larry Lack on June 29, 2020
What a great guy, teammate & coworker. Every one loved him & even once when he was assigned to the Hudson he wanted to implement a work task that I told him I disagreed with nicely. We went to the FacSup who agreed with me as the delegate. You all know George's sense of humor when he said to me "Larry we will dance again". Miss you Brother, LL
Posted by June Ashton on June 28, 2020
I met George when I joined TMN, he was a good man. A pleasure to be around. He will be missed.
Posted by Robbie Garrison on June 28, 2020
I knew George since Michelle was 5 years. Always the excellent Dad and good friend. Rest in peace George, old friend.
Posted by Sandra Rios on June 28, 2020
I had the privilege to meet this amazing gentleman twice through my friendship with his daughter. Mr. Suarez thank you for your daughter Michelle, thank you for your service and thank you for making this world a better place. The family he leaves behind are in my prayers, Mr. Suarez however is hanging out with Jesus now : ) our loss is heavens gain. Sleep in peace until we meet again.
Posted by Nick Iorizzo on June 28, 2020
Sgt. George Suarez was a good man & a good sergeant to work with. I did not know him as well as others, but I do remember him at our TBTA Block Training courses & once at the shooting contest upstate New York, earlier in my TBTA career. He always kept it real. We even called him "Puddles" because his face was always sweaty, but in good fun. We had a few laughs but we got along well. He was always our Brother In Blue. My sincere condolences to his family during this difficult time. Rest in peace, George. You will never be forgotten.
Posted by Sheila Sanchez on June 28, 2020
A man with a beautiful and sincere smile!
I remember I was trying to explain something to George with my heavy accent and broken English and how he raised his eyebrows and just said "what???" That forced me to look for better ways to explain myself, and I think of that moment when trying to communicate with others.

I also loved messing with my son Raul, asking him how he could love such a cranky guy. And Raul used to reply, "you just have to love him and respect his space".

We loved when he cooked, made the best lasagna and sandwiches ever that even my picky son would love to eat.

He was always there for anyone who needed him and loved one of my best friends, Luz so deeply in his own way.
Posted by Sheila Marie Sanchez-Riva... on June 28, 2020
George was always straight to the point, and showed his love through acts of service and his loved ones always knew that while he wouldn't say it outloud, he loved everyone around him in a profound way. My brother and I looked up to him in many ways- He was an uncle to us just as Luz is an aunt. He was there for Band concerts, carpooling, was famous in my household for the food he made, his cop stories and jokes. He was the first person to sit me down and teach me how to best protect myself in public and keep my head up no matter what life throws at me. For the care that he showed me, I will always be appreciative.
Posted by Bob Cabral on June 28, 2020
Posted by Anthony Epifanio on June 27, 2020
George  rest in peace.
Posted by Pete Morales on June 27, 2020
I knew George both as my supervisor but also as a fellow pistol team member
and our trips to the Police Combat shooting competition held in Albany NY .
We worked together stayed in touch after I retired and always a kind word from him. We became close when I worked with him and of course the many competition matches we were involved with. I will always have fond memories of you George ! Rest in Peace George !
Posted by John Haugh on June 27, 2020
As sincere an individual as you could meet, devoted to his profession, and to his fellow workers. A really good guy, who will be missed.
Posted by Vincent Candullo on June 27, 2020
George was a great guy, he was one of those guys that you could talk to and have a conversation with about anything. I always looked forward to seeing him at training and the gun range. Loved hearing about different experiences he had on the job. He always made time to talk to you and made the training pleasant. He will be missed.
Posted by Robert Stephens on June 27, 2020
George, at first glance, was mild mannered and respectful to all. Underneath that humble exterior was a devoted partner and friend, who never shirked any part of the job and was always there when you needed him. God Bless and God Speed
Posted by Judy Rochet on June 27, 2020
Rip my birthday brother , you sure will be missed . Good bye George,you were a man of dignity. I knew you from the beginning of your career. you were always a class act and a dear friend. I will miss you sorely.
Your friend.

Tony Rochet
Posted by Darren Fox on June 27, 2020
George was one of the sweetest guys to work with. Although I only had the privilege of working with Sgt. Suarez once a year at training, he made training something to look forward to. A true gentleman and a class act! Rest In Peace Sgt!
Posted by Pat Tobias on June 27, 2020
RIP George we worked together for a short time at BWB. Rest in Peace.

Pat Tobias
Posted by Jose Vazquez on June 27, 2020
George no fueron muchos los momentos para compartir juntos, pero los pocos que tuve contigo me brindaste tu amistad, humildad, consejos, simpatía, sinceridad, rectitud, todo lo que distingue a un gran ser humano. Ese fuiste George para mi! Además de ser un esposo y todo un caballero para mi tía fuiste el hombre que por ella daba todo. Fuiste un ángel que estuvo y aún estoy seguro que estarás con nosotros. Pronto nos volveremos a ver y disfrutaremos muchísimas experiencias justo a la diestra de nuestro Padre Celestial. Allí nos veremos!
Posted by Carl Stenta on June 27, 2020
George, you were always a good guy to work with and always pleasant to be around. I will never forget the kick you got out of the motorist who got us mixed up on a stop. The gentleman just couldn't figure out how you got from one place to another so quickly to stop him.....After many years of no contact we had just recently reconnected on FB. RIP George!
Posted by Richy Russo on June 26, 2020
I’m very sorry to hear of George’s Passing. I will say that it was always a pleasure to work along side him and under his instruction. He was passionate about the job and he always had your back. Please accept my condolences on your loss.
Posted by Danf Solow on June 26, 2020
Yes we will all miss George. George was a great person on and off the combat field. yes George, you will always be on the A Team. R.I.P. brother
Posted by Fred Skepner on June 26, 2020
Nov 13th, 1978 , after attending Training classes together we both began our careers together at the Bronx Whitestone Bridge. We along with two other " Newbies" ( Mike Chin and Jimmy Dennison) formed a natural bond. George , Thank you for trying your best to teach me the finer points of marksmanship. Thank you for helping me and Judy find our Apt in Queens down the block from you. Thank you for the family outings in Flushing Meadow Park. Thank you for never forgetting where you came from . Will never forget the bond that was formed nearly 42 years by the 4 of us. Say hi to Jimmy..Rest in Peace to you both.
Posted by Moise Bonheur on June 26, 2020
George was a good Christian man. He did his job the right way and tried to share some humor along the way. In fact when George passed probation as a sergeant and myself as a BTO, I purchased his old model 10 duty weapon from him at the HHB. We had the opportunity to shoot together and represent TBTA on the PPC combat team. Rest well my friend. Blessings!
Posted by Peter Venturella on June 26, 2020
I truly miss George, he was one of my best friends and a shooting team partner at numerous Police Olympics up in Albany NY. I know he is in a better place now but he will be missed by all who knew him.
Posted by Michael Ascher on June 26, 2020
I am deeply saddened to learn of George's passing. 

I was privileged to know George personally during my tenure as president of MTA Bridges and Tunnels and met with him numerous times along with his team mates who brought much honor to the department through their collective efforts in combat shooting competitions. George served us with distinction, especially during the critical period of the attacks on the World Trade Center in 1993 and 2001. These were difficult times for all and George rose to the challenge in the highest possible tradition of public service. I shall always be grateful to him for his dedicated service. 

My deepest condolences to his family and friends. He will be sorely missed
Posted by Arline Townsend on June 26, 2020
George was one of my favorite people. Strong but gentle and always ready to go the extra mile. He will definitely be missed. Much Love George, rest well. ❤❤❤
Posted by Jim Mcglade on June 26, 2020
God speed george
Posted by Carl Messina on June 26, 2020
Georgie, R.I.P. brother.
Posted by Joanne Crawford on June 26, 2020
George was an amazing Step Dad and a true man. He will truly be missed. He taught me so many life lessons and we have so many wonderful memories together. He was firm but loveable. He worked so hard and played harder. He spoiled me and my sisters and made sure we had everything we needed and then some.  From family vacations, weekends in PA with friends, and just enjoying life, food and movies together he treated me like his daughter. He took me to the Thanksgiving Day Parade and the NYC Marathon every year as a kid. He commanded respect and I admired that about him. He will always have a special place in my heart. Te Amo Papi, descansa en paz te lo ganaste!!
Posted by Derrick Lopez on June 26, 2020
Brother George was quite a guy! A friend, a brother-in-Christ, a co-worker, teammate, prayer warrior and more. He could put a smile on your face one minute and remind you of God's Grace and mercy the next. We'll never get another buddy like George.
Posted by Angelica Echevarria on June 25, 2020
We will always remember our friend and brother in Christ George as a kind and caring man. We always enjoyed our conversations and the time that we spent together. We believe that one day we will see each other again in Heaven and enjoy the Presence of our God without the pains and sufferings of this fallen world.

Te vamos a extrañar George, pero nos veremos luego amado hermano.

Eric & Angie Echevarria
Posted by Fernando Sanchez on June 24, 2020
George pretended to be a tough guy, apart from affection, and a stand alone monolhytic figure. He failed miserably portraying that. Just gave him an afternoon, and you would saw who he truly was: a warm pancake covered in butter and syrup, sprinkled with integrity, and the desire to give you his heart and attention at the first opportunity. He was the absolutely best grandpa for my kids. The best cook I ever met. And the best target I ever had to bother somebody. I spent years trying to hug him, and to uncomb his hear. He never liked neither, he cursed me, and looked at me with despise, but the day before he passed away, he called me to tell me "I love you, Fernando". What better proof of attachment between two souls than that?
If I don't miss him now, it's just because I know he is present in the life of many people around me, and soon or later we'll end it up talking about him.

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Posted by Vincent Cava on July 10, 2020
george was a great shooter and a wonderful person, i thought of him often and always with a smile! rest in peace my friend! god bless you!
Posted by David Lang on July 10, 2020
George did give you his opinion. Think of George with a tear in my eye.we were part of a group that worked together, played together(shot competitions), and ate together,George did like to eat.He is in our hearts and minds every day. George was truly a good person.
Posted by Carl Stenta on July 10, 2020
RIP George!! You were a good man always....
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Shared by Raul Sanchez on June 28, 2020
George was always there when I needed a ride to marching band practice and would cheer me on in the stands when he could. He was a loving and caring guy that I often thought of as an uncle. He meant the world to me and its sad to see him go. I wish I was able to see him one last time but I know he's in a better place now.

Joining NYPCA

Shared by Carl Messina on June 26, 2020
Georgie, I'll never forget all began when my wife Michele and her co-worker Virginia got on the subject of competitive shooting. Since I'd been shooting with the Assoc. for awhile and Ginny's husband Jimmy was on the job with the TBTA maybe he'd like to join up. Well, if memory serve's me correct there must have been at least 10 of you guys looking to do some shooting. This is when we met. Our weekly combat matches at Colonial range started it off. We got to know each other pretty well. After the match one Sunday we were scoring targets, and not really exerting ourselves but there you were sweating bullets (pun) so me being nosy I asked you "why are you sweating so much," and you graciously explained the condition it to me. We'd see each other at the matches and kid around about it...I'd offer you my hankie but you always seem to have enough of your own. When I left the association in 99 and moved to Florida I didn't forget you guys. I've kept in touch with Pete for quite a few years now and hear the good news and the bad...and this is bad...the guy's that have passed I didn't know them; I'm from the old guard when the membership was up there, now, I've seen its decline...but, I have my memories and you Georgie Suarez will always be there right on top of the list...             

Georgie, I'm sure one day we'll meet at the range...there's only one favor I'll have too ask; unless you've got some pull with the CHIEF RANGE OFFICER I might not get as high up as you are...  

Who loves ya 

George loved guns but he was very strict about gun safety!

Shared by Luz Suarez on June 24, 2020
As an avid shooter, police officer, and instructor, he was very strict about gun safety! He wanted me and my mom to learn all about it. He said that we always needed to be prepared. I was a bit intimidated and had mixed feelings about guns but, he insisted that I needed to learn. So, I eventually I agreed. He took me to a gun range and gave me my first lessons. I was a natural, and he was proud that I overcame my fear of guns. I enjoyed this experience and will forever carry on this legacy about gun safety. By: Idalia Figueroa