George Tabetando
  • 29 years old
  • Date of birth: Jul 2, 1982
  • Date of passing: Nov 26, 2011
  • Place of passing:
    Cobb, Georgia, United States
Let the memory of George be with us forever

This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, George Tabetando, 29, born on July 2, 1982 and passed away on November 26, 2011. We will remember him forever.

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by yvette tabetando on 26th November 2015

" 4 years today. I can believe I have not seen you in 4 years. I know you are watching over us. ...i believe in my heart you are there looking over us.we miss you so much that words can express. Love you so much. May you continue to lives in our hearts."

This tribute was added by Abang Eto'o on 15th November 2015

""Black G" May you continue to grow in our hearts in these empty days without your lovely smiles."

This tribute was added by besong thompson on 7th July 2014

"Boy i miss you like i have never missed anything.
Hope your happy and sees life just as it comes.Life ain't what we expect it to be.Till we meet again. R.I.P my brother"

This tribute was added by Jay Jay on 9th December 2013

"( G ooOoo G ) Is just Distances men. We all coming home but not yet. Tears Drop and Closed Casket. R I Peace to my brother.  The Good Die Young.
                               ( PRIME PRINCE )"

This tribute was added by besong thompson on 27th November 2013

"Boy its another year but yet i have it just too  fresh like you left an hour ago.i like you to be calm where ever you are,we will meet again to share
I miss you like i have never for any body,it hurts deep inside for we that need you here,If am to be granted a wish,i will request your return

This tribute was added by Takem Valentine on 26th November 2013

"Manoh all i can say is i miss you. November 25th 2011 to me is just like yesterday."

This tribute was added by Enow Billoins on 29th August 2013

"You have leave me with pain black G, I could carry it on ma heans or my head but I juest it is too painful for am carrying it ma heart ur killing me dear up to now I believe ur some were alive am waiting for I no one day u will come.....tears!"

This tribute was added by ejokwa elfr on 27th November 2012

"I knew elfr that you know nothing about this... i had to do it for you. Black G. may ur soul rest in peace. we will forever miss you."

This tribute was added by Randolph Esabe on 26th November 2012

"Black G,
Thomas campbell once said " To live in the hearts we live behind is not to die." Today, you live in my heart more than you ever did."

This tribute was added by besong thompson on 26th November 2012

"It's a year today since you left us but is just like a second to me
I will live to remember you,but will wonder always why you had to go just too soon,just too soon o'boy when there is alot still to achieve
you showed us to fine it out but letf too soon.
i miss every single day.Rest well my brother."

This tribute was added by Takem Valentine on 26th November 2012

"Last year sometime this day, it was so hard 2believe you're gone but as each day kept passing by, we had 2accept and bear the pains you left for us behind and i know you're happily Resting In The Arms Of Christ !!! You were a very nice, kind and caring person for people who came arround you or were closed to you. etc Hard 2believe u left us so early.Your Memory Will Never Die . I miss you"

This tribute was added by Tabi Grace Ntah on 26th November 2012

"Woh, so it is finally one year since u left us, yet memories of u are still as fresh as though it were yesterday. Man u are truly missed around hear. RIP"

This tribute was added by HER A on 26th November 2012

"RIP our dear friend and brother"

This tribute was added by Valerie Momo on 26th November 2012

"Today marks 1yr of your passing away.All I can say on this day Georgi is u are still in our thoughts and may u prepare a place for us all.I have u in Memory.RIP my friend."

This tribute was added by Manetho Omonuwa on 25th November 2012

"Black G, I remember you today as I always will as a very caring happy person. I was shocked yesterday when I saw you walking up towards me at work only to realize that it was merely a look alike. I will never forget the memories, rest in peace my friend!!!"

This tribute was added by Franklin Elimbi on 25th November 2012

"Dear Black G, at this period of thanksgiving, we not only remember you for the great person you were, but also for your kind heartedness. You are greatly missed dear friend. RIP."

This tribute was added by Chibuzor Ogu on 2nd July 2012

"Hey Black...if you were still around it would have been another year of celebration of your birthday. You are missed my friend."

This tribute was added by black man besongabang on 28th April 2012

"We miss you...
Good bye Goe,
May ur soul RIP"

This tribute was added by HER A on 13th April 2012

"R.I.P My dear friend, though its hard to accept the fact that u left without saying byee after somany years. the only Good bye u said was the 1st time u had to travelled. 2011 u left the World without even saying a word again.i spoke with my ur friend day and night without knowing he was with u. sorry i dint look 4 u even after i travelled.but i always though of u,and i will 4eva miss u G"

This tribute was added by MOH Tuku on 14th January 2012

"OH black  so u too can gooooooo?,after all the people u inspired in this ugly world.u r a hero and will always be  in our hearts. im short of words,just greet Bate Tuku 4 me,we called u black but yet u shine like a star.R.I.P may God take care of ur soul ."

This tribute was added by Didi Nganso on 14th January 2012

"Was really shocked when i got the message . You were indeed a great dude and your days on earth will be respected and remembered by those who really know you. Ekpakanyor as we use to call each other back in GBHS. Miss you brov but one thing i know for sure 'you are now in a safe hands.. Rest in Peace Etangti Moh Mayang"

This tribute was added by Tambe Egbe on 14th January 2012

"BLACK G we will never forget you for you made some of us to feel like being special. U never came to cameroon and forget about your friends we used to say you are the youths bush faller. OH DEATH YOU HAVE TAKEN OUR JOY AWAY FROM US. WE MISS YOU OUR BUSH FALLER"

This tribute was added by Tabi Grace Ntah on 13th January 2012

"My Boo, i feel so speechless whenever i even think of the fact that u may have left us to eternal rest. I keep remembering how when i use to get mad at u 4 some terrible act and say i dont give a shit anymore what u do, u would say to me 'u di claim that ya jest if i die u go cry eh,all wonna go cry' and i would say 'i no fit'.But u were right coz i found myself crying when u left.ONE LOVE"

This tribute was added by nkongho walters mbu on 11th January 2012

"george you were very respecful i will always regrete to miss you.we love you but God loves you most.right in our days in gbhs mamfe you used to be an exceptional student to me i shall continue to love you in absentia may your soul rest in peace.have a nice sleep.go and prepare a place for us we shall only meet in the world"

This tribute was added by nkongho walters mbu on 11th January 2012

"George you were very respectful your death was a shok to me i never expected you will leave so soon.but then God has a plan for every thing he loves you more than us.When ever i thing of you i fill like weeping.But then go and prepare a place for us we shall only meet in the world beyond."

This tribute was added by M'orock Ojong Arrey on 29th December 2011

"R.I.P George. I pray that the good Lord accepts your gentle soul. You were truly a kind hearted person!!"

This tribute was added by fonsa fonguck on 28th December 2011

"there'll be two dates on your tombstone everyone
will read them..but the only thing that matters
is the little [ dash between them ].R.I.P Black G"

This tribute was added by P Chop Chop on 27th December 2011

"DON R.I.P I pray that our heavenly Father may assuage the anguish of your bereavement, and leave you only the cherished memory of the loved and lost, and the solemn pride that must be yours to have laid so costly a sacrifice upon the altar of freedom"

This tribute was added by Valerie Momo on 20th December 2011

""Georgy,even though we parted ways in Mamfe for so long,I knw that.georgy was a generous guy, a gentleman, so intelligent, bigger than life in many ways, and will be greatly friend.You will always be in our hearts""

This tribute was added by Oben Agbor on 19th December 2011

"Life is better than death, I believe, if only because it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it .But George, You have definately gives us the best of your life ,Though so short,there is always that moment when we all gonna look back and smile,reminiscence about the crazy stuff together,My dear Brother God alone knows best. Am gonna missed You. Is hard to say goodbye"

This tribute was added by Tony Banyouko on 19th December 2011

"Georgie, as we fondly called you while growing up as students of GBSS Mamfe, and as playful youths of Lala quarter, Mamfe. Since we parted ways, following our destinies as dictated by life and the Almighty Creator, you did good and prospered far more than most your age and older. bro, May you continue to prosper even in death, and may God keep u in a special place until we meet again. RIP"

This tribute was added by chantal fombi on 16th December 2011

"George Black...every day I place my hands on the key board to write something, but I end up just starring at your picture..I still hear you calling "madam president " as usual. My heart keeps pounding as the days draw closer. So this is true? Only GOD knows why. Brother and friend...go prepare a place for us. Rest in peace George Black (Pointinini)."

This tribute was added by Mimi Garba on 15th December 2011

""Big mami na how nor?...u dey this town sooo? mmm... na wah for you ohh." he will always ask me so many questions. Its hard to believe that you are gone. You've touched so many hearts, may ur gentle soul rest in His bosom."

This tribute was added by Heidi Time on 15th December 2011

"this is painful.This hurts.I remember saying, someone call me &say "IT'S A LIE! he woke up!!" but nobody is calling me yet. wehhh George;big brother!!!! i miss you dearly. we were not ready to let go of you but i guess life has a way of turning out.No need to wish u a safe journey cus u alrdy arrived at eternal peace with our Maker.I love you&pls watch over your family! XOXO. till we meet."

This tribute was added by Heidi Time on 15th December 2011

"George! WAKE UPP! I KNOW U HEAR US. PLEASEEEEE!!!!!! I refuse to believe , I dont wanna accept this mess. You're gone? Gone where ? Where are you going? Who u leaving Fidel wit? Marvel & the newest addition are looking for daddy!! I remember everytime i came to GA, i stayed with you and ma Fi.. and i remember the advice you gace me on life and being good. u took care of me/US! GOD whyy!"

This tribute was added by Celestine Nanje on 14th December 2011

"''B.G'',I still have headache till now about your sudden passing away.
I still dont want to believe a positive youth like u has left our Football midst.Its so sad and painful.In fact,I lack words to express how i feel about Ur passing away.RIP in the bosom of the Lord ''Black'';my Neighbour.
  What a loss!!!!!!!!!!! A Dieu mon frere!!!!!!SADDD!!!!"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Musongo on 14th December 2011

"'General!!!!!!! Smile, you are very serious. You look like a college professor' that is what he will say all the time with a smile. How i wish I could have that smile like him. Black G !!!!!!!! Tears rolling down my cheeks, just the taught of you and our last conversation. What a shock to me brother. While you u look down on us give us the strenght to continue in ur brave heart of love.RIP"

This tribute was added by elango mandi on 12th December 2011


This tribute was added by Tientcheu Sieni on 10th December 2011

"I'm still in shock that you really are gone when I recall the events of that day.I haven't found words to really express how miserable I feel.I can't eat,I can't sleep,my tears won't bring you back.If wishes were horses,then I would gladly ride, and wish you were still here.When people die people say nice things out of respect but everything said about you is to the point.I miss you much."

This tribute was added by Johanes-Huberts Agbor on 9th December 2011

"George your departure has left a huge void in our mist.  Most of us remember you for just being a good person.  You were always friendly to your peers and respectful towards your elders.  Your contributions to the community will be missed dearly.  But the world is coming to remember you on December 17th, and 18th 2011.  Safe journey brother.  We love immensely."

This tribute was added by Chibuzor Ogu on 9th December 2011

"You stepped into lifes and left imprints on peoples heart, one that never goes away. I rememebr our last discussion after soccer, and we laughed and laughed. You are a good man with a good heart Black!! if you can see and read, friendship does not end at death, it’s eternal.
Rest well my friend & brother, till we meet again. This is painful..I sure will miss you."

This tribute was added by ngens azefor on 8th December 2011

"Ambianceur Black G... I am still in shock.  What happens to our Toronto plans now???? You have left a void in our hearts, so great, words cannot describe it. No one can ever fill that gap and that is a hard pill to swallow. I say this with a heavy heart, but God alone knows why.  Go in peace with the Lord my brother, until we meet again...RIP"

This tribute was added by emade time on 8th December 2011

"Its still hard to believe you r no more. Always cheerful always smiling.You will be greatly missed.As you go ahead to the unknown continue to be the guiding Angel of your kids.RIP Black until we meet to part no more.What a loss gone too too soon."

This tribute was added by Sir John Forseh on 8th December 2011

"Wow, tears can't help running down my eyes upon opening this webstie. Black G why? Why? So soon, gone too soon, very short lived. Wow, still can't believe my ears and eyes. You shall be greatly missed and most of all I shall miss your smiles and humbleness,"Grand frere how? says Black G". My dear brother, God has a better plan for you and for us all...Rest in Perfect Peace."

This tribute was added by BOB ADRIKO on 7th December 2011


This tribute was added by TAMBE MAURICE on 7th December 2011

"George, you knew me not, but I admired you from a distance with a smile. What now should I do? Should I cry with a tear or smile for the passing to Eternity of a Grand Hero. How long will I have to cry? I will smile until the day we meet again. Prepare a place for us. We'll be there, but the problem is 'when?'. What do you expect El-Frida to do now that you are gone? Rest in peace."

This tribute was added by powley wanobi on 6th December 2011

"To a hero who made everyone around him smile.Grand Black you left me unprepared.You call me all the time to make sure i was fine,you always told me,my daughter all will be fine now you left too soon. i will miss you a great deal. May your soul rest in the bosom of the Lord. Rest in peace my Hero."

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