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George B. Fomundam
  • 69 years old
  • Date of birth: May 5, 1945
  • Date of passing: Mar 1, 2015
Then Jesus said, "Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest..." Matthew 11:28

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, George Fomundam, a Loving Husband, Father, Brother, Uncle, In-law, Friend and Mentor who was called on to the Lords bosom on March 1st 2015.  He lived an exemplary life and though we know he is with us in spirit, our hearts overflow with sorrow and our eyes are filled with tears. 

Right now things seem so unfair and nothing seems to make sense but in the midst of it all, we take solace in Christ our Comforter.
We love him, but God Loves Him Best.  

Be sure to leave a tribute below or share a story under the stories tab above. Thanks for all the support and prayers.
God bless.


Program: United States


Last Respects & Home Going Service

Date & Time: Friday March 20th From 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm

Location: Crossroad Christian Church

                 4867 North Dupont Highway

                 Dover, DE 19901

                 Tel: (302) 741-2455

Celebration of Life/Wake keeping

Date & Time: Friday March 20th From 5:00 pm to 3:00 am

Location: Delaware Fraternal Order of Police Banquet Hall

                     1584 Kitts Hummock Rd

                    Dover, DE 19901

Hotel Reservation (Delaware):

Address:  1706 North Dupont Highway

                      Dover DE 19901

Tel:   302-674-3784 ( Please reserve under the name  Stella Ayika for $ 89.00)

Available10 rooms with 2 queen size beds &
                        5 rooms with 1 
king size bed.


Cameroon:(details & updates will be forthcoming)

Arrival in Yaounde:  April 2nd 

Arrival in Mbengwi:  April 3rd 

Homegoing Service & Burial:  April 4th

For further information please contact:

Mr. Richard Fomundam: 301-728-6004

Mr. Derick Tah: 617-708-6048

Ms. Tifuh Mofor: 443-414-7713

Mr. Edwin Fobid: 781-325-5899

Dr. Tenjoh-Okwen Bibina Fonjong: 757-933-0080

Memorial Tributes
This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 18th June 2017

"Happy Father's Day Daddy. You were, are and will always be the best dad in the world. I love and miss you but I am grateful you equipped me with all I need to succeed in this life. Thank you Daddy."

This tribute was added by Igxtelle Mbah-Acha on 10th May 2017

"I wish u were here Uncle to see how much things have changed since you've been gone. I don't know how these changes make you feel up in heaven but pray for us. I miss you terribly and always see you in my dreams. Today is my birthday and taught I should stop by and let you know I think about you always! Maybe next time I see you in my dream, you will tell me something. Please send me a hug so I can feel it this side of eternity. My heart loves you very much. See you soon."

This tribute was added by Abang Simeon on 9th May 2017

"Uncle, your were a soldier indeed.
Your great and favorite weapon was LOVE.
I learned the meaning of Christian love from you.
You did not define it, you lived it out.
With love you captured my heart and the hearts of many.
You brightened up every sad countenance with your gracious smile.
Your passion for Christ is worth emulating.
Patmos church, your church is growing thanks to your prayers with the saints. We are even planning to build now.
Few are following your example. How I wish I had more like you in the church. Remember our football team in Quatier General?
Let the joy of Heaven not make you loss memory of the time we spent together. Shall I ever have times like that again? I wish you could pay us even a very short visit and go back. We miss you! We love you!"

This tribute was added by Stella Anyangwe on 7th May 2017

"Two years gone already, but the memories remain fresh in ou minds. Rest on in perfect peace, Ni George, till we meet again."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Mundi on 6th May 2017

"Dear George,
I address you this letter to inform you as your friend and brother that I celebrate my birthday today. Yours was celebrated yesterday May 5th. But know what? Ethel is now a Licensed Pharmacist! She got through her boards this week, the week of your birth. In Gods bosom, continue to look kindly on her and her sisters and brothers and especially on your lovely wife Adeline.
Teach us Oh Lord, to number our days for three score and ten is all we have. Where you are, please thank God, and also thank the Almighty for my own life. I live only HIs Bonus now. GOD IS ALL WE KNOW AND OWN. Amen"

This tribute was added by Angela Fomundam on 5th May 2017

"On this  day, you are greatly missed as we would have celebreted your 72nd birthday. This world is not the same without  you.  I sometimes expect you to walk through the front door or come down the stairs and say " Goodmorning big mami" i miss the sound of your voice and your laughter. Your legacy lives on in us! We love you and you will be forevr missed"

This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 5th May 2017

"Happy birthday to the most wonderful dad ever!!!!  I miss you daddy. You are always going to be a source of great strength in my life. We had so much to do together but God had other plans for us. We will keep on where you left off and hope and pray that we make you so proud. You gave us the most wonderful childhood and we will be forever grateful. This world was a better place because you were in it. You have left such a vacancy in our world. We ask for God's strength to get us through. We will use what you taught us to make this world a better place. Mark, Stella, Afor, Ken, Karl and I will keep making you proud each passing day. We love you always."

This tribute was added by Ernest Davis on 5th May 2017

"Just yesterday, I looked at the card sent to me bearing this impactful father's picture and felt how much I missed our conversations.  A brief encounter blessed me beyond belief.  He impacted me as a true father. I wish I could have him with me now....."

This tribute was added by Ednica Nyamusa on 25th August 2016

"Hi uncle
men time has gone by....wooow.  I just wanted to say thanks for all the advice, encouragement and support.  When you see my dad tell him I said hi and I sort of get it now..."

This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 19th June 2016

"Happy father's day to the best dad ever!! You were there at my birth, you were there when I took my first step, you were there for my first day of primary school, you were there for my graduation from pharmacy school. You have been a constant my whole life. I love you daddy and I miss you terribly. I thank God for a father like you who played a big role in shaping my life. Your constant encouragement enabled me to work through life's hurdles. Thank you daddy for being who you were, " A Great father."

Your daughter, Ethy."

This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 5th May 2016

"I will never forget May 5th because that is when God chose to bring you into this world daddy. He made the world more beatiful by just adding you! He made people smile by just adding you! He made people hope for better lives by just adding you! Most importantly,  angels rejoice by your presence in heaven!!! I LOVE YOU DADDY. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!"

This tribute was added by Stella Ayika on 4th May 2016

"Happy Birthday Daddy! Oh! How I wish we could all celebrate your birthday with you in person just one more time! Nevertheless, we will do our best to honor the legacy that you left for us to emulate. I am sure you are having a sanctified celebration in heaven! God must have some real holy gifts for you to open today. You have taught us to love everyone, share our blessings with everyone, unity, long-suffering, humility, laughter, the love of family, and so many other attributes. Our birthday present to you is to keep your legacy alive day after day! I love you so much daddy and we miss you so much! Happy birthday!"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Mundi on 4th March 2016

"Alice and I cannot believe it is already one year that you have been sleeping on that eternal bed. Fare thee well and look kindly on your kids and your dear wife Adeline with whom I talked about you just two days ago. The kids are doing fine. I was with them in August. Rest in Gods Perfect Peace."

This tribute was added by Evadne Fomundan on 1st March 2016

"Therefore the Redeemed  of The LORD shall return ,  And come with singing unto Zion, And everlasting joy shall be upon their head, They shall obtain gladness and joy , And sorrow and mourning shall flee away. We miss you very much NI George ,We are confident that your rest is a peaceful one. Praise The LORD for His unsearchable gift,"

This tribute was added by Rev Ngo-Tah on 1st March 2016

"What a blessing you are to this world. Now among angels were you truely belong. Thank you very much for every second of those precious times."

This tribute was added by Ernest Davis on 1st March 2016

"I wondered why my heart was a mixture of heaviness and loss.  Then I remembered after the assignment, this is the day a father left me.  On Sunday, I was called out on very short notice to minister at a church in Philadelphia.  I inquired of the Lord what to feed his people.  He only spoke as I was almost ready to minister.  The message was Formation of the Missing Man; the same title as the book dedicated to my Colonel Father.  I wish I could hear his voice to guide me in very short yet power packed words in this season.  God has blessed us with some people that impact us immensely with the least amount of time.  Colonel, you are missed.  You are not in my past, but in my future......"

This tribute was added by Olivia Acha-Morfaw on 1st March 2016

"One whole year has gone by and its just like yesterday. can't still believe you are gone feels like you are somewhere; which in reality you are, where we will meet to part no more. Adieus Nini something I found difficult to say this same day last year. God has been our strength"

This tribute was added by Julius TAM on 1st March 2016

"One year today since you left this painful world, Colonel. You continue being part of us today and for ever. May your soul continue to rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 3rd February 2016

"This is the first birthday I am having without you around daddy. I miss you and I love you for who you were and for all you did to make me who I am today. I love you for the life lessons you instilled in me. You were and will always be the best dad ever! You will be in our hearts always! Thank you for being my dad. Ethy"

This tribute was added by Kenneth Fomundam on 11th November 2015

"Not a day goes by that I don't miss you. Not one. Today is no different. I tell myself we have to be strong, that you'd want us to be strong...it's just hard sometimes Daddy. It's still fresh, still too fresh. For now, I just have pictures, videos...memories. Thank you for those. Still, I miss you. Every day."

This tribute was added by Robert Goosey on 11th November 2015

"To my sorrow, I just learned of George's passing today.  To the Fomundam Family my heart goes out to you with deepest sympathy.  I was privileged to work with George for a couple years throughout Africa while he was working with PAE.  Without a doubt, he was the consummate professional and one of the most pleasant persons that I've had the opportunity to work with in my long career.  George always had a warm and pleasant smile and never a bad word to say about anyone.  I can truly say that George touched my life and will always hold him in highest esteem.  God bless you George!"

This tribute was added by Igxtelle Mbah-Acha on 5th October 2015

"Hi Uncle
Good news! !!!!!!!!!!!!
Mummy is a minister now.  Everyone is so happy. And so proud of her. I am certain absolutely that u are very proud of her as well.
I wish u were here to see this remarkable event but I know you are here in spirit.
I miss hearing your voice and offcourse your laughter in times like this.
Uncle we miss u so much."

This tribute was added by Igxtelle Mbah Acha on 7th August 2015

"I think about u every single day. I just dropped by just to say I love you and I miss you. U seem so close and yet so far. Miss you Uncle"

This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 21st June 2015

"Hello daddy.  I want to wish you a wonderful Father's Day.  You were you are and you will always  be the best dad in the whole wide world.  God made me your daughter and you my father  for a particular  reason.  I enjoyed all the moments of love we shared and I miss you greatly.  I love you daddy and I will do so for ever."

This tribute was added by Julius TAM on 9th June 2015

"I was informed about this very sad news (though not news again) a few days ago.
I didn't know Colonel George FOMUNDAM physically, but I heard of him from my brother Lawrence TAM and another good friend of ours. I visited his home once in QG Yaoundé, unfortunately he was absent.
From what I heard from Lawrence and the friend, this man was a great person who loved to see people happy. He encouraged hard work and unity.
To his family and all who loved him, accept my condolences, and may his soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by Lawrence Tam on 4th June 2015

"Pa Fomundam. My heart still bleeds from when I heard of your passing. It is hard to believe that a man so full of life and energy like you is no more. You were a father and mentor to me; pushed me to go places and do things I thought were only meant for others. You opened doors places to which I could never go on my own. By permitting me to write the biography of your late father, you gave me that singular opportunity to share in some of the very rare moments of your family's past. You are unique and irreplaceable. I am sure and thankful to God that you have influenced many lives as you did mine. More than many persons, you know why I am who I am today, and I will be forever grateful. For you, I won't light a candle; I will burn a whole forest..."

This tribute was added by Kenneth Fomundam on 5th May 2015

"Today was a tough day Daddy...not having you around to tell bday jokes and stories, hear you laugh (ah, that laugh!) and just enjoy the company. I thank God for the 69yrs he gave you and the precious time I spent with you. You'll forever remain in my/our hearts. Happy would-be 70th Daddy.
- "Ken boy""

This tribute was added by ANgela FOmundam on 5th May 2015

"Happy birthday daddy!!! You were one of a kind .a great father and listener. You meant more to me than words could say. You have left a great gap in this family and in my heart. Life  will not be the same but I thank God for you and the life you led.  You taught me to look up to God and depend on Him no matter what and to always put God first.. Your death has opened my eyes to the reality of life and the faith that we will all face. One day. You will be forever missed . I love you.
Love daddy's girl."

This tribute was added by Rev Ngo-Tah on 5th May 2015

"On this day 70 years ago the brightest star illuminated the darkness of sky. How lucky am I that this star made me see the light of life? Before I had the chance to say Thank you, the star went off. But thy light was so strong. No darkness can overcometh it. No grateful mind can forget it. Because of thy light so many found the path. What shall I say? Thank you? Yes, I say Thank You!"

This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 5th May 2015

"All of us can testify of a time daddy came to our rescue. He was a rainbow in so many peoples cloud. What a tall order to live by. It never mattered the educational level, race, or creed of the individual. He loved ALL He prayed for ALL, he laughed with ALL, he sympathized for ALL, and he had a listening ear for ALL. Amazing!!!!

This quote from Maya Angelou is so befitting for this very special day of daddy's. Happy 70th birthday dad!!! We do not get to share it with you but as mom says there is an even bigger celebration going on in heaven for the life you led. We PRAISE HIS NAME!!! We miss you and love you but you will be in our hearts till we meet again!!"

This tribute was added by Ernest Davis on 5th May 2015

"A true day of celebration of the birth of a father, indeed.  While there is no need anymore to celebrate the aging of a timeless spirit in the presence of God, I still celebrate the day He allowed you to step into this realm.  Selah."

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Kengnjisu Mundi on 5th May 2015

"Three score and ten is all we have; but God cut you short of this by 35 days. But you have indeed earned the scriptural fulfillment. You did your job well to the Nation, to Africa, to your family, to your friends and are now resting from your labour, waiting for the prize that the Almighty will give you. But you know what? My own birthday is tomorrow. GOD is all that we have and HIM alone will we serve. Rest in Peace till we meet up there soon. Amen!"

This tribute was added by Ethel Fomundam on 5th May 2015

"Happy birthday my dear and loving  Dad!!! I miss you even more on this special day but we thank God for the time He gave us. You will be in our hearts till we meet again in glory. Love you!!"

This tribute was added by Missy Adams on 4th April 2015

"Nini, it is hard for me to say goodbye to you. God alone knows why He decided to call you home now. Thank you Nini for all the love you showed me and my sister, you opened your door to us and treated us as one of yours. You were too good for this sinfull world. I know that the heavenly angels are rejoicing as you match on to recieve your well deserved crown from the Father. Rest In Peace Nini till we meet again at the sound of the trumpets."

This tribute was added by josephine atanga on 2nd April 2015

"Ni George really missing you. I remember you and mama when you used to visit Bamenda from Yaounde or Douala you will always stop at the house before leaving for the village. You and mama will always drop food bought on the way. And on the way back to Douala or Yaounde you would stop by to say bye. Living with you in Yaounde while at the University of Yaounde showed how generous you were. My elder sister and i were like your own blood children. You were always discipline when it came to your work ethics. There was always more than enough for everyone at home. Very caring and generous. Nini you will be miss. But we know you are now with the Lord. That is the peace we have in your death.. Rest in peace"

This tribute was added by Evadne Fomundan on 1st April 2015

"Therefore are they before the throne of GOD, and serve him day and night in his temple ; and he that sitteth on the throne shall dwell among them ; Revelation 7;15  

Dear Ni George today the struggles of this earthy life is completely over ,and death has lost it's sting ,and you have won the battle, the victory belongs to you, you have put death to it's place. PRAISE THE LORD for sweet rest.

I want to thank you for the love and respect you've shown me throughout these 21 years .It is with a heart of sadness that I shall always remember you and cherish you, It seems like yesterday that you took the time to deliver a precious message from PA Fomundam  to me
and I stayed grounded because of that. I will miss your infectious laughs and sincere hugs, and the way you call my name '"Evanny" !!!!
We will meet again. Farewell NI."

This tribute was added by Gima Mudoh on 24th March 2015

"Uncle, you have left a void in the family and on this earth that only God alone can show us how to fill. You lived an exemplary life and showed me the true meaning of an excellent big brother, a loving husband and father and a true leader. You gave the family a reason to be proud, from your siblings, the Niners to our generation, we were proud to be belong to the Fomundam family one way or the other. I thank you for everything you have done for each and everyone of us, I thank you for being there when no one else was, I thank you for setting the perfect example for me to emulate and above all I thank God for giving me the opportunity to call you my uncle. You fought a good fight as always and I'm sure the only reason you decided to go rest was because you truly believed we will be just fine. Rest Uncle, we will do our best to carry the mantle from here. Rest uncle, we will try our best to make you proud. Rest uncle, you have made God proud. Rest uncle....until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Mbah Tenjoh-okwen on 23rd March 2015

"Uncle, you have gone to the final destination because God loved you more. I still find it hard to believe you have left. In many ways you were a model of how modest, how generous one should be. I remember when still a kid when Injeck said you are so invincible that you could even shoot God with your gun. We all did think of you as invincible in one way or the other. The examples you set remain immortal in our hearts. You have left this earth with a positive impact in the lives many. Rest in peace uncle."

This tribute was added by Olivia Acha-Morfaw on 23rd March 2015

"It hurts, it so hurts, it really really hurts, the only thing that brings comfort if knowing where you are. Thanks for being who you were."

This tribute was added by Virginia Suber on 21st March 2015

"Angela I only got to meet
ou at Temple of Prayer, but I know you have wonderful parents. Most of all you had something that most of us girls longed; for a wonderful "daddy"  cherish that forever
Love you
Mother Suber, Sis Dana and Ah'Yania"

This tribute was added by Fonong Fon on 20th March 2015

"Ni, we love you but God loves you the most. Your advice and mentoring will live forever like  a tree planted by the river side. Save journey and may the Lord Almighty Yahweh give a good place until we meet. RIP Nini"

This tribute was added by grace bullock on 20th March 2015

"Psalm 3:3-5  May you find comfort and peace in the Lord Jesus.             We will continue to keep you in our prayers.  Deacons Ronald and       Grace Bullock.     Psalm 121"

This tribute was added by Ernest Davis on 20th March 2015

"My Colonel, mentor and friend. I am not sad for where you are but for not having enough time with you. I salute you here as you report for endless worship there in HIS presence!"

This tribute was added by bruce smart on 20th March 2015

"To the entire Fomundam Family I want to express my deepest sympathy and profound sorrow in the wake of George's passing.  As part of the PAE family I worked with George for nearly 10 years in Sudan, Chad, and the DRC and he was always the consummate professional, valued team mate, and he was respected by all who had contact with him.  I will never forget and I always appreciated George's ready smile, hearty handshake, and positive attitude which had a profoundly positive impact on everyone around him.  While George may be gone from this world he will not be forgotten and he remains part of the PAE family."

This tribute was added by Olivia Fombi Abanke on 20th March 2015

"Dear Uncle George,
With you being gone, God decided it was your time, your time to go, so He took your life away. the pain that you had been suffering for so long. It's harder.
You made us laugh. "Sidon look" to grandma. I remember  You and i talking about 5Linx lol." SIDONLOOK".
love you Uncle George and i always will,
May your soul rest peacefully"

This tribute was added by Ellen E Dunn on 20th March 2015

"We, the members of COVENANT GLORY WOMEN'S Ministry, Crossroad Christian Church, Dover, Delaware extend our sincere Heartfelt sympathy to the entire Fomundam family in the loss of brother George. We pray that the precious promise of God bring you peace and comfort, as only He can, during this difficult time'"

This tribute was added by Joyce Luis on 19th March 2015

"Remember the good years you shared with him and know he is now in the loving arms of our Father. May peace and strength be with you always. We'll miss him at Crossroad Christian Church. We serve a Great God."

This tribute was added by Robert Akonji on 18th March 2015

"Ni George, the Lord God, the Almighty one has done his work. I and all of us succumb. We yield to his sovereign will. You are no more but He reminds us that He is in total control of the situation. Your presence in my life was indispensable. You have been there for me, even though you were not a biological brother to me, you treated me not different from my best friend/brother, your brother Dr. Henry Fomundam. To all of us who knew him; an angel of Lord. He was so kind and very generous. May the Almighty God be with you forever."

This tribute was added by Stephanie Kamga on 18th March 2015

"Papa George, I know there is nothing for me to say that will make your loss easier...You were a kindhearted and generous person.
Ma Adeline... my husband and I would like to extend our most sincere condolences. Papa George was well loved and respected, I really enjoyed the time we worked together in DRC. He was a true friend and father for me. May his soul rest in peace...From HIM we came, to HIM we shall return."

This tribute was added by Deborah Russell on 18th March 2015

"Although I didn't know Elder Fomundam,  I know his daughters Ethel and Angela.  I pray for the entire family. He is leaving a legacy behind. From what I see he was an awesome man who truly loved his country and most of all loved God. May God comfort you all during this time of sorrow. May God rest his soul."

This tribute was added by Romeo Fomundam on 18th March 2015

"'' Uncle Colonel'' as used to be called, its very hard to believe you will never be seen or heard agian.words can't really express how sad i am.i had long wish to see you again for more words of advice and encouragement from you. you've been a true epitome of a great leader and a true family head. your last words of advice to me on keeping forcus on any thing i aim at doing and doing it with sincerity,  love and for good keeps recalling  each time i think of you.May the Lord Almighty grant you enternal rest. we will for ever miss you so dearly.i know there will be a great re-union with all those who had been ahead of you ,watch over us all back on earth.Adieu Uncle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

This tribute was added by Igxtelle Mbah Acha on 18th March 2015

"Will these tears ever stop flowing? Will this hurt ever go away? It feels like someone came and forcefully took a piece of my heart and left me with a deep pain, and a hole in my heart. Looking at your pictures is quite hard because I don't know how to accept the reality. I am left speechless though I have so much to say. Uncle can you see us? Do you hear us? Where are you? What is it like?

I am sure God welcomed you and there was a standing ovation as you entered the pearly gates. I am so proud of you Uncle. You came to the earth, and poured out yourself, executing your functions with love and perfection. What a crown of glory you must be wearing

Uncle oooooo, I am dazzled. It's so hard, I'll be lying if I said otherwise. I am asking all these questions, trying to make sense of it all. You will want me to be happy, to be strong, to keep my faith- and Yes, I will try to be all of that.

I miss you my Colonel Uncle, our family pride, my mothers defender, my ever supporting uncle. God knew we will hurt this much and still called you- I bet he loves u so much. Please tell Him, that we need a limitless supply of comfort down here. I look forward to heaven. With you there, it will be a happy place."

This tribute was added by rolaine fomundam on 18th March 2015

"I have been very saddened to learn about your loss dear fomundam family.I'd like to tell you how much i love you and feel for you in this instance. We've spent wonderful moment (familly meeting in bengwi  2012),he will stay forever in my memoy as a husband,father,brother, really exceptional, as my husband  evans use to said. Im sure that he is looking at all of you from where he now is, and knows that you all love him. I wish you a lot of courage to help you live through this sad trial."

This tribute was added by rolaine fomundam on 18th March 2015

"salut a toute la famille fomundam.je connaissais votre frere à cause de toutes les histoires que mon mari evans fomundam  racontait à son sujet. Il a été un grand homme,un père,un frère, un oncle un grand- père et un exemple a suivre. Pour cela, meme si lecancer a été un véritable calvaire, il a su affronter cette terrible maladie avec un courage qui force encore notre respect. En ce qui me concerne, je vous dirai que la vie est éphémère, mais le souvenir d'un etre cher reste. Je vous souhaite beaucoup de courage et je suis de tout coeur à vos cotés. Permettez moi de vous dire que je partage votre peine.Je pense à vous. Je suis avec vous chaque jour et chaque instant.Vous pourrez toujours compter sur moi.à tres bientot."

This tribute was added by Aza Chumbow on 18th March 2015

"Uncle Colonel, I remember seeing you in November last year, right after Thanksgiving,  not knowing it will be the last time I saw you.  I prayed and hoped you would get better, but it was not to be.  You put up a good fight,  but God saw you fit for His Heavenly Army.  My heart goes out to Aunty Adeline,  Ethi,  Mark,  Afor, Ken n Karl at this time.  No doubt, you will be watching over them,comforting them n  fighting on their behalf in the days to come.  You came,  you saw, you conquered.Blessed be the Name of the Lord."

This tribute was added by Belinda Tah on 18th March 2015

"My dearest Daddy, I can't find the words to write. Tears keep running down my eyes. Thank you for the time we spend on. You were a God sent, and now you have returned to Him. Some of my friends thought I was so proud each I said if God came and had to take one person it would be you. Your kindness touched everyone that came your way. You stood by me, when everyone doubted me and thought I was growing horns. You have always been me there for me. You drove to the hospital to see me when I had your grand daughter Eni.  You prayed for her when she was having stomach issues, despite the pains you were having. Yes,  that was just the father you were. Daddy, I'll cry, but I'll be comforted for I know where you are.  Miss you."

This tribute was added by Wilfred Mbacham on 18th March 2015

"“Uncle Colonel”,  you will fondly be remembered  for your many good acts of service but especially to us,  in how God used you and mama Adeline  in the miraculous recovery of  Ernestine from a post-partum hemorage and near death experience,  when we had our last child.   You did too much too soon as though to let us know that you will not be around for long.  The sting of death is strange because it comes in many ways unimaginable to human kind and at moments least expected.  Let your transition be remembered by many and serve as a point of evangelism for you stood by your word and the Word, despite the odds.  We know you are in heaven for you had time to reconcile with the Lord.  Inspired by that, this poem was written in your memory.

A  Salutary  Verse

A blessed heart that gives will get,
The grace we seek in all our strives  
For this indeed provides the base
For us to wear, a talent crown

Which to some few, Wisdom adorns
For unto each a given task
That brings to one a glorious life
A life in truth for hope’s great sake

So at the end of life’s great race,
We’ll sing the Amen song with joy
A  hallelujah chanting verse
Of deeds that left a blazing trail

For when in God we put our trust
To right the very wrongs we did
He points to paths of highest praise
And gives us time for true repent

For unto us surviving ones
Had we in earnest done our best,
Forbid it Lord that we should boast
But pray and trust to go that way

For lives of truth and joy and hope.
To get the everlasting grace
We’ll  feel same peace and grace within,
We’ll  heave  and  say “Oh Lord! Thank You”
Wilfred Mbacham (March, 2015)

What can we say further when God decides.  Fobang, the rest of the Family, Ernestine and I say thank you and  may you find eternal peace. Ernestine and Wilfred Mbacham."

This tribute was added by Michael Fomundam on 18th March 2015

"Uncle,you were not only a great soldier and mentor, you were also a lovely father and husband. More so, you were an adorable uncle. You treated your nephews and nieces with much love and respect; you were an epitome of a father and a friend. You were admired by a bunch and cherished by many. You filled a space that no one will ever replace.
During your last days, you reminded me and emphasized on the power of love and togetherness, the importance of forgiveness and most of all, the gains of reconciling ones soul with the Lord. I pray the Angles and the Holy Spirit guide your soul to eternity. Your work on earth is done and that in heaven has just began. I know you will prepare the way for us just like you have always done. I will miss you. Adieu uncle, until we meet again."

This tribute was added by Nduku Mbamuku on 17th March 2015

"To the Fomundam family and to the whole Bome people, we have lost a resource that is irreplaceable.
Ni George, you are the reassurance that we could still stick to good old morals, get stuff done and be rewarded for doing the right thing. He represented getting the right promotion because you were the best and not because you knew the most powerful people.
Ni you were down to earth simple and fatherly. Me and my elder brother Ni Charles, came visiting in Delaware one time and you took time off and walked us all around the house from the basement to the top, all along explaining things and plans you had in the process. I found that very trusting.
You are the very strong disciplinarian that has left a mark in the lives of admirers and family alike.
The Bible says in 1 Thessalonians 5:18 give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.
Have a safe journey and when you see Pa Nduku, please say hi to him.
God Bless."

This tribute was added by patience Bame on 17th March 2015

"Dear mummy accept our deepest condolences. I just got the information from Edith now.Our God is in control. May He alone comfort you now and give you strength to go through this. Amos and i and the children will hold you up in prayers." He will guide till the day is dawn, there is not a friend like the lowly Jesus"!"

This tribute was added by Comfort Ateh on 16th March 2015

"Ma Adeline and the rest of the family, may you find solace in knowing that Ni is resting in peace in a place where there is no pain or sorrow.

This tribute was added by Alaya K on 16th March 2015

"I would like to send my deepest condolences the family of Mr. Fomundam. I hope you find comfort in the many memories you have shared with Mr. Fomundam. I can tell he will be missed by many. There is something comforting that I would like to share. It is in the bible at Acts 24:15 "There is going to be a resurrection." And also 1 Corinthians 15:26 "And the last enemy death will be brought to nothing." In the future Jehovah God will resurrect all those in the grave and reunite them with there families on the earth. He will also destory death forever. God yearns to do this because he views death as a enemy and He can't wait to resurrect all those sleeping in death. If you would like to find more comforting thoughts please go to www.jw.org"

This tribute was added by Dorah Kuchambi on 14th March 2015

"My  condolences to all the Fomundams,God is in control, may his soul rest in peace......Take it easy and God Bless"

This tribute was added by Emeline Emambit on 14th March 2015

"If one could back the hands of time, then i would have turned it back 90 degrees, just to live with you and see that great smile of encouragement and hope on your face and in your kind heart. God Almighty never made a mistake to create you because you have been as a point of rescue to many souls. May your precious soul rest in perfect peace and may HE continue to bless also your wonderful and kind hearted wife you 've left behind. Adieu Ni....you will forever be remembered."

This tribute was added by Stella Anyangwe on 14th March 2015

"To the entire Fomundam family, accept our deepest condolences for the loss of Ni George, the quintessential "Officer and Gentleman". It was always a real pleasure to catch up with him whenever he visited Henry and Mercy here in Pretoria. We would listen in admiration and amazement to his stories of all the different "trouble spots" where his military expertise had been sought, and given so whole-heartedly. You were an inspiration to us all, Ni George, and we pray for eternal
rest for your soul. From Carl and Stella"

This tribute was added by Christopher FON ACHOBANG on 14th March 2015

"Ni George, I think you went too early because you left me in the projects we discussed in 1994. You were then Director of Military Equipment. You hired me as an interior designer (painter) to paint your residence at the Military Head Quarters and the Staff Canteen. At the end of each day we had a sumptuous meal from your dear wife and some beer or tea. In one session we deployed the decadence of Cameroon. I promised you I would go away from the country and whenever I came back I will begin a campaign to change Cameroon. I wish you were there to lend me your encompassing strategic knowledge. Join St Michael and we shall continue from there"

This tribute was added by Yvonne Stanton on 13th March 2015

"Hello Fomundam Famly,

I would first like to extend my most sincere condolences for the loss of George.  I have worked with George for the last eight years at PAE.  George was one of my favorite coworkers.  He always greeted me with a big bright smile and he would bring me gifts when he visited the office.  My most treasured gift is my Cameroun hat that he gave me.  Although I cannot be there with your family to give my final goodbye, know that I am there in spirit.  May God bless you all as you endure this trial.  George will be greatly missed by the PAE family and personally by me."

This tribute was added by Akindeh Nji on 13th March 2015

"Real people will choose God than fame and popularity in this world that fades away so easily especially in death. Real people are always giving and are always there in times of pain and joy of  those around them. Real men stand out of the crowd in their profession, jobs and in their community. Above all, real men have a heart beat for God and Love Him so dearly.
"Uncle army" You were a real man.
May your soul rest in peace."

This tribute was added by George Achuo on 12th March 2015

"Ni George, this is hard for me to swallow. I was always hoping we could meet one day so I can thank you again for the help you gave me as a young graduate in Yaoundé with no hopes. You were indeed an elder brother, Ni!  It is so tough to say good bye to someone like you but I guess it is also the only right thing to say to someone like you. Rest in Peace, Senior Bros!!!!"

This tribute was added by Emmanuel Kengnjisu Mundi on 6th March 2015

"George, this is not fair! But I cannot judge GOD. I know you were prepared to meet HIM.
When we arrived the USA last July the first thing I did was call you and drive to Delaware with my wife and brother in law to see you. It was a Warm reception your entire family gave us. Remember the pork chops we ate. You did not look like someone suffering. The pictures on this website show this. We laughed over everything and then left. Somehow by premonition I have been so worried about you this past month and kept calling but no answer until that bad call from Dr. Peter Ndifon last Sunday 1st March afternoon. I have informed all BOBA  and CMF around me here in Yaounde.
Now you left your Godchlld Manaen Mundi for me to raise alone? Why?
I remember the flight to the USA in 1965, Multnomah College in Portland Oregon, our visits to BBR in Douala, the wedding in Mbengwi to Adeline, the passing on of your Dad and Mom and the funeral; your visits to Kejom; our coincidental meeting in Ndjamena etc etc! Our visits to the QG in Yaounde; Your visits to Ngousso. O George!
But Adeline, Keep the faith and be strong. The kids are big now and will take care of you. You and George did your best to raise them and we all are proud of you both.
Accept the Warm Condolences of the entire Mundi Family as we wait for funeral details."

This tribute was added by Sharnae Stewart on 5th March 2015

"I would like to give my deepest condolences to the family and friends of Mr. Fomundam.  Though I didn't know him personally, I can tell from the beautiful pictures that he was deeply loved, and will be sorely missed.  Death is never an easy thing to cope with, and the feelings of pain, grief, and helplessness can at times seem overwhelming.  I would like to share a brief thought that helped me when I dealt with the sting of death in my family.  At John 5:28, 29 we read that soon "all those in the memorial tombs will hear his voice and come."  And at Isaiah 25:8 God promises that "He will swallow up death forever and...will wipe away the tears from all faces."  Yes, take comfort in knowing that only does God eagerly yearn to resurrect our dead loved ones, but he promises to get rid of death forever!  If you would like to read more comforting thoughts from the scriptures, please visit www.jw.org.  May the fond memories you share continue to bring you a measure of comfort through these trying times."

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