Let the memory of Georgia be with us forever
  • 68 years old
  • Born on September 4, 1944 .
  • Passed away on May 3, 2013 .

Georgia  completed her life journey on May 3, 2013 and has transitioned from labor to reward.


Saturday, May 11, 2013

12:00 p.m.

Valley Grove Baptist Church

Manchester (Tax), Georgia



Valley Grove Baptist Church

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Posted by Zenobia Bass on 3rd May 2018
It is hard to believe it's has been five years, today, that you went home to be with our merciful Lord. I deeply miss you. I am so so so grateful that you loved taking pictures because you left me with wonderful photos and memories of your love. I love you, Mom.
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 4th September 2017
Happy Birthday, Mom! I had beautiful thoughts of you the other day that put a smile on my face and a joy in my heart. Jim and I attended the Waller-Patterson Family Reunion and I truly enjoyed meeting some of daddy's family members for the first time and reminiscing with others. Because of your birth, your union with my dad...I was created and I will always honor you for being my Mom! Thank you for always allowing and supporting me to be me, your first born. I celebrate you today and honor you everyday! With my deepest Love, Zenobia
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 3rd May 2016
It's hard to believe three years has passed since I last touched your face, held your hands, read scriptures to you and sang the song you taught us as children, "God is Able". Yes, God is able. He was able to take away your pain. He was able to give me much needed comfort when your ship sailed away. He was and is able to wipe away my tears. Yes, God and only God is able! Thank you, Lord
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 7th December 2015
Missing you! Honoring you! Loving you!
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 6th September 2015
Happy Birthday, Mom!!! I miss you! I love you! Thank you for the sacrifices; you didn't have to, but you did. Thank you for your love, care, understanding, courage and wisdom! I thank God for the memories. Your firstborn, Zenobia
Posted by Sonia Waller on 5th September 2015
HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM" Your courage, wisdom, and endurance, has helped me become the woman i am today. Thank you!!! Miss you!!! Love you!!! Sonia
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 10th May 2015
Happy Mother's Day!!! My greatest supporter, cheerleader and example. Thank you for the unconditional love. I miss you!!! My everlasting love, your daughter, Zenobia
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 3rd May 2015
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 3rd May 2015
Mommy, two years ago today you transitioned to be with the Lord. Oh, how I miss and Love you so!!! I didn't cry today. Actually, I laughed, eat a big fat turkey and enjoyed time with Jim, Janet and RD. Time clearly does mend a broken heart. Thank you for teaching us to Live and to Live by our own terms. THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!
Posted by Sonia Waller on 4th September 2014
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 4th May 2014
One year ago, May 3, 2013, my heart was severely broken, shattered into many small pieces because you took your last breath. Now today, May 4, 2014, although I miss you deeply, my heart is mending, the pieces are being gathered and carefully placed in their respective places. I no longer exist in a fog, the storm has moved through, the clouds have cleared away and I can now see the sun and the blue skies. I'm beginning to live life again, not at 100%, but making progress. I laugh more than I cry; I give thanks to God for his wisdom instead of blaming him for................ taking..... you.......; I no longer see a situation how I want it to be or people how I want them to be; no, Now I see a situation as it is and people as they are and I deal with both according to God's words and plans for me; Thank you for the abundance of gifts you gave to me as your daughter: the gift of life the gift of love the gift of encouragement the gift of allowing me to make mistakes the gift of correcting me when needed the gift of forgiving the gift of understanding the gift of sacrificing the gift of speaking into me and showing me that I am special the gift of assuring me that I can and will achieve whatever I set my mind to the gift of your wisdom the gift of enduring the things that only a mother would endure the gift of many examples of courage the gift of understanding the value of solitude the gift of giving the gift of knowing when to say "no" the gift of marching to my own beat the gift of being free to be me the gift of boo koos of memories I love you Mom and I look forward to seeing you again on the other side, its all in God's master plan. I will always be looking up to you.
Posted by Sonia Waller on 4th September 2013
"Happy Birthday Mom" ......Love you!
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 4th September 2013
Happy Birthday Mommy...I miss you.
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 12th May 2013
Good afternoon Mommy, Today is the first Mother's Day that I will not be able to hear your voice or see your beautiful face, when I say "Happy Mother's Day, Mom". Yet, when I close my eyes, I can feel your love, the kind of love that transcends time and space, a Mother's Love. Thank you Mom!!!
Posted by Anne Cheek on 10th May 2013
Praying for you and your family, Dr. Bass! I know this isn't easy, but I hope God provides you with strength and healing.
Posted by Felicia Clark on 10th May 2013
Zenobia, I pray God's strength and peace be with you & your family. God Bless.
Posted by Regina Hammon on 10th May 2013
Zenobia, May God continue to be with you and your family. We will continue to lift you all up in prayer. I never had the pleasure of meeting your Mother, but I am so grateful you welcomed us to pray for her. Thank You. God Bless you and your Family.
Posted by FOLAHAN AYENI on 10th May 2013
We do not mourn like those without hope because to absent from the body is to be present with the Lord and there is an assurance of a future reunion. Though I never met Ms. Waller I heard much about her life of faith through her daughter and my brilliant college professor - Dr. Zenobia Bass who is a great testament to her mother's legacy. To the Waller family, please accept my condolences.
Posted by Rantine McKesson on 10th May 2013
I never met Ms. Waller, but my heartfelt sympathy extends to the Waller family. I am a recent student of Professor Zenobia Bass & it was there I feel I came to know that only a strong woman with vigor and a thirst for love and life could raise a woman as dynamic as Zenobia Bass. So it is with much love and respect for her daughter Zenobia that I send these thoughts. She is well again.
Posted by Katrina Patterson on 10th May 2013
To Deborah, Zee, Sonia and Janet, may you find comfort in the arms of God during this very difficult time. Mrs. Waller left a memorable legacy that will continue for many years to come. Deborah, D'Shawn, and Kyera we are always here for you and know that we are always a phone call away, She has laid down her cross and picked up her crown! Love Always, Katrina, Desmond & Carl Patterson
Posted by Bernard Bable on 9th May 2013
Zenobia and family, May God be with you all during this time. You are all in our prayers. Bernard Bable & Family
Posted by Sonia Waller on 8th May 2013
I've learned today that life is much to short, and at any time it could end. But know that no matter where you are, you will always by my mother ( my blessed friend). And when it is time for me to go, you will be there to show me the way . I wish that you could still be here, but I'll see you again someday! Love you Always Mom!
Posted by Sonia Waller on 8th May 2013
I can not hear your laughter. I can not see your smile. I wish that we could talk again if only for awhile. I know you're watching over me. Seeing everything I do, and though you'll always be with me. I will always be missing you. Love you Mom!
Posted by Sonia Waller on 8th May 2013
If I could build a stairway to heaven, I would climb it today. Just to see you, tell you how much I miss you, and give you a hug and kiss everyday! Love you Mom!
Posted by Sonia Waller on 8th May 2013
I thought of you today, but that is nothing new. I thought about you yesterday, and days before that too. I think of you in silence, I often speak your name. All I have are memories and a picture frame. Your memory is a keepsake, from which I'll never part. God has you in his arms. I have you in my heart. Love you always Mom!
Posted by Zenobia Bass on 8th May 2013
I miss you Mommy. Thank you for your wisdom, your love, your sacrifice.Oh, how blessed I am to be your daughter. Thank you for the tears of joy. Why joy? Because you have given me a life time of memories that can not be replaced.Jesus had the last word and because of that, I will see you again.
Posted by Derek Marsettem on 8th May 2013
although we have never met i heard a lot of nice things about you,from your daughter Zenobia whom I love dearly.I am sure we would have become good friends,SO REST ON GEORGIA IN THE ARMS OF JESUS..MARSHA AND DEREK MARSETTE AND FAMILY
Posted by Vicky McNeil on 7th May 2013
Mrs. Waller has been a very instrumental person in my life. As a child growing up, she was like a second mother to me as I would spend many days and nights at her home with her daughter Janet ( my best friend) and her sisters; Zee, Sonia, & Deborah. Thank you for loving me as I loved you. R.I.P. May God bless the Family during these times!

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