Let the memory of Olugbo be with us forever
  • 79 years old
  • Born on May 11, 1937 in Lagos, Nigeria.
  • Passed away on August 29, 2016 in Lagos, Nigeria.

This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Georgina Elizabeth Olugbo Hollist, 79, born on May 11, 1937 and passed away on August 29, 2016. We will remember her forever.

Posted by Bola Hollist on 11th May 2018
Happy Birthday Mum. The lord grant you eternal rest and may light perpetual continue to shine upon you. Miss you loads
Posted by Ronke Wilson on 11th May 2018
Missing you Mum. Remembering you with love today and always.
Posted by Esohe Ikhide on 11th May 2018
Happy Birthday, Mom. I miss every day. Continue to Rest in Peace.
Posted by Simisola Osomo on 11th May 2018
Mum may your beautiful soul continue to rest in peace. Amen
Posted by Chioma Onukogu on 29th August 2017
Dearest Mummy Hollist, we know that you're resting in peace in our Lord's bossom.. And God is with us here on earth.
Posted by Esohe Ikhide on 29th August 2017
Rest on dear Mom. We miss you loads. I am comforted by fond memories
Posted by Tony Odukomaiya on 29th August 2017
Mummy Hollist, one year has gone so fast and we still miss you. We take solace in God's will and pray that God grants you internal rest until we shall meet in Christ to part no more. RIP.
Posted by Ronke Wilson on 29th August 2017
Mum, forever in my memory, forever loved. Continue to rest in the Beloved until the Resurrection Day.
Posted by Nnenna Nwabufo on 29th August 2017
Dear mummy, I can't believe it is already one year since you departed to be with the Lord. We miss you, your smiles, counsel, visits, cooking especially frejon during Easter. Continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Omobola Hollist on 29th August 2017
Asleep in Christ Jesus May the journey on your next adventure be as joy-filled as your time with us. Rest in Peace dearest Mum
Posted by Chioma Onukogu on 11th May 2017
Dearest Mummy Hollist, Good Evening Ma and very Happy Birthday to you. I imagine that you are enjoying some heavenly company especially today. We are ok here but missing you
Posted by Ronke Wilson on 11th May 2017
Remembering you Mum on your birthday.
Posted by Ronke Wilson on 11th May 2017
Remembering you Mum on your birthday.
Posted by Omobola Hollist on 11th May 2017
Hope that you got a tub of Hagen Daz ice cream or the heavenly equivalent to celebrate your 8oth Birthday. Gone, but not forgotten This pain, I cannot hide In memory, I see you A million tears, I've cried. The tender thoughts you left me Come to my memory Your loving smile, so precious Will always be with me. Just like a special angel God wrapped you in His care And took you off to heaven To live with Him, up there. Rest in Peace dearest Mum.
Posted by Esohe Ikhide on 11th May 2017
Happy birthday dear Mom. We miss you here on earth. We are sure you are having a ball where you are.
Posted by Devota Kishosha-Muzaula on 14th October 2016
Rest in perfect Peace mama 'Bola.
Posted by Omobola Hollist on 7th October 2016
THIS TRIBUTE IS SENT BY – CHIEF MRS PANSY OLAKANPO In Loving Memory of Mrs Georgina Elizabeth Olugbo Hollist You will be remembered for your good deeds to the society especially in the field of education and as Past President of IWS amongst other societies. No doubt you have found favour in the sight of our Lord     –     Peaceful rest.
Posted by Bukky Akintomide on 29th September 2016
Ma Hollist, special is the word that immediately comes to mind as I think about you. Yet it really does not fully capture the essence of the gift and rare gem that God gave us all in you. I can hear the laughter in your voice, and see the joie de vivre twinkling in your eyes. You lived life to the fullest and encouraged us all to do the same without fear. You charted new waters and blazed new trails, all with a smile. You loved your children and adopted their friends. I can hear your voice and see your smile as you sang hymns at St. George's Tunis. We will miss you. Rest in peace...though something tells me that you already have gotten busy in heaven! Bukkie Akintomide
Posted by Nelson Ngwenya on 28th September 2016
Mama Hollist was a special person. Whenever she visited Tunis, she would unfailing join us for church services at St Georges Church. I found her to be very kind and motherly to all of us. Her passing is a terrible loss to all those who knew her. May her spirit rest in eternal peace.
Posted by Yetunde Okelola on 24th September 2016
"If this was to be the last wedding I would attend, so be it " that was your statement to my mum, when you arrived at my hometown in Osun State for my wedding. You are such a wonderful, kind , generous, accommodating and strong mother with a good heart. It was an honor to be one of your daughters before you left this world, I hope you're already singing with your angelic voice along with the angels of the Lord..............Rest on Grandma
Posted by Chioma Onukogu on 23rd September 2016
Dearest Mummy Hollist, how are you? Your soul must be settling down comfortably in its new heavenly abode. And I can imagine that you have already met and connected with many (young and old, rich and poor etc.) up there like you did here on earth. Their gain is our loss! But, never mind, we are fine here on earth even though we are missing you terribly and slowly coming to terms with your passing. We know that God allowed you to pass on because it was the time for you to return to Him after completing your earthly race, living a fulfilled and independent life. God definitely did not want you to suffer and be too dependent on others due to any form of illness. So, we will try hard not to mourn but celebrate in the way that we can under the circumstances, with thanksgiving to God for the years that He blessed you with. And we will forever be grateful to Him for being amongst the privileged to have known and benefited from the love that He bestowed in your heart for mankind. You were kind, down to earth, always ready to listen, genuinely concerned about the welfare of all around you and always rejoiced in their progress or success in life. But you also always emphasized on the need for one to remain humble and not get carried away by their achievements in life. You always advised us to be circumspect in our relations with people. And you had a loving way of instilling discipline in both young and old. These contributed to who we are today. You loved, and were really proud of Taiwo, Kehinde, ‘Bola, Bose, Kemi, your grandchildren and the rest of us. And you always talked about how you would have loved to do more. I admired how you always ended the conversation by thanking God for blessing us all and praying for Him to continue to bless and meet each of us at our points of need. Thank you for everything especially for being my friend, ‘healthy’ accomplice, confidant, mentor, counselor, mother, role model and praying partner over the years. It’s so hard to accept that you are no longer a phone call, e-mail, Facebook inbox or visit away. I never imagined that your passing will hit me this hard because you talked a lot about it the last time I visited you. But then, I kept saying to you that you will live up to 80 years and above. Looking back now, I realize that you were saying your ‘ADIEU’ to me when you insisted on seeing me off and waiting at the door for me to leave. Thank you so much for insisting! I will forever cherish the memory of that night and of all the time I got to spend with you. THANK YOU AGAIN! Ok, Mummy Hollist, this will be it for now. You can rest assured that God is with and comforting us here on earth just like we believe that you are resting in perfect peace with Him. And your values, principles and legacy will live forever… ADIEU! Chioma
Posted by Babatunde Adefila on 22nd September 2016
Mama was a loving mother, a kind - hearted, compassionate, generous and straightforward person. Mummy was endowed with uncommon wisdom and patience to handle intricate matters brought before her. She never called a spade by another name. A seasoned administrator and devout Christian who left an indelible mark on the sand of time. Her integrity and discipline was unrivalled. Always punctual to church services, functions and office even in her old age. To demonstrate her love for God and propagation of the Gospel, she inaugurated an endowment fund "Train a Priest" on the occasion of one of her Birthday anniversaries. Never a dull moment with mummy. Her sense of humour is highly commendable. I make bold to state that I am one of the beneficiaries of mama's wealth of experience and wisdom. Mama I miss you so much. May your gentle soul continue to rest in perfect peace. Adieu !
Posted by Oma Akpofure-Idris on 22nd September 2016
It was an honour to have known Aunty - a lady of warmth, kindness, a great joie de vivre and a very keen mind and sharp wit, with great fortitude, grace, dignity and a sense of humour. Aunty, as the hymn goes, you will be remembered by the effect you have had on people, even people who didn't know you that well. Heavenly Father, grant Aunty eternal rest in you through your everlasting mercy, and comfort and keep her children and loved ones in unity through the memories they have of her - Amen.
Posted by Nnenna Nwabufo on 20th September 2016
Mama Bola, It was with a deep sense of loss that I received the news of your passing and it still feels like a dream to me. You were 'Mummy' to all of us and I looked forward to seeing you again in Abidjan or Lagos. Thank you for your love and motherly care. I pray that the good Lord will grant you a peaceful rest. You live in our hearts and memories, never to be forgotten by all of us that new you. Sleep well.
Posted by Norma Dove-Edwin on 18th September 2016
Olugbo known you since 1960 when I had dinner you flat in New York. Will miss your sparkly eyes and sense of humour on the ocassions when we met at IWS. Norma Dove-Edwin
Posted by Enma Okoro on 16th September 2016
Mama was a very lovely woman of strong convictions and worldly I use to admire your strength and love of everybody you met, and one of the reasons I am good friends with Bola is because you passed on all that l admire in you to your children . Rest in perfect peace mama we shall miss your visits to Tunis and Abidjan. But then you are in a better place now with the Lord. RIP mama.
Posted by Folasade Adefila on 16th September 2016
The news of mummy's transition came to me with a rude shock.You were my adoptive mother, mentor, role model, counselor and benefactor. As a seasoned administrator per excellence,you trained me to be steadfast, hardworking, dutiful and dedicated to duties. You were there for me when the chips were down. Little wonder I gave birth to my baby girl on your birthday, hence u named her Olugbo I.e. Oluwagbohunmi. Mummy may your soul rest in the bosom of the Lord Jesus. Adieu mummy !
Posted by Dayo Akinlade on 16th September 2016
My dear Aunt and Godmother …… so vivacious, so full of life, so energetic! Changing "geles" in the car so you could attend various functions, decked in the proper color. Watching movies and “gisting” till late at Turton Street. Visiting with us at Hartford to see your great-nephew soon after he was born. Devouring your delicious fish stew during my visit to Tunis……. Thank you for the lovely memories! Rest in perfect peace dear Aunty! Dayo
Posted by Nkoli Ogbolu on 16th September 2016
May her soul rest in peace. She believed in women emancipation and empowerment and has left a legacy. She will always be remembered for giving of her time, talent and treasure for the upliftment of womanhood. Mrs Hollist and women of her ilk are the reason women's voices have continued to be heard in Nigeria. Up KC Old Girl. A rare breed indeed.
Posted by Adedayo Adebena on 15th September 2016
Mummy, though sad that you left us but I take solace in the good memories of you. You were just on time when my late mum (your friend) and I needed help like never before. 8, Turton Street, Lafiaji, Lagos became our second home every weekend. You made it such a delight. You were one of a kind who would give her clothes to a dear friend to wear on an occasion just to ensure she is not left out of your class (everyone sees my mum as one who is in your class courtesy your pretty kind gestures). My journey in Turton Lagos took me to Aunty Ayo's International School were you were the Amazing Head. There I met my wife. Your presence at my wedding (wore same clothes with my mum) was such a blessing. Immediately you heard about your friend's demise (my mother), you hurriedly returned from your trip to help in the funeral arrangements. You took the entire event upon yourself including the wreath placed at my mother's tomb. Mummy, mummy, mummy...This space is not enough to say how I spent 10 years + living with you at Turton. Sun re iya daada. We will forever remember you.... Dayo, Seun, Damola,Desola & Demilade Adebena.
Posted by Adetayo Moyosoreoluwa on 15th September 2016
"Death is a graduation. When we're taught all the things we came to teach, learned all the things we came to learn, then we're allowed to graduate." May your soul rest with the Almighty God.
Posted by Ronke Wilson on 14th September 2016
Mummy is gone. My second mum. Mum was mum to me in many ways. From her, I gained a sister, Bola, from another mother. I spent a good part of my growing up years in and out of Mum's home and learnt so much from her. She was generous, accommodating and open to all, friends and her family. Her home was always full of young people and she gave help to many through the various organizations she served. Mum had energy and great capacity for service. I remembered frejon cooking at Easter time, turkey, wine and Christmas pudding at Christmas time, her insistence that we went to church, St Paul's Breadfruit was a regular Sunday morning argument ritual for many years. We laughed and cried, loved and hated, fought and made up. She gave me her home and opened her heart to me. Mum was very elegant, that struck you first, then her generosity and openness, and you could not but admire her. She was willing to be herself, she was a mentor and role model. Dear Father, grant mum eternal rest in You through Your everlasting mercy.
Posted by Judith Ofori on 14th September 2016
Dearest 'mummy'. What can I say, I can't believe 'mummy' is gone! My morning conversations with Bola, how is mummy? and Bola will say, you don't know what my mom has done today.... and I will say, Bola leave mummy alone. Mummy and Bola, just could not believe it that fateful morning when Bola called in anguish... tante Judith, tante Judith my mom is gone! I screamed WHAT?? Mummy Hollist, you just accepted all of us, your birth children's friends as your children! Loved us and gave us your wise counsel! We will miss you terribly, we were all looking forward to you coming to Abidjan, just as you did Tunis, our site seeing visits, going to St, Georges Church, your love for everybody. Ah, I forget how you always visited me when I am on mission in Lagos, even other mission colleagues fondly remember you! You cared so much, and appreciated everyone, especially your children, you were so, so proud of all of them! You will be forever missed. Mummy rest in perfect peace at the Lord's bosom!
Posted by Esohe Ikhide on 14th September 2016
Mom I celebrate you. I thank you. I miss you. I love you. Rest well in perfect peace Sweet Mother, in the cradle of the Lord.
Posted by Tony Odukomaiya on 14th September 2016
Mama, our hearts are heavy but as Chritians we should not mourn as unbelievers. We are reassured that you have gone to rest with your maker, where we shall meet and part no more. Only that before then we shall miss a cheerful mom. A mother to us all; full of life and ever loving and kind to all around her. We shall miss your words of advise and encouragement. Adeu and rest in perfect and everlasting peace.
Posted by Yele Yilu on 13th September 2016
Mummy rest in peace
Posted by Kunle Oladapo on 13th September 2016
Word alone can't express how I feel about you mummy, you helped me to gained admission into Lasu,I still remember vividly how we waited for the VC. We waited for 8 hours telling me that if its for us to sleep in Lasu you won't mind . I've never in my life see someone nice as you mummy.... I know that you are with the Lord Jesus . You will always be in my heart .Rest in peace mummy
Posted by Tunde Adenibi on 13th September 2016
Mama Mobola ........ yours was a full and accomplished life. Your joie de vivre and sharp wit will now be forever missed by us, the mere mortals, that survive you. But your spirit remains forever with us. Oh death, where is thy sting? Requescat in pace. 'Tunde
Posted by Simisola Osomo on 13th September 2016
Hmmmm mum what can I say. You have such a beautiful and large heart. You have fought a good fight and you have finished the race and there is a crown waiting for you in heaven. Mum may your beautiful soul continue to rest in peace.
Posted by Adia De Souza on 13th September 2016
To live in the hearts of those you love and those who love you is not to die. Mama Olugbo lives in all our hearts. She was a woman I admired for her beauty, for her kindness, for her vivacity of mind, for her unbeatable mindset and worldview., for her love of God. I called her my role model and that was what she was. What a beautiful and rich life. I know she is resting in peace with our Lord. We love you, and that verb remains in the present tense. Adia de Souza.
Posted by Omobola Hollist on 13th September 2016
Eternal rest grant unto mummy O Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon her. May her faithfully departed soul, through the mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.

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