Zaki n Gee

Shared by Starr Jolie' on October 7, 2011

Man I tell yu if Zaki and yu werent the best of friends lol...All up and down ya MOM house all yu hear is Zaki little voice screaming "Gee" lol its crazy that yu too had that connection and yall even favored each other alot;) Zaki Dad was killed also and yu use to school Zaki as if yu was his Dad tellin him that yu would be there for him in replacing and how yu loved him just as much. but now your NOT here anymore and It hurts like hell that the streets took yu Both away from Zaki but at least he knows that yu Love him...and We Love yu back Gee...I Still have ur Text Message in my phone saying "Wats Up Babe wat yu been up to?" and I kno if yu was hear I would get that same message again so to answer ya Question Im up to alot....I made that move to Atlanta that I told yu about and I really wish yu woulda changed ya mind and came along, Im also writing a Book about my life story and the dumb shit that happened in these streets Its called "Breaking Down The Wall" and Im gettin MONEY (In ya Words) lol...TTYL Baby 

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