~ Now Jerry is finally free for limitless travel ~
  • 69 years old
  • Born on January 12, 1943 in Oakland, California, United States.
  • Passed away on October 8, 2012 in Santa Rosa, California, United States.

 **We finally have made copies of Jerry's Journey DVD!***

This movie was made by Kevin Hoy for our Celebration of Jerry's life, October, 2012. He used some of Jerry's writings, photos and favorite music. Please send your mailing address if you'd like to receive a copy from Susan @ hoy2shores@mac.com

Jerry Hoy, a lifelong world traveler, began his last journey surrounded by a circle of friends and family and left at sunset on October 8th, 2012.

* One year later dedication to Jerry from his good friend-Nancy (just added)
* Please visit 'his life' for a special tribute, composed by his sister, Susan.*

Posted by Lorraine Geary on 9th October 2018
Hi Jer, It's so hard to believe that it has been six years. I was looking through our old Blake Street and McCoy Creek photos yesterday and was reminded of the unconditional love that you always gave me, your kindness, When I have a question to ask about these times, I miss not being able to call you to talk about it. You are in my heart always. All my love forever, Lo
Posted by Susan Hoy Shores on 15th January 2018
We celebrated Jerry's 75th birthday with stories and devil's food cake. I think of you celebrating in Puerto Vallarta, enjoying your life in the sun while we froze thru winter storms at home. Remembering you warms my heart, makes me smile and reminds me to enjoy life's wonderful moments and appreciate each day's adventure.
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 13th January 2018
my connected little finger told me that 3 loyal friends, D.J.Ph., had dinner on Wednesday night at P.V. (Mex) and spent the evening by reminding your first encounters. I would have liked to be there to know every detail.For my part our first meeting was in Mujeres island and another friend, S., will smile reading this line. Love, Andree
Posted by Tom James on 12th January 2018
Wow, a whole year has slipped by AGAIN! It is hard to believe. By the oddest of coincidences I awoke today with thoughts of you. I want to travel in Italy this summer and you, Jerry, immediately came to mind as the best choice for a traveling companion. I sure regret having to go it alone but thoughts of you stay with me always. Happy Birthday my beloved friend.
Posted by Cap Capeloto on 14th October 2017
Jerry, I don't travel much anymore. You were the best traveling companion I have had in my lifetime. I miss you so much!
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 8th October 2017
I sometimes share a few words with your portrait Jerry. And probably you answer me: 'Senior moments'. You are so present in our memory Miss you a lot
Posted by Tom James on 8th October 2017
Five years has passed quickly. Funny how we get caught up in living and occasionally need a stimulus to reawaken our sense of wonder at the present moment. Jerry was someone who had a grasp of the poetry of silent reflection. I miss his steady presence.
Posted by Sami Buisson-daniel on 8th October 2017
As for years, Jerry is one place and I'm another. Our paths crossed three times in our life time. Those three times filled my heart with love for a very special friend. I am one that has no idea what the future holds when we pass but one thing that would make me happy is to be in Jerry's presence again. I know he would make me laugh.
Posted by Rosario Fernandes on 8th October 2017
Wow five years! Think about you often Jerry. I still miss calling 707-887-1822 whenever I needed a laugh or some good advice. Miss our hikes to wohler, camping, and adventures in San Fran. See you at the end of the rainbow bridge. XXOo Rosario aka Ros
Posted by Lorraine Geary on 8th October 2017
Hey, Jer, It's hard to believe 5 years have passed. I remember that day like it was yesterday. I miss hearing your voice say, Hey Lo, "it's good to hear your little voice". I loved you then, love you now, and will love you always. Lo
Posted by Cap Capeloto on 22nd July 2017
Jerry, I miss you so much. I have never in my lifetime had a better traveling companion. Rest in peace my friend.
Posted by Polly Wright on 12th January 2017
Miss you my little Jerry Cherry. When ever I think of you I get all fuzzy inside and smile big. You have not left us as we share many stories about you with our mutual friends. Thanks for the memories!
Posted by Polly Wright on 12th January 2017
Miss you my little Jerry Cherry. When ever I think of you I get all fuzzy inside and smile big. You have not left us as we share many stories about you with our mutual friends. Thanks for the memories!
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 12th January 2017
Jerry, so much present! You remain our leader and there is not a single trip of your friends who do not refer to this virus you inoculated us. Early this morning, Philip celebrated your birthday in the cold of Naples after having traveled a little of China, Vietnam and Thailand. A few months ago I was in English-speaking Africa and I will return to the Gorillas in June. I wish so much you could be there to observe these beautifull animals. You must be proud to have taught us how to travel. We will never forget you. Much love.
Posted by Sami Buisson-daniel on 12th January 2017
Simply seeing your name reminds me of the time we spent together on Isla Mujeres and our travel through Mexico. The last time I saw you was at my home in Philadelphia. Miss you always!
Posted by Tom James on 12th January 2017
Wish you could be celebrating your 74th with all your many friends. Had you on my mind as I traveled throughout Thailand recently. Thai's are beautiful, gentle people, a natural match for you. Sending white light your way. Love endures.
Posted by Lorraine Geary on 12th January 2017
Hey, Jer, Hope you are happy wherever you are. Miss you so much and can still hear your voice saying, "Hey Lo". My love is with you always. Lo
Posted by Tom James on 8th October 2016
A big HELLO to all of Jerry's friends. Sure wish I could have met you and shared good times.
Posted by Jason Adams on 8th October 2016
Four years later and I still have to remind myself sometimes that you're gone. Although, I subconsciously feel that you've never left. You continue to protect our family and work your magic in mysterious ways from the great beyond. I will never truly let you go. This life is but a temporary train stop in the grand scheme of things. One day, I will arrive at your station and that will certainly be a very joyous occasion. Love always and forever, Your Bitsy
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 8th October 2016
Four years and so present among us. Jerry you are a very special person for your relatives, for your friends. On July 23th 2012 I had the chance to save one of your voice message on my computer which I listen often. This is my little candy from you for ever. Love
Posted by Lorraine Geary on 8th October 2016
Hey, Jer, Miss you so much. Would love to see your "little face". My love is with you and I know yours with me. A big hug. Lo
Posted by Michael Sackett on 8th October 2016
Dear friend, Still miss you.. Terrace Dr. is not the same without you. I do see your house once in a while - Beverly is taking good care of it. But just not the same... You are still in my thoughts and forever missed,
Posted by Tom James on 11th July 2016
Thinking about you at impromptu moments: a spreading sunset, the quiet of walking alone in the woods, the smell of summer as it basks in sunshine. Our one season too short made such an impression so very, very long ago. Why does it not disappear from memory? Things that are golden are not supposed to last.
Posted by Cap Capeloto on 19th March 2016
Jerry, I miss you so much! Since you have been gone I take no vacations. I have built up over 400 hours! If I can't go with my buddy, I don't go.
Posted by Tom James on 12th January 2016
Hi Jerry, Remembering you today. Rest in Peace. Tom
Posted by Sami Buisson-daniel on 12th January 2016
You are always in my heart and especially on a special day I listen to the songs, read the tributes and the memory is even so much clearer to me. I love you Jerry with all my heart and am forever grateful that I met you on that Ferry crossing to Isla Mujeres so many years ago. R.I.P. Jerry Hoy!
Posted by Jack McClelland on 12th January 2016
Our dearest friend, happy 73rd birthday! Here Dan and I are in Puerto Vallarto, talking about you a lot. Tonight we're going to your and our favorite restaurant Barcelona and sing happy birthday to you because we know you love that. Wish you were here so Dan would have someone to play scrabble and cards with and you could yell at me to get out of your kitchen. Oh how we miss you.
Posted by Lorraine Geary on 12th January 2016
Hey, Jer, Sure do miss you. So many times I want to call and speak with you. You are, however, in my heart forever and hope you are smiling down on all of us whose lives you touched. All my love, Lo
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 12th January 2016
A candle for your birthday today on my window so you can see it among all the candles in Paris.. The flame is still as vivid as during all these years we spend exchanging by phone or meeting places. I miss my Leader . Love, Andrée
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 18th October 2015
Hi Jerry, late to send a sign; thinking so much about you, you are so present for me. Besitos
Posted by Polly Wright on 9th October 2015
Thank you my dear friend for giving me so many wonderful memories. I love and miss you so much. You are truly one of my best friends that I know loved me unconditionally. Hope you are having a great journey my Jerrycherry!
Posted by Cap Capeloto on 8th October 2015
Jerry--I miss you so much. You were my traveling buddy. Haven't traveled much since you left my friend. Love you!
Posted by Michael Sackett on 8th October 2015
Dear sir, It's just not the same without you - i still miss our mornings in your warm room drinking my tea and visiting with you. You were one of my few best friends - Miss you always, Mike
Posted by Sami Buisson-daniel on 8th October 2015
My travel buddy....miss you so much!
Posted by Jake Jacobusse on 8th October 2015
Jerry's constant and abiding gift to others is to ALWAYS make them feel welcomed and the center of attention. His interest and compassion is such a huge blessing in my life. His life travels have blessed him with a clear understanding of himself, so he is entirely comfortable in his own skin. This in turn, allows all of us to connect so deeply with him; never a hint of fences or barriers. The kindness of your huge bonsai plant gift has kept you close, my friend; when i am near it i can hear your sweet words, and it seems you hear mine. You never really left, Jer .............whoopeeee!!
Posted by Lorraine Geary on 8th October 2015
Hey, Jer, You are still so vivid in my mind and I miss your "little voice". Hope you are happy and watching over your family and friends who love you so much. Lo
Posted by Susan Hoy Shores on 8th October 2015
Remembering you today Jerry, and your spectacular send off at sunset. You were surrounded by loving friends and family. I was rushing back to the hospital from Sacramento, Suddenly I felt your presence and peace which stopped my crying. Jerry, you were with me in that moment and you let me know you were fine. Then I felt your unconditional love beside me. Together we drove into a spectacular sunset as we crossed the bridge into Sonoma county. Jerry, it's been three years but you remain close in my heart and happiest memories. Much love always,
Posted by Tom James on 12th January 2015
January 12, 1971 was an eventful day for me. It was the moment that my newly acquired roommate, Ike McDonald, introduced me to the Fell Street family. Jerry met me at the top of the stairs with a warm hug. I remember he smelled of patchouli scented soap and was wearing a soft flannel shirt with a beaded necklace around his neck. His long brown hair felt nice on the side of my face and as he stood back to evaluate me, I was captivated by his soft, shy, brown eyes, especially the way they turned into little smiles when he chuckled. He made the comment that I was his birthday present, and this unexpected testimonial put me at ease and made me feel welcome and special. Over the course of 11 months we shared countless wonderful experiences on a landscape colored with the vistas of RCA Beach, (my first mescaline), Amsterdam, Barcelona, Formentara and Tenerife, Canary Islands. My life was forever changed by the love and gentle guidance that Jerry so graciously gave, and that love -- though obscured by the lens of time -- has never diminished, never failed, and it is my hope that when I am called to step through the door I will find him there waiting for me.
Posted by Jason Adams on 12th January 2015
Mr. Tom James put things quite stupendously! Seeing these tributes gives me an amazing perspective as to the depth that Jerry enriched the lives of those around him and in his inner circle. Jerry truly was and still is an inspiration for aspiration. Jerry inspired me personally to expand upon myself and evolve. Every time we came to visit him in the fog among the trees, I felt at home, welcomed and loved. I, along with countless others miss him greatly. I too hope to see him when its my turn to ascend.
Posted by Susan Hoy Shores on 12th January 2015
His family is celebrating Jerry's birthday together in San Francisco. Jerry loved this city and introduced us to his favorite restaurants here in the city. Jerry was often traveling to warmer places on his birthday. But when he was in country we'd celebrate together and gather the family at one of his favorite places in SF. Today we'll remember and share our memories of our brother, uncle, uncle in law, great uncle and unforgettable friend.
Posted by Lorraine Geary on 12th January 2015
Hey, Jer, Hope where you are you are celebrating your new life. I miss you with all my heart. Looking forward to spending time with Susan and family tomorrow and reminiscing about our times together with you. Loving you forever. Lo
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 12th January 2015
Few days ago I thought to drop a comic wink like "if you were overhere Jerry, I would treat you with a huge cake like in Zacatecas with lots of goodies over for your birthday and then the sky got clouded here and I lost some time my train of thought, but I will never forget you mon ami whatever happen.
Posted by Cap Capeloto on 6th December 2014
My dear friend; I miss you so much. You were the best traveling companion I have had in my lifetime. Rest in peace my wonderful friend.
Posted by Michael Sackett on 9th October 2014
Dear Friend, Yesterday morning I scattered some of your ashes in a small redwood grove above our road. So part of you will always be here on Terrace Dr. and always in my heart. I miss you! lovalways
Posted by Tom James on 8th October 2014
Our lunch at The Tides (Sandpiper) was a really special treat. Never thought I'd see Bodega Bay, but you made it happen. Now, when I watch The Birds I remember that day and can see you at the table sipping wine with your grilled salmon. Sure wish there could have been more dinners like that one.
Posted by Lorraine Geary on 8th October 2014
Hey, Ger, it's Lo. I miss you all the time my dear friend. No one can fill the space you hold in my heart and always will. I can still hear you saying, "Hey, Lo".... Sure hope wherever you are you are traveling with Michael and other friends and are happy. Love you forever, Lo
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 8th October 2014
Jerry, my friend, the 'little voice' as you always call me is whispering how much missing you are. Love for ever. Today your bell rang.
Posted by Carmel Adams on 8th October 2014
Thinking about you this evening on the anniversary of your passing and wishing you were still with us, as usual. We love you dearly and know you're spirit still lingers from time to time. Your charm, wit, and amazing sense of humor is forever ingrained in my life and in the lives of many others.. With love your, Bitsy
Posted by Jake Jacobusse on 12th January 2014
Still travelin' with you each and every day, Jer. One thing we still need to do is catch a ride north on one of those boxcars roll thru town. Just us two hobos. Looking forward to that. In the meantime, rest well my Sweet Prince. And HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you little rascal. Your friends forever, Jake & Cuong
Posted by Andrée JARRIGEON on 12th January 2014
longtime friends of Jerry, Philip and I were traveling in the footsteps of Jerry last October in Sicily. A Agrigento, Taormina and Mount Etna we lit candles to honor this love of travel that has instilled in us and brings us back to him at every moment. this January 12th is a very special day with much love from us.

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