Let the memory of Gerry be with us forever
  • 43 years old
  • Born on May 28, 1973 .
  • Passed away on August 8, 2016 .
This memorial website was created in memory of our loved one, Gerry Ambe 43 years old , born on May 28, 1973 and passed away on August 8, 2016. We will remember him forever.
Posted by Emmanuel Chebe on 22nd August 2016
Man Gerry, I can not believe am indeed writing this. I have procrastinated doing this with some senseless thought that by not writing this tribute might change the situation. I can not forget all the happy times we use to spend together here in Atlanta. I admired your tenacity in the midst of the challenges that you encountered. May The Almighty God in His infinite mercy welcome you home Bro.
Posted by Mercy Ayongwa Chebe on 20th August 2016
Where do I even start, Gerry I cannot believe I am doing this for you. I think I am still in a long unending nightmare and praying in the dream that it should truly be a dream. It seems as if the reality is setting in but I am in a state of denial. Tried your phone but you didn't pick. I can't believe i won't hear you say "Mama you cook achu make I come chop"? What a brutal world, just when you were about to start your life,and the devil sets in. After so many years of struggling from one difficulty to the next, you still didn't give up. You always had that contagious smile,cracked jokes and no one knew you had a problem. All you will say is Mama, things go turn aroud soon. You wanted to travel to Cameroon, is this the way you were planning of going to Cameroon? You could not even call anyone to say goodbye Gerry, what a pain. You were always ready to give a helping hand where needed. Immediately we called and said we had to leave an apartment in an emergency, you skipped your appointments and work to sacrifice the day for us. Sirri, Che and Ngwa are asking me everyday that what happened to uncle Gerry, what should I tell them? You left without even talking to your babies even Emanuela and Seth you loved so much? I am hurting so bad and praying that God should give us the peace to go through this. You did not even thin of sister Bri, Desmond, Sharon, Victor and Jason who call your name everyday. You were so proud of the new born twins and left them to grow up asking questions where is this uncle, what happened? Always ready to give, help, enjoy life to the fullest. You know what, go in peace brother. We will never stop loving you till we meet again to part no more. Adieu Gerry Shu Ambe!
Posted by Gareth Ambe on 19th August 2016
Uncle Gerry we will miss you; we never saw u physically but you talked to us on the phone, on imo and whatsup.You have always been an exemplary uncle always paying our fees asking daddy to buy our things.HAPPY God gave us an oncle like you.RIP. DANIELLA,AMBE,DAISY,EVA and KENDRA
Posted by Gareth Ambe on 19th August 2016
A tree is fallen;the questions are much and no anwers.farewell Gerry my greetings to PAPA and the others.God traced your path and i know where ever you are you will look upon us.salute!!!!
Posted by Joy Bih on 19th August 2016
Dear Lord!!!this is still like a dream to me,am so dumb founded..I have cried and cried until all I feel now is exhaustion..Gerry, you were a great brother,dad,uncle and granddad.family was all to you and your love for us all was always constant even in times when we disagree. Your sudden death is like a big blow which is so painful to ignored,am tempted so many times to ask God why but I dare not because deep down in me, i know you are resting in the Lord....From the moment I heard you have passed on,all I keep asking God is to strengthen our hearts and give us the peace we need...I just know God is beautiful for all situations...I will forever miss you my brother!!
Posted by Sandra Ngang on 19th August 2016
My heart is heavy I cant stop this tears from rolling down my chicks it is so heart breaking loosing you this way, I didnt even get the chance to give you a proper fare well nor even see you after a long period of time you where my second father that one person who always tries to reason out things with me in a nicer way when the whole family seems insipid with all I do you would say "no baby do it this way and give me reasons not to venture it then the best part was at the end of each call or cornversation where you always remind me of how much you love me, am just so stereotype about all this I remember talking to you on phone you sounded so happy there was much joy in your voice then you told me you ll call back I waited and after 3days to my greatest despair i got the most shocking call I really can question God for only he knows why things happen the way they do and I believe he is in control i will always love and have you in ma heart go in peace uncle/daddy
Posted by Manka Vera on 19th August 2016
Uncle all i remember are your words on encouragement when i was in my sick bed early this year.little did i know God had other plans.The pain i felt when i heard the news is unexplainable....R.I.P
Posted by Bridget ASANA on 18th August 2016
Gerry , I know not where to begin. I have tried to stop the tears to no avail, yet after a second thought I’ve asked myself; What is it that you didn’t do or achieve. I praise God for your courage, determination, zeal, faith and love for family and humanity. There are few people who know how to hustle in a strange environment, in a place of darkness, in a place of hatred, jealousy, in a place of no love. You have the stamina to face it all. You have been a Go – Getter. There is no stop to your ambition. I will miss all of that. Hello, Gerry, you have made it! May God Almighty look with compassion upon you and give you peace, rest and the joy that you deserve to bask in His Kingdom. To Him be all Honor and Praise! .... We will forever remember you!
Posted by Phebe Atanga Ngum Asana on 17th August 2016
Weh Gerry, the news of your death hit
Posted by Mesei Mary on 17th August 2016
I am devastated at the loss of a young brother like you in such tragic circumstances. Gerry, you were a remarkable young man with a loving nature. You will be greatly missed by everyone who had the honor to know you. However, we loved you but Your Maker loved you best. God alone knows why. Adieu Gerry
Posted by Marina Nomo Ngono on 17th August 2016
Bye bye. Your mum as you affecteously used to me.all sougt of sweat names,the almigthy have decided no one can contradict his Words.it will be difficult for me to accepte but no other option than to accept.dady dady who will still call mum???aii aii aii so painful.since you left me i can't sleep.i only have m'y eyes to cry.love you dad.i sourrounder all i have to the almigthy
Posted by Marina Nomo Ngono on 17th August 2016
Dady where ever you are i will never forger you i love and will never love someone like you.
Posted by Maurice Shu on 16th August 2016
Gerry, it is beyond comprehension to believe in this tragic end of your life. Why you Gerry??? Your life shouldn't have ended like this regardless of what misunderstanding you had with the monster. We will forever miss your jokes and smiles Gerry. RIP brother
Posted by Frazer Fox on 16th August 2016
Gerry, it's so sad your life ended so early in a tragic way. It's hard to accept you will no longer be with us. We take solace in knowing that you are now in heaven. Your memory will live on in our hearts forever. Gerry, we will greatly miss you. RIP. Your godmother (Aunty Kate)
Posted by Peter Suh-Nfor TANGYIE on 16th August 2016
How embarrassing writing a tribute for you Gerry. I saw you as hard working and vivacious; yet looked forward to seeing you more settled. Be it as it may, I could never imagine such macabre drama. Ha! America! Farewell and do find solace in company of Mom, Dad and our siblings gone before. La lutta continua! (for Tangyie Suh-Nfor Family).
Posted by Ambe Angue on 15th August 2016
Partir comme ça sans prévenir sera toujours un choc pour nous. Sache que désormais le méchant ne t'atteindra plus jamais parce que tu es entre de bonnes mains celles du Tout puissant . Repose en paix et surtout n'oublie pas que nous t'aimerons toujours tous très très fort et que nous sommes aussi très fort . va en paix.
Posted by Pasky Fonta-Njemo on 15th August 2016
Why Gerry? Why Lord? The pain in my heart is so real. I should know better not to ask Why Lord, but I'll ask because I'm human. Lord, why didn't you stop this from happening? What's going on Lord? Wey papa, why Gerry? I'll miss you Gerry. I remember our last outing with my kids, I never knew that was the last time I'll ever get to see you alive. You shared so many business ideas with me, I was challenged with all you were doing. Only Our Almighty God knows why. Our lives are in his hands, yet I don't still believe it's His will that you depart this early, but if He allows it, what can we say, but that you RIP. Let the Lord receive you in Jesus name and comfort the entire family I pray. Adieu Gerry.
Posted by Frazer Fox on 15th August 2016
Never thought it could be you. Never wanted it to. It will be a long way without you, can still hear the eco of incouragement you gave me. Forever, now you are a treasure. Farewell big brother

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