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hi daughter shelly

Shared by Shelly Harworth on November 6, 2010

my dad had the biggest heart in the world.he was the nicet sweetest man i ever knew.i was his baby girl.he also told me no matter how  old i was,how many kids i had or if i was married i was his baby girl.i remeber when i was little and was sick in the hospital he would come in before work at 6 am and feed me breakfast then come bye after lunch then again after work before he even went home to see my mom. my dad was and always will be my hero.he will always hold a special place in my heart.a big part of me died when my dad this day i cant belive he is gone i still imagine him sitting in his brown recliner watching the footbal game ike we did every sunday.we always watched the superbowl together.the last summer he was here i spent the whole entire day with him gardening,putting flowers in the front yard and the back yard.checking on his vegtable garden and his rose bush.i still have all the candles he made me i wont burn them because he made them for me.i have a very very lot of good memories of my dad.he was and still is a hero MY HERO.he served our country to make sure evryone was safe.he was a brave man.i love him so much i would of giving my life if it meant he would still be here.daddy you are always on my mind,in my heart and always in my dreams.dont worry daddy i WILL NEVER FORGET are truly my hero and the number one man in my life.i love you with all my heart and me a place right next to you dady.we will always betogether no matter always and forever your little girl daughter shelly 143 daddy  143 always and forever

Shared by Patricia Harworth on September 22, 2010

Gezar (Jeff) Harworth was born in Elizabethtown,Maryland on Jan.1,1921,he was the son of Joseph Harworth & Elizabeth Bankhurd Harworth.He was the 3rd of 4 boys,William,Edward,Joseph.The boys all joined the service,Jeff was the only 1 that joined Marines,the other 3 were Navy.Jeff served in Iwo Jima & Guartalina canal.When he finished his term he moved to Boston Mass.Married Patric.ia Wells on June 3rd,1975. He was very proud of his children,Marie Anzivino Connelly,Michelle Harworth Osterman,Joseph Harworth & Antonio Avevedo.Grandkids..Dawn Connelly,Kris Connelly,Andrew Connelly Jr. Paul Mangiafico,Nicholas & Michael Osterman,Heather Osterman,Jason Harworth.@ Great grand kids,Kacie Connelly & Bella Anzivina Connelly.

  Jeff passed away on Sept. 20, the Va Hospital,Manchester NH.Internent in Veterans Cemetary Boscawan,NH.

He is sadly missed & loved by all.

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